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December 12, 1922 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-12-12

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. . . . . ..
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,., . .:. ..,. :..:w.. ,.;

IThe children are the ones who real-'
-________________--- ly enjoy Christmas. University stu-
OFFICIL TE1YS1APER OF II 'dents have long since forgotten the.
UNIVERtSITY OF 3.HCII WAS .Joys of believing in "Santa Claus" and:
t'ublishrd eve!y imorning except Mondav pondering reverently and almost wor-
Cotntheo 5Uniers iy year the Ildid shipingly over a Christmas tree.
Today and tomorrow students will
Member of Western Co,.ferencee l~turta, have the opportunity of contributing






Editor, TheMichigan Daily:?
I read a~ article in The Daily'
Thursday morning supposed to be




Eli, Eli:
It is the sad lot of

these rolls to 'critical in naturec. That is, I pre-

"-1: A 'T

___________________toward a fund whitch will be used to !dq nothing but supply staff members sum'nd that w as the purp)ose it was!
The Associated Press is exclusively en- make a Christmias party for 200 Ann to other publications. Here we cod- sup~posed to serve.
ttitled to the ub e fox republication oft.all Az bor children. Fur these little ones, Idie a young boy poet all sun'imer with ThatiltowihIre tnd
wise credited in this paper and tehe cal ;who have been counting the days until the blind hope that he will be a sup- oTht e rll oier h I ti furfned-
ewpulseteei.ICh ristmas, thlpry wl bjo n port in our old age during the pres-
Entered at the postoffice at Ann arbof fun. A C hristmas party is some- ent and fiscal year. And he IS. -lazg. Again, that is- the conclusion I!
Michigan, as second class ,natter. thing worth waiting for, and some- for about the first three weeks. ThenI arrived; at after reading it.
Subscription by carrier or mnail, $3 So. hn hc iteAn rJmyWl l
Offices: Ann Arbor Press B3uilding, May- hn hc itl n rJmy W j from the opposite side of the garden- I Tnder a' rather° comzplimentar y
nand Street,. talk about for weeks after it has tak- party which is the publications office heading chis statement appeared,
Phones: e~ditorial, 2414 and 176M; Busi-
ness. qbo. en place. the garg began to blow kisses at 'im. ",Amateurishness of Girls' Chorus is
The Student Christian Association isi That was the end of HIM.I Weak Snot in Performance." I don't
*i iged te igntuc otnee~ariy o n e ~scve~ noorPO-'Lo your critic, in fact. had never
afPPeaignp rint, t aes a.. notideecessarl faith, aeverything prty aiswilprovided-toysedisoveeChriser oet anwcCmeveraiondevil. xced jo wrds: i prvidd-tywe hrpub-a cheatdeil.(Yof Ehim, wuntbil eatodaymuntlbutay he lhasa
nd tiotices of events will be published in
tjhe Daily at the discretion of the lditor, If mas tree, trinkets, and entertainment. l-shed some of his stuff.) And he a long and rocky road to travel if hie
lit % t or rna;.led to The Daily office. Un" But to assure the success of the par- thought he could write for "Judge": s1 ndetth im rsinta h
Ssigned coma ionic atins will receive no ,~on-
sideration. No manuscript will be returned 1tY, contributions must be asked for. after, trying out on us1. actigo naaeu ati ob
unless the writer encloses postage: 'lie Daily Students who contribute will be hap- BUT the unkindest slice of all, the other than "amateurish". Aside from
duet not uie essarily eudorse the sentiments
expressed in the communications. py in the knowledge that for some' straw that fills the Camnel package, is 'that I do not believe that his con-
___________________________--youngster they have made Christmas t hat we have lost our staff, the, only tentdon is well founded. Flaw picking-
EITfORIAL fi'' FF the, real idea-the real day, that it stp ee 'a. i a pre i nes ak btta sntci
T+JeI "e.b214-uid ', was for h im when he was a young- his ar t. Trhe ' nsiazn Imarygard enee, e cism. Goodts judgment andns'


.,. .

Ann Arbor and Jackso~n
(1j.asterii Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Carr-
6 :0o amni., 7 :0o a.nii., 8t:o a.mf., 9 :e5
a.m'. and hourly to 9 :o5 p.m.
Jackson Express Cars (local stops
west of Ann Arbor)-9:47 a.An., and
every two Hours to 9 :47 p.m.
Local Cars East Bound-7 :oo a.m.
and every two hours to 9 :0o1j. in.,
11 -oo p.m. To Ypsilanti only-it1 :40
p.m., 1 is15am.
To Salm e-Ch~ange at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West B-.and-7 :50.a~in.,
12 : ?:1p.m.
To Jackson and Kalamazoo-Limn-
ited cars 8:47, 1o0:,7 a.M., 12:47, 2 :47,.
4:47 P.m.
To Jackson and Lansing-Limited at
8:47 p.m.

Enlarge and Frame that 'Good Snapshot of Yourself
for the Folks at. Home
We have Special Frc 'nes at Special Prices and
We are Experts at Enlarging


News Editor...................Paul Watzel A satement was. recently. made
City FLditor....... ....James B. oung concern,~ a Detroit newspaper to the
A sistant-City Editor ... .....Marion Kerrefctha mnypolbugt i
Editorial Board Chairman.......E. R.' M.iss efetta mn epe.ogt i
Might Editor- Isimply ,to read the cartoons which it
Ralph Biyers ilaitry Hoey ( contained. If a census' were taken
J. P'. Dawson, ji. J. F. Mack
11. J. lershdoiu'rr R. C. Moriarty the fact, would be disclosed that no
13.' A. Dohxabue nosieal
Sports Editor...........F. H. AMcPike ncnierbepercenitage of newrspa-
Sunday Magazine Editor....... Delbert Clark; per readers,,spend more time reading
Won'ea's Edito............... Marion Kuc he atosthnte pedo n
Humor Editor...... ....Donald Concythcatostnteypndn ry
f onference Editor....... ... . l. B. Grundy other portion of the paper.
Pictorial Editor...... ..Robert Trarr
Music Edi!r . ..............H. Ailes Cartoons are practically universal
Assistants in their appeal. They approach the
Thelma A,1ndrews Jolhn Garlinghouse human interest element in a refresh-
.A, LBacon Water So sre nh22rOSWy-Terfnain
Dorothy Eenn1etts lPortia (;otulderinhmruwa.rhifnae-
Maurice Becrmani Franklin 13,. Hcpbu'+.n tai purpose is to provoke humor, but'
R. A. 1Pllingtorn Winona A. Hibbard
W. L'. 1Butler Edward J. B iggins if their significance is fully rappreci-
1I f.C. Cqar k Lowell Kerr ;ae yte rsetv atoit
A. B3. Connabla Samuel M~oore tdb te rsetv atoit
1 erna~lette Cote Mf. II; Prv3or they can do more thin draw smiles
E'velyn 1. toughlin WV.1B. Raidertty from the reader-th'ey can actually
W1allace F. Elliott Robert G. Rannsey
Joseph Epstein N. W. liwitch diret public opinion; more than this,
Maxwell F"ead V. If. Stoneman !te a eeuainl
Isabel Fisher Fi ederiic G. Te lmos te a eeuainl
T. E. Fiske 11. M. Wagner An example of how cartoons can be
A. T' Webbttk jof educational, value, and can, infiu-
BUSINESS STAFF e nce public opinion, is found in the
Telephone 060 recent series of "Andy GIunp'" car.
-toons,, while' the inimitable "Andy'
BUSII1:ESS "MANAGER was running for congress. The pos-
ALBERT J1. PARKERt sibility, of "Andy's" election, was dis-
Advertising... .......John J. fHamel, Jr. cuassed everywhere, among the poor-
Advertising . .... ..........1 dw ardi F. Con l 1Avriig.Wle .Shne i educated classes as well as among,
Accounts.........Laurence 1l. lavrot the "highbrows"" of, society. The fa-
Circulation........David J. M. P'ark ci~l ih.wihahmnbig a
Publication .......,... . ...BeaumnotParks dtywhwicahu nbegca
Assistants+ be, deceived ewas brouight home, to
Townsend H. Wolfe Alfircd M. White ; thousands of persons'. more vividly
Kenneth Seick Win. 1). Roesser than w-ould have. been, the case if ser-
George Rockwood Allan S. Morton
Perry Al, Hayden James A. Dryer n rs or special articles had, been
Eugene L. Dunne Werm, 13. Good used. Everyone laughed at "Andy's'
Wmn. Graulich, Jr. Clyde L. Hagerman }
John C. Hlaskin A. H'artwell, Jr. credulity and 'the avarice. of the
Hrvey E. Reed J. Blumenthal
C. L. Putnam Howard Hay den i crowd of politicians who took advan-
E. D. Armantrout W. K. Kidder tage' of bis conceit; yet back of the
R. W. Cooper Henry Freud
W allace Flower Ilerbert P Bostwick laugh there was a lesson, and some,
rdw. B., Riedle L. Pierce1 thing, over which the, reader coul'
Hfarold L. Hale
The "Everett True" cartoons are

him! Ale! ! sincere appraisal is always welcomed!
* ** vt'w- ; bjic andi the conscientious
T)EA 1f CALN:, Found in Our Owen pi'crrne . The publilcpays its money!
Daily "More liring than the Lorle',1to seo the current theatrical wares..
"who comrel'ed Ulysses." Ain't a class-, The theater advertises its wares in the_
ical eddication grand. paper's 'columns. It would be unusual
SE~MPRONUIS. for a paper to print an ad for Smith's
* * store announcing a sale of apples and
'IJ-,. 't TER ('OIMES" on the last column of the first page
Cruel winter's bringing on us i tell the world that several of the
An icy wind that hurts; apples in each bushel were rotten.
r The nights are getting longer-, That, by analogy, is just what your
And so are shirts. paper and many papers do every day.
i i To what end? For the advancement
The leaves are swiftly fa'ling; I of some harping critic who should'
'r ho Lear is in his hole; ;take his suggestions to the person'
I; Warm hours are getting scarce-- who could remedy the matter. The








' 1922
S 9
15 16
22 23
29 30


And so is coal.

general public can't revise a show, no
matter how many weak spots are

The grass is brown and shriv-
Bled ;
And forst is on the fence;
Collars no v are higher-
And so are rents.t
Since Daugher'ty got peevish
It seems somehow to e
If the land Is getting drier-
So is the' sea.
At the hld of the abovo contrib its
proud parent says "submitted at uas-
ual rates." Call with a smal('art for
the' reaunlerat on. SH-E-GUN, we,
pay in roubles.

The foregoing means that I did not
care for the caustic bit featured 1by,
The Dai'y. Now, I have no connec-
tCon with the Union Opera whatso-
e"'#er, I have, however, had a little
over fifteen y-oars experience on the
road and I think that the work of the
I-Oys excels anything I cver saw.'
They -are wonderfulti individually, and
as a" whole. An' article such as the
one pubished Thursday is decidedly
ungrateful to the boys whose work j
shows days and weeks of "honest to
G il" Bard work and training. To them
~n n- their d irector, all prai-s. Let's
.how otfr p-ide by boosting. If the
pos :Jhility s ,oil'l arise that a, weak
slot nvght develr-i that we might be,
-Ye to imu3rove, let's,1)0 courteous
aqnd keep it to ourselves.

We have, just made up sonme
very Snappy Hats for the
Holiday Trade. Step in° and
look themn over. "
We do alkinds of Cleaning
and Reblocking of hats at
lowr prices for HIGH CLASS
617 Packard Street Phone 1792
(Where DXL.R. Stops
at State Street),
ScheU':"-e in Effect October z8, 1922
Central Time (Slow Time)
D X X .B
1'.M. A.M. P.M. P.M.
3:45 7 :45.. Adrian . .. 72:45 8:45
} 15 8:x5 .. . ~'ecumseh ...'12:15 8:r5
4:30 $:3o ... . Clinton ... x:oo 8:oo
5:15 9:j5 . Saline . 11 i:15 7:x5
5:45 9:4; Arknn ArhorLV. 10:45 0:45
(Court Iouse Square) A. M.
D-Daily, X-Daily except Sundays
and [Holidays. Friday and Saturday special
bus for students leaves Adrian 1:45. leaves
X1nn Arbor 4:45
JAMES H. C, LIOTTr, Proprietor
"honz Q. 26-M Adrian, 'Mich.
Lost Something? Let a "Daily" class-
ified ad find itftor you.--idv.

The Latest in




Get yours while,. we have your size. Surprise the folks.
at homse with: this new, one. Nothing' else like 'them'
We also have in stock
-AND- 'c-

In a letter yesterday addressed to
the managers of three Ann Arbior'
thentars, thle students ,of the Univer-3
shycopleeyrepudiated tile ac-
tion:- of a fc,:1 of the~r ^'number ', in
Ca.- in' the chow houses on the
n.-h'! of Novembolar 26. and offered to
pa in full thae a-mount of whatever-
r c a'g that the ap'rit of fairne-ss1
c?;, , , ;ed i~y the stu Gents in') this 1c
ga r warrated a like sp*,rit of shorts;-
in uih1 ill rctiurn. tVicmnagers re-,
fuse-d to)c;-:-e!_t th oeff1Tr made them,
tmd lecdedto "!a ad th.e loss themx.
rselvas.Tis dFsl ly of gcwnerOsitsy up.-;
on the part of the theater managers,,
how ;ev.er, does not. in aviv way de-

undeniably funny, yet there is a po'nt
to each one of them. They reflect ITfe
In many cases, they illustrate weak-.
tresses which the reader will re;cog-
nize as his own. When he sees hour
objectionable these habits are, Vand
how the irritable, quick-tempered 'la-
erett"° reacts to them,,,he first laughs,;
and then, perhaps unconsciously, re-
sol'-es to correct a. habit whioli the'
jwor d recognizes as undesirably..
The "funny page," a5' the young-
stet~ call it co~n be mor'e than funny.
It can be made a corrective force in
soc' ety. When ca rtooni s',s realize
that it is possible not only to make
peoplo laugh, but. to help theum cor-
r~ect their weaknesses, they begin to-
become popular and famous. Peopue;
enjoy'sr'eing real life through the veil
ofT humor.

submit that Alfred is an un
in-g influIence. We do not inca
the O eaply obvious Sense tI
first strike thre camus' n-cnta
we do mean, far, more -subtly',
Is undermining, nay, has undc
cur MORALE. When P: es.
some months ago, uttered hls
sioned exhortations about kee
the grass.. we, for one, lister
obeyed., We felt virtue stronf
us. And then came Alfred,
demoralizing and tirsett ag se{
he has done for. us. All ouri s
ed desire for the short cut i-ihin f r , an o , A1 e
sev qL bit. of untouched grass,
upon it and tr ad it fierec
venlgully-we w uldn't w
straight and " narraw concrete
we were paid for it. (Try
see.) And as we trip along th
'ways and writhe in and out
bushea, we hear the lxywhiff
Alfred as he mun 'Thes the Vl
we know that he, and be alp
ben able to snatch forcecs wi
Burton and come out on top.

te beg to
n this In
llia a t . b u t
thi"at X1e
lermin ed,




owl Im W, 0



, l

'ping off, ~ i Stat e Lantern)
.meil and One: would hairdly thinlc that taking
ig within'; part in a classroom discussion waco
with his a. bre-3cli of college c' iquette, but. it
"o0P, a2uc se^:r to be re aided as stuch by soi
>uppress'on the camn,,,s, who fe-l cAhIC-
as burst to give tho "razzherry" to anyone wiho
rever WOe" does engage in a serious discaussio~
we leap ;- tri the instructor during the period.
:ey and Ttis group feels that, it ih not "col-
'alk the i~re to re-ite 'n ('l'i5, to say not _-
e way if i 0" c-rvvin oin an intel'igcnt dis-
us and cm.-si on with tle instructor about thy
ie grassy ' mterial whiich' is being covered in
tof the ul, , omr-e. when a mwenbcr of t..:-
(flig fl: 'a u , start 0')talk, Ila is covertly
:wn, and c.e!-.1 1Lv these "collegiate" students
one, has; Onie -would aupose tha" the ma'n
ith 're s. reason f"'r t4 kin !- a coni'se is to lellrn
I C.,i' c i'gr bout it.- But that.sef m '
I)ADA. to I3^,all ?wi;'oii'5()'1O1'Cwho aide;.Cn-_




'p * s

The principle of competition i:, weil
exemplimfied when the professors hold-
1nz classes in University Halt compete
wifh the steam shovel for the cu~ss's

TheICLitl,^ ]rats
This self-styled "hard guy", Tie Joi-
sey B'oid, gives me a pfain in the an-
kle. I'd like to luff in his physog.

:rease tie Kgnifieance of the action ;arttention. Say, talk about hard boiled, wvhere I
t ;ken by the students._ cone from the babies take their Nux-
W th t nime moveent towards -ye- News ro iort sa9ys that fihus aid in "aced Iron raw.
pa. ':y.'ll r3toing cnt'ro y from xtlhe ;" Pre ,.P; - of ri to. Mustbe all GRLA
studet l'W'Y itsel7!, the small group Q:'e n ,ritualt sc~tirs that hive be-c
o~ rreponiblson who, -tihe blame, -one f:;vorites with the prof users. Wily iin there soa mch- mud on the
]'a i, lU t beg'n to reali1ze tha.t at h- --- ___ _---- campus walkas?
)#-l,, sclelrm-airs or tradlitonal fes- a, where t'he wins of the son. TO make it easier for the tr~u ks?
t!i.~ are not arranl ee as excus- m- visitedl upon the fetl'er. In Ger- W1IA T self-respecting' truzck w. rmU its
al t , brea the laws of the land, and nflP~r they arm re-noving a sW'atus of \vork made
.that students are expec0ta: o I.CfliN Wilhelm I from the P-^ichstg. IER anyhow?
wi;thin the linots of decency, at all I '-___________ VARSITY BL&,TTER.
t nes1not only bfy the world at large. Pc seemns a pity that of the whole **
but by rtl'eiir own classmates as well. fotr'.;t oP "Presidential Timeber" now DEkR CALIG:: Humpgh! (deep sar-
The : nublicity given the incident t~'" ieing discussed, all btit one'i ece rwiil s )' The goof wot thinks the anchor
NovembIer 26 was far from beneficial 1,ave to be cuat down by 1914. watc. is a trnepiecce ain't half so dumn
tthe rl Pod nJe of tl'he University. iy. = s he who thinks whien night comes
wa te indt which the averag e coin- Nows that'"Iit icn~v .jo j j" of last dear they put red oil in the red lights!

p-Arges 'lit o a course aind takiesu
='c- °l atgrest. showxing thwt interest by.
thltinil' Pv"t in the clas.F1sro)om discus-.
'~".sr-' finals out, The reason for
r ; t, f l e c~ vl' e is m le r e l y t o e n ( t i ') p t i l'.e i n
7t. ; -, 1 ,s'mch q' uents wh~o boast
11-tt -ear Ih- e not rec'ted this quar -
tt' ^11; .t()lIv a dmlit that thle;,
l~ntugbt no textboolk in the courvse. The
1??"fl W110 CutS Oe Y It ClaISSes all:
still nlasr-s the coarse is to them time
11. briliant. These sztoudc t , i' thley
are memnbers of social orb;'in i stion a,.;
1' a the ores who leu;) the scholarsh in
'zen'n e of such grorups below what
T is- unfom-tlina' e that sluch a coil-
rlktion exCist r at}an instituiti on t '
lr"'.rnIng. It c i be fo, nd in aill'
-1ue.th,1'ahx the jruniors and se:-n
irnrs n,.e nroT')v woseoffenders than
..,F. t3o lo e ll, ;s The college incan
-s-o1 ldr^-'- the blase attitude which
1''- h11^ ilr:' t°d as a. part of his "col-
l~n a~'creo r en illnd at least
e"'rn Usten intelligently- if he is
Sable to take part in the discus-'
svn.le oweCS tlht courtesy to the
other ima.mbers of his classes.
i"""tlhe hr i servive hais ljscov-
-s'dt ' o i"o~sle dinger of a trip t:)
Fi,- t down v nd fo ir to go.
c~~r~i.. y C -0 ' i - ~ o 'i e d th

._ .. ., y. ..._.

mu J(-a neapaor ikes4 to get, a story
~ - C ie mlrof exceitenien ', ani of
3rOwL1dyIii on the part of students.
Such Ii publicity in the ba,-nds off the
outid woldcould not hut cast1,a'
bt u pon the name of Michigan in
the e"es (A those who judge the in-
stit>1 ntoilOy by repoi'ts of it.1
It was the^ aspcirsion s cast.utron the
entire Untiversiy by these articles,
that the students desired to refute in,

orfia"'q fosmvpo1't n. ha sh own and green oil ;.n tihe green lights.
!"V ow to loy hing ,we may all.JC TA


^xeta --easant Clisimas.

zTher"''iq o'v advantage in havlne s
rio v~u'Je-rilie douse in Ann Arbor, we
am-c snored the continuous round of
p -ohibition jolkes.
"eof Cle daly 1narers r-ibsi
"All ti'~ news thint's fit to rrint". and

Especially 1)urimng £xis
I fall axle-m when'er" I try
To study nature's glories;
It seems to me as if miy texts
Are full of bed-time' stories.
The little cans for corn up by tv~
arcade say ".Bring ('hristn-as to tiie
They have handles on them.

tile action which they have taken. in a ddition a whole lot that isn't.
T,(,-Ta sonhtte"sdet1L:ruhs- r ,pmesented in reality only 'v t,,' ; "£ekdra gs on, there may be'
y ery small part of the Univcrsity a few students who question the often;
boly, and J.were no gmounds for con-' hea-rd remark, "Howv time flies!"



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