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September 28, 1922 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-09-28

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Hist WYork of Supervision
aking Fourteen Indh
GAuns Here 1


a short and fiery speech given
relay morning b.efore the first
ngof this ,year's freshinan. en-
rs Admiral Plunkett drove
for biy di first issue that the
eoM ,ego man faxces: that Of get-
'the right start.
e Admiral was itroduced. to the
ings by Dean Mortimer t. Coo-
of the engJinee.ring " college, after
talk~s b ' Alfred 0. Lee, of A he
origcollege and advisor to the
man enginlce'ing class, and Maj.
rt Arthur, profes sor of military
e an~d tactics. Admiral Fp1nkett
diately jumped nto the heart of
etting a Toeholdl" w-as the suib-
of thre address. "No'attro
you. live you are alwaiys going
ok back withi joyi or r egret upon
Start that ,you made in college,"
Admiral said. "The start you
dlependIs upon determrination and
hold." Hie then comnpared the
_:iIAh . ootba.ll.team in, its of-
to dig in so solidly that it can-

N ews ; g sc zlatc tandh-gs ranged from a UMVFRS& '' ITY STUDLN 'S i9) Your
] e sOfT e 1 ay~ H U F EI 'i1O rif bo>v 81 to '7.01, the latter being PAR'l 1 TIME ,JOB1S MSCARCE
(By Asocited Pess)e avera ge of the law school. Tie
(ByflP.Associollgedwasrefthin th list (Continued from Page Orne)
Birmingham, Ala, Sept. 27. --Sever tLH9"IJ INJWf E~lfljof eight college:; with an average of a forced to leave school becaus e iof a
al hundred students of the "Woodlawn} little less than.t 73, while the engl- lack of funds is not yet hni)wn; but
high school here were stricken with I ucca's were sixth 'with 70.3. (it is ccertin that even $100 or $200
ptomane pisonig.asa reslt 01AVEJA(AE BETWEN 7 AM) 1; Te college of homeopathy, second makes a vast difference to all thocsef
atfooetntay, acodnoluhrori-WIH' on the li't with an average of 78, has totally dependent upon their own re-
at noontodayaccordig to aohor-ea' vwith the regular med- sources. What they will do, if more
ties a number are said to be seriously ial sc(hool since the chart was cmwr does not turn nu within the
ill, but at a nearly hour tonight no Comparative figures on the scholar- jplete'd. next fewv days, is a very serious qlues-."V
fatalities had been reported. ship of the various colleges of the in
Univesityas anouncd byth - The complete list of, colleges withtin
l: neg the avesagnsomaintainedhthroughout Mrs. Mary L. Steward, employment
Washington, Sept. 27. - Secretary, istrar's office yesterday, showed the.I s olmitieltruhu
Ithe year follows: secretary, is doing her utmost to place - .
Denby today ordered two destroyer niewvly fountxdedl school of education to Iev eryone she can, and she is comb~ing
divisions comprising 12 destroyers to be in the lead over- the various College of Lawa. .. .. .......... 70.01 the city and surrounding country for
proceed "as early as possible- from .'chlools. The fig-tres included take in School of Eduication......81 opportunities. Hier explanationi of
Norfolk to Constantinople with extra thoV average standings of the stu- I Henicnpathic School ...........78 the situation is sintu le, miore p-pl
supply of nro isions." Ini response to dents of the colleges for the per'iod of -_edical School .....,.....:......75 want work than ever before and "Ann
1f eus rmRerAmrlMr last year.: Dental School,... ,..........73 Arbor is too small to place 1000 people
Bso,'Bristol, American high commissionei The figures for averages in thie College of Literature ........... 73 to work 4 once." However, she is not'
at Constantinople, that they be sent -- College of E~ngineering.........70.3 pessimuistic about the future, for shej
for the protection of American inter= - ,J College of Pharmacy..........70.25 believes that more work will turn up
ests. AA I I I I1 I -__ _ _ _ __ _ _ _from tim e to time and at special sea- ' 1 m P lR ! ' E T e p r o e o e d n h s h p 'l .{I7;t DtiT Y U S
"Th pupos ofseningthee sipsUflV~I1IL~I d UUVI I 'HFI~i~JW TROUT TOsons. In addition, there is a constant
9lM T i '' ' tA1 : ! W d m n ,t o g o n o e g n ,was declared, "and furnish ' supplies , -L II for people to do odd jobs
should'they be needed. The method ofd
" I JTryouts for cheerleader will meet a
distribution and in gener~al the use to comrmitte~e of the Student council at
!be made of these supplies so furnish- (Continued fromn Page One.) 7:QbcoktngtathUinfrL B CO T
ed. will be determined by Admiral ri qaintecl with the new ordinance ands.3oclktnihatheUofrLA °CT
Bristol. the new parking. rules by attending 1np.eo akngoe rset
____eithesmetingfs. it is a sort of period of for this year. 1 I 1hrMAY
- The committee appointed. for this h.C01PIR .
Ccn ;tantinople, Sept. 27.-Possible ! 'race for theiiuniversity students and. puroseWill1 meet men who hav
wer between Gdreat Britain and Tur- faculty tiil that tixme, as afar as becom- oreviouMlynbeen on the squad as w
ikey was at least temporarlly averted ing reported bt prvosybeoithsqaasel a member of the Ann ,a e e h iht oeot
this afternoon by an eleventh hou r arbor branch of the Detroit Auto club -________
Sdeclaration of the K eialists that theyI is concerned.
Swould'respect the neutra lity of the To further bring about the import- Matttizliager Try .uts eedet.
stra its, reniding an arinislices confer- ; Snce of this drive the public schools All sophomores wishing to try outs nL
ence. will discuss traffic conditions and for assistant ,football, manager are,-2 :y
'l~'elrto eivdtest-Lsieswl tempt to teach the asked to report at the ciubhouse on hte ,
atioth, which even the British had ad- value of cautiousness. Ferry field this afternoon. football, bakc.- b

Naive Neatly Embossed Wn GoldI
oil all
Putrchased t t
308; S. State SC,


Three First Glass Barbels
*"You knew me three
year,$at the Union."





I ....A


Cut 116 1 1:




not be u-roofedl.
"'You start in with five or sip: hun-
dred, in you1r class and you m rust start
together -ct your foothold in the
gro~und #n lin.e anld yon will all come
out at the° end the way you started';
everyone S(ill in line."~
The spe chl was powerfully deliv-
eredt with earnestness atnd force, the
Admiral dtivin g 1hom- his points iii,
a. way cha-acteristic of such a great
fighting ,. nin.
Followving Admirald PlunkettCs
Speech Dean Co00l103-again spolkefto
the freshm~en on tr", lItons. The "as-
sembly w as then confirmed by Wil-
liam A. Cotton, '23E; representihfg the
Enrgin1eering society . .


Ahmedabad, British India, Sept. 27.1
-A large meeting was held here to-
dav 4t vwhich resolutions were adopted
P1 etEtng against Great .Britain senid-
ing forcer to Constantinople and the
.Dar~anicles. T1hreats were made tGo
a id, the Turks by joining them on the
battlefield if war was (leelared against
i Viansing, Sept. 27. - The following E
froi Ann Arbor were among the 139!
alpplica Tis who plassed the bsar exaqm-j
inftition, the results of which were
made public today: Edward M. AiJ- i
nril, Ar ni huiuzII T) VVilio nm tx i°

Sup p

I111 South University Ave.

Engineers' and Architects' Materials
Stationery, Fountain Pens, Loose Leaf Books
Cameras and Supplies

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"F~ourteeh Inch Railroad Units .in Daugherty, Earl .E. Twins, Willis'
F rnce: theii RDesitgn, Construction, Bl'akeslee. Carlos A. Spress, Carol F+
Man ufacture, Transportation, and op- I Ives, George F. Aldrich.
eration," Nwas the title of the speech;
tw hiick Rear Adiniral Charles P.B Deauville, Sept..27-Former premier
PiunkeCtt eliver(ed -yesterda~y aI'.er- ;Veniizelos of Greece first heard the
noon in Natural Sciencei auditorium, news of Kcing Constantine's abdication
Admiral 'Plnnkett outlin~ed his' work i from a dispiatch shown him by -the
Cf' supervision1 of the mianufacture of l Associated Press correspondent here.
the five big 14-inch gluns here, their' today. He refused to make any cone,,
transportation abroad, their being setlment.'
up in France, and their operation I
there. One, of the nt~ost interesting A rLUM US ' T?
points of his speech was his tolling of I
the transportation of the guns over-' STAFF CHANGES
seas by ti e convoy system. He told
also of his difficulties in enlisting men Wilfredl B. Slaw To Remain A l Editor
necessary for the making f the gunls I A. y Wifl13e Busins
and for their operation abroad.- ~t~c
LITEARYCOLEGE HASAs the result of a meeting of alumniI
called by President Marion Leroy
Burton early in the summer and ad-
~UflTAP[ditional new contributions to the mag-
CLASS ROOM RIIOJMEULazine of the alumni, The Michigan
______Alumnus has been reorganized and the!
ILL A1,JI)ITRIUM, LAW SCHOO0L, staff' of the weekly paper enlarged. I
ALUMNI HIALL PRESSED) Wilfred B. (Shaw, who has been
INTO SRVICEthe secretary of the-alumnus associa-
-TO SETICF -tion and editor of the Alumnus for 19

"f I

Can dies, Laundry .Agency, Tobaccos





4 + ' ^rK.I' ..g ,, . qr

77 7771-' ' 777 - --W -i -,




r,"ntef " &!





Wanted-College represenitatives or
bus ness houses in every locality to
N uidJe our complete ln o fparty,
programs and novelties. Write at
once for details And information.
Samuple sets, are not free, so sample
grabbers need not apply.
The IPrinit Shop, Madison, Wis.


State Street

Main Street





~~, d

You Can Use

"It is fortunate that our registra-
tion did not show a material -in-
crease," sa$id Prof. Wilbur R. Humph-
-reys, assis tant dlean of the Collegie of
-Literature, 'Science, and the Arts, yes-
terday afternoon, "for if it had, we
would not have known where to find
room for the additional' students.
There is a. noticeable shortage oif
class room,. in the literary college thisl
ye'ar, one which has made the Uni-
versity feel how really cramped for
room it is. Two rooms, have been,
borrowed fin Hill auditorium for use
as literarl classrooms. Rooms not1
designed for classes in the Library
and in Alumni Memorial hall havea
been pres,,td into service. Even last;
year Room B. of the Low building was1
often calledl upon to seat students'
'not in the ;Law school, and, this year
it i~s being used more than ever. Pro-'
'fessors' offices have supplemented the{
few seminar rooms in a few advanced1
courses. And on every hand "un-1
classliko" classrooms have been ne- <
The lack Hf room is the great, factozr
that has pxevenjed somve departments1
from expanding so rap idly a's they
mih~g-t have: desired. Andl it has. also
increased thae size of the classes in
individual subjects to a marked de-1
When the new building program is
rcoilized much will- have been done
to -alleviat e 'this critical situation; but
until then , every, possible available
space will have to be utilized..
F0R1) . A. It. CoA'F?I{ENC
Delegates from Ann Arbor to be
sgent to -the state conference of the
Paughters of the American Revoli4-
tion1, which is to be held in Batty~
Ceelo Oc.,0ar no ben'pcd. The 4 6ca1 chapter i plans
niig~ to send at least 12 delegates, ac-
cording to anr announcement given 'by
Miss Sara Whedor,. Regent.
A recep~tion for new membeps is to
be hol,'d at the Kappa Alpha Theta so-
rority house oil the afternoon of Oct.
19. Follow'ing th reception the first
regular business meeting of the year
will take place. Reports from the
state conference will be given at this

years, will still be the editor-in-chief.f
In the nast Mr. Shaw has done almost
all of the 04ditorial work for this
weekly. He has, however, had the
assi stance of Prof. H. P. Scott. Don-
ald Hamilton Haines, '09, who is at
the present time an instructor in the
Journalism department, will act as
associate editor to Mr. Shaw.
P.: A. Leidy, '09, will act as business
manager. Mr. Leidy ha~s also had .con- j
siderable experience in the newspaper
line,' as he has worked on several,
daily papers. While in the University,
Mr-. Leidy was on the varsity tennis
In, addition to the men mentionedj
above, Mr. Shaw will be assisted by a'
staff of several other men who will
be 'chosen later. As the Alumnus is
the. official organ. of the Michigan
Union. and the athletic association
with the alumni, it is plannied to
choose the rest of the staff from these
two branches.
With the staff enlarged and the use
of the additional funds, The Alumnus
intends to put out a larger and better
paper. At the present time, it is per-
haps the largest of college weeklies.
It has a circulation of 8,100 copies.
There are, only two or three in the
country; that rival it and these two
papers are those of Haivard and Yale.
Fountain Pens that will keep you
sweet at Wah#s.-Adv.


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