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October 31, 1922 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-10-31

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Varsity Mentor Says Team
Better Than Expected Aga


Sningto give his team the stiffest kind
of a workout. Many points of weak-
ness were uncovered in the last game
and their correction will be necessary
Hif the Aggies are to give Michigan any
kind of a battle. It is reasonably cer-
tain that the Green will not attempt
straight line bucks to any extent af-
tied by Northwestern, downing Ohio tertheir failure to penetrate even the
yet two barriers to leap before the Con- Hoosiers comparitively weak line. The
terence title may be safely claim overhead attack which they have us-
Even a clean slate for the Iowa eleven ed during the first part of the season
E has shown itself to be mighty danger-
nce hardly git Jsfor the ovete pre ous to opponents and its use against
enc ovr Yst' fo th coete tileMichigan seems to be. the= Farmers'
as a result of Michigan's .showing
against Illinois, a team over which the only chance.
IHawkeyes won a questionable one Atcomparison of the performances
point victory, provided Badgers andE of the two teams which are to meet
Gophers fall before the Maize and in Ann Arbor next Saturday.gives the
Blue. But no easy time may be look- Aggies little chance to hand the Wolv-

t f r


Captain Ely was picked for center was used then and he surprised ev-

Ct)arh Vnqt .q lovet "41_



"Michigan playeda better game Sat-
urday than I had expected under the
circumstances." Thus Coach Fielding
H. Yost has characterized the work of
his Wolverines in their crashing trI-
umph over the reputed powerful illini.
The Maize and Blue emerged from
the conflict in splendid shape. Not a
tman on the team was injured despite
the furious battle put up by Zuppke's
defense and Michigan's own strenu-
ous efforts. Every member o the
Michigan team that started the sea-
son will be ready for the coming en-
countrs Withthe Aggies, excepting,
'of corse, Roby, "Vander Voort, and
and Banks. All three, according to a
statement issued 1W the Athleic asso-
ciation yesterday, appear to beĀ°lost to
the .team for the season.
The game with Michigan Agricul-
tural college, the next on the Wolver-
ine schedule, is the crest of the Ag-
gies' season.hDespite an unsuccessful
year to (ate'the Farmers will come to
Ann Arbor full of hope and a world
cf ambition. To them one victory over
Michigan is worth years of defeat at
'the hands of all others, and their fight
and snirit in the annual contest with
th liWolverines is always memorable
to witness.-;
Kipke Again In Shape
Harry Kipke, sensational Michigan
half back, who was kept out of the
Illinois encounter, was ready to play
on Saturday although somewhat weak
from his slight attack of influenza,,
but will be in the best of shape for
the Aggies. Kipke's brother is a back-
field man on. tie Farmer eleven and
thlf ittle faifly clash should furnish
'a goodly amcunt f interest.
Illirois has returned to Urbana,
sorely disappliited over the failure to
even appioach' a successful conquest
of the Wolverines, to say nothing of
holdrig Yosts men to a low score.
Te iitter failure of the Illinois defense
aid 'the fact that only in the final
quarteri, when the Wolverines yielded
at last to a spirited Indian attack'only
to hold finally with the Orange still at
a comparatively safe distance from the
goal lie, must.have been dIshearten-
ing to Zuppke's"lien. still, disheart-
ened or not, credit, and worlds of it,
must be given the vanquished for tleir
remarkable display of fight. Zuppke
will not rest until he has built, out of
his green material, a team that will
win a Big Ten victory. He has his
chance on Saturday, when his eleven
I faces Northvestern's fighting little
team at Urbana.
Practice for the Wolverines this
week will hold no let up for Yost's pu-
ails. Several scrimmages with the Re-
serves and freshmen are on the slate,
"with at particular view to building up
'ithesecond string men of the Varsity
The. importance of great reserve
strength has been amply demonstrated
this year in having such men as Knode
and Steger to take the places of Kipke
and Roby, and Slaughter to plug the
hole in the Michigan line when Johns
weakened under the terrific battering
of the Illinois backs. With Duneavy
and Keefer still little used, yet of
great strength and greater promise,
Yost is losing no opportunity to de-
velop his reserve power to its greatest
Must Still Face Strong TeamsI
With Wisconsin and Minnesota
still undefeated, the latter, though

ed for, and in the weeks that precede erines a setback. All that M. A. C.
these two games the entire coaching can hope for, even though the breaks
staff will bend every effort toward even come her way, is to hold Michigan to
greater perfection of the Michigan at- a low score. Michigan has gained
tack and defense. i the reputation of having one of the
In the meantime, M. A. C. blocks the strongest teams in the country this
path. Michigan must down the Ag- year, while the Farmer outfit has been.
gies decisively before she may be ser- beaten by two second rate teams .The
iously considered, for Indiana, one of strong showing against Indiana last
the weakest teams in the Big Ten, Saturday, however, surprised even the
holds a victory over the Farmers by a most' optimistic supporters and an
safe margi rn equally great improvement during the
present week will insure Michigan
of at least good competition.
7uInviewing the struggle last week
it must be conceded to the Aggies that
the breaks were against them and
TO FGHT SATUDAYmost people who saw the game, ad-}
-FIGT S9URD11 mt 'that the Green eleven is at least
--on a par with the Hoosiers. Should
ANXIOUS TO FACE MICHIGAN A ' the Aggies get the breaks Saturday
TE HOLDING HOOSIERS TO they will at least offer opposition to
LOW SCORE IMchigan equal to that shown by the
lesser conference schools in their
Putting their Daeis to the 14-6 de- games withstheBig-Ten title contend-
ers. 'The supporters of the team al-
feat handed them by Indiana hu though admitting the slim chances
Saturday the Michigan Aggies are) that their school will have against the
bound and determined to recover 'Maise and Blue are conceding nothing
themselves at Ann Arbor next Satur- and are ready to entrain for Ann Ar-
day. In the game -with the Hoosiers bor Saturday morning just as they al-
every man of the eleven handled him- ways have, never willing to grant the
self well and the game was in the air game won until the final horn is
until the last second of play. Dur- blown.

Michigan's Varsity basketball squad
is still drilling on fundamentals and
rudiments in their nightly practices
in Waterman gymnasium. From all
appearances and if anything can be
told this early in the year it seems
that Michigan hasaboutnthe strong-
est and best looking bunch of toss-
ers that has ever been on a Wolverine
squad. In addition to the veterans,
new men are showing up right along
and some of them are pretty sure to
develope into the right !calibre.
Coach Mather is working now on
a plan of building around Miller and,
Ely, the stars of last year. Bill Mill-
er was picked for all-conference for-
ward last season according to the lat-
est issue of the official basketball
guide. The reasons given for this
choice were Miller's natural ability as
a floor man and his extraordinary ca-
pacity for scoring points, both free
throws and field baskets.

( wh .r gvizcf 'c;1t44ffl4A
on the all-conference second team be- eryone by the pace he set. ' * t' "J5'E 5 *
cause is y to t-m hs Rex Reason, Henderson, and Paper Resignation Rumors
abilityt out-jump his op-are all good men and are certain to
ponents and because he also ranked be seen in action. From last year's
high in the number of points scored. freshman team comes some half-doz- Rtunmors, which have been prevalent
In addition to Miller and Ely, three en good prospects among whom Keef- the campus for the past few weeks
other letter men are back. Paper, er and Dunieavy stand prominent. nd which were given added impetus
guard, who developed into one of'the1 y ' statement made by Bob Cla'ncy,
most consistent floor men in the con- - Creek Physician Here rt the Illinois pep meeting, that this
ference, is probably one of Mather's !Swould be Yost's last year as mentor
best bets. Kipke, who is at present Dr. Ames T. Case of the Battle of the Michigan football team were
engaged on the gridiron, is undoubt- Creek Sanitarium, one of the most 'nither confirmed nor denied by the
edly one of the cleverest and speed- famous roentgenologists in the coun- coach. In an interview in regard to
iest forwards Michigan has ever had. try, was in Ann Arbor yesterday as the matter, his only statement was:
Birks, guard, was not used much last the guest of Dr. A. S. Warthin and of "I have nothing to say."
season until the home stretch was Dr. Preston M. Hickey. He was look-
reached and when it was imperative ing over the pathological material Michigan Song Books, Memor3j
that Michigan find a good guard in and X-ray machines at the Univer- E Books, Book Ends, and Jewelry at
order to keep in the running. Birks sity hospital. Wahr's.-Adv.

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ing the last quarter the Farmers
threw a scare into the Scarlet team
with a dazzling aerial attack that
threatened to overcome the 14-point
lead. Had the open play been started
sooner it is likely that the score would
have been reversed.
During the time remaining beforef
next Saturday Coach Barren is plan-

Union "Initials" Table Ready
A table upon which seniors are
urged to carve their initials has been
purchased by the Union and placed in
the tap room. "2M3' has been carved
on the top of the table which will be
placed in a conspicuous place in the
tap room for next year.

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Now beautify teeth i this way

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Careful people, well advised, now use a
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film. So most teeth, in the old'days, were
more or less discolored.
Film also holds food substance which
ferments and forms acid It holds the acid

in contact with the teeth to cause decay.
Germs breed by millions in it. They, with
tartar, are the chief cause of pyorrhea.
Thus most tooth troubles are now traced
to film. Under old methods, they were con-
stantly increasing. The most careful people
rarely escaped.
Two combatants now
Dental science, after long research, has
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"Self erasing

Oter desired effects
Modern research has found other things
essential, and Pepsodent brings those.effects.
It multiplies the) starch digestant in the
saliva. That is there to digest starch de-
posits on teeth which may otherwise fer-
ment and form acids.
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cause decay.
Thus Pepsodent gives manifold power to
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