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May 22, 1923 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-22

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rmi~nn I TO ADDRESS BOOSTERS fed, so that the club will be completely~ "Jimmie" starts work early In ihel "Rolling stones gather no


flfl fhIDITE -oraizLbynxtfllTorig for you and doesn't stop un-fbut unused furaiturs gathers
Cf ~ nanI , oach Fielding H. Yost, director ofs CorAcco9t60.
IIH.HIB, ll'F intercollegiate athletics, will address EHN A EAlcastesrr n raues
IU ULIILOV 1W IL~ ~ a meeting of thAlecassirehiregand traousrsers
of other student organizations are re- ITRALEDNE
FolwnIh cedl r~n~b club to be held at 7:15 o'clock tomor qugired to submit their accounts to Dr. i ~f TUNINGXT IT COSTS No IMORE TOR
I'llwig hescaeui daw u b IPI NOrow night in Lane hall. -.Election of Arthur G. I-all, registrar of the niM- LiA J
Marion L. Burton last year, the fol-, officers for next year will also be versity, before June 10,under the Sthkool of Music Tuner RIDER'S
lwnaragmnsrarigte1deathstm.-penalty or forfeiting their semester's OPHceOtNes 6SKILLU) .PEN SE.RVICE
#ffice atrrangme8ts .i regarditg themade__atthistime.____
submitting of reports prior to Con-' All members of the club are urged 'credits if the duty be neglected. 4SX iiso9t
I menceinent have been made. to .come to this meeting which will Dr. Hall requests that this matter____________-
Sinceexmiexamin wllationsat Ibwilllatbegin be Sat-hi ber. thetenlast atone. itottbe111held1i1th111sliyear.lllkllbe11[a11tl11de1111to1IIat11once.11111
urday mrig te2 xenigAlodbsns1enigato ilI--
through Tuesday evening, June 12, ex-'bel finished ol atethis gatherlng and the (et good values cheap, thru theK
cept in certain smaller classes in! program for the new year formalat- Ctaled columns:.-Adv.SP C A
jwhich the examinations, will be given S E I L
Wedasane orisdayn 3, n ;norningf[il 1 JuneIIII 13,11 no11111 il 1111111[[[I IIiII[IIII II
names are to be added to the prelim W Suits W~ith Extra Trousers
mnary ,lists ofgruaeatr ona,-- ' lr uaSaisfrm$5t$2
i~une 11, andall autsatrexamination reports 1 eportsN J i ~- ,
must be handed in by 6i o'clock Wed- . / ;
nesday evening, June 13, according to = Whlte the impulse is strong call up Phone 27 and arrange for a ridig slt md byesen olr
IDr. Frank E.'Robbins, assistant td tine; engagement. You'll be amply repaid by the real fun that youl derive Clt aeb esenWo r~
Presiden~it. I-fr om this wholesomie sport. And our cash coupon plan makes this a M 't soito ietfo rwrt
It has also been announced that the': sur prisingly reas5onable luxury.
final list of graduates will be handed:
in by the recording officers of all THlM LL SO TA LEM.ICALL A\D SE 1E.
schools or colleges no later than 6IT E M L SOS AB E
I oclock kriday evening, June 15. This" PO NE $V7 326 E. ANN H rc lv a
includes the listing of all diplomas ( l~ a
with, distinction' or high -distinction. i___________________________________________________il Il II 1n 1liIII Ili 11111111

' w'Ililil~llllllltll!!ltllillii111111111i1¢Itt1111111111ttlllfll lflltlltlllOt11ers imayL wantr mauwantwbytwh houldl
I-.you. CHall 9". -Adv.
Everwear Ho6sie ry rT
{kThe finest fitting 1 X ~ ~ I
Brnxrulpp von Bohlen standing b efore French military judges and lon estialar
and rtoom. fild1o1ee1ig hose ,on the
All the Krupp millionsan all t hie Krupps' ]a'Verrfildeotee
'Baron Krupp von: Bohlen, one of th e heads of the mammoth Germanma k t
munition and steel works from pris on when lie was arrested and tried
on a charge of inciting Essen work me to riot. The baron was sentencee(,
to fifteen years In prison and fined 10,000,000 marks. Iw FEATURE-(4 ply heel and toe)
News from Other Colleges I RP................0 W
Boston Teh-'I iTh rdi taV esult ofth legislature's sui~esi ion S TC-
tion, operated by college students for for reducing the congestion in morn- C k.J--
somo months past, claims the distinc- ing classes and utilizing other .rise S E s .LEI V 7 H EAT H ER
tion~ of having °received the longest (vacant class reoms, dluring the of ker- +" .
call recorded by a. university station. Inoon.! -C LOR S at 75c
Several days ago messages were ex-' I
changed "with stations in Nice, and Dar mnot- Three uropean. un- -
other 'French cities degauts asTise fteT h ey '
- ~Peoples' International college, of Esi-
- innesotsta,-.irplanes, tanks, artil-. fore, Denmark;:Piet Roest, of the Un- ; -r'-
gtr dly~allauxs, wil ba", m-} iversityof Leiden; and Jorgen Holck, ___________. ____ Those
dii e i ~ fi n ap ls o n A n m er iv d l st T u sd y at H n ve . X hie-D O W N T O W N w ihE
of other, novelties so n. nu w ill ri ed laalsors aybe anin- W hlthereofA they" ov lw ill. w lbeal othe i gthestsey wiofb tthgu st of th
cluded in. the long parade 'which is to R iound'Table over the :weekend to di-' - Go now and ask for this dl
wstort :the city by sheer force of noise.~ cuss "The New Youth, Movement" off_____________________________________ how easy it is to fight film on t
InF addition the' entire student body their own lands, and ato study student" You see glistening teeth whe
will take part in the'spectacle, conditions at Dartmouth. - ______________________________'a day. Learn how people get thie
I F There is now a new metho
" ji4o Island k-St-reshmien who Nebi'ja,1rji"-:Carrying Nebraska IIIwhichmilions have adopted. -
hae been fouand disregarding tradi-, songs and sjiit into Canada,. Aala, over now advise it." Careful i
iu~'eaxndy0pu' akoi nations now employ it daily. R
duna innlas~t VnA*W 4" 10 a#nrriicirtn4 ,rn a.. .«_I:,.. A- a, . .:>:.,a - t;

rr 802 S. STATE ST.
isWee'k Only At Your Ste
ki See Coupon

i .. '




Combat the Film
;people you see everywhere
wrhiter, cleaners safer teeth

lightful test. Learn
erever you look to-
d of teeth cleaning'
Dentists the world
people of. some So
Find out what they

- - - - lands has been~ the experience of "Pol-"
iiisouri-A student council i'uliriig11.. Butler, U .of N. student who has!
vices - that n'ext year all freshmen js eundt icl fe he
'wear button'ongthe pt wnith arsmonths tour of the,.orient. The or-
oredbuttn.'In te pat eginer- chestra, of which he was pianist, play-
re green caps, Zits wore red, pre- ed before the president of China and
dies black, journalists yello-w, andJ many other high officials of the east-!
iculturists white. In the opinion err countries.
the upperclasmen this gave the
shmen an unseemingly gay appear-!1jradCoet 300bsadr
e. Iesca"pec? injury this afternoon when
-aTeDal oanwiltis the bat-swingers of the Crimson anni-
nrne fortheDailysIwant i ll thbis ahilated 'the Lampoon band of mud-
er. It is the second college daily' casters. The 17 home runs and 13
ring a summer edition, its only prne- Itilsmd b h cie r vd
essor being the Summer Michigan neeohoftirbtngpws;
ly~ Forthefirs haf ofthe i but they also knocked out nine doub-
". cco;n t1 Tlaflh..i41 losR~it1e, the pitcher, and many opponents, ..

M ilosUeI

That .dingy film
That viscous film you feel on teeth is their great
-enIemy. I~t clings to teeth, enters crevices and stays.
Food stains, etc., discolor it, then it forms dingy,
coats. Tartar is based on film. That's 'why teeth'
lose luster.
Film also holds, food substance' which ferments
and forms acid. It holds the acid in contact with
the teeth to cause decay. That's why few escaped
tooth troubles.
Gberms. breed in film by mill ions. They, with
r tartar,. are the chief cause of pyorrhea. Also of
oth~r scrious .troubles.

Old'.ways inadequate
No- ordinary 'tooth r paste effectively combats
Mim. So the tooth -brush left much film intact.
Dental science has now found two ways to fight
that film. One acts to curdle- film, one to remo~ve
it, and without any'harmful scouring.
Able authorities proved these methods effective.
Then a new-type tooth paste wats created, based
on modern research. Those two film combatants
were embodied in it for daily application.
That, tooth paste is called Pepsodent. To mil-
lions of, homdes the world over it is bringing a new
dental era.
Other new effects
Pepsodent does other things which research
proves essential. It, multiplies the alkalinity of the
saliva. That is there to neutralize mouth acids, the
cause of toothy decay.
It multiplies the starch digestant in the saliva.
That is there to digest starch deposits which may
otherwise ferment and form acids.
Thus ]Pepsodent gives manifold power to these
great natural tooth-protecting agents.
F Fimm----- I 1.W M /tInmmFi F: ~~l~ i tarmmm.mm- l
10-ay T Ube Free
(Only one tube to a fam~ily)


F or Unruly. Hair

mei' sessnthiziue I~ioL jtlll VIil ;Jpj1ear
five times a wveek and thereafter three
times.- All students who have passed]
one year of Englishi will be eligible
to work. -
Ripon, (Wis.)-Conduct or "charac-!
ter" records will be required of all
students gaining admission to Ripon
in the future. The enrollment must be!
kept down to 500 to be within the
capacity of the equipment, it was stat-
ed, and the conduct records will be
made the basis for selection..
- llinoi,-"Prep athletes from 141:
high schools, were entered in the in-!
terscholastic- meet at Urbana Fridlayv'
and yesterday. The leading teams
throughout Illinois and the West, with
the exception of the crack Lake For-
est academy team which ran at Mich-!
lga.n, wer~e 4lmere,'s according- to -a
bulletin from the University of Illin-
.oils I
in1aia,.t-Aft-mifloon classes yin at
least one-third- of their work will be
required of students beg inning nextj
fall, according to a resolution adopt-
ed by. the heads of the departrnents
yester duy.' The measure comes a§ a


Now a most effective prod-
uct controls the hair so-that
it stays all day just as-,you
comb it in the morning-in
any style you choose.
Just ask at any drug store
for Stacomb, and have no
more trouble with your hair.
Greaseless, stainless, not a
liquid. Made from natural

oils which the ,hair and scalp;
absorb. S ho ws. onl y in, a
-neatly combed ef£fect. -
Loose strands don't-get in
your eyes. "Cow-licks'' stay,
Ideal. after .a sampoo or
shower. Learn- why in-iIioan s
use it.
Get a jar to try at any store.-
Or, send 1Qc for'a ten-trial tube.

- I

- - - -Avoid Harmful Grit
Pepsodenit enrdles the San andl removes it
without harmfta seourinir. Its'ptolsldng a- :v et
.i far 8oftet thsu -enasnid. Never, use a ,film
'onbmtart which contains .harsh ,grit.
New beauty rom es
See what new beauty comes from whiter
teeth. Learn the new daintiness that comes
from. cleaner teeth. You 'will be amazed and
delighted. .
Go get this free tube. Note how clean the
teeth Teel after using. Mark the absence of,
the viscous film. See how teeth whiten as
the film-coats disappear.
You will want those results continued for
everyone in your. home. Cut out the coupon
PAT. OF 0*
The New-Dary Dentifrice
A scientific tooth paste based on modern research,
free from harmful grit. Now advised by
leading dentists the" world over.

' IE
I _

Insert your name and
address, then present
this coupon this week
to any store named be-
tow. you" will be "pre-
vented with a 10-Day
Tube of Pepsodent.
'If YOU 1live out of town.
mail coupon to Tine Pep-
rodent Cuwnpany, 1104
SO. Wabash; Avenue.
Chicago, and tube will
be soul. by =all.

Your Name

."- . 4 .. .. . .. r ": ." .


,. " Makes the Hair
.. Stay Combed
Controls the Most
Fractious i-air
Standard Laboratories. Inc.
750 Stanford Avenue

Send Coupont Below for Trial Tub.
Stanard boratories, Tue.
L[ Please send1 I"qtriad tebe of tacozab for r
whuichi I c~klQ iSDooe41.
t Nxa ................................... ...
ISTZZACT......... ...
CITY ....... «....-.STATE ......

Present coupon to
('alkin s-letcher Drag Co., ' .
324 S. State St.
East" and South Univ. Ayes.
State and Packard Sts.
Dawson. Bros., 106 S. Main, St. U!
The Goodyear Drug Co., 107 S. Main St.

v~r" erGssn~rormmnmwmmmmmmmm n=mmmin.
The Michigan Daily, Ann Arbor, Mi

T alking O)xfords


told me- they were better





. .
". 3
rr"s .a rt+rrrs"rs .
c: r'
.-.-: "
" .
l "
,. : .
F ,
ti Y
f pp
f +...
" :.
' ...
" I-L
f J
. * . r
" a-'
y .i

Now I know

Plain toe
Oxfords in
black or
brown calf
with low
flat heel'.

are the best in Ann Arbor

the White Swan Cleaners

: 1, .
x _ i




-- -- -- -ww



Vacation Position











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