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May 22, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-22

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Ii.No. 170





E~D~~ OSecond Issue (foti'il LASSES WILL BE HELD)
MK N1Appear on Campus Tomorow ;. I LIT1 SCHOOL JUNE 1
B 0 N9 R;1n FrClayues 1, tbeheld ay heua
DI E O ON B The Michigan Optic eallpus rotoga- photographsI~ t will sell fo iseon ll b 3te 1 hed ay beua
Il P P cond time tomorrow when the last; The cover will be aftaCll pg -r
faculty ye stcrday. 1hi:, is the
VV ~ JUC Ed ~ f thne trial issiues which it was au- production of the Acropolis of Athens~ha
SUCC SSOR thorized to publish wilt appear. The taken over the roofs of modern Athlfrsme n thatIn preion hars
numerĀ«,'ilconai alarger number ens by Professor Swain for the Uni- Iclsehaeendiisdtet
D~ELAYS .NWAPPOINTMENT, of pictures than was Mi~ed in the first, v'ersity photograph collection. Photo- imeityprcdn
( UJZON AND IRALDWLNY issue, 16 pages being given over to; graphs of the new heads of some of caynim daty.pThe edinnane
PRSET h oepoietpblctos~of this custom has been hbrought !
also figure promilnently in the mnake -
POSSBILTY Uupai)out through the belief of the
NOMNE~ PlO E~S D5 WIFGenieral photographs of ther student faculty that such an interrup-
JARK HORSE lieOMINEEnvestyar u1 4 tl tion. so close to the excaminrationt
nin I m n l3greatest extent inthisu with n. period has proven harmful to theI
N outstandig, Se',cra
-Yr f 1oseof IFords Member 01L Ispecal-: group ousadn.Svrl
l)ay Restit In Compromise I UILUS I N, aio i Ews of the ilaeh all and al z 'The system, of "honor sections"
1 lay which large classes will be
Selection ! lgrm ~t~anm are used. dividedI into sections, the individ- I
C ega CoEFfing'er Tells of UDeath - - ul members of which will Ibe
idcon, May 21--(Bly A. P.)-No 1 of lMrs. E. C. determined by the degree of paro-i
asyeben___ i1te1 re {SC;friency in their subject to whichI
ffilling the vacant primiership iU they attained teya eoe
the na.me of Mir. Donar Law's N0 MENTIO' ' MAI)F 111 lRECTNT nr on ias adopted at yesterday's meet-
ssor is silamteofpe-LETRS OF ANY .1LLNE'S j ing andl will probably go into ef-
i.As parliament is not sitting :_ fIO jIIIIIL eet next fall.
is no immediate hurry to fill Death of Mrs. Mary Margaret Snow t

Awenydds Await
PLAN SHO DOWN Druids, senior literary honor soci-
pL9NSSH W0,6WN ety, will today take into mernbe:Ailp
eni chosen from Among the many to
STAT DV~lU arry on thle Work and p erpetuate the
screts of the "ancient. men of the for-
i Appearing: at 8 o'clock illflowing
WILL QUESTION THEM CONCERN. robes an4f bearmn in e toce ,
IN fEEINQancient worshippers will teach the~l
__I_____.I ( lessons at the.sacred rock in the Drumidl
grove. Awenydds, awaiting there, will
DEMONSTRATION HELD learn Of' the ways of the ancients, -willj
BY M. A. C. STUDEN'TS come to know the meaning of the syn-
boll and wuilbe taught the message 1



nication with an intermediary with Case, ife, of Prof. Erm!ne C. Case,
ose statement he desires to con- of the -palteontology department, at
t before he retur~ns to London for C ape Town, Africa, was announced ins
;onal consulta~tion.a cablegram received yesterday by
'hie task facing; His Majesty is no i . l-..- -s

F" i

ISlw.1,lhue Body Qnest ionls M embers,
of Senir ('asses in Sriing-v.r
Ot Prinking; Affir UTI NE
T E N 110 0 1 S S S IO N - E TDIW P J I ) v R I Y v E
More than 30 senior members of s JV1Ii

asy one for there is no outstan'd-
ng person to whom all could point
1.s the inevitable nominee while: the
onservative party itself is complete-
y divided on the subject.
If MAarquis Curzon seems to be in-
licated as th~einost appropriate nomi-
ee the chancellor of the excheq or
also has a village following among
its party. These two are most likely
uccessors to IBonar, Law but it may
)ossibly turn ou~t that their' rivals are
o well balanced that the solutionj
nay ultimately be found in somne third
ompromise candidate. Mr. Baldwvin
s r'~ported as willing to serve Mr.
urzon but claims that, there would
ersist a deep feeling against him- as
ew prime minister, being a mnember
f the House of Lords. There werej
>ome hints today, he whose health
ately has been the best may make
hant excuse for declininfg the honor,
which it. is widelyr expected the acing
will proposo. to him and that he wlfl


Dean, John R. Effinger of the literary
college. The cablegram, which was
-dated May 21, gave no information as
to the cause and exact date of Mrs.
Case's death, but stated that Prof es-
sor Case would continue his tour of
the Nvorld which has engaged hitn since


Form Pantude and itareli in Body to off the oak andT pine..
Oic..eil By The ceremony in the grove will be,
Band followed by further instruction in th10E
- 1 Druids' abode, after which the new
Lansing, May 21. - (DvAX'.) men, well versed in the lore of the
"Showdown" in the fight between Dr. forest worshippers, will be banquet-
D~avid Friday,, nationally, known ac-I ted.j
ademist, president of Michigan Agri-
culture college, and member of the
state board oVl agriculture, is expected
to come Friday morning, after an in-
members together today or tomorrow II
for a meeting at which he, plans to -n N C A H
question them concerning their re-I SU K IN C 9 '
ported action at a secret meeting i
where they decided to ask him to re- : "
sign. Dr. 1,'riday announced late to- I ~i.eIn Lifeboatts and~t Are
dthat lie has called a, meeting of Pice i~up in Huron by
day Passing Vessels
the board for Friday.
To lNeet Withi Goyernor-
In the meantime the president was OTHER SHIP L S't, THEN
expected to confer with Cov. Alex J. APPEARS BIADLY I)AMAOED j
G roesbeck..
The trouble that hiar come from thej Port Huron, Mich., May 21.--The
hoards' reported action was heighten-
ed still further today when virtuallyi steamer Saturn, arrived at the mouth
the entire student body of the college of the riverĀ« here this morning with:
deserted their classes to gather in the her bow badly damaged. The wreck-
gymnasium at an hour previously set j ing tug; Harding and the lighter Rces-
by the student leaders. Members of k
the student body delivered addresses cue, stationed at Detroit, are comning

fraternities, and others not affiliated
with organizations were questioned
regarding the alleged drunkenness on
Swing-out dlay, by the University corn
inittee on discipline yesterday in a
'session which opened at 1 o'clock in

-lolverlues lim From B:Ilgers
only. One lMatell 'Going to
Three Sets

.tunie 1Jhz, the afternoon and adljourned at 11:30
Letters received last Saturday by last night.
kProf. 'William, 11. Hobbs and Prof.,I The students were summnoned by
George 11. 1hlers of the geology de-,the committee in an effort to obtain
co-operation in dealing with the eases
partment indicated that bioth Profes- C ftoewoaealgdt aebe
sor Case and M1r.Case were in ex- guilty of disorder and "conduct u1-
cellent health. Both letters were dat- becoming a gentleman" on that day,
e4 fromt Pretoria, Southi Africa, April In all of the cases which came be-
I.S. 'rofessor ;.Case .Tad planned to fore- the conmmittee the men were
sail from !Cape Town, May 19, for Aus- questioned as to their sobriety on
tralia., Swing-out day and if they were un-
Professor Case married Miss Snow der the impression that drinking wax
at U .wrence, kansas, June 24,18991 a part of the Swing-out tradition. In
H ber father was Chancellor of the Un- every case the student was accorded
versity of Kansas and one of the fore-, consideration by his inquisitorq and
'most public men of the state in whiceb permitted to Yolunteer information in
i Pi fe orCie asan-intructor in his ownl defense or in d-fense of .
chemistry. Following- teaching posi-j others. The truth or falsity of state-
'tions in the IUniversity of Chicago and ments given before the meeting willI
the State Normal School ,Mlilwftsukee, probably bear weight in the final


Displaying a strong brand of tenl-t
ni s, the Michigan court artists swami)-.

Declares. Many ProVoc0ations lii
Theu ('opletrly TDIsre- '
Lausanne, May i-dt y .z 3A'.)-=
Turkey insists on war to settle t
questions of the indemnity she eab
is due from Greece, then reeoew
accept the gage of tittle, . Alexs
dIris, the Greek foreign' minister a~
to the foreign correspondent tonig
The fact that the Turks have giv
no indication of an intention to rece
from their reparations demand, ai
that M. Alextindris said that Gxe
was resolved not to pay one cnt.
indemnity brought increased consti
nation in conference circles.
The Greek minister denied that:
had come to Lausanne in a bellico
mood but said the Greek army sin~
the overthrow of Constantine, was nt
well equipped and able .to take ca
of itself.
"I think," he said, "that if the wo-o
comes to worst the Greek. armyw
be able to defend its hono."
M. Alexandris added that he wou
like the ,American eople to reali
Greece's, position and know that.
though Greece had numerous pray
cations which would reasonably "it
tify her' in reopening the wr W1
Turkey she had, ignored them all ;a
that she was sincerely desros
The seizure by the Turks of lmpo
erished refugees,..continued' the, f
eign minister, and- the abomiia
treatment of Greek' prisoners oif
recently arrived from Asio Minor ,cc
stitute(I certain prGocations. 'T
Greeks and Turks had signed a sep
tes, c6oV'etio at ILausane .. ,
for the compulsory exchange of poll
lation, with the distinct pro vsioti
it should be inoperative before ay
The latest .provocation, accrdi
to Al. Alexandris, was -the steady d
patch; of Turkish troops into Easte
Thrace, violating the Mudania r
istice. r
Turks Reinforcing
T. have ,just received a telegra
from Athens," hie added, "that on S
urday 1000 additional troops cross
the straits as reinforcement to- I
Turkish army already. mobilized
Thra ce.
With reference- to possible war,'
Alexandris said: "Turkey seems to fe
that Greece was -beaten in the
and therefore owes an indemnity, b
this is a grave error, as Greece m,
merely beaten one -battle in Asia vi
of and hostilities -were sus:pended ,
an armistice which Greece is trying
transform' into peace, But if the Tur
propose to resume the war to bta
an indemnity, then Greece accepts t
"My government ,has determined,
retire from the conference next W44'
nesday or Thursday, when the inde
:pity question comies up in a plena
session, if Turkey insists ppon'an u
just position, or' if any effort is ma
to force Greece to 'accept this polre

; ,

-d W iscons 1ijWlI in a dl W ma0.1Th hedI i u pot fth peid nto te8n
oninFcrryortldf yesterdayntbyfatscoie stitution, while the remainder, voiced
on Frryfied ysteday bya soretheir disapproval of the agricultural
of t,-Q. The Wolverines were never hroard by staging a parade about the
in danger audi once the lead was es-? campius, marching behind the college
tablished, the victory seemed to be a3 band and beating upon tin cans.
certainty. All of the men' played3 Students Cheer
uip to thecrusual form, only one of When Dr. Friday refused an invita-
the singles matches going to three 'tion, the students wvent to the build-
sets. ing_ in which his office is located. and
MIerkel 'Betats Strong Rh1"al cheered him loudly. Dr. F'riday ap-
Chuck Wlerkel, the speedy clay court peared and urged them to disperse.
artist played a stellar game, dlowniing The board of agricuture is report-
Captaini Treadwel.by the score of G-, ed to heave decid'ed to ask the presi-
6-2 Treadwell- is one of the, best dlent to resig~n on account of'satis-
players in the, Conference and Mien- faction with hi's administrative meth-
kel's performance in beating him ods.

t I

sbeing maintaine~t
onar L.aw who un-
operation of the
nobody buit a -fewN

Wis., Professor Case came to theL Uni-
vers ty in 1906 and has since that time I

Should Lord Curzon be fappoinitedl een couuecteLwim tl.
prime minister it is understood that According to Is schedule, Profes-j
he would also retain the foreign secs- sor Case will travel in Austrlia, 11a8-!
retaryship, so that practically no mania and New Zealand, scailing from
change in the constitution of the catb- Auckland in time to reach Ann Arbor
inet wvould be needed. If on the oter by mid-Septembe.
hand Mr. Baldwin is appointed lie+
would have -to retain the, chancellor-,
ship of the exehequor for, althoughFOETR WILM
premier's also holding the exchequor 'I
portfolio the demands upon the time I ANA INRM N1
and energy of the prime minister iiiA INRM NA
would almost certainly preclude his
holding a double office. That the ap- BAQUET TO ILRK RETIREMERNT
pointment of Mr. Baldwin would prob- 1 RF.FLBR
ably necessitate a general ministerial R OTHf

decisions which will grow out of ther stamps the Wolverine' star as a ser-
investigation if the discussions fol- ions contender for the Conference
lowing the hearings express the atti- championship.-
tule ,of the committee. They will re-" Captamn Rorich played his usual-
sumne their investigation on Wedlnes- strong game and proved to be too pow--
day afternoon1 erful a rival for Aagesen. The score
E ~was 6-3, 6-3. Kline also played a goodz
AILPHIA NIT TO HIOLD FINAL game, defeating Moulding 6-2, 6-4. In
MEETING OF YEAR FRI) Iy the only mtatch of singles to go three.
set-s, Zenion wvon from Bennett, 2-6,
Alpha it will hold its last meet. 6-3, 6-1.- -
ing of the year at 7:30 o'clock Fri- ; Getting off to a bad Mart Merkel
day evening, May 25, on the fourth and Captain Itorich finally emerged
floor of University hall. An espe- victors over Tread well and Aageson -
cially. good program has been au'- Some fine tennis was displayed In
ranged for this meeting aid visitors this match. The strokes were.-true}
are cordially invited to attend. and the uncanny, serving of the Wol-
Time chief feature of the evening venue's was no less semnsational. Th~ej
will be a debate on the question: score' v'as 3-6, G-4, -8-G. In the other

Senior Rivalry E
At Fever Heat

urp to assist the Saturn.
jSault Ste. Marie, Mich., May 21.- -
'The steamer Edward U. Demmer was j
sunk in a collision wvith. the steamnerl
jSatur nduring' a dense 'fog in L.ake~i
Saturn during a dense fog in LakeI
Huron about. 7 a.:in.' Sunday.
of the Demmer- barely, had. time, to
put off in their lifeboats, They drifted-
about in thue lnke until rescued, :sev-
eral hours late-r by the steamers lads
and Algassiz, which brought theme to,
ti:-2SSoothis imorning. i
The lDenmer's >crew fear for the
safety of the Saturn, Joseph C. Bur-j
ke, mlaster of the Demmer, said that
the Saturn disappeared in the tog at-
ter the collision.1
Sinks Almost at Ogce
SThe collision occurred: about 301
jmiles below Thtunderi Bay Island. The
Demme was en route to Milwaukee 1
with a cargo of coal when the Satuvrn
suddenly appeared out of the fog and
struck her, on the starboard side, op- I
ening a big hole below the water line.
After the crash the Saturn backed,
out. and was, lost to sight. The Dem-
mner began to sink at once and the;
crew lowered the life. boats and scram-
bled into them. All got off before the
ship sank but saved none of their be-
}Niels Kruger, of buffalo, a deckhand,
was alone in one of the lifeboats.' Hisl
,bat was half filled with water whon
he wvas- sighted by the steamer 1Eads5'

Shuffle.v "Resolved that IHenny Ford should be
-Foresters will hold, their annual elected the next president of the
London, Nlay 21-(Bly A. P.)--Prep- banquet at 6 o'clock Monday even- I U3nited States." After the debate the
arations are in progress in Chathaim I.ng in a banquet 'rooam of the Union. floor will be open to visitors to ex-
end ortmouh fr te ImedateThe dinner is to be given in honor press any views they may have on the
dispatch of destroyer and mine erms- of Prof. Fubbert Roth, of the tor',st- subject. A brief time will be allowed
en o RsslW ates, ccrdig t Iry department, and marks hIis, retire- between the rehular meeting and the
the Daily H-erald "labor organ" which anent froni the ranks of active' profes-> business meeting when visitors will
specifies four cruisers and seven sort. Professor Kotth-has been active,; have an opportunity to meet all of
sweepers have thus far been detailed in the forestry department for the' the members.
for Russian northern waters.( past 20 years.I
It also asserts that there has been j Speakers have been procured from Germans B"elieve Austria 'Wants UIiion
significant movement of British war- ( various institutions throughout the. Frankfort-on-Main, May 21----(13y A.
country. Dean K. F. Moon, of the I .Po.Ld atan
ships in the Mediterranean district INwYrStecolgofoesyP)-Pr aul Hrnan Vienna en-
toward the Dardanelles, possibly en'Ne YokSaeclgefFrstyj voy to Berlin, in a speech at festivi-
route to the' Black sea. has signified his intention of being!I ties- celebrating the first German
The dispatch declared that Great ipresent and will deliver a talk. Prof.; Parliament, said Austriatzs "are hal-d
Bmitaiin is preparing for more than# Ralph S. Hosmer of Cornell Un ver- i and fast in their yearning for a union
a mere diplomatic rupture with This- sity will speak on "6Some Observations ; with Germany," adding that "thle Ievo-
sia-nro confirmation of the, Daily on Forty Years of Forestry in the: lutlont of 1918 was to bring about the
Hera- ld statement regardinig the move- United States." unity andl co-ordination of. German
ment of British warships hats been I.Piresident .1fbrio:u L. Burton will I licddle E trope into one state."
'obtained elsewhere. The Herald hasi give a, short talk at the. dinner and
been making an ardent pro-Bolshre- !Regent* Junius E. -Peal 'will act as Standard Oil Ev" ades Customi Duties
viki campaign in connection twith Lord toastmaster. Professor Roth will be Buenos Aires, May 21-(By A. P.)--
Clirzon's recent note to the Russian' the principal' speaker of the evening The Federal judge at La Plata has or-
Soviet. }ttais yet has not announced his sub- dered'a temporary charge on the West
________-ject. India 'Oil Refining company plants
Until Saturday, the banquet will be! ne-ar Buenos Aires after ch0,es that
open to 'the entire student, body but!I the coinpany-a Standard Oil concern
after that date, due the necessity for --evaded: Argentine customs. on $3,-
nr i~~irinmaking proper arrangements, only 000,000 worth of oil.
OfVt ILICbBOOKS I students of the forestry department
lllddd ,will b issued tickets. An attend-s Caught Cold at Hing ntuu's Tomb11
---- ance of more~ than 125 persons hasj Nice, May 21-(By A.P.)-Fniends
'More than SO persons were apprc- been arranged for.l of George J. Gould, who ied at Cape
hendd a~theFery fild ate atu- I I artin, say his last illness was devel-
opedl following a cold caught when vis-
day afternoon trying to gain admris-#C. OF iC. 'TO(HEARiiting ftie Vallevno'f te kiwis aftr

half of the doubles program, Jeromet
andl Sanchez proved to be superior'-
to Moulding and B~ennett and humibled
them by the score of 8-10, 6-4, 6-4. I
S Team Leai-es for Cxieago
t Tenwsa fanis are anxiously awaiting
xthe Conference tennis tournament
fwhich is slated to start on Wednesday E
rat Chicago. Some of the strongest

teams in the country will be repre-
stinted at this meet. Although'the mneth-,
od is unpopular to most of the enter-
igk teams, the tournament will be con- '
ducted on an Iindiildual nmerit basis
andl not a team basis. This' systemIa
sevnus to be unfair as some of the
weakest teams may have an individ- ;
ual star who could almost win the'
mecet for his team.
Wilsoni of Chicago looms as a pos-
sible winner of the tournament while
timhe samte may b~e said of Dupach oa
Illinois. Mlerkel is also the favorite -
01 an1y to Carey away first place lion-
ores at the Western classic. T:read yell
of Wisconsin and Schuiman of Indianaj
are also strong players who will be-
in the rtunning at the tournament.
Tfhe Michigan team leaves for theF
meet today. Mlerkel, Captain Rtorich
and Kline are surse of makting the trip
while either Lemnon or Sanchez willE
play at'- fourth p~lace. Only four meni
grill make the trip).j

Oapposing political machines in the
senior literary class are actively cam -I
paigning.Son ,votes to elect their. can. -
didatea -in the class nockel eet.o, to
be held at 4 o'clock- tomorro-. after-
noon..in, the .Natural Science, auilitor-
iumn. Expert observers report both
'partics 'equally active and elare, it's
impossible to predict which party will {
develop the greater strength by: the t
time of election.
Although no names can be men-
tioned it is reported that a member
of the class once prominently known!t
in connection with the student coun-
cil is heading one party, which In-
chides several of the most promin- I
ent men in the class and already pre--
sents a very strong front. The oppo-
sition is being led. by a man closely
connectedl with the "wonder track
team", and is said to have the support
of the class officers.
The list of places to 'be filled in- I
cludes: the most popular man, 'hand-
somest man, best man student, big-
gest, grind, biggest bluffer, smoothest
'politician, biggest .fusser, miost bash-
fuil man, be it athlete, best kidder, most.
popular girl, pretties-t girl, best girl
student, biggest girl 'grind,'meast bash-
ful girl, class vamp and jolliest girl.
At this meeting the chairmian of the -
various class conmmittees will make
their reports and the final announce-3
ments regarding the graduating, exer-
cises will be made. Robert D. Gibson,
president of the class, requests that
all seniors attend this meeting, which
is probably the last time the entire
class will assemble together.

Saturn's Fate Unknownl
The other 26 Mmnbers af the
were picked 'up by the Agassiz.
Neither the Agassiz nor the

I j

crew .

saw the Saturn and it is not known
how badly she was danmaged, nor what
became of her. '
Among the Demnmer's crew. were
Johnson, first mate; Reinhardt, second
mate; Landridge, chief en inecr;
Kammer, first assistant engineer, and
Callahan, second engineer:,!
The Demmer was owned by the Mil-
wan kee-Western Fuel Co., She was a
steel freighter, 440 feet long., built in 1
The Saturn is owned by the Inter-
lake Steamship co. of Cleveland. She -
is also a steel' freighter, engaged in
the ore trade. She was bumilt in 19,01
and is 416 feet long.
N roinations recently made to the ;
Board of Trustees of the Student
Christian association were ratified in1,
the elections held at Lane ball yes -
terday. All dhurch members were1
eligible to vote.l
Four new. members elected to the If
boards for three-year tennms are Mar-;
ion B. Stahl, 125L, Harold W. Jaicox,
'26, Pauline L. Canby, '25, and Prof.1
Charles C. Fries. Prof. John IT. Shep-
ard, Harry B. Earhart, and Dean
George W. Patterson were re-elected.





on to the game with student atblet-j
books not- their own . These cases
ave been brought up before the athli-
Aic authorities and the books si
)ud on ;persons to whom they do0_
ot belong will be withheld by the(
thletic association for the remaini-


IShort. talks concerning the problems
which confront the city of Ann Arbor
will feature the luncheon meeting of
the Chamber of CJommnerce at noon

thme Tutankhamnen discoveries.
Day to Speak in Detroit
Prof. Edmund E. D~ay, head of the 1
economics department, will speak be-
fore the Detroit Board of CommerceI
tonight. His stbject will be "Business

BUT -- should they constitute
your desire we are here to see
that you 'get themn - the same
with "string beans and carrots."


Memberw. of the Senior 'engineering I
class will hold their annuial out- !
ing tonight at Barton Dam. Fallowing:.
the custoil of past years, ball games,
races, music,.~eats, and~ short talks will
feature the program. In the centi-
pede race teams from the civil, one-s
chanical, electrical, and marine de-
partme rnts will be entered. j
The election of class celebrities will
be a new evenit, being instituted fori
the first time this year.

-Today is the last day on which
' ors miay pay their diplonia fee.
office of the treasurer of'the Ur
si'ty will be open until 4 o'clock
afternoon and after that tin'e fee:
not be accepted. In no case wil
University confer a degree at
mencemlent upon any student
fails to pay his fee by this timei.
Candidates for degrees or forn
certificate or diploma should at
fill out cards which are availab
the office of the secretary of their
lege or school, pay the treasurerc
ljniv- rsity and have cards recel
and file the indicated section 01
card with ithe secretary of their
lege or school.
In case the faculty does not re
mend -any payor,' the fee will b
funded on surrender of receipt


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