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May 19, 1923 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-19

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.... r

t t1 all high schools are similar in that
th ~e paths of their students must in
-w--time converge at ne 'central point,
VE the 'Uilveiy.
M1'nday 4N VNiMIHNkI1ON
'After comple1ting their' tur tf ba're
ditorial thirty" Ameilcan colleges, the Euro-
I ean stuidents, some of. whom visitod
eyn-jhere several month!4 ago, have made
III ews some interesting observations on our
ws pub-I academlic life.
-Perhaps the most 'ignificant 6i
Arbor, these was nmade by the Eniglish rep-





LInLTeS Tne . ivi.
;cmuluated" hon-
e$ of his col
The~ sheep skin
shade to con-
man to dteud
at 41. Thee
hie w~ho ' hs re-
oneQ of the fa-


L l THE ilM. i. P. A. ( The' Dartmkouth)1
T'he preliminiary skirmishes of the
: We Instruct the Young freshman-sophomiore picture 'war are,
7'YITRI7AY a: mf. we told the anythinig but enicourging to those
young journalists a lot about: optimisictksouls who would see sinter-
(a,) How to make up a paper, In-' ity in the dual purpose of the lower
cluding' front and rear pages, classes to preserve the 'institution for I
S(b) l~ow to write headlines the future and to establish for them-l
-(e) Howe to write 'featu're stories, selves a' reptation ofgoo6dsense and
(d) iHow' to run' a humiior column, moderation. The~ persistent vioation~s
'W~e nee~d hardly say that we know ' of the # [plicit' rules laid down by ;
j 6'sautelyK jiothing about any of these~ Palaeopitus give' at least a' suggestion
subI~jects. Vou tell 'em. that the sii 0omore class is not axi.i
" ous to go th'rough with .the 'fight; an~d
Ode the f'reshm~an bye an amazing' display
TIo a' Sorority Hu~ise Luncheon of poor judgrment vitiate the' moral
Bya Pea'"ivher advantage that was theis 'throug~h;
ft llol! Broth for' dainty taste! stricter adher~eice to th~e rule~s. The,
I 'itethought that I would stoop whole procedure, childish in the ex-
To strain mTy 1palate,' ever chaste, tee ed de oo oa m
With th~ey weak juice, thou ghost of jpression steadily becoming current
soup.that the fight is a nuisance anyway,
soup.and 'had best be abolished. 'The fresh-
Asrii remd nt-s. Tian and sophoniores' have donee more
To think that I, a man of mind, in the past two days to strengthen
Should like' the lowly cow~ eat grass this impression than could be accom-
Aid five ther'eon=-0 Iate unin~d! ' plished in a'year by'bored' upper-class.
o TPea, insipid . liquid, thou Whatever the outcome today, a ,dis-
Wert nmade for other things than tinuct shaudow hias been cast over the
ordrinkme.'Tsoynw whole affair that cannot help having
heartya serious effect on the futur~e of the,
Toquaffr pure "~water~ free from stinik.= custom. To those who have lonug
Envoi argued against the pictur'e this 'will 'be
'Each man adapts himself to things the"-crowning tou~ch, anud they can be
Aon'him, evolution shows,, expected 'now to press more aggres-
Perhbaps er~elong as (tme swit wihgs, ! iv'ely for its abolition. Breaking fur-
I'll use rice powder on my nose! niture after getting in dormitory
Zeke. rooms byr forcing the locks, spiritig
« * 'handcuffed freshimen out of town,
1 I ~'ejstbe 'it"t ~oi mkinug a w~lesale ro~und'-up of all
cigarette and hunt 'for inispiratiobn,' high boots and cameras, and finally
and 'wve itd 'this on our hook. sending mien out into the coutnry to
( eaes rch-j cut telephone wires, this, and all theti
I hard 'your talk this miorning' at mainy hours before the 'fight is sehe-
the M~'. J. P. A.' conferenc~e. It was ! du'led to start, miay be child's play;
wodi'erful. You 'seemed so well able if 'it is, it is' timne the' chidrenwere
t'o fund 'any little thing 'out of which growinig up.
tao 'write a feature story. I wonder
ifyou could' find a little like meh. ' OLD AGE P ' 46N8.
'The Girl from i~i ghlandPaf I1 Philadelphia Public )ledger)
P.S. Urch dear, 'dear Urch, you# Beginning in'Ia modedst way, Penin-
Fare so handsome. Sylvania is to hav~e an old age' pensilou
This~ quite bowls a~s over,'sstem, thle thir~d State "in the Unio~n
We are breathless. to' adapt this.; kindly, form of legWt-

they are. We do think highly of 1 lItiltltttlttitltiii iIiiitI~uiitIll :
getting a settlement on money which DOROTHY B. LOWRY
other nations borrowed from us. _ CHIROPRA TOR
'If the American government will 606 t Natl Bank 'Bldg.
not relinquish its claim for Rhine ex- I= Hour, 1. pn. Phone 401-3
penses it at least can assert its free-.: I1tllllllllltl1l1111ti1
'domn to deal with Germany without
the intervention of any other country
and without passing the 'payments
through the reparations commission..
If this is our affair with Germany
it is ours alone. If we intend to in-
sist upon this debt, and only this one,!lti g he F nc d b , t e I ai n
debt, 'etc., go slide, then let's have the;
Gdebtor ' in without asking the consen1
of other governments and without ty-
!rig' ourselves up in any of their en-
}Patronize The Daily advertisers. I

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(Eastern Standard Time)
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every two hours to 9:47 P..
Local Cars East S~ound--7 :oo a.mn.
,and every two hours to 9;:.o p. Mn.,
ix ;eo p.m. To Ypsilanti only-u r:4o
P.M., x :is a.m.
To Saline-Change at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West B~oun--7 :so a.m.,
T Jackson and -Kalamazoo-Liix'
ited cars 8:47, 10:47 a.m.,12,J:47.,a3:47,
T'o Jackson and Lansing-' Lim fed at

means GOOD di

Cars leave for To]
j2. P. M. adaY
Sday. Sundays at

Ann Arbor Produce'






f ''

cur to
of a

.e in-


,i i



fte and de-
eaccus~ed of,
hint, a ' dis-

Typewriter and Stationery Store
17 Nickels Arcade
-If . you write, we ha-ve" it-


here Is
,ion of






,ection or
ais be en~
,ther than
value of

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any to
any ot.

hier Thewy sent 1;7 delegates .! . When GovTr'nor Pichot signebd the
'W~e hope slie- was , the girl' 'wth! bill creating the Pension 'Commison
the lazy Smile.- a motion picture'Vas complete'd'Wichi
" + *shows' every stag'e'of il~?e raw through
reyj - Our Hero the Legislature, It wi11 be used for
national pt~opagaiida ' purposs, a Rise
r ai _tbWhich the m~otion p~icture is 'beiung
lie put with Icreasing frequency an~d
Te'old age pension,, as it will be
3uC xemplified 'here, 'is njot a schieme for4
R the 'pauperization of the poor. Rather,
et,-1 i isin ine'with 'th~e.excellent 'Mvoth-I
ers' Assistance Fund, whilch helps
ht~hkeep famizlies together. The aged pen-
alit {slojers will 'receive not more than a
i~lr dolara day; less than this if they'
a~ttI jhave any in'comfe 'of their own. It is
put the purposes'off the la~w to make itj
4.el: I " ssible for old pmen and women past
lA ' ( evenity years of ago ad incapable
of s'upportilng tffemsie1veao livee in
$_ modest sufficienicy.at' home, inste~aof
e - in institutions as wards of the State.1
!It is always a melancholy sight to,;
lsl , a4 sean aged husband and wife,. who
a s This ferociou~s b'east is 'a bear. He I gether, sundered 'by poverty. in' the
huni-gfo. huk-last- years cot their lives, 'as they1
has just been out hnigfr"uk must be if they go to ."the poorhouise."
an ebieis, 'which he 'thinks are the! By and large, couples who have reach-
'jo berties. O his way bch e leht '-a 'ed the age of seventy :years together
,.n gi4ate, 0k'hose nose: can be glim'ps'ed j deserve the brief bounty of the State
ai- in ' te background) and hie said Ito 'for the days that are left to them. If~
her the'girait°e "Where are your rub- ',nly to save the 'tea~rs of ~parting sh~ed
y~r; en?"by these dim ild <eyes, the Pension
Le-Th6 gir'affe shrugg~ed his shoudlders Fundlt will be 'worth a~ll it 'costs to this
and ',sniffed "How do I know? M'ainia3tatpayers of Pennsylvania.
yfJ_ 1told 'me they iwere in thre backrhall
iibut 1, loked 'Ulider 'all the r'ijctats THE ti. S. EA~t C,0
f "' i bt'Ween 'the gtoloshe~s 'anid thieyI (Chicago 'Daily Tribune)
f weren't there." I liot' Wad'sworth, for th'e United
but , n the bear' growled atid said States has agreed with representatives
f b 'never mid i have an engagemient of the allies that America will nego-
' . '(it the photographer and Carrie and tiate with Germiany for the paymenit
'pos4ed for the enga2gi'ng snapshot iof x$25(1,000,60 fr Rhine troop main-{
te 'abovre. tenance, that the payme~nts sh~all 'go!
"* d *-'through the reparations' commission
ea. 'otfcesubject to Belgian priority, and that
"611- Ithe United 'States shall not pass any
tThe~ class, of '26 denies the author- 'rcoey .at
byahihntonpesnsh ; This is, we think, the 'eap sheaf "on
circuliated Uhisp crtsmanlike matter u n eioeo f~hE'~I ilh~i~
der their good name. t he Uniited States al' ie of 'the niationis
M~y 18, ~occupying German torritpry did riotlI
'This notice, like the piece of work reevt oiYWint~~et~'
de. ,,,Isaonmu. ihi n paid for 'all the troop uipkeep, andl
itis;int half asfnya h te be ever since that trickery it hias been
por- ~ un s ~ ~ 6Ie,'ut in the position. of a loan shark
Iwhichu says among other things"~the
nts as f',Co onyadCret trying to enforce a contemjptible claim.
I Caso 2,CmnnyadCret It is an episode to make an Ameni-'
i l y know~n as the. Sophomore Class, cnscad'e~~g't sw fv~
has Failed to Function not only a bfrsha h Alria oen
a'reass utw dtvmal. An nnt forget this 'debt. We are not
'dater on, "the'Sophomore 'Class 'ss up-
)sot Iodt ' ri tFr, Y'r ~euIpressing France, Belgium, Italy, or
that ~ ~pat''~ uc~t~ any other d'eb'or nation 'veiu for Ini-
nce. - ..terest on money 'browed, 'and' we;
W gan ' . . to terms proposed 'for'i therecovery !
gduigabout i's that 'they b-aven''toftopm ine1nn
mIS, ug The time to hve takenr it was when
been beaten to pieces, haven't beenith rmaspi tadwe h

;* f,.
' '
'111 ' . 1 i' ;I

1 1.



5._ :


.. ,t


!I~fe ivonhans workroh oughit
to he
Wi P'~hibi'ing fitted pe6rfectly.
--From the proverbs
of Mr. Quick.
Thbe kitchen should receive the
~prope~r plumbing 'attention.. The
right sort of 'tubs and fixtures
Inake it 'eaS~ier for her.
((q S { 11

Strawn Hat T-i me is

All Ma~ids, shapes anal


Get your~s at

3.:1F. Wue rth Uo
F'ashiion Park Clotietr's
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t I

Muic and
FTloiver s
GoHanid in H and

of red

Cream of Asparagus
'Olives Celery R'adfshas
Prime Rib R'oast Beef,;'au Jus
Roast Young ;Chicken With'
Early, June Peas
Mashed Potatoes
Combination Saad
D~ead Lettuce, Toma~to and
Home Made Raisin Pie


Of 4


Sendjodur F'wjoiite
-A. Wuquet


tends to ! ye,
tby his !of
its froth

, OX Vka

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