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May 19, 1923 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-19

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n I th Buletn s cnstuctvenotice to all mambo"i of
'aty. opyrecire unil 1.3 rt m.(11:30 a. m. Raturday.)
SV1T1ilI)AY, MAY 19, 19213 Numbelr l1014
y Proclamiation; By the Governor:
render to Grant at Apponmattox mark~ed the close of the CivUl
tad cost. this country millions of treasure and many," many
precious lives. Three years later Memorial Day was insti-
or the memory of the bravre men who had given their liVes
tion' passed and America again found' her.elf In aimns, not to
Hellion' but to establish the liberties and maintain the right's of
r republic.
a score of yetirs' saw the outbreak of the great conflict sand,
tit .seemed that we might be able to keep out of it, as the
ed it became more and more evident that the fruits of liberty,
e heart of every American, were seriously menaced and that
national independence we must take .our place by the side
were battling for 'the freedom of the world. We all know
Teknow how splendidly on land' and sea our gallant soldiers,
larines upheld the honor of the American name.
Day is for the men who took part in these wvars, but our finrt
be for the grey-haired veterans, that fast thinning blue line
growing feebler year, by year; and in this thoughtfulness for
r ntone will 'join more heartily than the younger veterans of
. in order that we may pay a tribute of respect and affection
ng veterans of the Civil War, the Spanish American War and
rld War, and do honor to the memory, of their fallen comrades,
erely urge that Wednesday, May thirtieth, 1923, be fittingly
Memnorial, Day; and I earnestly appeal to the people of Miclil-
y' co-operation in plans for toe observanC f,° O tIxax
Trial' Day, flags should be displayed at half-staff until moon and
o the top of the staff.
or' my'hand and the Great Seal of the State this fourteenth day
year of our Lord one' thousanid nine ,hndred said twenty-three,
mmionwealth the eighty-seventh.
CHARLES J. D1F LAND, Secretary of state.
Certifleate Fees:
e more days remain, including today, for the actual payment
rer of the University of the fee payable, by any person receiv-
a or certifcate, at Commencement, 1923.' The Treaurei-'
d this (Saturday) afternoou. Such payments cannot be ac-
: 00 p. mi., Tuesday, May 22.
SIRPL4Y W. S1VIT11, Secretary.
ber of the University staff supposedly receiving The Michigan
hie contract between the Regents and '7hie Daily is -requested
failures of The Michigan Daily's Circulation 'Department, t
es, These reports should be sent -promptly to the office of
of the University. Only by receiving 'notice of failures to
he University business office or The Mvichigan Daily 'itself
4actual performance of contract.'
SHIRLEYI W. SMITH, ;Secretary..
uncement Copy:
n last year's Announcement have been sent bay the messenger
o.departments in the Literary College asking for 'complete
Anntouncement for 1923-1924 to be handed in before June 3.
fpliance is requested.. ARTHUR G.' HALL, Regitrar.
bees of the Faculty wrho teach Engineering students:
nodate the large number of students who will attend the star-
this summ~er, it is necessary to conduct two camnp. 'Tbe
hiave been chosen for the first cam,, will leave the University

1Hull, C. B. Schuffnman, HI.
lHolliday, R.A.' Shaw, H. T.
Ihoot, R. A.' Sipe, R. J.
IHulecher, H. T.' Spence, H. A.
Hunter, C. W. Taylor, F. C.
K~ao, C. Y,, Ure, C.
Kiassen, C._ W. . Vanvlict, R.
Lam, X. IH. '' Weil, H. L.
Lrandre, J. H. Weiss, S. A.
Laoel, L. C. Wightman, E.'R..
iMaeder, L. A. Woltzen, L. J.
LOUIS A. °HOPKINS, Secrgtary.
"The Truth":
The public performnance of Clyde Fitch's "The Trutth" scheduled for
May 10, in, the series of P'lafy Production' plays, will be given on ?Monday,
IN U7 28. R. D. T.. HOLLISTER.
IField trip Glaeial Leoogy 23, SatIrdby, Miy,%1J:
IA special car has been engaged for this trip to Detroit and Wyandotte,
which will leave, State and Packard at 8 a. in. regaiess of weather, and
I return to Ann Arbor by G2,p.m-!. It is expected that every student who, has
elected this Course 23 will be present. Any student not present will be
required to pay his share of the expense for the car, about $1.70 each, for
the round trip. It is important to carry the Detroit Folio, and the Surface
Geology map of the Antn Arbor",Folio'. Would advise carrying lunch.

T-y Our Ensiness Mlen's Lunch
11:30-2:04 " . . . 650
K~ennedy's, Orchestra
11:30 -4:00
Cornwell Coal Bldg.

- - -

Suggestions for

Comrnencement Gifts




That Hunc?
to the
605 Church


4-8 Nickel's Areade


NiOVICE-Copy for this column should
be Kubu..Ited by 4M3 o'clock' of;
the day before pulication.
9 :00l-Gvoeel awembly of 1ighi school
"editors In reading roost of the Uni-
9:a4--L nvers#y Y., W. C. A. bre akfust
in Barbour gymuasiumn.
8:3i0 ---. I. P. A. cofnfene discus.i
10:00-Business mehang- of the M. L .
1b. A.I
11:04-Talk to X. L.PP. A. by T. 11.
U. 30--Farewell address to :M.L 1. P
*A. by M. . Stahl.
12:g- Alumul of 'Schodol of Music
}luncheon in room 3138 of ,the Union
i :84--1asebai1 game, 3flnnesota -rs.i
Michigan, Ferry field.,
0 :30--Ffi fMai.Festival concert in
Hill auditorium.
3 O-La'wii fete at lieen New berry
6:00-Stna Delta Kappa' dinner int
mrom.1189 oftho Union..
0:1-A.S. M.E. dinner lin room 318 k
jof the- Union.
#1 -Btinret f<or Il. 1T. 1'. A. In as. E
semblY hall of the Union. I
10:(0-tipper 'Boom. Bible class meets
7 :--'raftsimen club 'Meeting in the
Mtasonic ternple."
7:40 -Chlnese Students'.'clufthsocial
Smeeting in Wesley hall,
8 x04-.Sltb M:0vy Festival concert Ina
Hill auditorium.

2 :45--College students and young peo-
ple meet at Congregational, churcn
,before going to sing at University:
4:01--Youftg peoples' hour at Congre-
gational church. Miss Ruby Carl-
ton will tell of her experiences.
5:30--Students' hike to, F. E. Royce's
farm on Geddes avenue. Picnic sup-
per furnished by committee. Open
air service on "The Goid of Nature.
If rainy weather, meet at church at;
6:30 o'clock.
1:30-open lhous'e at Wesley hall.
15:34-Presbyterian social hour and
discussion for students, led 'by John
Schepers, '24.
6:30-Christian Endeavor, Church of
Christ, Lane hall.
'63 :30Wesleyan.. geid meets in Meth-
!odic" church.
Literary freshmen are requested to pay
their dues at once. The class has
several assessments to meet immed-
iately and sufficient, funds are lack-
ing. Send $1 to K. Morgaride, 421
'Thompson streot.
Iinterntoval 'water' color exhibit an.
jder auspices of Ann Arbor Art at-
sociation in west gallery of Alumni
Memorial hall until tomorrow. Ad-
mission. 25 cents to all non-members
kof tho association.
Seiorsi must Day 'their diploma fees.
at the office of the treasurer of the,
University at any time, until 4 o'-
clock 'Tuesday afternoon, May 22.
All' fraterntities and house clubs Yvho'
Kill volunteer to entertain small
groups of 'visiting high school edlit-
ors today are requested to 'call John
SBacon,. between 1 and 5 o'clock thisI
afternoon, at the Chimes office in the:
Union. $

Daily Read The Daily "Classified "



It's true efficiency
Cl assiefieds-Adv.

to use

Keep u paa

;. - " r
1 0°
d tij t .

After- the rains have
suits cleaned'~and PI
W e h v h o t u - e-cle a n in g a n d p r e s s in g e s t bain Anr b r



lk, E.
W. I3.

'estly impossible to conduct regular examinations'all1
;o htudents. Intructors are authorized either to give grades
atlilus or to use a special examination period during the
nday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, May 28. 29, 30, '81.
Faculty who desire to conduct examinations at that time
e office of Secretary Hopkins prior to Monday night, M4ay '21.
z of~ the first session are as follows:
r, ~Mathews, L. H.s
Merriam, R. D. E
Minard,1R. J
F. Mooney, 3.JEt
- Morten son, P'.
Nagel, W. $.
' Nelson, J. L.
Orr, Ii. M.
- Parsons, Mv. B..
Perez, S. V.
211F' Piggott, l. 14I.
Polihamus, 3. IL..
Preston, R. W.
Rader, L. F..
Robertson, K. B..
Roc kwood, B. 3.
,Rosatti, H.RF
Saunders, NWin..K.
. r. Schemerhorn, E. W9t

n, H. C.
c, U. 3J
4n, F. J.'
n; R. M.
Ln,F. M.
M. R-
s, N. 3.
J. P.
'M. S.
't, W. S.

RS1rn--Da'ne t Belton iNe'wJery resi- Today Is the lust day to get 310ic~n.-
j erive.' ensiazns. All persons who have sign-
edl up, for copies are urged to get
SLUNI)AY ' t.heir books as soon~ as possible.
9:84---Unlrertkity Men's Bible Clas'. Students of the. literary college plan-.
meets in Upper 'Room of Lane hal. ning to transfer next September to
9:0--Bible school} Cbnrcek of :Christ. one of the professional schools or
t.hno hall. '' colleges, inot on the combined curri-
9:34-Student ile cass 'meeting in citla, should make application to the
Congregational churchi.f Registrar of the University before,
I0;O30L-Reg'ular morning services 'in June~ 1.
I " An'n' Arbo~r'Churches.I
I2:}--Stndent s' Bible class and Men's nRsian ispIilay Patriotism u
Ser'vlc .club, Church of Christ, Lane I Moscow, May 18.-(By A.P.)- The
hlall. I Soviet press exploits the theory that
1 3 r-.pe torapt.. Prof. 1. L~. Sharf. war mnay. come out of the (dispute with-!
man mill sak onl the "Religion in England; hundreds of provincial Russ-
the Synagogue." 'ias have volunteered; this is hailed,
! 1:0 -,-$tident tble classes meet in by the papers as a "remarkable display
-Wesley hall. of patriotism."
Ketucky E'g and Lump West Va. Egg and Lump
Pocahontas and 'Coke 4
1= -
i PHOYES 81.Fl and 2207
Office -- Cornwell Block.a
1l= ttttlitlttttitttitttlltltttlliitlltlttlttlltllt~ -
MR. STEWARD--Do You Want thre Best?
The'.best ingredients often make a dif ference in the quality
and taste of food.
By, buying in medium large quantities you will find the best :
to be the cheapest. We especially recommend, for general,
'all' round purposes-}

, ,
_ .

Lcowle s

PAINT-It's ikera;there is
"as much in theaigas
from what it is made

The Streamlin iEgi, cased i yellow, white or ' een goldt
or gold-lcd-plain or -ngraved,$100,$7S,$6O~,$3;,
according to qurality at case
When You Give a Graduaion Watch
--Give It for a LifetimeL
Almost 'everywhere you go you hear people
'apologizing or'the " shortcomings" oitheir
Poor time is a bad. national habit due
very largely to' original selections of. cheap
watches, bought merely 'as jewelry rather
than for their timekeeping accuracy.
In considering your graduation gift watch, come in and let
us show you our disply of Elgin gift watches.


Take two women-your wife and. your neighbor's, for examn-
pie. They both use the same flour, and yeast. Both bake bread
in the same kind of oven for the same length of time.
Your wie's bread invariably, turns out best. Why is it? It's
in the making-her way of making it.
It's exactly the same with paint,. The list of materials froni
which it Is made is only half the story-hardly that.

Roller King

Painters and home owners have'
learned that the difference in its mak-
ing is one of the big things that
makes Lowe Brothers High Standard
the dependable paint it is.
This also has. much to do with its

lastingness. It is one of the main
reasons for its splendid covering
qualities-for: its economical spread-
ing properties.
We recommend this good paint to
you because we know it will give you
satisfactory service,

-Or the most suitable flour for Pastry Ba king-
M lmico Pastry


Q~;,. Vatg?&

You Will Find That Our
All Purpose Flours




4 % X ? Im - - - - r- . -1s


I ID '~'~ 2 W. WAI.fQh~wfna n n Qfv,*,ot

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