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May 16, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-16

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No. 165:







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President Hit By
Student's StoryE
In Hazing Probe

S125 Engineers I l[CN u0~E Parched Tongues
Will Scrub Way ! IELII V LIIJUII L I i'Vainly Beg Mercy
Into Triangles FA ITV PrA In fiery Ordeal

- I


Must Comply

Writh English

London, May 15 (By A. P.)--The
tc.orne of the eagerly awaited Rus-
an debate in the House of Commons
as decided with the announcement
at there would be no immediate
eak between England and Russia,
ct that negotiations would be started
ith Leonid Krassin, who was in the
Ileries listening to the debate.
Ready For Discussion
Ronald McNeill, under secretary for
eign affairs, announced in the be-
If of the government that foreign
cretary Curzon was prepared to en-
rinto discussion with M. Krassin
d that, in order to enable the latter
communicate with his government
Moscow, the time limit mentioned
the British ultimatum to the Soviet
uld be reasonble extended~. But,
dded, this should not be taken to
an that the British would be satiq-
di with anything less than compli-
ce with their dlemands.
Pormer Premier Lloyd George °ex-
essed satisfaction with the an-,
uincement and said he thought the.
vernmeht bad taken a wise deci-



J. Allan IMills
The testimony before authoritiesc
3. Allan Mills, former student of Nort
western university, regarding the al
leged hazing stunts at the school an
the disappearance of young Leighto
iMount, hias furnished the biggest sen
sations connected with the investig;
tion of Mount's death in 1921. Mil
has told officials that President Walte
Dill Scott of the university ordered.
student probe search for Mount dis
continued three days after it began..

iBowed low before the mighty id eals i UUSoLwi~LI ly, painfully and with falter-
of the ancients, kneeling to thie won- rnf P fl IIP T ing footsteps the little caravan of
drers of the universe, the trembling ; satl-ld 'U-eilu otl
neophytes of Tiangles will scrub g tOi' struggles01n.-A nd wle ~ t su
their way into the ranks of that an-! blazed down on the firmament, add-
cient' order at 3:30 o'clock this after- ! READ O EXTENSION EPRTC-'ing to 'their almost unbearable agony,
noon. Yielding blrushes with al of the I [lII'' WILL FOLLOW 31C A their parched and swollen tongues
puny strength that they hace t their LAND, '23 ON PROGRAM vainly try to beg for pity, for a res-
command, the humbled members of 1____ pite fron this terrible ordeal. But
next year's~ junior engineering cass R~HtA that swollen now and strngely sil-
Iwill thus have impressed upon themn' I COIAL a 4MTTEE ent organ they once called a tongue
the true virtue of mental accomplish. MAKES ARRANGL MENTS has ceased to function, and no sounds
went and of physical prowess. For; - issue fron those bloodless lips save
I only "when the dread portals of th' Yost to present "H" IBlnkets to Tar- an occasional moan.
physical tortures that surround them E c ityDli WholHav Eared But in such a crucible are souls
have been passed will they be con- c'olttr reborn. If any there be who shallf
isdrdas members of the sacred or. ___ survive this ordeal, they shall be e-
der. [ ~warded a hundredfold. For at the
IBut eventhnwiltesertb- Po.WlimD f end of the journey stands that mute
withheld, for mightier portals mustf of the University extension division,I and matchless monarch of the ages,
be openedj before them and greater I will be the faculty speaker foeCl(apr the Sphinx, and her age-old secrets
physical torture successfully sustain- I will have been imparted to 10 young
ed before they will be admitted. And Nihi(a none atngtb neophytes ere today's sun sings to
only when the setting sun has at: the Student council.lie will be 411e slumber.
last been buried in the west will the second' speaker on the programn fol-
(((neohyts aiseas reaer enand lo wng Rtoss A. McFarland, '23, who
as members of the anient order of! has been chosen to speak as the str
Triangles. dent relyresentative for the occasion15 M 'XMcalnisnebroftevriy
of! debating team and of ;lie Oratorical
TELLS assNohtciation.htti
ana MAC' K'lIE to Present IBanes 2 IIITIN M Y 2
n "j~~'~j fl DERII SM ed This speaker is usually sone promdCSfRtrn
is I Idress O F the evening. Vernon F. H l-
a Sctch i''ofssr Dvies EnlisleIlh y 2L president of the Stdent rwtNTY-Twvo ELECTED) TO
a Scot cli J~"ofessorcluncil, will be chairman of the affair ~I OIT
hooTlts Ty and will introduce t1e speakers in the ____
- I chols rgulr orer.The University of Michigan in 193"
"PRIL(rISIPHERS AR ~is INCoc elngHYstdicorfI will be the subject of the address byf
ARE l'I.SI' . intercollegiate athletics, will presentiteeiigcatrpeiet rf
f CONCEPTION OF SUBSTANCE" the "M" blankets at this year's Cap .Faki hlo h olg e
Nih eerto.Teebakt r atet tteana ntainProfessor John Stuart Mackenzie, of given every year. at this occasion to prmn.a h nuliiito ban-
the nivrsiy o Waesrefrre senorswhohav wo thir M" et-quet of Sigmia Xi, national honorary
the nivrsiy o Waes, eferedsenorswhohavewonther ~ le- !sentific research society, Friday ev-
mainly to the philosophy of E'ngland lters in- one sport for two years It Iening May 25, in the Union.
in his spew,,h yesterday afternoon in ha ecm taiioAoawrnhee uail Election Scheduled
IRoom B, L aw Building on "Our Con- tohe tti iet h e At this time the newly elected me-
temporary Outlook in Philosophy." who have qualified for them. hers will be iitiated after wih the
Using many illustrations Professor MIaril According to fank annual election of officers will tae
Mackezie as ale tobrin out All of the classes in the University( place.: In all 22 were elected to full
Macknziewas ble o brng otwill joi inthemarch to Sleepy Ho-mebr
clearl the iffernce btweenthe embersip, 19 to associatemebr
tw clar fphlyoopffre c thbe twnth low preliminary to the ceremony tere ship, and one to alumni membership.
two scehoarsiof philosophicad thoughtsin
England. h ariybndwlIla h po I The graduate students elected are:I
P hil s op y A nis a t S y uth csiS sio n h ea d ed by th e sen io rs in cap s an d II . R e m ajI- .LVr l n d .gw sMh.th r 0 s L .l , o m J 1 1 , M A 'p e e t h e p a n d h r s 1° a o n _ J O ~ }
a'a 'growing tendency toward realism ini line aecring to rank;, juniors. hof, W. H. Griffith and Ray Nelson.
a- - especially in the younger generation, soplhomoes and freshimen. ' Those advaned from associate mlen-}
as opposed to the idealism whichi The rest of thle program for the Cap ibrhpt ulmmesi r:H
hgexisted about a century ago ant] which! Night ceremony will be annouued M bsD .M~uhiM I
lie may, still be found among the oldeir later as soon as the plans are com- Sol, D. V. Baxter L, E. Waymeyer, ;
philosophers. The realists approach i pletedl which the Student council com . C. Anderson, C. W. Clark, W. L.
the sudy o a sbjectwith in ittee is now working on. The. tra- FinkGC.Frse,.L. arnj
ie thne eiestd of aisett pcbS it i nlsog"hr O'hr
~ ~ T~ deaistapp'oaes ~ ong"\V~i' Ot Whre re . . .Wlsn L. A. Philip, H. Upde-
,using mental instead of physical the Verdant Freshmen" will be suig gaff
means to solve the problenm. in the customxary way by the classes. Graduate Students Choset
L3 Philospy on the whole aims at Fi-ehsian Committee Appinte4J (raduate e students elected associatesi
an sytesskhyialsinctn At the conclusion of the ceremony are: P. W. Erlanson, J. C. Pennert,I
ais, he believes. This was the miu the freshmen will form in a. snake H. L. Klein, E. F. Smellie, M. N.I
03(cause of difference between the 'Iil dance winding past the fire. They willj Woodell, F. "E. Eggleton.
he°rophers and scientists. This differ- 1 throw their pots andi toques into the The undergraduate elected asoci-j
Ih ence has been eradicated to a cer tan blaze and then break from the line to ates were all senior engineers. They
is extent by the placing of less .enphxa- be recognized, in accordance with theI are: W. E. Bachman L. Ii. Moer,
0S sis on the conception of substance tradition, as sophlomxores.i Jr., W. A. Cotton, H. F IKingdon,
in as a material thing which cannot be I The following members of the fresh-A.LvW.JPir,.J.Snof
u-further divided. The philosopher-, men c sses have been chosen as a 1 E.R. Wolfert, B.' A. Butcher, J. A.
oawere the first to abandon this con- coimmittee to make arrangements for' Packard, P. B. Pew, D. C. Sitz. #
eeption anld scientists have since fo- the Cap ight celebration: They will Prof. C. J. Lyons, of the dental
ielowed them. meet at 5 o'clock this afternoon in the? school, and I1. G. Waler, of the d-
Smoker Given Union. Lits; Royal F. Cherry, De- partmcnlt of internal medicine, wer
cS. The two main. schools in Engliand neth E. Morgaridge, Earl C. Geverm also elected to membership. Dr. Fr-
are represented on one side by Bet Lowell M. Palmer, William H. Mc- ris N. Smith, 110M, of Grand Rapids,
Ierand Russell who is Intensely realis-l'vMlilan, Robert B. Bennett, Rtaymnond I was elected to aluni membership.,
s tic and Doctor Alexander who though 1 F.I'*utzel, Glenworth A. Young. En __________
.o Ma k n i en e ]is s e c w th1 P Vo e A . I . H w l, a d E w l , f1iH 1 a plea for m ore of the idealistic kind 1C. Gam ble. Robert A. Humim er, '25,
of philosophy. will have charge of this commxittee. i~
smoker giiven by members of the phil W R- IIMSSO
osopshy department at the hrome or GLOVER $PEAKS AT
Dean Alfred H. Lloyd. P I RM CB N U T iI O1'POTUiNlT err lL 1W IVEN°.

Seniors will wear caps and
gowns on Tuesdays and Fridays
from now until Commencement
This is in' accordlance wvith ar,
established tradition which says
Thiat every year the seniors will
wear their Commencement robes
of dignity front Swing-out until
the time of graduation on, two
days of each week.
The Cap and Gown days se-
lected by the -commtittee for this
year are believed. to be suoh that
every senior will be able to ob-
serve the custom in all of his




Chicago Symphony Orchmestram Apiw.
I Again as Feature o
Ann. Arbor's thirtieth annual A'
IIFestival wvill open at 8 o'clock toniz
in Hill aaditoriumz whent Beniam
Gigli, the brilliant Italian tenor
Ithe Metropolitan Opera company,v
appear as soloist wvith the Chica
ISymphony orchestra under Freder
IStock.. Mr. Stock, who has appeal
I tevery Festival since 1905, wvill c(
-duct the entire program, except
the Gustav Hoist work whichv
be conducted by the composer.Z
University Choral Union of 350 voi
will sing two numbers with the
p C oetrnsidered Premier Singer
- Mr. Gigli, though a recent addit
toMr. Gatti-Cazazza's company,]
diefinitely established himself as
Dffbest operatic tenor now singing
this country. His appearances at
IMetropolitan during the season
cently enided have invariably been
signal for sold out houses and cc
G petent critics have joined the ope
going public in pronouncing him
vocalist of the first rank, a wor
lsuccessor to the great line of Ital
Ltenors who have preceded him.1
tenor voice is described as one
t great power and beauty, having
ke 1 remarkable freshness attributable
2 ' his, youth:; for he is just past thi

:' ' l ' I V e% r% r h r

Blott and Paper Contribute Half,
]4 Wolverine Hits, Latter
Haing Perfect Day


Special' to -Tce lDally
Kalamazoo, Mich., MAay 15.-CGoacl
Fisher's Varsity baseball crew wa
not hindered by a muddy field and we
ball when they romped away. with. th,
KalaTmazooNor~tmal nine to a. 12 to

ale Tittenttons
Donald, leader of
;d the debate with
n the government
attributed all the
eland and Russia
6oghlze the Soviet

Wsill D~el iver Final Address
Graduating Classes
June 18


Mr. McNil, in replying, strongly j
rebudiated the suggestion of hostile
intentions toward Russia. Hie de-
clared that the governin-ent might
have mare a causus belli of its griev-
ances, but that such an idea had
never for a moment been entertained.
The governmenft did not desire to de-
,,troy the trading agreement between
the two countries, but chiefly to in-
sure its proper observance.
Asqiuiti Conforms With Lloyd George
Mr. Lloyd George provolced hearty'
laughter by. declaring that M. Tchit-
cherin, the Soviet foreign minister,
was not a revolutionary in the com-
monly accepted' views of the term,
but was really "as great an aristo-
crat as Curzon."
The former premier maintained that
Bolshevism was a passing thing, .and
that the government ought to realize
it was something much more than
Bolshevism they wkere up against.
They should, therefore, take advantage
of the present opportunity for con-
Former Premier~ Asquithc expressed
a desire. to associate himself With
everything 'Mr. Lloyd #Goorge had
Many-Hued Gowns
Feature Exhibit
Fifty to sixty costunics"ranging all
the way front what is worn for sports
to low cut dancing frocks will be
exhtibited at a style show' given, by
the J. L. Hudson company. of Detroit
under the auspices of Betsy Barbour
house from 2:30 to 5:30 o'clock this
afternoon in the assembly hall, of the
A local orchestra will play whila
professional manikins arranged in
four groups will show the clothes.
Mens' sport, morning, and formal suits
will be shown, as well as woniens'
Inmnediately after the show, bats
will be sold. General admission tick--
ets are , 5 cents and are being sold
by residents of Betsy Barbour liouse.
The proceeds will go to time Univer-.
sity of Michigan League building fund.

Rev. Harry Emterson. Fosdick. h
been selected to deliver. the coim
mencemnen t ad(Wress before the gradn
ating classes of the Ujniversity o
June 18 at Hill atuditorium, accordinr
to announcemenit yesterday front ti
President's office.
Reverend Fosdick is at presemnt prc
fessor of practical. theology at th
Union Theological seminary of: Nei
York City. He received his educatio
at Colgate, Columbia, New York, ram:
Brown universities and at the Unioc
Theological seminar~y. He was or
dained! in the Baptist ministry in 190
and wvas given the pastorate of th
First Chuh of Montclair, N. 'J. wbic
hie held until; 1915 wheni he wac
given'his present chair. Between 190
and 1915, in addition to his work ii
the pulpit, Rev. Fosdick was an in
structor' in homiletics at the U~nix
Theological seminary.
Besides being an orator of sain
note, Reverend Fosdick is the autho
of "a number of theological workf
among which are, "Thme Second Mile.
"The Assurance of, imitortality," "TI
Challenge of the" Present Crisis
(written in .1917), and "The Meanimn
of Service" his 10 test book.
Reverend Fosdick's subject for rti
address" has not been announceda

i 1

measure in a seven inning game here years of age. Mr. Gigli arrives ir
today., Ann Arbor this morning and will re
Ptper Mikes Four lilts, hearse with the orchestra in the after-
Jack Bilott and Mike Paper contin- noon.
ued their hitting ranmpage which ac- Tonighmt's Program
coipanied them to Illinois amid Iowa I The complete program is as foI
on the present trip, and B'lott connect- lows:
ed for a homte run in addition to a 1 March fronm "The Queen"- of' $hcb.a
double andl single. Mike had a perfect ......... .. ""....... ".... Goldnmarl
day wiitht the wvillow, garnering lour Choral Union and Orchestra
lifts in as many tintes at bat, two of Aria, "Cielo e mar" from "La G-ic
thle swats being goodi for two b)ases. conda"........Ponchiell
Many, of thme 12 runs were dume to the Mr. Gigli
effective hitting of-thme pair. Syliihoity in D minor Cesar Francy
Michigan's lineup received a shial- Lento-allegro non' troppo
wng up because of injuries to B~agger- Allegretto
ty and Shiwkleford, but the offensive Allegro con brio
strength' did not seem weakened. Intrr iuuisiont
Noonan amid Stryker held the Celery Aria., "Vainment, ma Bien ailnee" fron
City team, to two hits, broth of these "Le Roi d'Ys" TLalc
conming in the' first inning and re- Mr. Gigli
sulted it the only two runs which the Oriental Suite, "Blenmi Mora," Op. 29
Nornialites scored The Wolverines' No. 1' Hls
had their lion's share of the swatting "Die Melistersinger- Wagnei
in the fourth when nine hits and twol (a) Walther's Preslied
walks culminated in yiie countersl Mr. Gigli
Blott walloped out his circuit clout in (b) Chorale, "Awake" and fChora,
this rame . .finale
tiafraeodsIjr o eiu Choral Union and Orchestra
Thme ganme was tstarted in a rainm
storm and it becamle impossible to ,P o S t e" r Tryo ut s
runit the infield which became a,
sea of foud. Shacklieford's injury, To M eet Tomorroz
which lie received in the Illinils game ______
last Saturday, is not expected to keel) All th~ose who wish to compete it
hint out of the two Minnesota games teOeapse ots o etya
this coaintg we-n I will umeet with L. Mortimer Shuter
Box Score:. director of the O.-era, at .4 o'clock to
MICHIIGAN 'AB D' 1-1PO A EmrrwatnonithMneshe
UL'teritz, ss. ....... 1 1 1 0 ter. At that time Shuter will to~
Kiipk e, cf....... 1 1 1 0 0 the, contestants the rules of the con
Ash, If. ......3 2 1 2 0 0 test, and the nanme and author of ne:
BiLott, c.......5 1 3 3 2 1 Year's production.
Vanfloven, 2b... ,...t5 1 0 4 1 0 The prizes in this year's contost
Khlnrf.. ....3 2 1 1 0 0 which is being held in the spring in
Papler, 3...... stead of' the fall in order 'that the
Swanson, lb. .....2 1 1 1 ()0 plates may be made during the. sum
.Noonan ,p)...:.. ....3' 1 2 1 3 .1 litr, w ill be the sanme as in previot
Stryker, p......1 0 .0 0 o04 years: first prize, $10, second prize
- _two tickets to the opera, and thin
Totals...... 12 14 21 S prize one ticket to the opera.
All posters must be in by noono
KALAAZOO AD UH P0A ESaturday, May 26 so that Shuter wil
Fieds ~.....' 1 0 2 30o nave an opportunity to look at thos,
Field, ss.u 1 !submitted bef-ere he leaves Ann Arbo
(Gill,, 2b........... 2 1 '0 1 0°1l S'" rday afternoon.
!Gundersoni, rf... .20 0'20 0
Miller, 2b. .....1 0 0 7 0 0Adlh3et'101-t
N. Johnson, If....3 01 3 00 AdelphiHus e o et reTonigtatv
Masher, 3U. ,.....3 0 1 0 3 '0 dlh oueo ereettv
yan~nget, c....3 00 22 0will hold) its weekly nmeeting at
Eanhingn, c. ..... 0 0 3 20 0 0 clock tonight in the society roon
Ellisonc. :. ,. 1 b 30 0on the fourth floor of University hal
Potter, c. .....0 0 0 2 0 The meeting was postponed 'front hai
W. Johnson, p....1 0 0 0 0 1 eeig
messenger, p....... 0 0 0 0 1 eenng
.20 22221 8 i
'Totls . 20 2 I. , - -

'Barristers, honorary, senior law so- ULfIURL lnlihl
iety, held their annual initiationi anid sBVU-01 WBE IN HISUU
banquet at 0:30 o'clock last night, in I
the Union.' During, the afternoon, the O DDPI~eii~
1initiates picketed the Law build- NOT PPPf(.I HOf L.~ T 'I~I
ng,. wearimng the traditional card- pl
board stocks. '"Science is mnot appreciated by the s
Herbert E. Filson, '23L;, acter as average person," said Prof. C. 13
toastmaster, and Laylinx; K. James, :MVcClun g, of the University of Pern- E o
'23L, gave the' address of ' welcomte.I sylvania iast night in the ?natural " hi
Dean H1. 'W Bates, Prof. Joseph'Drake, Science auditorium. I1Scientist s asipl
and Prof. Evans Hlolbrook, all of the a rule become so absorbed in their ce
Law' school, were the other speakers.' I work that they pay no attention to ;ai
The 12 menmbers of the class of the practical side amid application that 1i
'24L, who were brought. into the or-I would, make scrne impression on the rcc
ganiztion are: 'Henry H. Akers, Seth average person. Science and society'
R . Bidwell, George Damnmann, Del- should be miore closely allied; science
Imar W. Doddridge, Horace M. Mech- should be an integral part of life."
em, George D. Miller, Francisco Pen- Prof. McClung went don to ex plaint
berthy, Ronald M. Ryan, Wilbur M, the general misunderstanding of evo-
fSeelye, Carl H. Smith,, Charles K.! lution. I'Most people have confused 4
Van Duren, and Karl H. Velde. the principles involved and nmistake'I
the theory of evolution. Evolution is'
Goodyear Compalny Wfiants Seniorsj no wild ideca but is based on law,
In the near future a representative order and continuity and it all tends
of time Goodyear Tire amid Rubber com- to unity. In every, form of life there f
pany, Inc., of Akron,. Ohio, will be ini is much diversity but when the thery
the city to interview students who will of evolution is applied the 'diversity
graduate this year in regard to per- is at once, unified."
manent positions with his comtpany. Prof. McClung lectured here under

The annual spring banquet of the
aollege dof Pharmacy was held lasi
might in the Union. More than 40 pea"
pie, including members of the faculty
were present. Following the dinner
members of the faculty and student,
poke or gave nmusical selections.
Prof. Clifford C. Glover,, .secretarl
of the College of' Pharmacy, said, Ir
As speech, that the modern; stuidy af
pharmacy must be divided into clini-
al work, tmanufacturing piharmacy
nd other classes just as engineering
!s subdivided into chemical, mnechani-
-0, and other branches.

t I Brlin, May 15-4 B(y AP.)-_Thie 1r(-
- plies to the reparations offer of A,2
Ihave engentdered in official and Reic'h-
( stag circles a belief that the only pathi
s! now open to Germany may well be
the dispatch of a brief formal iote
yto the Creditor Powers. suggesting that
in - inasntuch as the Reich is apparently
it unable to make concrete and precise
- proposals, shte unreservedly consents
r,;to permit a conmmission 'of interna-
_jtional econoimists to determine her
- !obligations.
Such a solution of the diplomatic
decadlock, it is argued, would afford
'Western European statesmen an op-
*portunity tod indicate their approval of
-' or opposition to a plan ainming at ani
ultimate settlement of the reparations,
jquestion based on economic princi-
plies and on Germtany's capacity to
, pay. Germany, it is contended, should
1be represented on such a commission.;
I Buried iii the Note
1'Though this suggestion was incar-
' porated in the Reich's recent offer
Iit was buried in the body of time note
. in a nmanner which subordinated it to
Ithe various "elastic" proposals.

All fraternities and house
,ubs who will volunteer to en-
rtaiu smalhl Prnns of thei visit-

Following custom immemorial.
the senior class of all colleges
on the canmpus will hold their
first sing on a platform in front
of the west entrance of the Medi-
cal school at 7 o'clock tonight,
weather permitting. There will
he only u'two rmore sinzs and a1 ll

Score by Innings:
'Michigan ...0 2 U0 9
Kalamazoo .. , 2 0 0 0
Summar'y: Two base
Nodonan, Blott, home mur
on balls, off 'Noonanl 2,
Johnson 3, Messenger
A.I .E hw

1 0 0--12 14,3,
0 0 0-- 2 23
hits, Paper 2.1
is, Blott; ease
Stryker 2, w.
.1 innings, 7.
s Filin

A Fightin Chance
Such chances as these are
'eliminated by the use of Michi-
gan Daily Want-ads. Every day
there are new opportunities for
everyone. (yet the habit of read-
ing the colunin in eoch issue so


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