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May 12, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-12

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No. 162








Congressman To
Speak AtDinner






Varsity Should Take Quarter, Half,
Two Mile, Shot Put, Hurdles
and Broad Jump
If Jupiter Pluvius un~dergoes a re-
form and the weather remains rain-
less, Steve Farrell's Varsity track
team will face Harry Gill's Illinois
runners at 2:30 o'clock this after-
noon on Ferry field, in a meet which
should see a number of records brok-
en and which will probably decide the
winner of the Western Conference out-
door meet to be held June 1-2 here.
Illini Deterndned
Even though Gill's men lost the Big
Ten indoor championship to Michigan,
the Illini do not anticipate 'dropping
today's dual meet. All week "Silent
Harry" has been working' with his,
Orange and Bluc runners, and he has
brought to Ann Arbor .an aggrega-
tion that may spring many -surprises.
Experts who have attempted to pro-
phesy the outcome of the meet have '
all favored Michigan to win, but none
by more than 10 points. So close ;s
the competition expected to be that
a singe point stands a good chance of3
determining the winner.:
The Indian's keystone in the 100
yard dash Is Ayres, who did not do
much in indoor work but who is at
his best on a cinder palth outdoors.
He will have the century run contest- I
ed by Captain Burke, Goldwater, and l
Wittman, Michigan's century trio.
Ayres will have as his running mate
Evans who ands oxiy . slim chance
of placing. The Wolverines may up-.
set the dope a little and take fist
in the event.
Martin, fleet Wolve'ine dash man, is '
being counted on to take the 220. Ie
has done the distance in 21 3-5. Burke
and Wittman will alo run in this
event for Michigan, and Ayres, Hughes,
and Evans are entered for Illinois.
Every man entered for the 220 has
a time of at least 22 seconds to his
credit so the race will be one of the
closest of the meet. Martin will also
run' in the 440 with Seimons and
Joyner as his mates. If Captain Sweet
runs for Illinois, he will have as his
mates, Fitch, Carter, Smuts, and
Koonz. Fitch Is the next best quar-
ter miler in the Indian camp -and if
Sweet is kept from entering because1
of his tulled tendon, the burden of
the race will be left to him. He will
have to do at least 50 seconds to stand 1
a chance to tie Martin:.
, Relneke- May Run Mle
If Rteinke rns in the half and not
in the mile, as some expect, the Maizct
and Blue stands a chance to rnake at
slam. Hattendor, Roesser, and Cash-
ing all have times just as good tndt
even better than the best ilini entvl
1 ruington. Hal will be the otherI
Illinois entry in the'halF. Beinke roan
break the Ferry field record of 1:54-1
if other conditions are favorable.
Michigan's sole entry in the mile.
if Reinke does not run the long race.
will be Jack Bowen. .Pattnson of
Illinois is slated to take this race it
he runs anything like he has so' far
this. season. He has a time of 4:26,i
while his teammate,'Wells, and Jack
Bowen have not done better than 4:2
this year. There is no telling what
will happen if Reinke runs in the
mile. If he does, Gill's man may find I
it hard to take first.
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"Michigan stands for good
sportsmanuship," said Coach Yrost
last night at the pep meeting
in Hill auditorium. "Do you
think then that six or eight men
should waylay another whom
they probably do not even know
and haze him? I 0o not call
that good sportsmanship."
This was the message of the
Coach to those who are reported
to be taking part in interclass
razzing during the spring games.
"I am and always have been a
firm believer in fighting. This
means fair fighting and not the
kind where several men jump
another by reason of mere num-
bers. In boxing they do not put
two men on one. It is the same
way here. We want good sports-
manship and fair play at the
University and we are going to
have it."






Sianckleford to Resume Old Position rs
at F rst; liein Going to
tight FieldJ
Coach Fisher's varsity baseball nine
will meet the supremte test of the sea-}
son at Urbana- this afternoon when it !
clashes with Coach Carl Lund gren's P, I. Kelley, '10L
"Fighting . Illini" reputed to be the ; P. H. Kelley, 'OOL, Lansing lawyer
best combination in the Western Con an member of the House ot Repre-
Terenc d hiy yearThe ottci-ned ofsentatives, who will deliver an ad-
today's' game will undoubtedly ha.ve dress at the Fathers' Day ba'nquet at
an important bearing upon the chaim- the atheening.
pionship of the Big Ten.' If the Wol- theUn __n __hs __venng._
verme squad pulls through the battle"
with as much success as It has in the
three other Conference ganes alread
played the Indians will be pushed P 9 [ .U P
down to fourth or fifth place on the "
standing chart and the Maise and
Blue will cinch its place at the top
for the next week or so.' If Illinois
manages to win, her reputation will
be further augmentd and Michigan Joltnson, Farrell, Yost, 1awton,w
will have to be contented with third Weuley Speak at Large
position in the title race. atlieriiig
The two teams seem evenly match-
ned as far as past records are conl- ORETHIAN 2.000 TURN OUT
cerned, although the-Indians have a ' T'O SEN ID MEN ON TO VICTORY
single defeat to -mar their record while
the Wolverines are as yet' undefeated. 'Enthusiastic speeches, songs, yells
The Orange and Blue sustained the and applause were combined last
blot to her record in the first game night by more than two thousand
played with the hlawkeyes. Through- rooters in Hill auditorium to make
out the contest the two teams seemed the first huge track pep meeting a big
evenly matched until a group of er- success and to give the team a great
rors in the final frames. gave the low- send-off on the road to victory in
ans a chance to pile up an unbeatable their meet with the Illini today.
lead. In the second game played be- Michigan yells and songs opened the
tween the two schools Illinois proved meeting and then Carl Johnson, '20,
her superiority when she finally took former track captain and one of Mich-
the contest by a four point lead. The igan's best track products, spoke. He
fact that Iowa was conquered by the gave a brief history of track at the,
Wolverines in a. ten inning game which University and made a plea for wbole-
was thrown away by an 'error proves hearted interest and support of the
nothing in regard to either team's team by the students. Coach Steve!
superiority. .From the contests aIl- Farrell reiterated this plea and talked
ready played between the three schools on the future which Michigan's teami
Micigian; Illinois. aind Iowa all seem should have.

Burton, iffy, and Kelly to Address
"Fathers' ity" Banquet
At Union
Visiting fathers here for the Fath-
ers' lay celebration will have a busy
program today, which will terminate
with a banquet at 5:30 o'clock at the
Union, followed by an entertainment I
at the Mimes theater.
More than 650 guests are expected
at the dinner, which will be one of
the largest ever given at the Union.
The entire assembly hall will be filled
and overflow will be accommodated in

Obstacle iace, "Horse and Rider".
lope-tyinig Contest are Chos-
en Ganes'
With class rivalry at a fever heat,
and strong evidences on both sides of
a "will to win", the freshmen and
sophomore classes meet this morning
for their annual Spring games, to be
held at Ferry field. Due to the rul-
ing of the Council, that the results
of the tug-of-war be cast out of the
final results of the games, all will



Responsibility for Ginimes Cond
Wias Placed in Underelassmen'
Hands, Declare Councilmen
Due to exhibitions of unsportsma
like spirit, and violations of rules a
regulations in all three of the tugs-
war held yesterday afternoon betwe
the freshmen and sophomore class
the Student council has decided tl
none of them shall count toward t
final score of the annual Spri:
games. It is also undei'stood that t
future of the traditional games w
seriously endangered by yesterda
All possible effort was made by t
Spring games committee of the S
dent council to make this year's co
tests fair in every way. At the -p
liminary class meetings all rules we
explained by councilmen, and t
need for fair play and good snort

the main dining room downstairs. Al-.- depend upon this morning's contests.
though all speeches will be delivered Bronze Tablet Designed and Executed Sophomores will gather at 9:15 o-
upstairs, those dining below vil be by C. B. Angell to be Placed clock on the steps of Hill auditorium,
given ample opportunity to hear theyIi Yost Field House weete ilrciefnlisrc
talks in the assembly hall. _swherthey_ will receive final instruc-
Burton, Kelly, Duffy to Talk O Etions before marching to Ferry field.
Speakers at the dinner will include O S ASM E They will then go down to Ferry field
President Marion L. Burton, Congress- in a body, proceeding by way of East
man P. H. Kelley, '00L, of Lansing,
and James E. Duffy, Sr., '92L, of Bay . The "Kirk Memorial", a bronze tab-. university avenue as far as Hill street.'
City. Mr. Duffy, a member of the let to be placed in the new Yost They will then turn west on Hill
state board of law examiners and of Field House by the literary class of I street to State street, whence they will


t'M I , z u a~ i %cx
to be equally formidable on the dia- Coach Fielding H. Yost was the next
mond and today's game is sure to be speaker on the program. He pointed
a neck and neck struggle., out the need of service and fair play
(Continued on Page Six) fat the University and asked the stu-
__________________ dents to stick by the team at all
stages of the game. "Don't quit when
the outlook is dark," he said. "Then
is the time the boys need your sup-'
Fred Lawton, '11,. talked on "Dad
LU YO UUO U N TOOK and Michigan." He showed the great
F DND importance of them both on the boy's
New York, ay. -(y A .)-life, citg experiences which he as
'ankee stadiu, the world's biggest had with young boys in the juvenile
baseball par mwas converted today in- court work in Detroit. Prof. Robert
ato the worlds greatest fistic arena - l.Wenley gave the last speech. Pro-
where tomorrow morethan a ton of fessor Wenley analyzed the effect of
hfr a crowd upon a man in athletic coin-
heavyweights will battle for the free I " "

th Uiversity board in control of;nasiattstmebogteoe
f 1923 in memory of their classmate who go directly to the east gate of Ferry manship at this time brought before
atletis w proinentn tewas killed l in an - field. They will line up on the north the men. The rules were ubscribed
rate activities while on the campus. ji ledlt fal iantsno- side of the field. to without reservation by the class
g'Mr. Kehley served as lieutenant- eacciden t neaYpslanti o, s wFreshmen-f Meet at iUnion officers and the Spring games com-
overnor othate ndes te at: earg cp e Te mThe first year nren will come to-' mittees of the two classes. In addi-
meber of the U. S. house of repr- oni e ay mo , esigned and ex- ther at the Union, at the same time, tion the classes agreed in a body to
meniv er fe U. as. o ecuted by Carlton B. Angell, has been where they will also receive final in- uphold them.
settvsfrfv er.'senzt to Detroit where the bronze will tuloifrncuclm .Thywl
The Saxophone sextette of the Var- structions from coincmen. They wii 'First Pull Takes'12 Minutes
sity band will furnish music during Cast. then march to the east gate of Ferry pectiveeet-
the meal. Immediately following the - The completed tablet will be a bas field, lining up on the south side of ing places at Hill auditorium and the
banquet Mimes will offer a special relief. A profile view of Bernard the field, Union,' the sophomore and freshman
vaudeville for the fathers, admission Kirk, the football star, is in tile di- The committee will examine all con- classes marched down to the Huron
to be by banquet ticket stubs only. rect center. Mr. Angell used several testants to make sure that they wear river, preceded in their march by their
Fa 'lers )Jay Attend Games, Classes action pictures, and one full-face pho- tennis shoes. class bands. Arriving, the sopho-
Events scheduled for today to which tograph as the basis for his interpre- The first event to occur between the nores took up their positions on the
fathers are invited will commence at tation.' In a semi-circle above the two classes will be the relay obstacle east bank, and the freshmen went to
10 o'clock this mor'ning on Ferry fi-ld figure of the head, are the eleven men- race. For this, three teams of 10 men the west. The first tug, between the
when the underclassmen meet "In the bers of the team; depicted as holding each have been chosen from the class lightweights, as won by the sopio-
annual Spring games. up the honor of their Alma Mater, the es. Each race will count one points
.;torits, after a -hard. fiht of 12 min-
Several luncheons will be given at spirit of knowledge and truth seated the winner of two out of three to re- utes.
the Union in honor of the visitors, on a throne. Below this is the follov- ceive a point toward the final score After the first tug, the two classes
after which they may witness the ing 'inscription: "In Memory of Ber- of the games. A quarter-mile course changed hanks, the sophomores going
Illinois-Michigan track meet at 2:30 narcl Kirk, For His Successes on the has been laid out, and the runners Ito the west bank, and the freshmen
o'clock. Fathers will be admitted to Football Field-And For His Good will be required to overcome the us- to the east. The second was won by
the event by banquet ticket while stu, Fellow'ship-But Especially For H'is ua obstacles of barrels and 10-fot the freshmen, in less than three min-
dents will be required to show thihI Manliness. Class of 1923. barriers. ' rutes. ' During this tug, according to
Athletic books. It is anticipated that there will be "Horse and Rider" New G the council conmittee, flagrant vio-
Fathers will be welcomed as visi- no formal unveiling of the memorial The second contest is new to 1:thi lations of the regulations occurred.
tors to any classes in the literary or this year, lue to the uncompleted state first and second year men. It is the' The third tug, which was to have
professional colleges. Tours will be of the Field House. It is possible, "Horse and rider" game, introduced been between the heavyweight teams
conducted through several laborator- however, that the tablet will be placed tihis year to take the place of bag of the two classes, never officially oc-
ies and shops. Campus guides, who on exhibition in the library during the fight, used last year. For this, 15 curred. A horse was procured by
will conduct visitors about the cam- next two weeks. I teams of two men each have been chos- the freshman class, and attached to
pus, may be secured at any time at Mr. Angell, the designer and sculp- en from each -of the opposing class^s. their end of the cable. The sopho-
the office of the Dean of Students. ftor of the tablet, is a nephew of for- One man of each team is to act as iores then came to the aid of their
rater Jresident James B. Angell. He "horse" and the other as "rider". They team, and pulled the rope across the
received his art education at the Clii- will line up in parallel lines and meet, river before the pistol was fired. Af-
A6 FUND S INSUFFICIENT scago Institute of Arts, and became the side capturing the' largest numn- ter procuring the rope, the second
director of the clay modeling depart- her of horses and riders by the spedi- ye-ar men marched to Hill auditorium
0 P aent last semester. j fled time being declared the winer. in a body, and dispersed.
The third event which is the rohpe- ",nd iser "
Ftying contest, and is already familiar ln t itstnein
to the sopol omore class Will give ev- Itaigtscioinhrwgou
LOW TO'TA OF $111 it iLt g ahMMITeEE ,FORerybody a chance to-get into the fight. the results of the tug-of-war from th
NECESSITATE ANOThER Mnen on both sides will be provided scor of the Spring games, the Coun-
CAM i IPA IGN FA w im i Vt i i with ropes. The class having the aciicommittee declared that it haC
1Ie U 31 i L N ilargest numiber of opponents tied up placed the responsiblity for the con-
Tag Day receipts this year fell far and in pens by the end of the period'duct of the. games with the classes. It
below the mark set last year. The WILLIAM KRATZ, '24E, SELECTED will be declared the winner of the had procured promises of co-operation
tags sold during the two days netted GENERAL CHAIRMAN OF event. frony both of the classes and front
the fresh air camp fund $490. In PRODUCTION All men who aie to act as officials their leaders. The committee points
addition, fraternity, sorority, and lea- for the games are asked to meet at out that, since the agreements of the
gue houses have turned in $386, al- William C Kratz, '24E, has been the south end of the Chemistry build- classes were not lived up to, the con-
though a number of houses have not chosen general chairman of the com ;ng at 9:15 o'clock this morning.,"-'' tests cannot be considered as a par
yet sent in the money obtained for mittee which is to have charge of men, and members of Sphinx, Trian- of this year's Spring games.
the tags. The gift of $715 of the J- next year's Union Opera. According gles, Vulcans, and Druids will be the
Hop committee swells the fund to to the new system for the government officials. Must Show Correct Time
$1,591, but this amount will not be of the Opera, the general chairman Hartford, Conn., May 11 (By A..)
sufficient to run the camp and it is of the committee will be assisted by I The public display of any but stand-
during summer scoto cllect four men who are not to have anyL and time is forbidden under penalty
dngsufne s.,t definite tasks, but are to rotate in U MU L UIIIIU of $100 fine by a bill which has passet
The Tag Day program was carried their service on the various commit- the legislature, and now is awaiting
out by a committee Coposed of Paul tees.'r action by the governor, who is ex
Goebel, '23 , general charmsaP; Hugh Eugene L. Dunne, '25, John Brom- peced to approve it.
Duffield, '24, Tag Day, Max Schrayer,ey'25, tEdwin Ritchie, '24E, and Bar-
'23E; fraternities, Marion Murray, '24, old Martin, '25, are the men who will C. H. Lang, '15, assistant mhianager of
sororities, A. J. Parker, '23, advertis- assist Kratz, while Cass Hough, '25, the publication department of the Gen- E e s ' The
inig, A. B. Connable, '25 , publicity. will act as an alternate of the as- cnpam xiifi iiAii ivne -
ntdn le , demandct. sistants. Marion B. Stahl, '25L, will eral Electric company will be iIn An
Student leaders are in demand fbr 'o ulct n e Arbor today to interview all seniors 'Week-End
the Summer Fresh Air camp which (have charge of publicity, and Leo't
is 'to be held at Patterson lake. M. A. Franklin, '24, will have charge of who may be interested in non-tech-
Ives of Ann Arbor has donated a tract the programs for the Opera. ' nical opportunities with the coin- SATlRDAY

petition . Initrap
milk fund. . need support even
Room was made for 100,000 pesons uI
if that many care to sec Jebs Willard ball ecatie in tI
try to pirove his claim of pugilistic dthevcomietition of
fitness against Floyd Johnson, a prom- ,,
issing youth of 22 years, aMd Firpo, team.m ,"
the Argentine, against Jack MacAul- tA cde thet
iffe, a Detroit youngster, who never by the Arca e the
has been floored for the full count, meeting. The
together with three other contests. therogram. w
A great block of seats has been re- acted as chairman.
served by society folk and another set
aside for city and state officials. Thou-
sands of general admission seats to
be sold at the arena will be placedICOMMITTEE
on sale at ten o'clock tomorrow morn-
ing. Sale of other seats had passed
$300,000 at noon today.6
I Ordered to Leave Ruhr

ck , ne sai'. you
more than in foot-
hat sport you have
f individual against
of team against
Author,' turnished
ater, concluded the
Var-sity hand and
preesnt throughout
'rence W." Snell, '23,

Karlsruh~e, May 11 (By A. 1.)-Chue Action on the men connected with
Rail Inspector Wirth, brother of the the rushing of theaters Wedneday1
former German chancellor, has been was postponed by the University dis-
given until Sunday by the French to ciphine committee at their meetig
leave the.Ruhr district. yesterday afternoon. The committee



decided not to take action on any of
the names until a full report was
submitted by the committee of the
rch tects'Party Decorations, Student council.
The names of the two senior stu-
Depict Life In Ancient E f gypi dents who were arrested in connec-
tion with the affair were put on the
list to be acted on with the other
names which will be brought up. The
cpletc with compositions showing painting, gold beating and working, #committee adjourned until early next
arts of Egypt, and reflecting the and pottery working. #week, when it is expected the full
isual interest taken in recent ex- Attractiveness was lent to the party student council committee report will
rations on the Nile, decorations rt by the music which was furnished be available.
annual Architects May party, held by The Pasadena Ten orchestra from The committee appointed by the ;
h n California. The favors of the evening Student council continued its investi-
s sniehtcel Barbour gymnasium cas- were King Tut vanity cases with gations yesterday, interviewing men.
surpassed in excellence, attrac- clever Egyptian designs on their cov- known to be connected with the affair
ness, and coloration' those of any ers.' The programs were hand paint- and collecting evidence which will be
ce held this year, and those nI ed by the women architect students, submitted to the discipline committee.
dance ever held at the Unix-er- containing hieroglyphics and pictures The work is progressing rapidly and
,I of appropriate hue. An act of novel- every effort is being .made to bring

of 170 acres, of which 50 is virgin The executive committee which has
chare o theannal rodutio co- parry.
forest, for the site of the camp or- charge of the annual production con- A comprehensive business course
ganized for poor boys who would not sists of the president of the Union, Aor comeensves ius ing cors
othrwie b abe t spnd utdor:the general chairman of the Opera,! for college graduates is being con--
otherwise be able to spend outdoor tegnrlcara fteOea ducted by the company. In this way_
vacations. A number of students have committee, the general manager of dtedebyothescompng mn th way
signified their intention of going to the Union, and the president and an- I an endeavor is being miade to train
ithe camp as leaders, but ten more other representative of Mimes d fa- ist rowminelectrical industry
will be required. Men are needed who matic society. This group will have a seng sletrial industy.
will be able to stay during the whole charge of the Opera throughout its Any seniors who arewithretehd can
period of the camp which will be entire trip which will include 15 ci- arrange for an inter thog Ro,
from :Tune 26 to August 8. This time tks, among them, Philadelphia, Wash- ert ienke, 22, by telephoning 1460,I
.nn~nrnttr nn

Spring Games.
Illinois Track Meet.
Fathers' Day banquet,
Watch for The Daily Extra
The Daly Nvill publish an ex-
tra this afternoon in which full
returns of the Illinois-Michigan
track meet at Ferry field, the

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