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May 06, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-06

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i Elatl

r X

'ublishcd every morning except Mond
ig the University year by the Board
itrol of Student Publications
!embers of Western Conference Editoi
« iation.

L ack upon the observance of these sa-,11111-1
" I cred functions as the most brilliant:4 I'
form the shining stars in a hazy back- ' / s11f,,,,/i.%
ground of youthful memories, they are
aythe links which bind the man to his
,'.in~ Aliaiaer. THlE PELIC( i



Know 7r:Your Stiff
Use it as a, ramrod for your shot-
gun. (CMS


The Associated Press is exclusively en- Press dispatches of recent dlate have
tied to the use for republication of all news
ispatches credited to it or not otherwise contained numerous accounts ,of Wil-
edited in this paper and the local news pub- itam Jennings Bryan and Is anti-
shed terein evolution campaign. The singular fact
Entered at the postoffice at An Arbor, to be noted is that this reformer is
ichigan, as second class matter.
Subscription by carrier or mail, $3.50. ;shrewd enough, to conduct his
Offices: Ann Arbor Press 13 ildingp, IMay- lcue C~Si ttsweeh
ardl Street.letr srisi sttsw re h
Phones: Editorial, 2414 and 176-.M; Busi- has, the best chance of playing
ess, 960, ______ upon "the religious prejudices of
Commnnications not to exceed 300 words i~gnorant, illiteratet people. He en-
sgethe sienature rot ccstl tn courage s the uninformed mrountainl-
ppear in print, but as an evidence of faith,g
lid notices of events will be published in I eersi of Tenessee and Keintulcky to send
lh(! 1aily at thle discr-tion of the 1Vditor, if
ct at or mailed to The ])aily office. Un- letters into the legislature asking that
:gnecd corunntlications will receive no con- body to pass laws prohibiting the
;dcration. No manuscript will be returned
rlcs the w iter encloses postawe. The Daily study of evolution. D~ue to his spslen-

Bgat yourself on the dome and seef
how, nice it feels when you stop.
Take 'em over the library and use
cm to file newspapers oil.
A Icazar.

(Daily Iowaln)
Phlilosophy, "an attempt by scienifle'
methods to understand the world in
which we live,", is often overlooked
by students because it is not forcedr
upon 'them. But, since it is the love
of wisdom for its own sake, all who,
seek, a higher education should seek!
it. All of us are philosophers-we all
Ehay;e our idleals of life, of the world,I
and of the great problems. A course
in philosophy only aids us in organiz-
ing them, and inspires thought by,
showing what others have thought.
Since every one has some philosophy,3
then surely the better educated man;
must have his well organized and
plainly understood.
Philosophy builds upon the results



&r Starling

U raham '
Voth Ends of the Diagonal





lplple-Apple, Ipple-Apple,
Apple, Sniff!
Soak 'eni in the Salad dish1,
B:iff! lBif ? BUff

It. is !'_e -Yost rFid Hotuse.
Let "Jimmie the adItaker" find


Ipple- 1

11 r

es not necesstr ily endor sce entiiients 1 ddoratorica' l)IaJll .t 1L'Ctiia- itY iu ,
prsed in +',e commiunications. -___ to prejudice, this famous politician hiarsRorteptbigrrolm.Plsph
EPITOUIAL - STA1?Fwon man y converts to his belief in Oozzle-Fozzle, Oo2Zzl&Foozle, Oozzle- s n t a si n e o a y c ne t r s
these southern states. Biej ~nlsapeof'out one Nvhich seeks out the basic
Telclphones 211i1 and 176N TheNebraskan in his treatment of 3 itrhsad edsothewtlss
this scientific thieory, distorts the facto; _c ebi 2UhIn science the object is to control na-
MANAINGB.DTORL he makes great sport of the evolin- Oz c~(I. tore. In religion 'it is to come into
- tio~nist and he even goes so far as to harmiony with the world. In philoso-'
EdAitor-----------aul Watzel accuse the scientist of postulating a 111110 'AL'T'phty it is to interpret and understand
si stant o City Editor .... ..,.....I:.. Bacon th Jm-5eory which is the same as Faying "Oh, DIoctor, cone quickly!" criedI the world, and they all weed out the
itorial noard Chairman ......E. R. Mciss that a person's mother is directly des- the exasperated wif^, "hie ma; bee(dead weaker parts of the others. The three
g ht Editors- cended from the ape. The difficulty! now. There is not a moment to lose."t are closely related.,
Ralph Byers Harry anoeyr with Bryan is. that he shows a comn- "Who-how-what-is the matter?" ii Philosophy is often accused'of stud-'
I.. J. 1I rshdlorfer R. .MrirY plete ignorance, of evolution; lie will inquired the surprised dcl.tor. i ying unanswerable questions, but no
II. A. Donahue J. I;. Mack
sorts Edlitor ...........Wallace F. I,:1ott not take into ace6 unt the cold, hare "No time to explain now. Jus8t get otne will (deny that much progress has
omen's editor...........Marion K och facts, but clings tenaciously to his old; your knives and a saw and let us lase been miade toward their solutions, and
iday. Mlgzine Editor . .. . I. A. Donahue ortlhodox beliefs, no time. Oh! it's terrrible-lerrib1e. teei oidcto htpors
usic Editor .......... II. A0ile5
innor Edito.,......uckley C. Robbins, A student of evolution knows that; If I lose him I know I sheLll die too,' will not continue. Even if these ques-
KerEditorial Board B man's descent from' the ape, is not a. replied the lady. tioiis are never conmpletely answered,
ul Einstein Eugene Carmichael p art of the theory but, rather that "Calm yourself, my dear womlanl. we shall gain by moving toward their'
Assistants mans, the ape, the Oran g outan.g, and We must take our timne," answered thesouinItsthsrvnghacut,
anlev Hf. Armstrong .. Franklin D. Hepburrn the chimpanzee, all had a common an-j doctor who was in league with the not attaining of the goal.
dnley Bietfiekit Winona A. Hibbard cestor in the diml and distant past.a undertaker.
A. Billington Edward J. lieggints
elen Brown IKenneth C. Kellar Since that time, " however, each of- Finally the doctor was ready, and ION ORS
C. Clark Elizabeth i~eberinantn theseanml has follo wed diversified the two dlashed, to his car. Five muin-
B.~~Phl Counble ohndger)~
rnadette Cotee Samnuel cmoore paths due to different -environmental utes and-they were at the house. Mrs. ;"Pubi Le hifeder) a?*
elyn I. Coughlin M, I-I. Pryor conditions. Of cour-se',,there are gaps McLuke dashed into thne house follow- i h he n fmn?
seph FEpstein W. 1L. Rafferty . asked the catechist of the collegian,
41". Fiske Vobert G. Rn-say ,ir. the evidence upon which the. evo- ed by the faithful physician. There in an h ns,'~ "ha eed
planGaringh~i~se 5 W.R"WiC~ t lution theory is based for the simplej the library sat her, husband, J. 1 esuiso ly ot
'alter s. Goodspeed soil J. Schnitzoi lehriesuesrpayfot
rtia Goulder Philip M. WVag-net reason that fossil remains furnish the! Whumpus McLuke, reading the paper. i ball" Thle pert r ejoindler is recalled
onald Ilalgrini_________ only means by which we may turn! "Thank heaven, hie is still alive,", ytevtngnosa Yl.I h
____ - ~~~~back the pages in the history book o; 'sobbed the wife. "Here, doctor, there Sinii colte u h inn
IJSIES SAUthe .life on this 'planet. The Nebrask- is no time to lose. The doctor brought of the atletic insignia, the "Y," ahead
riielione .960 an, however, is not content that these forth his tools, whereupon the -hus- of scholarship honors; in the College
--- gaps be filled in by degrees; he de- band looked up and tried to ride, election of Phi Beta: Kappa, the "high
BUSINESS MANAGER rinands that the scientist offer him! "Humor him, doctor, he is out of hisstnsoiycmeahdofitn-
ALBRTJ. ARERcoinplete proof immediately. The follyi head," the wife riut in. ".His golf club tiona on gridiron, river or diamond.
of this action is apparent when one(waopndtayadheiatoe; ,
dwas opened.todayiandJheHiseat hr.e; I amthalfback on the football team
Ivertisig.... ......Wtter K. Scherer stops to consider that the work in surely he is insane,"' begged Mrs. Mc- adflbaki y studies," was the
Ivrin. ......Lawrence 1-. Favrot fossil discovery has only been initiated, Luke.
ibliain--------dadF oln rcn "o o r itkn"rpidtegrim jest of a sophomore in a letter
pywiting .......David J. M. Park in reetyas Nyuaemsae, rpidte to his foned parents. There are s}till
re ulation............ I'owns.end 1-., Wolfe This silver tongued, reformer makres doctor. "The opening was postponedYaemnwolieCrnBon,
ccotunts ..............L. Beaumont Parks ,
Assstatsthe Bible one, of the main props in. until tomorrow, because #ihy are still Yapa me neholik e stor onfBroier
erry Mr. Hayden ni. H. Good hidfne By using 'a veryT literal working on the course."'cteains of onle osfrteien s ot of her
Lgiec L. Dunne Clyde L. Hiagerman' interpretation, he mnaintains that the WeepnMs cuepse
hin C. Raskin henry Frec hreupo. r. c " pssdroom1 when he needed to wrestle with
I,. Putinan Clayton Purly j Bible conflicts vrith science, when in' out. mathematics. It takes wil power to
D.; Armantrout J. 11. Sanzenbacher reality there are no statements in it 0**la emo trn it n oi
'illiam HI. Reid, Jr. Clifford Mittsthtcnbtaeasrgm tsi s,
farold L. B ale Thomia4 AMr'achren ta a etkna uet n lX~I1 'OflltN- have the stamina and the staying
!m. D). Roesser" Louis M. Dexter favor. The Bible is essential ly a boot:kpwe t-d oh
lan S. Morton C. Wells Christie ; A power to do both.atwe akehe
anes A. Dryer - Edward B. Reidle of religion and was never written as a woanbe i ht etke r{ It was a sermon' for athilet es and
lerbert WV. Cooper ____ - text book for science. Written at a t e coas ota oiSei rah
Not, ______ ' -time when people were not far ad- eNotwgoodinotabadtandoyetablind. i
3 acdi hikni eas'ihesThey're intricate creatures, I know whn e adtfobllmni
vndintiknidelwihgn-I yulage the slough of despond at the old Yale
- ralities which m ay mean practically I H fcd Yu(0o o lnt o r
yanything, depending uipon the interp- Awoawh'pefc
SUND:AY, MA. Y 6,'1923x or youl aren't. If you think you can,
_____________- --retation of the individual. fiend: o a.I o hn o a'-h
iTtEio-ILA LI AK I Te cause underlyin~g the action of
tle ebasareorerishrdtodi- t, I met a co-ed, t te!~m f ootball field is no place for you." Tihe
des-same courage andI persistence are :-e-
T11lE YOST FIELD HOUSE ; cern. Either it is a misguided attempt flowerI
Topreut'h aeo n h nth ato htpltcllaert Yes, Violet, that was her name- uisite to win scholastic honors; and
To prpeuat th nae o on wh onthe artof hatpolticl lade tothe danger of the scholar, as of the
a contributed so greatly to the gain publicity (r it is an endleavor to1tl o erfai'n pi hwr athlete, lies in the assumption that his
rominence which the Ulniversity, of become popular with the public by I wort her, but lost just the swei l f xelneisteol ne. It
ichigan has attained, the new field taking exception to the teachings ofisonouetladhecssn
And So I say women ar-e all in oneisono setladtecssn
Ouse is to be named after the grand- science. No one" will deeny that Bryan .statistics and b~e a failure as a human
d mian of footbal'l Fielding HL Yost.; is a man of intellectual ability, but it class, iig n a e ig2sadmi
n bestowing this name upon Michai ma~y be that his mrinde is no longer No- od o a n e ln. adsilaodbigwa skona
tn's grteatest achievement in athletic flexible; it will not stand a break with -- Violet (liderong to let her' chance ahed rsyil aoiring"ahotrisdkow a
ructur es, the Board of Conltrol of the old doctrines of the churich. pa ss, --h "ras rill, bhredoM al
thieicsvoies or te etir~ bdy o ________For shte certainly had a good find.
)thl aluniiand .undergraduates, the 1 G1IOW ING SUMM~ER 80001, 1 ISO1 11 ii. IIRATNA MT


Aun Arbor and Jackson
(i1*astern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Cars--
6 :oo an)., 7 :oo a.ni., 8 :oo a~rn., 9:05
a- pm. and hourly to 9:os p.m.
Jac.kson Express Crirs (local stops
wemi of Amsn Arbor)-4 :47 aam, and
every' two h'.'urs to 4:47 ;'m,
Local Cars East bound-7 :oo a.mn.
anv every two hours to 9 :oo 1).in.,
11 :oo p.m. To Ypsilanti 'only-i1 :40
pn 1:15 a.m.
To Saline--Change at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West BGInd-7 :50 a.mn.,
12:1.1 P.1,. -
To- Jackson anmd Kalamazoo-Lirr
ited cars 3:47, 10:47 a.m., 12:47, 2:47,
To Jackson and Lansing-Limited at
8:47 p.m.


Schednie in Effect Octobr s8,.1922
Central Time (Slow Time)a
D, X X D
P.M. A.M.PM. P. M.
3.45 7:r" '. .Adrian .... 12:45 8:45
i~i 8is.. 'ecuin~ck.. 12:15 8:15
t:30 8i:30 ,.. , Clinton .... 12:00 8:oo
;:t, 9:r5 ...Saline .. t:i5 7:25
5:45 o:e5 Arknn ArborLv. 10:45 6:45
Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
D,--Daily, X-Daily except Sundays
and Holidays. Friday. and Saturday special
bos for students leaves Adian I :45, leaves.
Ann Arbor 4:45.
JA: S II. F-,*LIOT f. Proprietor
Phone 46


( sirs leave for Tolpdo. 7:10 A' M.,
201' 1. M.And 5 P. !11. -Except'sun.-
daty. Sundays at 8:00, 11:.00 and

C , , urn r urn R s, n


l. ni yyw ' rr+ w. rw . w

is open

v '

191-3 1IY "1923I
1 2 3 14 5.
J 0 1 213 14 15 1(i 17 19 1S}
20 21, 22 23 21 25 26,
27 28 29 30 31"
(1 o acids used)
Straws, Panamas, L eghorns,
Bankoks. and all kinds of fiats
Cleaned and Rteblocked at low
prices for HIGH CLASS WORK.
Let a "Root-black" shine your
shoes, but have your hlat Clean
ed and Roblocked by a Practical
617 Packard Street Phone 1792
WXhere D. U. TZ. Stops at State

Comne in before or after the Show

Sundayfrom 5:o01. nM.

for (amonig other things)

Real. Chicken .Salad

fudge Ice Cream that is Right
Coffee and our Speceial Fruit Cake
Chocolate with Whipped Cream
Candy without a. rival

3311. unnatb, opposite Wit, hria Arradr

I---- - '~illip ~ 7~-~


SHere's a statement we dare
Imake. Whatever your appe-
ttcr v sf rSner is alm ost certain to be ,
on our menu--at a low price




entinent whichz they have so ardently
expressed through petitions, andl in-
inmerable letters.
Under the able guidance of "Hurry
Up" Yost, -MiClIgan has attained prom--
nenice in both competitive and. in-
structional athletics, so that today' to
be a member of Yost's team; means
more than, merely being a football
player. No tribute can be too great asf
ecognition to the service this able
eader has rendered to Michigan.
At the present time, and for the re-
mainder of the semester, traditions of'
he University will be more in evi-
ence than perhaps at any other per-
iod of the scholastic year. Cane Day.
which as the classy of '23 observes it
oday, is but a modification of the
original event, as it was observed
many years ago, opens the ceremonies
narking the departure of the senior
class into the affairs of a great world1
of opportunity. Originating in the l
custom of parading with fence posts
aken from the old wooden fence
which once surrounded the campus.
oday we find the seniors flaunting as!
na-ny dtiff<erent varieties of canes as
her-e are departments -in the Univer-
Having grown 'with the University
Hi ;eif, these traditions have becomeo an
ntegral part of campus social life,
['hose customs whiicht have provedI
Jhemselves worthy of recognition in
he pea-i. are observ;ed today. Sonic
ow have been dropped by the way-
dde, because of chbanges in social con-j
litionms alout the camipus, but those

(Ohio S~tate Lantern)

One of the most. notable features
wvithiin Anierican educational circles in

B~oy! flog you hate yourself!


the past decade has been the remiq
able growth and popularity of si
ier education. Attendance att
varsities maintaining summer sess;
has grown until, in sonic cases, t
during the sumnmer school is t-
j Ibirds as great as the attendanced
fing the.- regular term. Severali
versities in widely separated partE
the country had enrollments last si
vier of over 5,000 in each case.
The growing popularity of sumn
study is not hard to understand c
sidering -the constantly Increa sing
vantages which are offered inI
field. The number of courses av
able increases with every year. I
ulties are always bettered by the s
plementing of .visiting. professors
the enlargement of the staff .of, regi
faculty men. A tremendous incenl
has been given this movement by
,establishment, of the four quarter
tern at many state universities, wt
puts summer sessions' on a basis
lowing for more extensive work an
3 reater numiber. of credit hours.
?Another interesting feature of
summer school lies in the person.
j fthe student body, largely comps
of people who have to seek their e
cation during :their vacation. Toa
ers, for instance, Are very numTei
at all summer schools.
IIn less than two months the1
!S rnier Session at Michigan will h
begun. Anyone who is thinking of
ten ding te University this sums
ca'i profit by planning his course
study now. He wiil probably f

uan- Anted Ear D)rumi
Tni-, I camne lhome the other night and'
iosfound my, room compaion i a more-
[hat; or less banda-ged stated. Various knobs.
'wo- "and bruises on the gentleman's hea11 i
~i- andr fame a ni-w',re 1 iii a ,hio-hl- rw-

Any miove' towarid enhancing mu! or-
nti onah goodl feeling is hailed Nwithi
special joy in these tlay g, in view of
the recent. uphieaval, and any effort
to reach, mutual underst ending is
Marked vith the sta ini of approval as
beimig the surest safeguard against a
recurrence of such unpleasantness.

.Atcde Cafteria
Upstairs, Nickels' Arcade


auri- a1- Lam aljkcti 'u cLtl-ut
an- condition. Hence the genuine pleasure orI~l~lIIlIIhIlII~ll
;u-adate with your frail tonight," says I.- lishmieiit of a memorial to H-. P. Davi-
I"I did, but we decided to stay in and, son of lRed Cross and financial famre,,-
inrdance and save my money."j by his wife, according to the plan of TH T T E :SRET M
con j "But why the bruises?" which. six young English studemnts will
ad- "Wdell, we were dancing and the oh' be enabled to study in American un- = -E AG i ,,T C M I G T M
thisI man camne in. }le happens to be deaf ;versifies. As announced recently from ~-
'ail-M and couldn't hear time music." ILondlon, this memorial will provide I L O H R .
Fa- FLINT1. 1 scholarships of one year's duration forE
W . tree Oxford and three Cambridge stu- = " L O :j H
andThe other night we _got the sad' dents, who will have the option of at-
ular- news that our pet bootlegger hadl been tending cithe ' Harvard, Yale or T r'C A XJ A P T 17 fl 1) TLJL''
r, Princeeton during their American rest- NECES ARY AR IC.LESA) FIO ,iX Tl H
the - legging ft was sadi news to hear that d ence. - =O ~ P ( ~ kN (
sys- our bootlegger had been appritended During hris liftetime Mr. Davison re- A PiP 1 I IG
hich but could anything worse than what 'alined the value of broad contacts in
al.- we heard the morning after? What the process of education, and placed 2IA 1 C O (S 7 'E
nd aw heard 'the morning after the boot- his son for one year in Cambrdge K N1P O K S O E
legger had beeni apprehenided was juist University, merely to get an insight. NO]7-A-BOLT (; (
hethis: Our bootlegger, after beingr , into English life. At the time of his 1. 4JIE 1 LV.LA31
ineh pr'ehendeod, was taken to his favorite death Mr. Davison was considering a =G ID AL SZE
-sd cell inth county jail. During hepla o Ebi o ngigishmeni to !
edu- night, our bootlegger who had been "know what America really is"; the nIf -ci
ic-apprehended while in time act of boot- obj ect 'of the scholarship fuind estab - C o ig u e sl falkn s
oust legging escaped from his favorite cell lisped by his wife in his nmemnory is, to :
in the county fail, and wxhile malking tm ntdSae n ra rti. "aid in fostering good will between Ti Cu ,PA R S lae an Sp o s
1923 his way across a moonlit field lie was tOFUnitd Sttesand rTOtBORDEn.
i'mve; suddenly seizedl withm a burning thi-st. In this respect the Davison fund is Alt K N S1J~~tix j tj
- at- Hle saw a well in the distance and shurihar to the cil Rhodes alpm-olrri-r K N S - i J UE
mner ii-iking his cautious way tihereunto lie ain
eof proceeded to quench his burning thirst No lbetter guairantee or pledge o~f ini RIE RG T-E VIEPR M T
fid,; with a cool draught of Adam's ale.y ternational amity' could be asked than =-StVC R M T


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