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May 05, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-05-05

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A6F a



XXXIII. No. 156








Where will be no extra 'EnsiansI
when that' publication goes on sale
next week, according to a statement
made yesterday by staff officials, who
say there is a large demand for the
book. What few are not called for t
will be taken by persons on the wait-
ing 'list which now numbers 50.
Monday is the last day on which
students who have lost their payment!
receipts may call 'at the :'Ensian office
for duplicates. No books will be
given out without these receipts. I

Canes of, every size and color
Iwill 'be put to jactive use iby
Imembers of the senior classes oi
Ithe University for the first time
Itomnorrow. Phe annual "cane
Iday" will see more varieties ofj
walling sticks that have appear-
ed since the inception of the tra-
d citional custom for the men of
the graduating classes.
Each class has selected a dis-
tinct type for use by its mnem-
hers,, the step sticks vary in
color from the light brown of the{
senior lits to the dIeep)imahog-
any of 'the engineers..



Spoke Last Night
In Hill Auditorium

The body of John A. Copp, '2GE, who
RE D SCRBED Y ~died at the Health service Thursday
g [BESC IBIO B morning following an illness of threel
and a half hours, is to be taken to
HA LIG RL ND Albion, Indiana, at 9J o'clock this
morning where burial is to be made.
Mrs. Thomas Taylor, an aunt of the
NOV'ELIST"l AND POET SPEAKS O boy, and her daughter Douglass, of
11V1ITEJIS IN IhILL Alion, Inch, were in Anin Arbor yes-
AUJDITORIUM! terday to make arrangements for the
scare of the body. Copp's home is in
RELA FS E PERINCES Pendleton, Oregon.
WITH LHARTE, KIPLING n rrn n 1,T mm iia n a t

FOE AT' 2:30 O'CLOCK T111
, oens n Slated to Tike Mou
rIltonie Teeam; Visitors to

on Ball Room Tastefully Adorned


Also 'Fells of Notpd Men Whom

ins r tnr


w114 _Simple Deorations; ,.'-. _.__ __..___ -__in__Life.__
Ptfiltt'E1raisled -s I
WihBHA E O A E A L Baln Garlndlnotedl novelist PLt txtc UUU C alh~
IMadpespoke at Hill auditorium last me
night udrthe 'auspices of {Whi m- iSixy-F our Coleges 11ii e TRepr re-t '
~W thec dying ;strains of the last r m~~nr~. .- ented in Intecollegbite o.'. 0clock
Board lit Control of Athletics to Beet 1 i iuni I .se, upon the subject: "Meetings withI
watz, the 1920, Freshmnan Frolic, the at Nioon;alas Act on lost game rsLL S~u amous American Authors" Event htp
annaual yealltg formal, held in the Petition ThI~fU 'l speaker was introduced by Prof's z games
assembly ball opf the Union from 9 to? Louis A. Strauss oft the English de; MORE THAN 1000 EXPECTE~D lest
2('lock lat night, !passed Into his- ALUMI FROM :MANY STATES Consirucoti Work to be (Commencedlpruet n akditmtl fhsT AEPR NMA *jFse'
tr.I BACK NAMING AFTER COACH Ahiot Jhuo First, ol Giteal boyhood and the aqiuaintance-hnaun o eri,*.: ': 'son oae
-Srcuesisof his later life as a writer.' x.yt< .y team
Decorations for the party were sim=-f Morenthan1,000 almio Dtot regular
Hsaction on the naming of the j j s 4normal talk was followed by representing f:4 colleges In all parts'- te m
py lot otepito eeiy e il os sezetdt etk TARRETT~, RUOIIEARS,. AN{. ome readings from his verse and ! Of the country will gather for the an- - Gibson,
cosistintg as they did of a. huge floral serve.dhre sepce obetk ( oewitnsuo yialfaue{ulstrn rlco
-- ftn gssadoho ~rvrof the Middle Border.beamldiinDetrotaMay12.sTerpro
on which the class numerals had been ics at its meeting to be held at noon Contract for uldin* of the new~ Tells of Aqsantaie rmi ne h upces o h n Famous author who gave informal, the Iris
worked, and large clusters of ferns tdy Cnieaino the Petition; Law club and l drmitory an South Lu Mr.MGarland recounted a meeting { tercolegiate association of Detroit. talk on "Some Meetings With Amei- L g
4nd palms, tastefully :grouped about to name the new athletic plant after lvesity avenue* has been awarded to of Rudyard Kiipling andI James Whit- Any alumni living near Detroit are~ can Authors" under auspices of Whim- wl o
thme ball room. " Starrett Brothers, of New York City,! comb Riley, 'in Boston, at which R-'invteies. I they dd
40PeetiCoach Fielding .H. Yost which was ; t tern Ic rea, '"Od v j'an ivied and the
400 PesentThe program begins with a luncheonI
Mrthntohunrdfehebrought up bef ore the board at its1i by Prof. John F. She~oepard, idsupervisor Kiping pronounced it the first gn-(j at the Statler, for which 1,000 reser-T PONT Itnru ayfo-h lstmetnfnlach1 aspst f uldrnpasafneAeirnlieaur."Rl sHatlasioshaesic Iaa
_vere from ot of= townattended the jpolled until, today. jConstructioni work will start albout wra sntv oIdaa s pehswl emd tthstmm VII l~ tistmos
ball. :Everywihre a spirt' of gayety At the meeting on March 10, the i t on t hhabe ntrutueosth e 1 Burns's was to Scotland," the peakc- and college yells and songs will be "ia u . r est ot
ptrevailed as the happy yarlings gave ftenmn te houst ytegito ee aepible r said. Wi;}laim Dean Howells, Joa. indulged in. Among the men invitedrI! j ii a~i
themslvesoverto te ~voingo ter- suject um o mony byan quil Miller, Bret Harts, 'William are Walter Camp, picker of tieAl-flU I Vu iI
sichre for the" evening. A unitversal . was discussed but 'due to the large anonymous donor. York and Sawyer, TI H M IO S I a e, Mark Twain, anda John Bur.1American football tam, Judge K ne-U I i1.1 I feel the
dlesire :seemed manifest among them amount of business to be transacted tects, r ncag of the wvank. toros, were sonme of the great Anmer- ' haw Mountain Landis, czar of big' sierby
too bsrbabsoterpeaualposileatthaetiepteasaecdertowatosesewbuidigeillexen onewo' Mruaildinglagu .waebalGoernrtlexndXe'atneTekngVited. rbyt
athttm itwsdcddtwatI South University vnuIat rmcan ath:, . Garland kew and ege, aeal Gvro0le ,iNeaieTamJeosiI ArSgU II. s3has b
before th e spring games, to ble held until the next meeting before taking SaesrtnaytoTa avenue do icoeribled intimately. Howells Mark Groesbeck, Mayor Frank E. Doremus o ontCnt 'tbiofS. wee
next +week, fnto a u-any dfiite action on the matter. Also AStasrhwleetpdattearlayiia adBurosweochrctrTad rnkCdypspritndn aveuerea"o n Ce terio oyS.mheind
Mulsic for the fnto a u John D.A' Hialwiardepla'97, ofe lac Twainnde
D.Hbad 7 fChicago,woe aladavnez e s the three great e'xempltarsi Detroit schools. Ty Cobb and "Babe"laty
nmhdbyteMao ndDxn eealmu mme o h bad wsa-South University. The architecture ofi which young American writers shouldj Ruth wll also be present. OR~TORtICAL ASSOCIATION lineup,
imhported frm the south for +the oc- sent at that time.thLa clbwl em htesae emulate in their own eeatoi In the afternoon, after. the lunch- pIE'USTOCNETNT n h
casion, and Kennedy's Society rcher- Yost Petition Presented May 10 as that displayed in the Martha Cook they would become dtuy great. eon, the alumni will then march in a- infielde
ti , of ,local fate, The_two organiza- The pettion to ntme the house after oitoy. I body to Nain field. H-ere hre willi
tions. played ..alternately.. A .number FochbieldingH...I.Yost was..presented drmioryhbea .serier of stunts of a humnorous: Pontiac high school won the tate I slugger
[CahThree floors on tie east extension i 1 a'smuch'o
of special nogvelty numbers were' of- to the board by Robert T. Knode, 23, of the Lawv clduib will be devoted to ' , IT nature.I championship debate with Hastings
FRAUDd . to ! ; Irish is
i eed by lboth groups. The sogs,:by .stude t.t' e.e, 'Discussion 'wa 'ct dormitory upss On the first for I UI4IIGeneral chairmian for the day is high school last niht in Universtyh
thle Mason and D~lixon, were receivedf time and it was decided to table it. men suites. " The second and third m N ~ "~j N t''I acktson, Purdue, is 'secretary of the''Ufid
ptiuarly wll. Simie y-.ttablitg f the pettion I floors will also be built to serve as,~ genreral committee. J. M. O'Dea 9E,, htteUitdsaen Cnd o n
Fait arn aymrersltos'hv ee e leigadsuy quarters for men. I Michian i chairnman of ehe prade Jointly should construct the dee p-wa-'Ln n
fiThe members ofthe- faculty wno! ceived by the Student council asking The main feature in the planning f HEAD OF MISSIONS IN SO TI SEA 9 cormmttee and''the Navin field stunts ten way to the Atlantic by way of the tories
Pr'edsdentMron L.fo r t on an Mr s.re that the new house be named after these rooms is the fact that there are; ISLANDS TO TALK M TAiLL ; committee, and L. A . Morgan, Hiar- S.awe ce Rier s ro osd i lhae t
Prsdn ail .>tra n rjCoach Yost. Practically every alumnii no corridors. Acommodntfins for AUD4IT"ORIDF I ard, has charge of the' luncheon. terpr of teItrainlJit: k
Butrton, Dean ohan It. Effinger andr association in the country has passed, 150 men have been planned in the or- - Harry Ledyarcl, Yale, is luncheon; omsin sbitdt CnrsIFishea
Mrs. iEffinger, Dean Henry M Bates ;tresolutions urging that Michigan's new 1,iginal architect's plans. Rev.aser omisiosumitecooonres
and Mrs. B te, ;Dean Joseph A. fedhebgie n thnaeoYst The club rooms of the building will Maurice FPrater, head of the tatatr
a- ffild ous begivn te nme f Yst.i +illmissions in the New Hebridesgrp Robert H. Cancy, '07A, Michigan,. January, 1922. lirst ha!
urshey and Mrs. Bursley, Dan Wit-l Prom nent Michigan men and others faeSaesre.Thsscino ;h of the South Sea Islands, will be thej holds the chairmanship of the ublic- : fiot fte ugs a ~ rt brahi
bur umplreysand rs. -lunph-interested in, athletics ahavewitn iructue loccupy S app sroximaotel'speaker at the Sunday night services( city committee, and sasse yE n.lf i
rpys, Deant. eorge W.. Patterson andi fromn all sections of the United States hafte1oko Saesre ot in H-ill auditoriun. In his talk on H Tyson, Penn State, in charge of Regent James 0. Mrfin presided
Ms. Patterson,;Dean. Jean Hamilton, Ietuistal akn h ln h froni South University avenue. In- + -hake
exithusiaeluded willcbena loungelroomha smok_ = the subject, "Among the South Sea,,radio, R. B. Alig, Amherst, "James ;Pontiac with Margaret King, LoreneI
P~of Rll E M~ote ad rsIStudent body, and the many faculty hlugroi mi dnn on et I slanders," it Is expected that he will1 Schermerhorn, Jr., Michigan; William:- Waler and Henry Harrington upheld Coma
cotrCah.eligHYotadmembers also favor the proposal. n D ml i'nrgt tell of his work in connection with j C. Richards, and E A. Batchellor. the negative while Hastings with Rob- grei
I ingtCa 200e .Lit ndcteI sosPersonssmaldiig throosonni owreBop enir
Mrs. Yot, Cach. GeorgesE. Ltztl adoitrIL inSseating 20, and a kitchen, aswel as terisinposs nwrgarded as the -ert Xalton, Albert Butler and ClaudeI
MrLtlPo LLouis - A. tas The reasons given are numexou! smaller rooms. most successful example of missio n:-Knweete"ffraie Judges
anfd' Mrs. Strautss, Prof. Emil Lonch; but mot f them 'bear Out the follow- ____ r oki iewrd ehsh U were Prof. E. D. Dickinson, of the Law !UN IV
and Mrs. Lonc, Prof. Robert M. Wen- ilig points: 'That Coach Yost means! 22 years' experience in this kind o school, Prof. T.11. Reed, of the pohti-
Iey and Mrs. Weynley, Prof. Charles., the most to Michigan athletics and is work iii these islands anda especially;rir fflI fI cal science department, Prof C. E. M
13. Vibbet andL Mrs.- Vib'ert,. Prof. the most prominent. figure connectedIll 115AST1 ON [R[CE among the New Hibrides and neigh- LIt ru in H II Griffin of the economic department,!
Peter Field and Mrs. Fild, and Prof. with collegiate athletics in the Uniite r ri.nbrn gop.-Po.H F odiho h Lwsho fm
Evans Holbrook and Mrs. H-obrook.i States today; that his followers havej f dIIIL fhQI~ Since the death of Dr. John GadH .Cfe ftereoi e h n
,A large share of the credit for the long sought for a means of showng EI. U11tLhIU (IU a Paton, 15 years ago, Mr. Prater has~ LEGISLATIVE IhOUSEIS STILL AT- nartment.f ed toda
sucs-fteprym-tg oR hi prcato fhsvre e--- been the head of the missions founded OD O iVEST Two -cups, presented by the Un-I of tihec
B.; Bennett, chairmian of the commit- vices; and that it was due to his ef-I BREAK L¢OOMS OVER IFFERENCF in the New Hibrides group by Dr.! BUDGET; versity Oratorical society, were award- now hol
tre, and to htis associates, J. G. Don- forts that the new field house was( CONCERNING FOREIGN LEGAL Paton 50 years ago. When the mi--' ed. They will remain in, the posses-! ing atI
adson, W. G. Evrtt, D T. Quirk, C.' conceived and is being built. I GUARANTEES sions there were founded, islanders Lansing, May 4-(By A. P.)-Tate ion of the two teams pernanently. I Dean
I. Sapp; Lorenz Vasbinder, Katherine E were still in a state of cannibalism., move to rescind action taken at theI was ele
N. Kreis, Loraine M. Parent, Mar- UN V RST LUB L ausanne, May 4 (By A. P.)-Tile Conditions there are now greatly; 1921 session which authrized the ,PADDOCK BREAKS II CORD; Nicols
gret C. Mogk, Josepine A. ,Clark, i United States has been dragged into; changed as a result of the remarkable Reet}o h nivriy o ih BARRED FROM COPE 'PITION Tsota wa
aigrtRice, and Aene Fleming, al ELEGIr S OFFICERS i aecontroversy tat threatens to cause I"work which has been done in civiliz-, ega tol a edorth hodoatic____
of thle claf '26'. --Ihe colapse of the second Near East{ ing, educating and christianizing the } eilsholfae othtdyi
Officeers of the Unvrsity club for conference. Tie delegates are des- natives. tie house., Blocked by a point of or- Paris, MDay 4 (By A. 1.)-The;G
B.V .M nies12- wr lce a etn heldl perately seeking at solution of the sit- Tonight he will tell student volun-? der raised by Representative Edward Freich athletic federation~anight af-,
letnih. fers elected 'were: n ation to prevent tie rupture feared : teers, men who plan to enter mission- Manwaring, of Ann Abor, Represe- ter a full discussion decided to p'o- Chica,
To valaest'night.enPOf.flrec o I Isoi n consequence of radical differ ence Iaywri ir ealo h rb tative Charles D Culver, of Detroit,Whit the holding of the remainder of western
of te geodesy and surveying depart-e between the Turks and the Allies and leissheeIhas faced in connection withm served notice e wudrenew his res- thnvriy capioshp ftmeU
Seio hnq enfrnithe s-1 n;seceay rof .. F. Adams,' the Ameicans over the special legal the work. This meeting will be heldi olution at a later session. Consider- Charles Paddock continues to compete I Westmo
tneitt,, secretaror hi otion was in - in them. pit
ics will meo mtattheeHuron- ohe syhloydepartment; treas- Iguarantees to e 'accorded to tor- at7:30o o'clochk, anmd will be illustrated ! atec it woud Paddck giv
cites il ee oigtatte uo ' Pycoog nerisedo h omrcn dicated. The federation announced however
hiote, Ysilanti orthe annual B. ~urer, H. M1-Hawley, and director Dea in erise ft~efre Olby slides.- Mr. Prater wilalso Tat ouseandthat i oudpermit Pdokto gveTo iv4
p .fo s uler court abolished by Turkey. blTpektoohehtuettrup nthe hueadsenate still are ;xibt.i Cmp
D. dance. Thes social affair, which de- IEdward -I-. Kraus, of the Sunmmer IThe controversy hinges on the a-ablytimeapusotrsudent gOnubeing informed ofer therfeierio- meheldeto
rives its name from the three lhonor i hrt ob rne h oeg ea a niae rdymrigwe Session. Following the election of IthwasindcateuFrdayunmonin wh n ben ifomdfthfdra{el d
the ofcesPresident Marionm LBur- Ilthoity tobeigrated tme forianizlgalsof__the__mission_
societies, Baristers, Vulcans and ffciI advisors Turkey means to employ, the negative roll call was attached to' eiinteognzr fteIuiso
Druids,;marks thebig e-oete o ton and Dean H. E. Hawker of Column-I PahhedoteTuksde-USIN WILL SING -bytehseotmea nd ntae Championship games which are in letter c
the laegn erigalt--classe borIanvriysoeifral oteIsmetPsa ba the Tllieshbdolf- tUSSIANtoythe huiertofMichmand billmadprogresslaegnrig nd itcssIbanvriy'poenfmlytohe!rges at the Corps Doree Stadium given to
leaders.1"s , members of the club. gelrd vgrul -ta T n t nrw' hrhwll aea . declared that Paddock would run as Exani
The dace thi year will sart a - - - ' He eclare vigorusly hat Tukey St Andre'smchuchswiluiaveasgabtellOmnbus buldingbill. heesen hadabenearrngeditnotwihstandng I prviso
The anc ths yar wll tar atregarded the legal advisors question I choir tomorrow the Russian Men's ate added 700,000- to the house ap-
:30 and continue util .11:30 o'clockt. DEX1PSEYGID1BOS FIGHT as closed and said she must refuse to- Choir of Detrait. They will sing at 'propriation for the University to be; the federations stand. starting
The affair, as customary, will be for- I CONDITIONS ANNOUNCED discuss it again. the 5 o'clock service At 6 o'clock.ue ocmlt h eia building.
aial.- they will be the guss of tie Hobart'Adtost h os appropriationA n u l1 r d9 ,l 1
Chaperons for the dance will be Chicago, May 4 (By A. P.)--Jack ii Guild at Harris hall. bill for state buildings aproximated!A n u lV ud v le T
Prof. John B. Waite of thle law school;I Dempsey, world's heavyweight boxingi IN heporaOtRh huc ii-
and Mrs. Waite, and Prof. James I-.; champion, wil receive $300000 for WIL IIII NI elude the ordl's 'Prayer sung to a The Hauer bill to limit the IUniver-. Will Be Stag
t+Cisel of theo nginteering school rikin his tithe against Tom Gibbons ~ ~ traditional melody and Lvoff's "Ohm ity nuill tax income was reported
the so-called challenger, in a 15-round Gl~~r ~ 1N "'' iadsonme Radiance."" The singers have ' out
contest to a decision at Shelby, Menl- i""'ME no accompaniment. Russian folk________ An annual vaudeville tournament in will be
Tu 1 tana, July 4, while Gibbons will gain- Allsongs will be rendered at) Harris hall. Firinig Held o Rhfle hange-whcalUnvriysuetae i-prto
ble ith he pomotrs fr hi share Al sophomores and freshumen desir-, There are, anmong the members of! Firi ng on thme 200 and 300 yard rifle jgible to conipete except members of ; Prelin-
IA/j AO e of the receipts.a hc range was held yesterday afternoon.,Mmsdaai oit adtm i-Imn
____________________________ T is s revealed tonight w hen allIwa whc will, be hlcd next Friday dra choir of N ew York City. The or- at the Rt. 0. T. C. range, A large nu ni-- n r of the last vaudeville tournament' day eve
obTslsoftemac<er vrcm1 afternoon must "weigh li" on Mon-. ganization sang in 'Ann Arbor-in Hill bno e okavneo h' will be hld "Wednesday and Thurs- IT'ickets
Witht the advent elf spring, totestsacinolak ers ay and Tuesday of next week. Sop- auditorium a few years ago and again weather, and turned in, good scores.- day evenings _at the Mimes theater. cost 35
fresh breezes anda cherry boc ana Kax wl e-ihomores will be weighed fromt 3 to 5 by request, before ex-President Wi- Firing on the 300 and 500 yard range The tournament next week will be '24, has

Use :Falvey.
h Haas brings his Notre -Da
ggers hre today where tI
Che Wolverine nine ait 2
this afternoon at Frry (field
nomises to be one of thebi
of the Micianshedule.
rday afternoon was spent
smen in a light batting ae
di a short game with theeect
Bakter was in the box for't
s. Noonan is slated totake
and duity tis afternoon 41
Benson and O'ara In
If Noonan perforns agal;
;h as he did against M. A. C.
it is doubtful if alas'.cen
mp away .with any sore
d against Chicago, Wiseonsl
Fa-lvey on Moeund
§wiill likely start.Flalveyr
ad today, as tie knuckle-
;ems -to hold the ege on Il
tie Catholic twiners, sir
Paul Caster as begun~
e effects of an ,injury t
:eived in football and prohomt
a hockey accdet. Castu
n transferred to the otflo
hie will probably1ply te -
r of the season., several
ar's veterans remain in t
among them "e" ane, Pi
rd :ba e, and Foey, aiatl1
r.Kane is one of the'leali
s of the South end outft a
f tie off esive'strngth f it
3 due to his hitting.
Notre Iameteam haso;
ice' '-a t "far ' h w s
that was administe red by C
n's Ilii to a'10 to-4 tim;i
men hold over'whelming v
ver every other team 'tr
laed oni their 1923 ad.r
R'tegutlar Lineupl
r, will start te _regular ii
isting of Blott atchInt
Be, Haggerty second base, I
"d base, Uteitz short stop, A
Id, Kipke center field,a
.ford right field, with IisKleina
-n in reserve for - ,tie0o,
and Giles, Ullman, adV
eady for infeld relief.
'ette, Ind., May 4 (ft A.P.')
iversity of Michigan as sele
ty as 'the.1924 m~etig ph
onference of Universit Dei
iding their fifth annual gathe
T. A. Busley, of Michgi
cted president and Dean P.
n of the University of Mini
.s named secretary.
go, Mayf4, (By A. P.-NMor
university golfers defeat
iversity of Michigan at t
-reland Country club today,
to 9.
e (1ii1 Service $xais Tod
etitive examinaonsa will.
lay by the Civil Service co
for the positions of clerk a
wrier. Preference will
olex-service men.
inations will be held In tie S
s office of the Court hu
at 9 o'clock this nornin.
ed Next ,W ee
;on display during the fi
next week at the Union.
ainary tryouts for the ton
ill be held at :306 o'lock M(0.
sing at tie Mies teat
for the nterainent w
cents each. Jaes Dresa
charge of the tournament.

son is it is only natural that we 3"I J~ ~ ~O'clock n Monday afternoon in Dr.i son. Twoa of the choir are Russian will e held this- morning, tie truckj carried out in much the same way n -
start our sring house 'cleaning. t istceeniv te $100,0001i as omrowa May's ofice in Waterman gynmnasium, refugees and tie offeing at the church^ leaving the R. . T. C. office at 8:30i which the last Mimes tournament'-
Ourcou orefulcol-ock. tme Artlnsalmettoetme$30,00whie aefrsenpnewll"wigttedsericlwllbwasate teten.di-o'coc. llinerste ae eruite wa hldoAridiidulurpropoff
tgsaogtilie Oea- gurne.at the sine hours on Tuesday after- rector Peter Fecula is in charge Of- to shoot, - individas may enter tie tourna-! 6


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