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April 28, 1923 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-04-28

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to advantage in a number of ways, universities may be able to rid them-
Sbutt perhaps its chief value would selves of such pestiferous and bois-
rest in its benefits to the extension terous forms of amusement, and get
[(IAL E1SPAPER OF THE service in that it would facilitate the back to good old bridge or dominoes.
IVERSITY OF MICHIGAN work of that department by cutting
lhed every morning except Monday down on the expense of the lecture
of Student Publicationsttours now in vogue. Not that the ra.
dio would in any way usurp the work
revs of Western Conference Editorial dipol naywyuuptewr
:r. of the extension service, but it would ,
Associated Pre- .is exclusively en. certainly aid in carrying out the
the use for republication of all news program of the department. Moreover, LErS DUCK
es credited to it or not otherwise
in this paper and the local news pub- approximately fifty thousand people,
1crei,. living in widely scattered sections of Bring Your Cane Troubles here
ed at the postoffice at Ann Arbor, the United States, would have the op- This question of what to do with
n, as second class matter.potntofrfingbthleuel
ription by carrier or mail, $3.50. portunity of profiting by the lecture Senior canes when not abel to han-
s: Ann Arbor Press Building, May- system. de them in the customary manner is
rect. There may be some skepticism as, che
s: Editorial, 2414 and 176-M'; Busi-my eskpics
50: E4; to the practicability of constructing becoming very acute, but ne'erthelessc
a broad casting station, but this Many suggestions have been coming
iunications not to exceed 300 words in for.Substitute usages. If you are
d' the signature not necessarily t should be dispelled by a glance at the infr substitute uage nIfyou are
in print, but as an evidence of faith, facts which reveals that there are a extremely gauche and ungainly with
tices of events will be published inyourStick, and you probably are, open
ily at the discr'dion of the Pd1itor. if large number of universities and yu tcadyupoal roe
or mailed to The Daily office. Un small c e opern radio out your ears and you may get some val-
commnnications will receive no con- .scesply. te sradio hou able ideas as to what to do with it
n. No manuscript will be returned fits successfuhy. The radio haal- in the future. And if you have dis-
e writer encloses postage. sentiments ready commanded so much attention,
t necessarily endorse thecoveredsome private scheme of your
d in the communications. that a National Conference to discuss overeomeapaent cd then send
thatquws;onaksaecntly eldni
the question was recently held iit in to help out your befuddled and
EDITORIAL STAFF Washington at the invitation of Sec- . .
o perspiring class-mates.
elephones 2114 and 176-31 retary of Commerce Hoover. In view "I give up. After a futile attempt
of these facts the officials who are em-
MANAGNG EITORto show off _before the one and only
MANAGING EDITOR powered to release finances for Uni- I
in which I suffered a badly twisted
MARION B. STAHL versity improvements should be fars.h
sighted enough to see that Michigan, I have decided
dior .................Pa~tt Watzeill b e eatly handicapped to bore holes in my cane and play 'it
ditor ..............James B. Young like a flute." 'hdax.s
it City Editor........J. A. Bacon does not possess her own broad-cast-lafu".
al Board Chairman ......E. R. "eiss"My room-mate tripped himself the1
iors-ing station other day and sprained his ankle.j
SByers Harry Hoey Now he's got a real use for the dogI
HJershdorfer R. C. Moriarty ROYALTY STILL RESPECTED that bit him." Denny.
Donahue J. E. Mack Last Thursday in England midst a '."I'm going to buy another one, let1
t~'i~........ala~ F Elittconsiderable amoaunt of otn ot
's Editor.............Marion Koc s rn o te ttious a steam roller run over them and
Magazine Editor ....1H. A. Donahue display and ceremony, Albert, Duke use'm for skiis next winter."
Editor.................E. H. Ailes
!?ditor...........Buckley C. Robbins of York and second soi of the king!Squat.
Editorial Board and queen, was married to Lady Eliz- * * *
Kerr Maurice Bermanel abeth Bowes-Lyon. Perhaps the most DEIR POT
AssistaEugnt e Carmchael i significant incident concerning the af-
* Assistants fair from1theJpo nt of iew I grabbed a good seat in the bleacher.;
If. Armstrong Frank in 1. Hepburr fair from the point of vew of an A cozy yet hard little spot
Eielfield Winona A. Hibbard American is that thousands of Brit-- . .les
T 1 h hotk

Editor, The Michigan Daily:
Your comments regarding the ap-
pearance of Ann Arbor and that the'
citizens here should keep upwith the
mprovements of the University are
pertinent, but with the attitude of the
average university students the beau-
tifying of the grounds, keeping up
lawns, etc., is a discouraging im-
possibility. They play ball, tramp
over lawns and shrubbery so as to4
discourage us from any attempt at
beautifying our homes. It would
seem that young men from 19 to 25
years of age would have some con-
sideration for the rights of others,
but they do not. Devote some of your
space to inculcating decency in that
regard into the minds of the students,
and the people here will gladly keep
up their. grounds and premises.
Regarding the unpainted houses
around the campus and the poor ap-
pearance of many ;of them, most of
those houses are the property of the
University. Very few cities keep up
the appearance of their homes better
than does Ann Arbor.

The popular song hit
was a bit premature.
made its debut with

"Daning Fool"
It should have
the endurance'


Schedule in Effect October zZ, 2ga
Central Time (Slow Time)
P. M. A.M. P.M. P.M.
3:.45 7:45 ... Adrian .,.. 3:45 8:45
4.15 8s ...Tecumseh ... 12:15 8:1s.
4:39 8:30 ... Clinton .... tz:oo 8:00
5:15 9:15 .. Saline ... 33:5 7:15 E
5:45 9:454 Arnn ArborLv. 10:45 6:45
Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
D-Daily. X-Daily except Sundays
and Holidays. F'riday and Saturday special
bus for students leaves Adrian :4 . leaves
Atn Arbor 4:45.
JAMES H. ELLIOTT, Proprietor
Phone 46
Ann Arbor and Jackson
(Eastern Standard Time){
Detroit Limited and Express Cars-
6:00 a.m., 7:0o a.m., 8:oo a.m., 9:05
a.m. and hourly to 9 :O p.m.
Jackson Express Crrs (local stops
west of Ann Arbor)-9:47 a.m., and
every two hours to 9:47 p.m.
, Local Cars East Bound-7:00 a.n.
and every two hours to 9:00 p. i.,
:oo p.m. To Ypsilanti only-l:40
p.m., 1:13 a.m.
To Saline-Change at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West Bound-7 :50 a.m.,
To Jackson and Kalamazoo-Lirr-
ited cars 3:47, 10:47 a.m., 12:47, 2:47,
4:47 p.m.
To Jackson and Lansing-Limited at
8:47 p.m.


308 S. State St.





Kentucky Egg and Lump

West Va. Egg and Lump

Pocalontas and Coke



PHONES 81-F1 and 2207
Office - Cornwell Block.



(The Daily Iowan)
Whether it is better to be a social
lion than a good student is admittedly'
a perplexing question and one which
will likely lye no nearer a solution

1923 APRIL 1923
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JBillimgton Edward J. Hllggins
lBro nl Kenneth C. K{elar
Clark Elizabeth lieberaun
Connable John McGinnis
ctte cote Samuel Moore
1. Coughlin M. It. Pryor
1"pstein - W. B. Rafferty
Fiske -- Robert G. Ramsay
Garlinghlctnse 1. W. P-witch
S. Goodspeed Soll J. Schnitz
Goulder Philip M. Wagnes

1id Ifalgrim- -
Telone 960
:tisi.... ...Jbhn J. Iamel, Jr.
rti -itt .g..... aWalter K. Scherer
i:rtiIiug ... .Lawrence 1H. Favrot.
'catin ... . Edward F. Conlin
~%rtn ......David J. TM. Parki
eao .....Townsend H.. Wolfe
units ..............L. Beaumont Packs
, M. Hayden Wm. I. Good
cne L. Dunne , Clyde L. 1lagerman
C. Ta'ji1 tHenry Freud
L. Putman ClaytonaPurdy
D,. Arniantrout J, 13. San zenbachier
am H. Reid, Jr. Clifford Mitts
>ld t. Wale Thoma, M achren
.. Roesser Louis M. Dexter
n S. Morton C. Wells Christie
s A. .Dryer Edward B. Reidle,
Bert W. Cooper

ons stayed up most of the night before
in rainy weather in order to.gain a
place of vantage from which to see
the royal couple in the morning.
And this in spite of the fact that the
radical press and labor leaders
sought to turn the minds of the peo-
ple against the wedding through
hurling invectives at the expense it
Perhaps, the king did spend too
much money in his efforts to see to
it that his son was tendered a mar-
riage ceremony befitting his station.
For centuries the propensities, of
English sovereigns havetended to-
wards royal display, and it is difficult
to wipe out such a backgrpund even
though the economic conditions of tle
time do call for moderation and econ-
But the fact remains that in re-
iainiug obdurate to the distressing
pleas of the radicals the English pco-
pie again showed their inherent re-
spect for royalty and their love for
the king. Even in the crisis which
resulted in the execution of Charles
the first, when England was suffering#
keenly under the yoke of more thanI
a century of despotism, it took all of
the subterfuge of the most competent
men of the time to suppress all dan-J
gerous outward manifestation of re,
gard on the part of the people for
tjieir king. That this spirit of re-'
spect for rank should still be no-
ticeable at a time when the democrat-
ic ideal is at its height is significant,
if not praiseworthy.
It is not our province to attempt to
discredit any of the statements made
by English radicals in their denun-
ciations of the gross extravagance1

'iesun was snure snni mmg y
And it shone right through my pot. twenty years hence than tokry. It re-
A mains true, however, that college men
In the winter when winds are whiz-iimmemorial have uncon-
isciously set about acquiring the trap-
ziM l.'ngs of the elite without troubling
,My head was cold-I needed a shot.
You can't cover a ten by five dormi their minds as to which is the proper
' tory' ourse.
WitoryTheir action is now in a degree sup-
With a thim grey six by three pot. ported by authority. Prof. Adelbert
It/s~art of the good l' existence Ford of the University of :Michigan{
Itside witht thetsociald graces, Ills. .
Through wlhch a frosh must trot. sides with the social graces, His .ip-
But, Gosh! Bunk, on the 19th of May 'restigations prove conclusively that
My days 4."^ through warming this with business men, at any rate, social
pot. prominence while in college rather,
than a Magna Gum Laurie on the col-
lege te school counts for more. Prom-
The good little pot o o r .t1eco
The dear little pot inence in social affairs on the college
In heaven you'll be worn by your campus is one of the most successful
sire. job-getters for positions wlilch re-'
But be strong little pot quire personal contact.
Business men who come to Ann
For you're sure to be shot
Into the blaziig ree hot Cap Night Arbor in the spring in search of suit-
fire. ' IAGSHANN IN. ablI college trained material for busi-
. .AGH N .nss situations invariably prefer the
man who has proved his ability to get
tihbi 4pilled the Bemis E
o e . . on well with people without paying
The Relief expeditioners i their Iuch attention to whether he has at-
trusty airplane a mile high circled t d
over the Island of starvation. nt.
With willing hands they dumped a n1t
However, while social polish wins
sack of beans over the side. Owing to in the case ofa man who intends to
the force of Gravity, the sack de-
. wng6te ae-ac go into business. it does not in the
scended. Owing to the same Force, case of his academic sister, the co-ed.
the sack burst op an sille the Business men are not desirous of em-
k "o,,tfa and id e over tand. ploying a woman whose social stand-
ow, they said, "ithe iabita ards are very high for the simple
can- only -hold out tli next August1
reason that she is unlikely to fit into
thie en '' the business-like, matter-of-fact at-
have plenty." mosphere of the ofiee. The prime at-:
Whereupon.ent away from tributes for a college woman who
there. Just Jake.. 7 1n ^ rf i ntv iii. +.- -r7,

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f .,


-ight Lditor-ROBT. C. MORIARTY
The eyes of Michigan men all over
:he country are focused upon the two
2;reat relay classics in which the Uni-
versity is competing today. Braving
the possibilities of defeat by at-
enpting to achieve the fame of un-
conquerable tracksters in both east
and west simultaneously, when com-
plete victory in either one of the
meets wotd. be almost assured, the
'wonder team" is the center of ath-
etic ,interest.
-n tlheface of nunerous protests
hat Michigan inexcusably ignored the
value of athletic renown among east-
ern circles, men have been sent to
represent the University in the an-
aual Penn Relay Carnival, the great-
ost annual event in the interest of
rack teams throughout the country.
Alen who have long wished to see
:heir Mina Mater represented in con-
ests held in the East will have the
>pportunity to witness two of her





involved in the royal wedding, Ln
doubtedly their position was justified
by the economic depravity of the
time. But for the majority of the
people to turn a deaf ear to the co-
gent prognostigations of the entire
liberal element that famine or revo-
lution would result if the wedding
were not shorn of all of the elaborate
display which actually characterized
it, is a pretty good sign that King
George is firmly seated on his throne,
and that conditions in England will
be a great deal -blacker than they are
now before his position will be in any

Try Tlils on the Vietrola or Run It
Througli tle Washing Maichine
There's v. faulty law that does forbid
The passing out of sheba and kid-
From a dancehall that they may be.
From thegaze of public scrutiny.
Now possibly the orchestra takes a
And feeling your style is not its best1
You seek opportunity to better it

plans to go into the commlercial world
appear to be an ability to concentrate
anil attend to details painstakingly
and carefully.
The ideal Ofiice combination as it
appears from Preressor Ford's in-
vestigations consists of social heroes
and intellectual heroines.
(Detroit Times)
Air engineering, moving forward
by leans and bounds, is in rather
an anomalous position at the moment.

Evening Clothes
Gol Suits

Perhaps by sitting outside a bit. . No enthusiast is reckless enough to
A____claim the air is entirely safe. Sever-
You're- heartlessly stopped as you al tragic incidents have been written
pass out the door into air history as lately as during
And told that it isn't done any more the past month. But at the same time
So you flare right up and ask tlj'em, we are suddenly made aware again

Nickels Arcade



>st phenomenal stars in recent SIGNS OF TIE TIMEj
ars perform in Philadelphia today. "Vanity of vanities; all is vanity."
ny others farther west can witness So said Ecclesiastes thousands of-
e reniainder of the team at the years ago. And late developments inE
ake meet, thus spreading the ath- collegiate circles seem to prove that
ic competition in two opposite -di- he was right.}
ctions. An announcement that a beaufy con-E

But are only glared at and answered
You drag her back as the music starts
With your dreams broken into a mil-',
lion Darts
For you (lid so want to review tdO

of the fact that 'the plane is an ideal
instrument in services of safety and
rescue missions to obscure places
where emergencies are not to be met
by ordinary means of transportation.
Within a week it has been demon-
strated that if a band of starving
persons had been on Fox Island in

. ________ _ ._ .,..__.___.___._._ __ .__._ _. ._..

. _

Now chat the impetus has been.
iven for greater expansion in1
+ll sportsmanlike competition, the1
taunch supporters of Michigan look,
forward to the steady increase of par-
icipation in eastern affairs that this
['niversity can be fairly judged in,
athletic hierit by the individuals who;
tre reluctant to accede the 'West the;
r:ecognition in any sport.
The radio situation at Michigan re-
mains unchanged. While other uni-
versities are making decided ad-
vances in this field, no action has as
yet been taken by the Board of Re-
rents towards the release of theI

test for men being conducted at the her
University of Oklahoma is being en-,A story that wouldn't be ne
thusiastically supported comes right with gestures.
on the heels of the published fact
that at a certain neighbor university, But don't give up; whilet
where an investigation was conduct- I there's hope
ed,. men were found to be large con- And you haven't reached t
sumers of beauty clays, cold creams, your rope.
and complexion powders. If you want to pass out an
At the university where the beauty some gin
contest is being conducted, the man Just assimilate some and
declared the best looking is to re- out IN. L
ceive a mirror autographed by Ru-
dolph Valentino. Such a prize will Dear Lammer,-
indeed be a treasure worth owning. It's a little too clean for
In fact the winner of the mirror in ing machine so I thought
all probability would refuse to trade through the column. The
it for a Varsity letter. bursted.

icebound Lake Michigan, as had been
w to her- reported, airmen would have saved
their lives. It is announced now at
- Selfridge Field that army aviators are


o ats!

there's life
the end of
1 you have
you'll pass
the wash-

preparing to rescue shipwrecked mar-
iners in the Great Lakes during the
coning summer. Two air yachts, hy-
droplanes of tested capability and a
capacity of five passengers apiece, are
to be held in readiness for instiutane-;
ous embarkation on errands of mercy.
Fuel stations will be established at
various.points around the lakes.
No army service is in a better po-
sition just now to justify its exist-

You'll not be ashatied
o coatless if you
send your laundry here

"Put your duds
in our suds~

I'd run it ence than its air division. Ordinary
victrola's I human reasons make peyple reluct-
ant to invest heavily in research

' nrtm 1 :

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