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March 31, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-03-31

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C Spring bonnets md creamy
1 Norfolks may appear tomorrow EETOFCR
with reasonable assurance or not [C 9 Ifl
being ruined by an April show- Tft Tllr
e r, according to a forecast by t e w a he u e uet r a . 9A l AT~f), t.-i---.#--III - _111

Special Service
Held Yesterday
Special Go0od Friday services were
held at 2O'clock yesterday afternoon
athe Wue rtl theaver. Addresses
were delivered by Rev. L4. A. Barrett
of the First :Pre~byterian church, and
the Rev. IHerbert Atchinson Jump of


University Deant
Given New Hdonor;


Wan the re~1centL Cold spell
keeping Spring ap~arel out of
sight until now, the fashion pa-
rade may begin tomorrow.
If present indications may be
relied upon, the day will be cool
and clear, it was stated at Wash-




f R
J +

Y y ;..." ..rr+.w r+ rt«w ,+fwV+w.i}w +wiw rrww w I

of V~S.

0-(By A..)-
rious Lansing-'
'by which the
A the "specialj
hina has been
be announced
overunments at

11 an-

*of under-

of Individual Confer'
In the final general session of theI
i ; s'choolmasters' club) held yesterday1
morning in 11111 auditorium officers foi
COLUMDIIflECK :\ year wore elected acid revor:s.
weremaey ai'scmnto.
Passenger Trai Jlits Automobtle; Faculty lien Eivc k-4
Sudden Stop Der:ilis Vila 1.7. F'yan, of. Detroit, waselc
Cc c1es ed president of the organization, W.
-F. tewi s, of the Northern state Nor-t
BLOCET) iJAFIC ~mal of Marquette, was chosen vice-
TRAIN'S 'TO0 ll; RE-ROUTED President, A. It. Crittendon, of the clas-
sical language department, member of 1
the exceiutive council, and L. P1. .Jocc-!
Columbus, MIarch 30--Wky A. I'.)- lyt2 of Ann Arbor, secretary and treas-j
seven persons were killed and many urer.
injur A here tNday when a 700 tanf A report of the committee on ex-
BI- our ullmn trin srucka iperimeutal studies and investigation
i ,0 pounid automobile and wus de- inl high schools was made by rc-
raile in grad crosing ccidnt. al George Nutrdock of Detroit. Super-'
Autorillsts Kill"d f utendent L. A. Butler of Ann Arbor
{Running an hour late enroute from submitted the report of the comnmittee
Boston to Cincinnati, it was thrown 'On teacchers' agencies.
from the rails by the sudden appli- lacees Value on Recreation
cation of the braltces after '.he engine Dead James E. Rogers, of New York,a
had rased hrogh he ut~obie.spoke. befor~e the schoolmasters in-
h engie andhfourht he u tople.terested in recreation work at 4 0'-+
The ngin andfou coahes op-clock yesterday afternoon in Natural
pled over. With the exception of the Scc auditorium. He discussed the'
diner,' which wa~s tha last, car, all ofpuos and need of recreation and its
the other cars in the train. left tevei the p reerpocalsedtiz
track. The occupant~s of the auto- that exists in cities. '
mobile were instantly killed. "Reading, 'Riting, 'Rtithui^ c tic, and
Trahk Ile-routed Recreation, are rapidly, becomi:ng the
That more were not killed was at- four R's of modern education," Dear
tributed to the fact that the coaches Rogers declared. 'He laid' the cause
were of steel construtction and did of this to the increasing knowledge of'
not crumble up despite that their I the value of such treatment andl the
trucks were torn away and 'they were nderstanding amrong wen of indlus
'piled' against the overturned locomo- try as to its practicability.
tive. O f ther indivdual conferences' :n ape.
Portions o the automobile and it cialized groups were held throutghout
ocuats were carried for mr the afternoon, closing with a b~n~
The racki~a tororedinner at the Union last niolht..
for a city block and traffic blocked.
SThe Big Four routed trains on its (NRUIT ISVCHE ('Al
Cleveaddvio veteHoin J lUI itiJIL UI
eln iiinoe h okn CNTValley road for the remainder of{
Ethe day. SLE8M 4 SET
' ' ' Los Angeles, March 30-(By'A. P.,)I
Union nominating' committeemen I ---Herbert Wilson, former evangel-
who, are' to select capdidates for, thej ist, alleged mail robber, and convict-a

thie Congregational church.
Paul Wilson' played a trumpet solo,
"The Holy City", R. Winfield Adams
sang "Before the Crucifix" and Nora
Crane Hunt sang Buck's. "MyRe
R-deenier andl My Lord". Prof. Earl
V. Moore, of the School of Music,
was at the: organ. Words of, the
hymns were "flashed, on the screen.

N omuluittimia of University,
('onlfirm(41 by lItogejts
Thursdiay ig ht

'Miuuy Faculty M[en Cthosen to Becomne
Members of Association of
!As the last feature of the three day
session of the Michigan Academy of
(Sciences; Arts and Letters, Prof. AWil-
11lamn B. Scott of Princeton university,
spoke on "Evidences of Evolution" at
4:15 o'clock yesterday afternoon in
Hill auditorium. Many members of the
Schoolmasters' club, and a numnber
of students and members of the Uni-
versity faculty were also present.
Callis-Anti. Evolutionists Narrowv
The bulk of Professor Scott's lec-
ture was san abstract of his boo% on


LEAVES OF ABISENCE AND the same subject, which is a compil-
lItEES ALSO (GRANTED ation of several of his lecturesfle
______openeds his talk with a mention of the
The oardof egens a ther ati-evolution g'roufp which is rising
The Bard f Regnts t thir, n the United States, This group is
monthly session held Thursday" night, !seeking to have the teaching of the
granted a number of degrees and theory of evolution barred from the
leaves of absence and appointed to they colleges and universities in this coun-
Board in Control of Athletics the; try, and have nearly succeeded in hav-
tour faculty, men recently' nonyinated ing; such. action taken in Kentucky,
by the University Senate. Oklahoma, and Minnesota. This idea
In accordance with the Senate rec- of the, falsity of the theory of evolu-
ommendation, Prof. Ralph 'W. Aig- t ion is as narrow as the. old fighit
her, of the. Law "school, Prof. William against the theoiry that the earth is
A. VFrayer, of, the history..e'part- round, Professior Scott says, and in no
meat, Prof. 'Alfred 0. Lee, of the Ro- way can the pursuit of the theory h)e
"manc7e languages diepartmnent, andI called atheistical.
,e Six main points. were taken u~p by
Prof. Clarence: T. Johnston, of the PrfsorSotinodr-oso
partment of geodesy and surveying, videsoSct noeolto.shew
were elected 'for terms of four, three, st was the flexibility shown in thle
two and one years, respectively. development of certain animals upon
:sake EHmre=rits Professors ; domestication; the' second was the
Prof. Moritz Levi of thle, Frenchl similarity of the various stages of the
department and 'Prof. Frederick ,C. ,le bryo of fish, reptiles, birds, mai-
Newcombhe of the botany department i suns, and man; the third was the proof
who -will retire at the close of the; offe'red by the new blood test whichl es-
current seme ster, were' made profes- (Continued on Page Two)


accepted a~
of Japanese
oe interpreta-
rthe United
ver the exac
gver was set-l

speaker En

YY ~~~~" C i v i l i z a t i o n w i l l v n e n r h a d - t n
INorth on thne shore:
seas," said VTilhjalm
noted Arctic explorer
--Photo by Reritschler. ; t the regular Convo
Dean John Ri. Effinger hl etra on
Dean John 1". Effinger, of the Col- toIu.
lege of Literature, Science and theI The speaker laid es
'Arts, was ;elected to membership in on the point that the
the section of language and literature useless mass of snoNi
in the Michigan Academy of Sciences,; lief that we inheritf
- Arts and, Letters., tors, but is a valuable
______________________________there are unlimited
Iwhere wvhite people ca
I ' per. "As a matter o
1 "only 25 per cent of
MORGN TO GIVE permanent ice and
i he developmento
Coliinuibia Ltniversily Professor W'ill various historical as]
spa n"Genetics anal4 discussed by the speal
eyelopment how England had lie
th ossno uar-raising island int
WlL, ALSO GIVE TWO and Canada, after a w
MORETEUIMCA TAKS and how Canada was
only because of its co
"Genetics and Development"' will land and the danger
bey the subject of a 'popular leCture session. In speakinf
to be given. by Dr. Thomas Hunt Mor- pointed out that this
gun, professor of experimentalzo was purchased for
! olgy t Clur~bi unverity at. 8act of gratefulness to
* oogyat olubi unverity 'a Sbecome exceedinglyr
o'clock MN-onday evening; in the Nat-!O."t srchi1o
r'ur'al Science auditorium.eregodadsve
To Speak Three 'Tim es cis,1918d and5silver
Hie will' also deliver two other lec- iust1one,:3aticular
tures which will be somewhat more; salmon."
technical in tone but to which all in- j Is dt "Efr41l
terested are invited.' The first of! Mr. Stefansson cali4
these talks will be given at 4:15 unjust to term the Ar
o'clock Monday afternon in' room North" and said, "In A~
214 of. the Natural Science building ClfriadTx
on the toipic "Somec Recent Work oni tuire often reaches 1:
Mutants in, Drospophilia". The sec- zer an'd yet we do n,
ond wil be given at 10 o'clock Tuesday boiling or broiling
morning in the same room on the srcugan btii
suibject, "The Particulate Theory of ' should we be unfair
Inheritance",.n pako h
Born in Lexington, Ky., he gad- ath eaofNth P
'uated fronm Kentucky State univer- !Ini telling of th
sity in 1886, receiving his master's de- se1en European count
gree from that institution a few Bergen, an island 600
-years later. He then' took up his stud-; the Arctic circle, the
ies at Johns Hopkins university, er said that Norway
whera, he received the Ph.D. and land just as Engla
LL.D. degrees. In 1891 he went to "ning to realize that th
Bryn Mawr as professor of biology best for use on bal
and in 1904 he assumed the professor-; time will come," he
ship in experimental zoology at Co- Spitzbergen coal wilJ
lun.-bia university, a position which ;great extent in Great




March 30.-It is not!
ne hitherto unknown
discovered as a sub-
ine, according to thet
ee Lewis, famed in-
ssor of chemistry at
of scientific men and!
is being directed
tracting more gaso-
etroleum and~ utiliza-
dIe sources such as
ales and sandstones,"
"Rapid progress is
g the first line, that
pment of so-called
ses' which increase
dline from crude pe-
k there is a great
so-called aluminum
if one distills 10
nso with aluminum
ins some sir or sev-
;oline. The OdfFIculty
ecover the aluminum
y be used over again
ve that problem soon
tales are already be-
gasoline and if the'
will become an iu-
lines of progress:-
in present Ipetroleum~
ion of low' grade
hales, better c,,rhui'-
asteful engines, anfl
s~ to cases, as switch-
bustibles such as al-
)nceive of any mirac-
)utside. of the above

presidency, the 'five vice-presidencies,
and the, position of recording secre-;
tary for the next school' year ha~ve
been appointed by Thomias, 1. Under-
wood, '23L, Union president.
Robert E.. Adams, Jr., '23, chairman,.
SPaul G. Goebel, '23E, 'Edward Moore,
'22E, ht. 1B. Stahl, '25L, and Burton!
Dunlop, '23, will form the, committee.
They are scheduled to mneet Tuesday
it the Union.
The men nominated for next year's
offices will be voted upon in the an-{
nual campus election by -the male
students of the University..
!Professor. Caste Tells of Dramat c
j Work @of Xaeterhlnek
Prof. Jean-:Marie Carre of the'ni
versity of Lyons, F'ranlce, spoke; at, 3
o'clock yesterday afternoon in the Niat-'
ural Science auditorium on the Sub-
ject, "Le Theatre 'de Maeterlinck."
In his talk, Professor Garre attAemlht-
ed to analyze the moltivesanat! methodfs
underlying Maetrei inck's dramnatic
work. Taking ai number of works,
'he discussed them in detail, showing
how the poet, throug~h his, cb..raeter-s,
sought to make known hid the ries.

ed1 murderer, has told postal ins~pect-
ors lie can solvie the 'Wall street
bomb i xplosion in New York, Sept.
17, 1,920.
Wilson, a prisoner in the Los An-
geley county jail, who for'merly main-
tained silence concerning all crime
attributed to him, "has changed his
attitude and has talked", according
to jail officials.
"~Men are likely to makte mistakes
in' life," Wilson reported, ",and after-
ward to regret themr. I believe I will
be rewardled if I assist in clearing
tip activities of criminals.",
Hle is said to have decided some
w~ek~s ago to fall in line with law
and 'order and Sheriff William I.
Tre-ker took him at his word when
notifie'd of the reported change of
Witon, according to federal au-
thorities, is believed to have knowl-
edge of mail robberies in New York,
Buffalo, Detroit, Toledo, Columbus,
and L~os Angeles, although it was
only for one of these that he wasar'-
rested in Iros Angeles, March 1.192.1.
Spanish Society.
.Presents Comedy'

sors emeritus by the Itegents.
-Prpt.'Itcne Talamon, df the .14rencb
department, was gratt:l a leave of
absence for the university year 1923-
1924 to become head of tl~e modern ;
language denartinent of the, MYcCan-
d ler Flo ating- school:
Prof. IFred'erick .. Novy, director
of the hygienic laboratory, will leave
May 10 to attend the Pasteur cen-
tenary celbration and the eight
hundredth anniversary of the found-
ing of St." Bartholomew's hospital ini
(Continued on Page Two)
Turks May Hinderu
Scien tific Quests
"if the return of Asia 'Minor to the
Turks means that archaeological in-
vestigations, there must cease, I ain
greatly opposed to ,its" asserted Prof.
David' M. Robinson, of Johns H1op- '
kins university, who'has just deliveredl
two University lectures, here.
"Just yesterday 'the report came
that, all instruction in Turkey miust b,.
given in Turkish. This means, that
the excellent' instruction given in
American and other' foreign colleges
will be greatly curtailed or cease al-
together. Withx that situation, pro-1
gtress will become impossible as the
Turks themselves have no 'great un-
versities or. native culture. Such cub-
ture as they have is borrowed from
the Persians, -Arabs and Europeans
with whom they have come in contact."

-(Special to'The Daily
SPalo Alto; Cal., Matrcir 30.-All Le-
hand Stanford~ university turned out
ftoday to greet Coach Yost on his re-~
tirn' to the university after an ahb-
sence of 'over 21 'years. M1any Stan-
ford alumni, former nmembhers ,of°
,Ypst's teams here, returned to see
their old football -mentor on his trip4
throughout the Pacific, coast states.
T he, last time that. Yost appeared
at Stanord. wAas in 1902 when he
brought heis first Wolverine team
west to play Stanford at Pasedena on
New Year's day.
At Berkeley the Coach was enter-
tailedl by the local alumni asoiatilon
and by the athletic aut~horities at the
University, of California,' which school
he visited yesterday. Speeches, ban-,
quets and receptions have made up',
Yosts program during his short stops
at California cities.
Yost's next stop is at' San Fran-j
cisco, where he will be toinorrow,
and then Portland, scheduled for
April 4. He will not return to Anns
Arbor until April 12.

he has held ever since.
Is Well Rnown Author
Ie is a member of many foreign!
and, national societies and has hadi
the ;honor of presiding over several ;
of them.. As an author he has writ-I;
ten many books on zoological topics
and his works on genetics are well,
His best kiown and most' impor-
tant invesitigations have been on ex-
peritnental Zoology, regeneration,
adaptation and evolution, heredity
and sex, stuojies on the mechanism of
mendelian heredity, the development~
of the frog's egg, and on other bio-;
logical and embryonic subjects.

InI speaking of th
grass land in the1
could ,be utilized,
said, "There is Ian(
a half times the sit
SUAcs which could be
and the raising of re
In conclusion he
Canada is a great'c
Siberia will become
said, "Three-fourths
is now considered"
settled and and it
only to the United
and rival the wealth
Presideant Marion

he stated.
",Besides being upconstructive by lHD lfI
nature," he, continued, "the ifgooran* A USTOR IHTO

Ai I can't
.i solution

(Crarvon Un prov"esIn Health
London, Mlarch 30-(By A.P.)--Te'
Earl of Carnavon who is seriously All;
in Cairo, Egypt, is slightly better ac-
-orin- to a message received at his
Condon residence today. ils condi-
ion, however, is described as still
Around The World

Professor Carre illustrated hi varlis I
points with excerpts from a number Members of La Sociedad Hispianica
of the great dramatist's plays. presented their annual play Thurs-
- day night in Sarah Caswell Angell
-hall. The comedy, "Las Cigarras Hor
111111 V migas", was enthusiasticaly received
FftrUS 1ACE hILL SPEAR by a small audience.
~Had the famous author, Jacinto Dien-
Talkto e Bs~ei onHisnrolugavente, stopped off at Ann Arbor on
Talkto B Basd on Hi Er jea his tour through America and been
'drip present that night, he would have felt
Ae-greatly complimented that people of
'rapt. Eddie Rickeenbacker, Aei another land should .have' labored sc
ca's Ace of Aces during, the recent long and well -to portray his comedy
war, will speak next Tuesday. in Hill of Spanish life. The acting in the play
auditorium under the auspices of thei was uniformly excellent and the lines
Engineering society, so evenly divided that to choose any
Basing his discussion- on a recent-;individual, star would be impossible.
European trip during which he ,made # The artistry of the play, its true
an -ex tensive investigation' of Euro- Spanish touches, must all be attributI
pean conditions," Captain Ritckenback-; ed to the efforts of Mr. E. A. Mercado
At-wil ivP iat W " offli end-and Mr. Norman L. 'Willey, of Athe

peasantry, because of wierd supersti-'c cc tesakrwi
tions, every year destroys much 6't LIIfj'ODOY rr~~rTlf~lIATr~ rs nte cod
hxistorical value. The most coinmzor Iii IIID itlUlU P j J~ JjjI~jReg'ents and faculty n
belier is that ancient-fragments' corn ___ University and officers
tamn gold, for which -the excavators inaMac 0(fyA .)- (AIA lIJA nr masters' "cluWx were
' are searching.. Hundreds of statues4 ina ac 3--(yA . UIHL 9TN 4L l i ittiLLI111platform.
and inscriptions. have been 'destroyed! Austrian. emigration,. which was al--
iYtth s i a n o turk.ist nnetiaibleduring, the greater New Orleans, La., March 30.--Pete jgIl V
"Yt heAsa inr ur i nt l-1,part of the world war, is reviving gates to the National Foreign Tr.ade. ~IIII ~ I
ways unspeakable although often fan- cneto rmalprso h on IIIII ILI
atical. I can oal f him without dis-j rapidly, and one after the other all coetry fo, alrese ting ore than 29oup-
! o f r . I a n A i i o u ? h t a s i g nces f r elvr , a d r p e e t n o e t a 0T ho , in m ore than one instance, gave repre ented in the "A ustro- H'ungar- Inner H labore nd th d usi lcati n al t o UEm
cfebeoeIe'nwm nae prsInr aro an nutracanaland, after ,he knew it and where I ran' capital are reopening- ;hair on May 5, here.
Thelak f fnd -This' canal, costing about $20,000,- Three one-act play;
biled from,. regaled nme with soup 1door's for biisiniess. T000ck is nnlsdesigned tosirten teruesne ~ h pia
labad'iah' twsaTr nI fotaihneoentrvl oe sfom; the Mississippi lriver to then Gulft 8:15 o'clock Monday
whose house I slept, on the floor or forcibly ataying a r'ush from Austria of Mexico, thus facilitating commrerce the Mimes theater.
an equally hard divan to be sure, but on-a. huge scale.; in the southern, ports. I The program: will
I the b~est he had. It was a Turk wvho,I: Asked 'hat hadi stimulated this em-1 The project, growing out of the Camberly Triangle", b
in return for all this entertainment,: igration fever, the secretai'y of an'imovemnent to continue the government; "Two Slatterns and a
would not accept a piastre." important trades guild said it could be ;navigation laboratory experiment, isStVicn Vlayn
summed up in one word,. "despair".j expected to attract private capital in- '~P asns ewe
nuuirnn - "T~he people.'eager to quit the coup-I to inland water navigation, not onlythr nubsafn
tr areu the retired officers of th~e for- in ti one instance, but in the fu-'wlbegvn
u . LECTURE _will__ _ Te tiketnal
1 111 t "mrAustro-Hungarian army, civi' tore as well., Thornig etatebox
ON MICH EL IA NC EL 0 servants, skilled factory hands, aal Brses Mac 0BvAP-- imstae.
' ON 'tlr~~~~~ilsands union thousands of young Allies Ag'ree Conoerningi Germany urigatebo

" {

-What .vc
fice for a t
Why not z]
real one Nv

Id you bid or sacri-
paround the world?
,ke your vacation a
ia jaunt to the ori-

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