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March 25, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-03-25

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. . --






Reads Passion Play ' I~lII Big Te prts
Here This EveningiVtJULIIJILJ Dictator Here







Ec onaniics Being Introduced in
to Bialance Budget; ,NO


(Inderwood, ".RL, Aet4 its Toa.stinaster;
Itereentatives of Two
s schools Speak

'niversity build-
ussed yesterday
,g of executive
ithe University r
ive committee:~
ieir tour of in-

Rlome, March 24-(By' A.P.)-Pre-
mier Mussolini today expressed his
views on the Italian situation, for
communition toiAer oia, Lee, ori
comemnition toAmver oiaineapr-1
\i'ioYork, onetof theAmericande-
Prof. rlTlomn s . Tiiiblod ae oth ogesof teItra

Slight' earthquake disturb-J FARRELL'S MI
ances were recorded at theo Uni- I s E Pi
Iversity observatory starting nt
I8:10 yesterday morningandlat --
Iing approximately one and one- Time inl 8Si) Y O' It
half hours. The maximum tre- ( aomit fc rtM-ce1
mors were noted at 8:45 and ap- $c
I peared 'to be about 6,000 miles --
distant. As the disturbance 3e ore one of th
seemed to 'be equally distributed II that ever jammed it,
Ifrom the north, south, east and man gymnasium c
Iwest it was impossible to fix the1relsMcinTa
I locaion. ered one of the wor
I___ _---____________e by'a Corne'

)pitalan the Professor 'Truebloo;L, head of the
osatetono public speaking department, will re-
eatnion.ofr cite the Passion Play at 7:30, o'clockI
of the Univer- tonight in the First Methodist' church,
in etil heunder the zmspices of the Wesleyan!
inmpletion the guild.
the nurses"
the proposed,
'oup, with theANONE GE
bucilding and 4 n n iT. a nan


'tional Chamber of Congress now in
progress in Rome.
The Fascisti leadier said:
"First, America should understand
that there is a stable government .in
Italy; second, that economics are be-
ing; introduced in order to balance the
budg et, the result of which will be
realiZed within two years; third, that
Italy is a, country where, great liber-
tyis per mitted to its people b~ut at
the same time the Fascist'i government
insists that there should be no non-
sense in the exercise of liberty. I am
for 'the working man but not for de-
La lorers Organized
The premier outlined how laborers
on farms nuinboring, about' one mil-

Xajo Jon 1.GriitkReceived yesterday morning upon
I Major JnL Griffith frne(oms their arrival at the railway station
sioner of athletics, attended the Cor- r, temmeso h onl
nell track meet here last night. An track team were taken by friends and
interview giving his explanation of ,j studeants acting under the Union re.
the Big Ten professionalism rul1in g ep tion coinmitt~e on a short trip
1appears on page six. around the city and were finally
brought to the Union', their hcadcitiar-
" ( tern for the day.
After their arrival at the Union, 11w
EVncDENTattheNUiP1.While some of
-- the visiting trackmnen strayed about
'Natinee Periortitiaie of ,Jun or Gils the campus accob.npanied by friends
Production Sihows I'oI- during the afternoon, the majority of
i4 ( them remained at the Union where
they rested for the meet last nlight.f
L~tIL CLORTHES PATLY They were served a light lunch at the
RESPNSIBE 'FR SUCESSUnion 'Aust before the track meet.
i VEl'OSIBE t~t.R .SFCE",CoarneII Alciinl Dine
I B~ore; than 50 Cornell alumni, of Dae-


ber of patients
modated. He es-
es will be needed
patients who will
edical attention
tal is completecd.
said .will be used

W1ill Giro Coli1cCIP4inlYoulm-4tow~n, o
ledo and Cie veland,

le large
is way ii
'oach St
ck lean
)rst drab
ell teaim

Mile run: wvon by Kirby (C); see-'
onBowen (M); third, Leussler (C).
Time 4:22 2-5.
50 yard dash: wvon by Wlittmiann
(14) ; second, JLovejoy (C) ; third,
Higgins (M). 'Time 6:5 (new gymna-
sium record).
65 yard high hurdles: won by Hb
Hu-bard (N) second, Tremnan (C) ;
third, Jaeger (C).'Time S:?.
Shot punt:, won by Van Orden (lVI) ;
second,'fBowen (C)'; third, Wolkiwitz

tWolverine runners took: 9
e.; in 11 events and rolled u
total of 66 1-2 points to
28 1-2 for their rivals fro
it was ono of the most s,
track meets that has been
Ann Arbor in the entire1
Waterman gymnasium, and
the reputed effete air of t1
officials in full dress and
kMing of siwctators out of
sands present similarly g
preparation for the Banque~
or of the visitors.
From th.e second event

s'QuestlisPRT PPORA TO E lion were organized according to the
f President Mar-I OFFERED TFESD)AY \ iGHT Fascisti program. Besides the fas-
er of the legis- ___ cisti organization about' 30;,000 men
estioned Dr. Par- JTreo h agrcte fOi pledged to maintain order..
Is 'of the propos-,wllhearofthe Variygece us on Ohio Answering :a question as what
n a~nswer he stat- wilha h astyCe lb nt America could do to help Europe Mus-
spring tour which they will. masse
re~ now living in during the coining vacation.. Tang solini called attention to acc'umula-
about the city. and Tavares, Hawaiian enter'tainers. tion of capital in America and the pos-
situation, he sta t-n Booth's orchestra will 'coman isbilityT of the use' of a great: deal of
t nurses, who o {an;acoman American capital for. development of
3ck n te mon- the organization on the trip.
~ck~ th mon-,The 40 men who will represent the; European resources..
old and wvet. wea Uiesiywl laeAn roSat peaking of the League of Nations
'oca t wlkaurday, April 7 Toledo will be the ' Mussolini said:
fospital. The un-frts;p hr he ilpa a h Views on League
apresent, h, irstaturally thheyleagueplayuat th
~~ 510k Waite Nigh s>chool un~der the auspic- Narlytelage wud e
a onin al si k s of the junior. class. Foli m_,r..-luch stronger' if America would join.
whic. hranaps concert there will be a dance, the mu- ;but is this the psychological moment
Itl .Pe rnhall sic being furnished by Booth's orches-i when the best results are to be real-
le nrse shold ra.Sundy ad Mnday wil beized when America is prepared to en-
onveniences and tera.heundayuandIt wouldybwillsbe t
lorded a collwee; pent in Cleveland. They will give a wti the eaguchItolbowiento
concert Monday evening at the Winton waitentil thesycmiholoicmpoe nt
speaer xplin-hotel under the auspices of the alumni whn Afmericaty m igh im oeldi-
speaer xplin-association of Cleveland. This willtif5 f renywhcwolas
3class rooms and h.b- followed by "a danice in the hotel sist in the stabilization of Europe. ":I.
he nurses would baloo; the present condition in the Ruhr it
ii bcil a llom.ul Tuesday night the organizations will would seem wiser to wait.
Ficappoahd'tha ivea"ptihnntranet t "A great desideratum would be that.
nelal~~ stn ~ t v South otHight chool ainmYontownameiaemn adRsi ne
follwedly astncnatthenot. Ohi.fIthe league. America may well reserve
reciable savingThUnvriyoustwclbad her influence and use it in the direc-
there were ac- Ih nvriyYugtw lb n
-the Michigan alumni association of Lion of other achievements.
enough studenl Thprmrsadhbled u-
J'nverity uldYoungstown are backing thle perform- hepeirsih eivdRs
Tnvesit 1voudar ce. This will conmple'te thre tiip sia would again be received in the
ate nurses. This th'e orgaiainsrtrig to Ann family of nations in a few years.
hre stated, is InI- Arorgapilaios1 euri.
rb and where prl1. .
totanenough The program 'hich has been plan- I~l f
litostra wok. ned for the tour will be given In the T "S 1'O PI
dinin spita l wokpre- trip entertainment Tuesday 'night An u11SJ i
be ei i ae .;i il a dtru . ikt o h O O R W saving of about concert are on~ sale at Wahr's amid H Rh nvriyi
he Uivesit inGmaham.'s bookstores.
hB lspital. DT)^a'I DPRC.IM S TOfKARD WILL DID,'
hositall is the WATSb FR IJILII1J ___
e country of its ___
ly for teaching P111iflDUllTIfHI ntE D['RV Dr. Charles R. Stockard, professor


3 {
,, w,
. ,
f!i' i
1j{j .
1 1

Ease and -confidence produced ,by trolt, members 'of the Cornell club,
three prevI us presentations added thej had dinner at the Union, and proceed-
finish needed to ae'the $aturday'a- ed asa group to the meet at Waterman
ternoon performance ' of 'the' "Junior gymnasiumn.
Girls' play an unqualified success. Lo-j Dir'ectly after the track m~eet, those
cal. color, to which is owed some:, f who attended the formal ba quet of
the' popuhxlrity of :the productien, wa the evening accompanied the Cornell
Dirduced by the setting of the -fir'stj athletes to the union wyhere they, wvith1
act in the Health 'service. " - the Varsity athletes, were the guests
Mary Fair, as Dr. Tomn Blackr., again of the Union formal reception.
carried off high honors, an unusually; During the dinn~er Rhodes' orches-f
fine voice anmd mastery of her role pro- tra playodianmber of popular seec-
ducing an' effect which was alniost tions. James Johnson, '23, entertain-'
professional. Frieda Washropp, who ed with songs during the intermissions
as Poll1y. Fairweather; a nius,'OTa- +V Vnthe ~speeches, which followed
ing opposite Dr. Tom, entered into' the luncheon. Thomas I. U1nderwood,
her. part with a" sureness and ease{ '23L,, acted as toastmaster at the ban-
which .completely captivated the audi- duet, while Prof. Ralph WV. Aigler of
ence, the Law School,) Major John L. Grit-
Shirley Salisbury, as Jane Fielding: t1fth, Conference commissioner of ath~-j
and Mildred Droderson, as Dr. James leties, Coach Steve 'Farrell, Coachj
Black, had the more serious roles, and9 John Moakley of Cornell, Burt S.
succeeded: in making thema as effective I!fBurke, '231±1, Varsity track captain, and
as the lighter Parts. F. K. Lovejoy, Cornell track captain,
Constance Smith and Catherine!I all gave short. talks.
Riggs, the ,Drs. Hasconibe, did muich ' l-uterseh~oastic Runnette Attend I
to lend a comedy atmnosphe're to the Atteniding the baniquet besides the
play. Madeline . MoGurk; as Horace tracknwn, their offcials rand students
Twigg, the fat cheer-leader, convinmced Ianid other guests, were a number of in-j
the audience that everybody loves a terseliolastic mile~ and half mile r'un-f
fat mm n. Rlhea Schlaack, took thie iinrs who competed in the ineet last.
part,- of a colored' porter, whose ha- ( ight' ou invitation by the interschol-
bitual slowness and inquisitivenlejs-astic department of the Athletic aisso"
were -extremely hilinorous. The eiation.. I
uncle, MarlcIHolt, another comedy The Eastern trackmien left shortly
character, was cleverly impersonated after midnight for Ithaca.
by Marian Taiyor. '
Graceful dancing; characterized' all '5OE
of the numerous choruses, but several S O I
were. especially popular, both for ,the -0T cal oua ohfrte
songs and the unusual chorus ideas ni Tua
The college men and girls were best ; lNT[ hNAIIL ,MEU
in the "1.M.O.C." chorus, whilo tll
professors chorus, with new lines add -
ed sinlce its first appearance, scored i DE LEGAiTES EXP ECTED FRO3 11161
its usual hit. The Bro;Adway revu( 'IIi ERSITIES OF t'. 9.
deserves credit both for dancing and AND ENGLAN D
artistic costuming. "Charm was, add--,
ed to the last act by the solo dancing 'Prof. FReed N.:'SeQt of the rhetor-'
of Hortense- Hoad and 'Marian Miller.idpatehsbennvedo el
W.H., and.,H.B., cdprmnhs enivtdt e
-- '- liver' the open ing add ress at the In-
CIIIII.STLAN S CIENTIST TALKS, s# ternational Conference of Professors
TO CHURCH S40CIFET ODAY 1 of Englishk to be held at Columbia un-
iversity June 13 to 15. Professor
Mr. . H Lenar ofChiago~llScott was also° invited to preside at
give a lecture at '4' o'clock this aft- the irst's1sion
ernon inSarh Gaswel An .ll.a . The conference will, be 'composed of
under the .auspices 'of the Christiandegasfo "xorCmig,
Sciece ocity f th Unveritycifand other British universities, and rep~-
Michrigan. The .subject of his talk resentatives of, all the leading unliver-
will be announced there. sities of 'this country.
Mr. Leonard is a member of the
Board, of Lectureship, of the. Mother , .'GIE
Church, The Church of Christ, Sdien-'iHISTORIAN GIE
tist in Boston, Mass. LECTURE THU RSD~AY
It lin Take T1ow1ns 1I Prof.. Roger B. Merriman of thie his-
Rome, March 24-(by A.P.)Y--Italy ! itory departmnent at Harvard Univer-
Ian forces took two African townus sity, will give a University lecture at
from tribesmen today. 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon in the
_________________________ INatural Science, auditorium. The sub-
1 '1ject- of his' lecture will be on "Spain
1SENIORtS 3MUST PLACE CAP I' Under Charles V."
AND GOWN ORDERS AT -ONCEjI Prof. Merriman is, the author of.two
f ~well known byooks, "Life. and Letters
ISenior lits, 'engineers' and eds J of Thomas Cromwell", .and "Rise of
ar req~~nuesctedto tt masueds !: iC'niq e Ti i'-ar A h


(C). Distance 44 feet. 5 1-2 inches. very last, with the e-xcE
440 yard run: _won. by Crozier (C) ; yard dashb, AMichigan ha
second,' Martin (M) ; third, Joyner her own way. F+our gyj:
(MW). Time 52. orrds went by the board
jHigh jump: first place tied between hands of Maize and. B
MacElven and Smith (M); third ers>.
place tied between Nufer (&I), and R~irby Fast in;
Novotny (C). Height 5 feet 10 .inches. Kirby started the sc(
i880'yard r-n: won by Reinke (M); meet for Cornell when
second, Hettendorf (1); third, Cush- I ret.tiest mile that has 1
ing (MW)'. Time' 1:56:4 (new gymna- the local track since -lb
sium~ record and faster than Confer- 'ao, when John Paul J(
ence record). Cornell, set the present;
.65 yard low hurdles: won by Hub- 4:153:2. Kirby wonwit
~bard (M); second, Jaeger (C) ; third, ond, in the great time 'of
Batchelor (C). Time 7:3.' It was not long, ' ho«
Two mile run: won by Isbell (M);j Farrell's men sped east
Davis (M) second; third, Bonsai (C). lians, both in evenits ar
Time 9:37:4 (new gymnasiumi record for two of Coaschi Moakl(
41a3 20 seconds). werfu clown in rapid. sui~
SPole vaalt: won by Brooker (M\),* lwin Lovejoy failed befo:
second, Prosser (M) ; third, Stevens 'recer ' 1 speed in the 50 y"
(C). Height 12 feet 3 7-8 inches. Wolverine winning in 5!
Two mile relay: won by Michigan e nd Treman, Cornell's
(Joyner, Siemnons, Purdy, Martin). proved no n:atchr for fHu
Time 2:43:3. igan',S dushy skinned
Officials: Referee: Griffith. Starter: I 1Habbar1 left Treman far
May (Yale). niti in 8:2. Miichiga'n
third in hu pair of el
Hlig gins beating; out Nile
ithe half century.
DOMEOYCLUBS TO GI Wvolverines Sweep in 3
j iR Y~ The WGZolverines approa
10li IIS 1 sweep in the high jumli
Lllyven and Smith, wlitho
- ertion, tied for first at 5
Comledy'club will-open its doors to es. Bothi failed at 6 feet,
the public at 8, o'clock Tuesday eve- in natmt obekt
ning when it will present two plays mark. Nufer tied for th


at its monthly mneeting' in Sarah Cas-
well Angall hall.. Although meetings
are usually for; club members only,
an exception is being' made in this
case, The program will be given
under the supervIsion of Robert Hien-
derson, '26, who directed that last se-

(Continued oc

,euttlves Fel Neeids
its of the program were
ail by representatives
I colleges concerned.
A in each case of the
iojns which are Nandi-
fforts of Vieir depart-
, Effiger of the Liter-
.plained the congestion
, ~with particular cem-'1
he confusion resulting
fteaching room's.
re committees will su")-
the University appro- I
their respective houses."
e . ecisions which they
:luring their -inspection.
will probably appear
t three weeks.
dies and Pollce Clashi
t11 24-(By A.P.)-Po-
plian soldiers clashed
hi 30 wounded. It isI
o political significance
You Read?
anger in the LivrV,
Miss Inabit Fords
ronce read have lit-
you, yet there are'
hom they still have .'
rough ia Flor Salead

unlI tInivi n I iWn uFr nDtlaI: of an~atomy at the Cornell university s
______ Imedical schiool will lecture at 8 oa'-
COM3liIlSIO PRESIDET AVOW. clock tomorrow night in the NaturalI
El¢) PA9CIF~IST, UPYHOLDNS LEAGUE Science auditorium on the subject off
ASPEACE OPES "The Origin of Human Types and The;c
____ Influence of Internal Secretions."
BruselsMarh 24(ByA.P.- IThis lecture will be of a popular na-y
Jules Gestree of Belgium'who is pr- tTwo other lectures to be given' by
siding over the mxeetings here of the'D tcadhr reo ir ch
League of Nations commission on In- i D.liokr eeaeo oetc
lerntioal ntelectal oopraton nical nature. The first lecture on the
serai oday'Itha etuaaw eaticon-Isubject of "Modification of Dveop
saidtody tat e ws aaitng on-mental Rate and the Structural Res-
firmation of the press report telling£
of the resignation of Albert EinsteinF ponses" will be given at 4:15 o'clockx
fromthe ommision Monday afternoon in Room 21'4 of the
fromthecomisson.Natural Science building. The otherT
He expressed surprise at the tenor letrIeln ih h oi f"h
of Prof. Einstein's letter in which the lcstrueCydealingsithteatopicof A"The'
German member said he was convin- jCsru ylsa en fAay
ced that 'the league had neither the zing Structural Changes" will be giv-
strength or good will necessary to ac-ent :1o'lcTusaafron
complish its task and that. "as a con-I in Room 413 of the Natural Science
vinced pacifist it does not seem well j butll ling. The lectures are given unx-
to me to have any relations whatever dter the auspices of the zoology depart-
with the League.", Drentocadscifsinii.n
M. Gestree declared he was as great i Dr.stgtock aed'snchie in ti
a pacifist as Professor Einstein yet vfesidonsorhavegybee adeainohe#
"the League of Nations seems to m elofmrhog.Hhaasoed
the b~est hope for realization for the inquieitions into the cancer prob-l
peace of the world."He added that1 lem. Dr. Stockard~ has been prtofes-
Professor Einstein was never present sor of anatomy at Cornell university
at any meeting of the commission. : medical school since 1911. He is5 rec-1
________________ognized as one of the leaders in his,
field'. All his lectures are concerned
]EFFING ER TO BE largely with results obtained from his.
AT DN~ MEET' ow'~ investigations and observations:
#Dean John R. Effinr will attend SELLIS FAST AT TIRACK( EET'


ries of Comedy club plays.. A-, tle sixth ev ent
The first number .will be Strind- programn last night cl
burg's "The Str'onger", in which the from several cities in t
two parts will be takren by B~ethany f eted in the finals of
Lovell, '25, and Virginia Brodel, S. of lHornberger, an Ann
Td. H'ere two women constitute the! placed first with a ti'me
entire cast. One of them does all the! closely followed by Bu(
talking _of the drama, while the other zoo and Horn of Batty
is, a 'pautomine part with facial ex- followed in order.
pre~ssion as the only response. In the state inters(
.Dunsany's "Fame and. the Poet" j n lart of Saginaw
will be the second play. In this the a spirited race in 2:0
poet is MW. D. Spencer, '25L, while Hough,,ton of Eastern,
Fanie is played 'by Robert Render- lVoorhies of Southwest(
son. Edward Parnall, '25, will carry In the fraternity chain
the r'ole of, Dick Prattle. Phi Gamma Delta set
for the fraternity relay
DISTRIBUTE BALL, bY defeating Acacia.
team was composed of
J. TICKETS TUESDAY D. S. Scott, '24, El. 'Gow
11.. Hulse, '25E.
IITickets for the Military ball to be
held April 27 will be distributed Law Prophecies 10
from 1 to 5 o'clock Tuesday and W ed- London, March 24-.-(1
nesday afternoons in the lobby of the mien Bonar Law told
unin, o al hos whseap plicat ionsj Commons today that h
Uniovebn, oalletoed.vogreat war within the in
Specific hours' for the presen-ation
of applications, noted on the blanks, 1)AIfLY TRYOUJTS
should be observed, the committee;I
states. 'Tickets will cost $5.50 per A few more tryot
couple ,andt 650 will be sold. I sired for the basin,
i -- - The Daily. Responsit
1{ussey Lectures at lllgitiand Plark I will be given to tho:
Prof. W. J.' Hussey of the astronomy show ability for the
department, director of thle observa-, ! interested in advertis




and to place their' orders -for
cops and gowns at once at George
Mhoe's, 711 North Univer'sity, a've-
anue. Considerable time will he
required to get every menmbe'r
of the classes measured, and' in
order to facilitate the~ work, and
to insure that the gowns will. he


Johrn Harvard fellowship' to Blaliol
ICollege at Oxford University in En.-
land in 1902. He has been a profes-
sor in the history'-department at liar-
ya vrd University sin ce~ 1908. Prof.
W errinian Is also a member of Century
Iclub .of: New. York.

the conference of deans of the colleges;
of liberal arts to be held at the Uni-!
versity of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla., .

All of the 1,000 copies of the Of-
ficial Athletic program_ for the Cor-


1! -7-7

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