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March 24, 1923 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1923-03-24

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4:3 at


-- --- .




Temporary Aide


Of Secy, Hoover

Senior Tits are requested to get
Imeasured and to place their or-
ters for cap)s and gowns at once"
Iat George 1;oe's, 711 North Uni-
Iversity alvenue. Considerable,
time wvill be required to gct ev-
Iery member' of the class measur-
ed, and in order to facilitate the
Iwork, and to insure that the
gowns will be in Ann Arbor by
C the date set for Swing-out, mem-
bers of the class are urged to re-
Iport at once. A scarcity of gowns
Ithis year, and a large demand by
Icolleges all over the country
makes it especially necessary
that orders be placed early.




_ ,


Shan ghai,'March 23-(By A.P.)
'-Two cooks who recently con-
fessed to havring poisoned the
rice' bowl of the Hangchow Nor-
mtal school, which resulted in 27
deaths and the 'illness of scores
of pother teachers and students,
told the investigating magistrate
today that the real author of the
crimne was Yu Erheng, head of
the 'student self' government as-
sociation in Hangehow. The
cooks charge that Yu has emn-
bezzled the association's funds
and .,planned to wipe out the
teachers and personnel of the
school to hide his peculation:.
Yu lately made ,a denial.


To Lead Michigan
In Meet Tonight



Floral' Shield. Bearing 61 t n
Nuineok i~s Hatt-AboVe
lirerlAe ,.

3Laley's .len.
rell's ['nee


bers ofr the State Legis- Pf IT I Released frome the sepulchre of Win-1
If. 0FIE hoef.tUer, symboiing the, reignnd
0y f .#zn priso iThe finance corn- H ..I i.IJ III 4,. Joy, yblin th ne ad
of t .senate and the ways " l~ lf~If l~tf during five short hours lat night at
iea #.x . c< i itt be of the house., f rII the ann al .ophom ore Prom .I n 'an
:,, <..re !etrayfrtei or! ~I atmosphere of gay. ranow coloratin
Kd} CtR ostf~er Univ er 5t ur and melodies whose strains coniplete-
0601 fth nvesty rStephlen B. Davis Authorities Discuss Plan Athorized' ly charmed, the dancer, more than
dyrig° tunehin te Unon a ! ', ;500 persons made Happy at .te for-
ow1~l~c nteUin t Stephen B. Dav is, New Mexico, has . I3 Congress W1hie Othler P oersf
ue'vera men~bers osf the faculty been named to fill, temporarily, the ,W~tch Front a Distance mil ball given by the cas of 1925.
prey ; ~Ireident Marion L. vacancy caused by the resignation of i__ Sounding the call of dlancing short-q
i ~~~e h bidn lnAss't Secretary Huston, aide to Coin- $ RdOGBiA3U WILL NOT VIO.LATE ly after 9 o'clock( th'e preier muisi-
emerce SecretarydiHoover. WASh INGTON NAVAL TREATY cians of the South strck the firstj
x ehilt3. Ils address ;was______________________ notes of syncopation. A brie season
Sto that Qlivered ;last week, Wash-ington, March 2. (By A.P)- fdnigfloejadte'cl o
t1~e~e~brs f bqh husesof f 1111 'lflWhether the United States should pro-~ the grand march was given.
tlea *r he' for. their 1 s1j* eed with its battleship moderiza- ;e~e ed ac
t~i ~Jiivrsiy. e rfered ~ VIYI U~tion program in the face of the state After a short promienade.led by Ir-
I"t ,la~z a map upon fi n I RI~ met recently made by the British wi, .Ditr 2,carino h
rngthepas fe das a a umbr ~I Mrtha Irmitadher of F rtWane, Md.,
th gpeeprogram was out- igovernment has been considered dur- PImrom Iiic itee adof isPrtyne, M d.
0 tiflYIJith e atdip-y a nmero
H 9TORT 'conferences held here while the dp the column of guests broke up anid
cow J~~u~~erary Mutlding First ~~Ilonatie representatives of the otherfomdarsth llort ltr.
fe s1" fops; >+he said, "who urges People to Think afore Inde- powers watched from a distance. There Wi4ithin a second after the flash of the,
4~av~rn~ toforce heir lansC pendeiitly in Oralon can was mozre than ordinary inter st for cmrtedne~ruddit
ieo plk the st ge.: Some are " Thie Mind in Thrall" a decision, sea of colors.
ink ta 'th L; ( iiersity must ____1 So far ases known no formal protest The mnirth and , ecstasy remain d
hi~kI tii p qupment. But the ;IS(NE~ 2,AK O against the program as authorized by unbroken throu~hot the entire esve-
6V RAegenta has cut thousands TPL'Qt" rv Congress has been made to the State nking. The' iey tan f ui
lar} gi1 ~bauggested needsOF SIIj departmxtent. It was pointed out fur- continued after the, gratnd ;mnarchi;
,.4 ~bri reief first toI ther that since a contest would notj with only a ;short itermnission now
h11is here It is mnost obviously .rrtDniik '3 <o.frt in be in accord with the usual raclices and them, an occasional -llmiAj
pry, ,r;M ~~~or in the thirty-third annual 'Orator-j of diplomzacy in advanice of ratifica- by the- spotlight tluath kte dance+
I ket t3rtox stated that if anyi cal contest, held last night in Uni- j ti of the Washington naval treaties j hal 'until, the. first, of the principali
ig @ t' igiven pTreference, I;is there was little ground o which a(itrisassoty;eoemdift
,g W~rQ~to beversity Tall adtoimwith hsor-. conminermisnon shrtlyd bee based.'it
ineuter of.0speedy construction, adtruI cmlitcuob ae.Lune lheoniu ~rirte
xid bd the Literary building, In tion entitled "The Mind in Thrall". I It is the opinion in diplomatic cir"' With the fiirt intermlssiofloe aprx-
~iot#n 4peireferred to the $,-I Floyd H. Skinner, '24, was° awarded 1e' httera rao o h x imately half of the da'n rs we,~t to
E I4' nreaitis In'the treasury l Second honzor. His subject 'was "The changes between the Government and the U ioi 4inng roiu ziwhere they
to a b ranee due the Uni- the State and Navy departments in. eesredalk~et~ n hr
In cerg,.", it°thlstnational Shamne".: Edward T. Rans- olving 'the voluntary correction' by1tieltIthwo n erpse ;oe,;b
r~lon ~ Tl4~~n, hoev- dell, '23, who xspok.e ,91 "Dem~ioc c those departments of staements madeIthwo nweepentd'resb
f . e keas#y .m ,,garing the raflcatioi'n h omte.T. 'niie* fti
Vi bad.orabzle~ ijention.' British ships was to indicate by i- guests .ate at 'te syelnd 'of tiltswo
~ aksSaeetDminkr spoke of the mnental serv- eto htte rts oenet main intermissios shortly ater 'id-
delt- +se i1's IHarry B. Hut= itude of a large majority of present- regards as. a correct interpretation of; lil'
gave Tip 'ifnll support to"'thie day pepleanasetatmrid- the treaty. The decorations for the foial
i ,rbgraz In a short informal pendent drinking e on. lfe point- , were simple nd., a' iliapropiate.
Al t4' " A of President Bur- edt outithe danger of continually look- !(nrLnI110r At te end' of he' hall, here thpoeoeheigt "iemndabv".H ca
4@~ J~alosok f h ngt "h mn boe. e" UL Vbt U ~UURU 1 muiciants played the oclie tra~pat-
e Di o mtary the gift of an lIoe the Paul Grey testimonial of form was- fringed,wth Woodwraria
as, tft~ng that with its acquis- f fl Tennvin ergren .and pahms. At thle other endri
letaw'~holwill be provid-I (adteChcg lmi ea fhll~~L~o the hall directly aboave te fire lae'
p~a~tUfl-and will reresent the Unversty in IN
a uglt euae inoany ___"__e_ hy ung a floral shield: with the Iettei'
yin t e'vrd rtoia egecn "1' and the numrals of hieclass,
le listivt committees were test at Minneapolis, Minn., oni May 4. R2euests for a subscription for the '2,w°eYu po t h ak
thrli thol Medical building, Ralph W. 'Brown, Spec., talked on ( rebuilding of the Louvain library at wokdutpnt.Tiba-
nnai , .'4pd: the economics "Americanization" and K. F. Cardy,i the University of Louvain were dis-I groun of the shield~ was of pink cear-
ug hater. the afternoon. They i'25L, spoke on "America's Opportu- cussed at the meeting of the Student nations and around ,ths ackgroud
maile: their tour of the old and nity". B3oth orations, although per- council Wednesday night. A resolu- f v 5 a border of ,white carnatins.
uildfn~ and .return 'to Lansing Maps not equal to the' others, were tionl opposing indiscriminate drives# The "MV" was worked in pink .sweet
ternoon. well rendered. for money on th1e cam pus was the re- e>as In close ' proximity around the
-h coI egntJist E eajuge presiDeat u of the action. s ~hield hung n. number of small col-
Ilili ns'n~ irnni RegconteJist..Thealge wresidean The resolution reads as follows: ored electric lights which iluininat-.
IIWI R~ ffi ff CU S Edward I. Kraus of the Summne r "The Student council considers it in-! ed it._
if (11t1ttl Session, Prof. EdmundE. Day, Prof. advisable t approve a general cam- I Palms Fl1 Freplee.
I.Lo4afaadPo.Cae~ pus drive for funds to rebuild the Me- The fireplace had a background of
of rcitctreDiplysDc Giffn f heecnoic dpatmnt morial Library at Louvain, and ferns with a basket of gladioli sta-
S g~s ainDetroit Prof, i"TThatsthe counclofurther disap- toned before it.Iainms were placed
'Toms . ee o tepoica provues, in general, all campus drives1 at the edges of the chaperone (Kith.
science department, Prof. Edwin D for funds from the student body Uin- 'Tohrsftrmditteo-
M1 klteturai °school is being j Dickenson and Prof. Grover C. ris- ! less specific approval of such requests' wo;urafemingther
~ne ~ ~' Go oe xi more of the Law school, Prof. William; for funds is given by the council af- cetabgn sudn h ia
beipg' held, in Detrot' this A. Frayer of the history department, 'ter presentation of plans, and; strains of the dance, and in a few
t the. General Motors building,: Prof. P. Brand Blenshard of thea "That this resolution is not' intend- short minutes more the 192x' annual
exhibitI of 9Mass work in arch- philosophby department, and George S. 1 ed to stop legitimate calls upon thei Sophomore rom had become a mem-
l andeco rative design and ini Lasher of the rhetoric department. general body but 'to discourage re- D ry, but a most unusual and happy
gand kaifting. "Phis exhibit is ________ quests for support for enterprises inr one. p. C. C.
ccon~lttted as an educational ! l11 A which the students, as a unit, are not
ris the reading furniture ;~,floigshdl o vetigIpeculiarly interested." i{ i
ibu i i nt asaesexil=I hefolwig chduefo weslig The request was .made by the Naic-I1I3
b tis nopusls x Ib-'n the All-campus tournament has I tional Committee of the United States i CLUB WIL
hli~ wl ragd it-been anue., All mnen are request- for the Restoration of the University 1~n ~ nr-r'.Iuu
istiat electresaebine ed to report at 3 o'clock. Do ty vs of Louvain. This committee has been ++, TIP o vs. TI 'HlIENT1
ui te~ietrsaebigLeet; Carmierner vs. Howard; Walk- working for several years past to rains f IL.IIEi 1 IfhII1IU
,n tliedddsln of the house, its er vs. Karbel; Shepherd vs fBradfield; I money in this country for rebuildl",i 1
ine do ldopment, and on g2r Brown vs. Gldmnan ; Katz vs. Mower; i the University of Louvain and patic- FORTY IEN 3MAKING ; PRING
a l3aver vs. Rose.r ularly its library.a TOUR W1Ll FEATURE; SPO-

eet Iosn COMIuiwttee to Sleet Itlhcans
at Station and Show Thenm
.. City
The ,Unioin reception committee for;
the Cornell trackmen will begin their
7work when they, receive the Eastern-
eria at 8:35 o'clock this' morning at the!
Michigan Central railwray station. The1
committee under . the direction of
John ,Mor se, '24,, will take the 34 Cor-'
n ell men after their arrival in autonio-
Hiles o~n a short tour about the city I
and , will end their trip at the Union
wvhich is to be thee headquarters of all
of the visitors. today.
Will l 1eet at.Ucolon
.Friends 'of the athletes and frater-
nity brothers w:ho 're to act as their
hosts' while here'will meet the track-
mien' at 10 'o'clock this' morning at the
'Union. The visitors will have lunch'
there'after which they will be free to
dlo aste ih They'will also have
a" spocis4 'luncheon served to them
Just before the. track meet.
Sixty Cornell alunini of Detroit will
also have ,a special dinner 'at the Un-
ipn.'and will attend the track mneet,
after~ the lunch. This group, known as
t'lie Cornell club, will attend the ms
{i' a body.
To Leave at M1dight
The fornml reception at the Union.
i i addition to the buffet luncheon
}will consist of orchestra seleoctions.
v sog numbers 'by James Johnson, '23.
and a numiber of speeches. Thomas I.
Unerwood, '23L, will act -s toastmas-
ter at the reception, while Prof. Ralph
W.' Aigler of the Law 'school, Major
JoThn. L. Griffith, commissioner of
C~onference athletics, Coach Steve Far-
rell, anti Coach Jack Mo04kley, 'of Cor-
nell, will 'deliver ,speeches.'' The ath-
letes wiUll ea've shortly after. midnight
for :Ithaca.,
Tickets for the banquet which will
adlmit thte bearers to the rack meetS
are' on 'sale at' the Union for $1.50.s

(Spnec ial to The D.
Ithaca, N. Y., March 2"
four Cornell track men,
Jack Mfoakcley and \Manag,
ker, left Ithaca this after
,,an abound, where they 'w
j morroW evening with th
team in a resumption of t
ored rivalry between the



2 112I12;2
29 1-.
190 4--1>ichhgan 4.9; Corm
1910-3ichigan 5-1 2.37 "(
1911-Michigan 33 4;
28 12.
I 1912-MIichigan 28; Corm
1914-Michigan 4317; UCr
1913--11ichlgn 40; Corm
112l-Michiganu 'i402; C 4
I 19 -Michigan 27; Cornl
Twvo rivals of 21 years
% will meet again tonight for
te nth dual track mpeet 'when
N o)f kicy will bring 34 represe
of Cornell's well balanced trac
to W ,aterman gymnasiun in
tempt to give Coach Farrells
en t-am its.first defeat of tl
T'he st,-igei;est for a: ite
both teams have madle credita
rfi this secason anri althou
iWolverines appear 'to be the
Cap~t'ai Burt. Bi'ke, °'r§? ;tes thie outcome is far fromn
Who will lead the Wolverine track Farrell Sp~eaks Wleom
mien against C'ornell in their first dual rr(kriay bewe
meet of the year' in AWatermian gym schoolshasrialwys'bewen i

(Special to The Daily)
Pasadena., Calif.,' March v23.-- Coachb



in speaking of'condil
tine and Jerusalem
ICharles TR. Ashbee, pry
Yil'sh architect and civic
of the British governn.
1cm; in his lecture ye
{ noon, in Natural Scien~
ezmphasized the 'fact tlu
Sof 'the Uitedl States o
extremely, serious as
money expended in .Pa]
turtherance of the Zic
Bn i o ,ficpv come r o1.i

- ' 9:30 oclock this morning. Everyo(ne
r fliwas in fine spirits. They 'were of-
Eree an impromptu filn meeting. at
th S IIfedUniversity of Utah. Four hun-
t1'IIIdred people received them at Los An-
1 eles, giving them a rousing recep-
ISNESS OF L . Coach Yost made a 'wonderful ad-
SON dress at a luncheon given in lhonor of
'the University of Michigani at the. Uni-
versity club in Pasadlena, where 500
tions inl Pales- i; members were present. Reporters
in paericular,I from newspapers are seeking photosI
-oininentl 'ng land interviews from him.
I Two thousand high school athletes'
admiistrtor will tax the capacity '-of Graulman's
.etat Jerusa- Hollywood theater tomorrow in, ordler
ic tor v rr- iewflr n erCahYs
atcte at'rat'n, tosewk.fAlmsind e aril]e C' oah ost
an 'olale tiue is row evening at~ the Elite, Banquet
most o the all by Dock Winchell in honor of
destine for the Coach Yost.. Six' hundred Wolverine s
ones't n Tnal ; are expe(,ted to;'be present there.

intense_ comnpetition; the 'W
ha~ve never had' easy meets'
Ithacans and the Red and WI
SNever 'found('the Ann Arborn
rivals. I11 the past Michi°
taken seven dual meets to
four, while the Ithacans- tools
outdoor imeet from the Wolvi
1912 by a one-sided score.
"Michigan welcomes the we
the Rbed and White, but th
they will return to Ithaca.
short end of th~e ,scoffinn-list
is doutbtful that there is any
the Wvolverines would rather
if lose they miust. A warm
hospitality combined with a
termination to winl is in s.
feeling that the Wolverines
before the beginning of the d
tonight in Waterman gym
says, Sieve Farrell, veteran 'A
Fernier Trach k Men to 'Be
Many, for"mer Ithacan tra
and iichigan track men wi
handl to support their r(
teanms. The officials of the z
include Mlaj. John Griffiths,
athletic commissioner, Charle
pre: idenrt of the Central A. .A
T. J. Can ty, offlcial Western
ence announcer.
(Contirnued on Page Si:



)m the UTnitedl

m [OmeRCID QP Alf


As a en - ..fo- her--rn tu S tates.
As asen-of fo ther Srin tor !Mr. Ashbiee gave a.general outline of'
jof the ,mid wnest the Varsity' Glee tclub the whle q cuestion of Palestine andc


blication is reviewedI
there must always
nts on what shouldl
le. And they are us-
r' mistakes occur in!
hat are often easily

there were a. few noticeable placesa
Have You Read?

in the beginning number of the. 'Optic;
Iwhere improvement would be of great
ladvantage. Thie inside front cover ap- j
p eared quite a conglomerate, mass,
with. the staff off to. one side on top
F an advertisement bearing an Optic
cover to its right, and a varied as-
sortinent' of photos underneath.
Again in the magazine there is a
page where a pair of black (or may-'
be, brown) oxfords top' State =street,1
University hall, the Union and other'
similar scenes.I
Aside from these the trial issue of
.the Optic was exceptionally well dlone.
Terotogravure work was excellent,
the, snapshots were good, and the
choice of pictures was well made. Thre
cover, a'full page picture of Captain I
Burke of the track team, was illpres-
sive. Inside, from "tour oldest grad-
Iun!.to". Gerze W. 'I Carter. 153.to the,

Detroit, llarch 23.-The work of the
University of Michigan fresh air camp
was the subject of a talk given by
Lewis Reimann, of the Student Chris-"
tiana Association, at a luncheon of the
Michigan alumni at the Hotel Tuller,
"This year will mark the third sea-
son that our camp, has been open,"
said Mr. Reimann, "and we hope to
take care of nearly 500 boys this year.
In 1921 our first .camnp was located
near Fort Huron. We took care of
143. boys there, each of them staying
for a 10-day vacation period.
~"Last year we moved to a site near-
er to Detroit, as most all of our boys
comne from here. "We had 300 boys last
year, most Hoif them taken from fain-
iies who were nable' to provide" any

run rocan in uH I i

w iill give pre-trtp .ente'rtainmnet at; concluded 'wih a uniary of conch- __
8 o'clock Tuesday evenzi Ill ill i t- s there. With _the aid of slides
audjltorium. The progranm will con- I showing the maxis of this country and (By Leo J. Hershdorfer) M1ild 'ed Brodieison and Mla]
sitof1teatire numbers of music vrosbidn nJeuae hews finale' . ; . curtain fi..lte lau<i ale dserving of great credit it
I ad auevile b th 4 mn akig bl tomae ler hs taemept. ieof make-believe hidden by a veil of ~trrt~n of terlso
! thd vadvle'ytet e aigal omk~la i ttmit.H asbestos . ..the darkened theater I and r.T t oo The torne's
te ,trip.~ ~dIr 'i1 h one'
Amlong the entertainer~s whiom the sad "e:must unlearn. the false hiis -, suddenly becomies brdigh ihglwnncento f oestikn
tory of Jeruisalem that has' been gltbr tiwihilnlin!:naorofaov-rceny
Gleft clubs are "takin; on the trip and, Nknocked into us since >childhmoodl and lts h enfolosabudincrst fapsie f , r commendable, showing,
who will appear Tuesday n ight are] realize that this is a real city." i appreciation. . the third perform- lent stage presence and music;
Booth's orchestra, Tang and 'Tavar- I The speaker pointed out that thereI ance of "Janfe Climbs a M\ountain", its-, as proved 'by her renditi
res. and the Varsity Banjo quiiitette. were two important things which are i nineteenth annual Junior Girrls' play "ie fs I ust a Mvasquerade."
The University Glee clu'bs, under being impiroved and furthered in Pal- I and, product of the pen of Laut rella F 'air thouigh hiandicapp1ed by ree
the direction of George Oscar B~owen, estine, agriculture and arch~aelogaical Hollis, is a success. ;tess~, play ed her part well--bh
of the School of Music, are to give; res-earches: "It is in these two af- Above everything 'else, not excepting ing borders close on the profes
the traditional opening number, fairs that the United States can even. the musicotedanig(and wh ich ii ,os also true 6F ilng
pLue tu ann" and -severalhe,"esad these are commendable) I attributebuywhaJaeFldn.
ote lsscladsemi-popular num- Ante etr wl egvnb the success of this production to its or- ja.iserious task npaswrh
'bees. The Midnight Sons 'quartette, Mr. Ashbee in the University lecture I ginality., The plot is understandable ner.
the Varsity quartette, and George sre t41 'lc odyatr and uznique, the first act being set in;I anc ii and '+us Ori rv
I Qutnrslit las ie ser oin t Nt uraolcie Mncey aftor- :Ann Arbor (a departure) and taking, P oll yFajl vFether, a imrse 'w
$ectionsn thisNtmeaheS'illntelludothethe form of a pleasing parody on the lHaves ee. ", isileap year,
Ti k t or t e e te t i m nt w l tH ealth service, the action in the se - F i d ish rop a o t nt
ickt fothenetimtwi development of "Jerusalem and' the ci- i ndpnisncie ta~kingp. lace in a health Fid ii.o nootnt


ger in~ the Livery
buss Inabit Ford?
ice read have lit-r
you, yet there are
in they still have
ugh a For Sale tid

those to Wli
a. cost. Thr

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