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January 27, 1922 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1922-01-27

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n The Daily atthe
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ideration. No man
ses postage.
the sentiments ex

search the ranks until we are weary-eyed, curse
venomously, and turn away. Lord, what a Library !
In reality, the Library is thevictim of its:own
virtue. Generously it allows the student unre-
stricted freedom in the use of books from its refer-
ence shelves, shelves which carry one of the most
complete collections of bound information to be
* found anywhere. This freely given privilege has
been abused, and in such a way that the authorities
feel that a total change in policy may be necessary-
heroic measures, perhaps, destroying the disease by
destroying the infected, but som-times a necessary
method-and in this case it may be necessary to
withdraw the privilege altogether in order to elim-
inate the abuse of it.
But the present system is so convenient, so em-
inently workable, as far as students are concerned,
that it would be a pity if it should be replaced by a
more restricted method. To add another red-tape
section to the Library would mean extra work for
the staff and the installation of a clumsy obstacle
to the securing of the books. Only the co-operation
of the students, as individuals, can keep this unde-
sirable move from becoming a necessity.
The responsibility for stopping abuse of the Li-
brary privileges rests with the stud-nts. The care-
less and self-centered must realize that it is their
duty not to deprive .the rest of the campus of its
rights in order to humor their own wants. The Li-
brary is to be used-not abused.F


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Both Stores


s s


.. .Hugh W. Hitchcock
.. P. Lovejoy, Jr
G. P. Overten
M. B. Stahl
Paul Watzel
......L. Armstrong Kern
t. R. Meiss
.Thomnten W. Sargent, Jr
. . . . ..George R. Sloan
.. . . ..Sidney B. Coates
...George Reinde
.........lizabet .Vickery
.........XR. Meiss

Ann Arbor and Jackson
( astern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Cars -- 6:00.
a. n., 7:so a.in., 8 8:001. .. 9:0a. n. d
hiourly to 9:05 p. Mn.
Jackson Expresa Cars (local stops of Ann
Arbor), 9:47 a. m. and every two hours to
9 :47 P. im.
Local Cars East Bound-5:53 am., 7:oo a.
'n. and every two hours ,t9:0o p .., zz.0
p. mn. To Ypsilanti only-zr :4o p. in., 1245,
a. Mn., 1:15 a. Mn.
To Saline, change at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West Bound-:s. a. I., 2:4.
p. m
To Tackson and Kalanazoo--limited cars:
8:47. 10:47, a.., .112:47> 2.47: 4:47.
tR Jackson and Lansing. - uited: 8:47
P. M.



Phone 294-F2
Branch Store,'

Phone 294-F1
320 E. Liberty St


715 N. University Ave.




Though love of action has always been a con-
tributing factor in the popularity of most college
activities, the athlete, as a general rule, has much
less difficulty in gaining recognition on the cam-
pus, by virtue of his pluck and physical endurance,
than does the man who is engaged in such intellec-
tual pursuits as debating. Judge Ira Waite Jayne,
'o5, in introducing the speakers of the Chicago-
Michigan debate last Friday evening stressed this
point when he said, "The winning of a debate does
not arouse such spirit of enthusiasm in a student
body as does a football game, but there is no col-
lege in the United States that does not feel a real
thrill of pride when its team wins a battle of intel-
lect over intellect."
Those who heard the debate had a chance to sense
and sense deeply the true significance of Judge
Jayne's words. He did not say it all, however. The
debater, like the athlete, spends long hours in train-
ing. As the athlete is forced ,to hold his ground be-
fore physical onslaught, so must the debater stand
against intellectual attacks. As the athlete must
watch every move of his Qpponent most carefully,
so must the speaker cautiously observe and weigh
every argument of his adversary.
The Michigan debater deserves cpnsiderably more
recognition for his work than he gets. At Cornell
and other universities iQ the East, the leading de-
baters, like the principal athletes, invariably are
rated among the most distinguished personages on
the campus. This used tp be true at Michigan, and,
with the continued display of such unusual skill and
training, as our Varsity is exhibiting this year, it
would seem that some of the old time enthusiasm
for the combat of wits might be brought back to u -
again before long.

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17' 18 19
14 3 26




Reblocked at greatly reduced prices.
Turned inside out, with all new trim.
mings they are as good as new. High
class work only.
Telephone 1792

20 OPer m

.... .. .. , . i








outs have
reet book
ired texts

3 are not book dealers,.
;ee the thing from the
ssibly for this reason
>gged by the mist of
thy gentlemen of State
he whole, however, we
he student has a good
wn side. At any rate,
s an exceedingly small
vhich are hardly used,
p as near to the new-'
vill say that he does it
.ing from .a small de-
and from the fact that
left on his hands each
vho are not bookdeal-
prejudiced, must grin
d pay -the price.
e of the argument. of

The gentleman who has ben using the diagonal
as an alleyway down which to drive his Ford dur-
ing he wee sma' hours had best be careful, say the
authorities. For our part, though we bear him no
ill will, we hope he collides with one of those idiots
that like so well to take a campus corner on two
We. don't mind occasional sniffles, and we can
haidly find the heart to complain of a little dose of
"flu" or pneumonia now and then; but we do ob-
ject seriously to having visions of coffins thrust
upon us by negligent campus jatlitoring.

(Minneapolis Tribune)
Here and there in Minnesota are
persons of some prominence who seem
to be making it a major study in their
curriculum of citizenship to figure out
ways and means of attacking the state,
through its representatives, for-spend-
ing so much money on higher educa-
tion-notably on the University of Min-
nesota. The chance was not overlook-
ed in the late convention of the farm
bureau federation to deliver a puncr
of this kind.
It is not the purpose here either to
approve or to challenge these critics,
hut to point out the fact that over in
our sister state of M'cbigan there ap-
,peurs to be an unusual'y vigorous pub-
lic sentiment in favor of doing what-
ever can be done with a liberal use
of state money to make and keep the
University of Michigan a going edit-
,ational concern that shall be second
to none.
In the next two years there will be
spent at the University of Michigan
for hgher educational purposes some-
thing over. $14,000,000. In the coming
spring it is contemplated that six or
eight new bui'dings shall be put un-
der way of construction at a total cost
of not less than $5.000,000, and prob-
ably more nearly $7 000,000. With rev-
enue to be available under new state
lq.ws and under other benefactions the
Michigan institution now has the
eauivaent of what would be for a
privately sustained university an en-
-owment of $10 000.000. Harvard's en-
dowment is now about $40.000.000.
It is now the boast of the authorities
f the University of Michigan that the
Day of faculty members is such today
that no man of the teaching corps need
'eave the institution and go elsewhere
on the mere ground that by doing
so he can obtain better pecuniary com-
pensation for equal service.
These things have been made possi-
ble because the governor and the legis-
lature of Michigan made them so, be-
ing convinced, as they were, that the
service of the university is worth all
the money that is used for its support,
and that the people of Michigan as a
whole approve that view and are in a
mood to foot the necessary bills.

A~ttul Arbor

Kennedy Society
Dance Orchestra
*First Public Appewl
* Ann Arbor
Members: Watkins - Piano 2
Abbs - Cornet
Roxburg - Saxoph )neI
Assisted by "Pat" Conway
G,,otge White's "Scanda
The best combination of dance mi
ever heard in Ann Arb(


Ends Saturday, Jan. 28

rance in
Zierer - Violin
Jury - Drums
Egeler - Banjo
- Saxophone


How about a coat of paint for the Union
before its official opening?


'19 of


eally justified in charg'ng such
all sorts of texts and supplies?
a favor and himself an injus-
d disposing of our used books
- cent margin of profit for him-
ested that the new Union book
beginning of a co-op. At any
has been successful in bringing
-ices at other college.s arid uni-
little r-ason why, if it is han-
i not serve a similar purpose
rbor. Naturally,dthe co-opera-
organized, would be designed
Slineseentirely outside the field
ie same time, books would ,con-
ge items undoubtedly, and in
lone we see little reason why
not prove to be one means of
)f Michigan a very consider-
ey which now goes to fill the
t shops.
are missing from the reference
y, according to a recent state-
ts, for the most part. that, ai e
arge number of readers. Most
repose now on the shelves of

ie Telescop
Catalogue Blues
A fever's raging in my brain,
My poor head throbs with stinging pain,
And grim thoughts-come to pester;
Exams I'll flunk without a doubt,
Because I have to figure out
My course for next semester.
The Yellow Yellow Press
Speaking of ultra-sensational journalism, an E.
Liverpool, Ohio, paper headlined an article, "COL-
the lead sentence said, "Ernie Vick, All-American
center, will enter professional baseball at the end
of the Michigan baseball season."
Can someone please tell us the connection?
The Contrast
Most men are laughed at until they show that
they can deliver the goods. But it's different with
the humorist. He has to deliver the goods before
he is laughed at. -Goodie.
The Student's Rubaiyat
Think by the side of sage old Doctor May,
Who guards the dark cold gym by night and day,
How freshman after freshman in his pomp
Abode his destined hour and went his way.
- -Coo Cooed.
Pamou c Clos ng Lines
"I shall settle my bill immediately." said the mos-
quito as he alighted upon the sleeping gentleman's
bald head. ERM.

*Admission .$1 00

kard Acadei
', Jan. 27,

usic producers

Tickets at t


WK-10-140am0 0


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