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February 26, 1921 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1921-02-26

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"Jolly Jester"
Preaches Health
Through the personification of the
spinach, carrot, beet, and turnip by
- "The Jolly Jester" yesterday after-
- noon in Hil auditorium, more than
5,000 Ann Arbor school children were
told how to grow healthy. The en-
tertainment was given for the child-
ren, and methods particularly appeal-
ing to them were used throughout.
Making his first appearance on the
platform on a prancing hobby horse,
he received the close attention of the
children during the entire entertain-
ment. Though his actions were en-
tertaining, health principles were in-
directly given to his hearers.
1 Two members constituted the com-
plete company, the other actor being
Harry," the doll. As the last act
on the program, the doll summarized
the health points of the entertain-.
"The Jolly Jester" is the same char-
acter who entertained soldiers at the
front, his real name being Mackay.
He was sent out by the Child Health
Organization of America as a part of
the national campaign fcr healthy
Sunday evening suppers in the par-
lors of Barbour gymnasium, to make
for acquaintance and friendship be-
tween the University women living in
the different sections of the city, is
a new plan having the backing of the
Women's league, the house presidents'
organization, and the various women's
honor societies on the campus.
Tomorrow evening Senor society
will have charge of the affair, which
will start at 5:30 o'clock. Supper will
be served around the fire, and songs
and other informal entertainment are
being arranged. Women from houses
in one part of town have been invit-
ed for this evening, and later sup-
pers are planned to entertain all wom-
en students.
"The Florist," one of the Harvard
workshop plays, will be produced by
Masques at the Women's league party
on March 11. Contrary to the usual
custom the play is entirely under the
direction of the student members.
The different committees will each
have complete charge of the work
coming under its head.
The coaching committee has been
working with the following cast for
the past two weeks: Miss Wells,
Gladys Burch, '21; Made, Adele Zim-
merman, '22; Slovsky, Leslie Gaylord
'22; Henry, Frances Oberholtzer, '21;
and Mr. Jackson, Constance Smith,
Leaders of the Girl Reserve clubs
were entertained with a waffJe sup-
per Thursday night at the city Y. W.
C. A. Mrs. J. M. Wells gave a short
talk on "How the Clubs Can Help the
Mothers." Miss Carry Dicken, prin-
cipal of the Perry school, talked about
the ideals toward which clubs should
Mrs. Thomas Rankin, a member of
the membership commission of the
national Y. W. C. A., explained the
work of that commission, which is to

present at the next national Y. W. C.
A. convention plans for individual
membership whereby women in towns
where there is no organized group
may become members nationally and
receive the benefit of the association.
Girl Reserve Clubs Present Play
Members of the city Y. W. C. A.
held their annual supper and meeting
at the Y. W. C. A. building last night:
After the supper a play, "Daughters
of Uncle Sam," was presented by one
of the Girl Reserve clubs, under the
direction of Josephine Shaffer, '21.
The Y. W. C. A. Girls' Glee club sang
several selections. This program was
followed by reports of committees and
the reading of the new constitution.
Methodist Church Offers Courses
Six new student classes in religious
education are being offered this se-
mester by the First Methodist church.
Enrollment began Thursday night and
classes will begin Sunday. Ellen
Moore, student director; is in charge
of enrollment.
Senior and Junior Eng. Corduroy
Trousers. Especially priced at $6.00.
N. F. Allen & Co.-Adv.
English Tweds and Herringbone
Caps. Just arrived at Davis Toggery
Shop, 119 So. Main St.-Adv.!

ARTICLE I.-The name by which this corporation is to be known in law as The Student Christian Asso-
ciation of the University of Michigan.
ARTICLE I.-The purposes for which this Association is formed are as follows: To unify the organ-
ized denominational work for students of the University of Michigan and the University School of Music, car-
ried on in connection with the churches of Ann Arbor together with those activities of the Student Young
Men's Christian Association and the Student Young Women's Christian Associaion which are suitable to local
conditions and to promote the all-inclusive program of Christianity throughout the world.
ARTICLE III.-The principal office or place of business shall be at Ann Arbor city in the County of
Washtenaw. Michigan.
ARTICLE IV.-The term of existence of this proposed organization is fixed at thirty years from the date
of these articles.
ARTICLE V.-The affairs of the Association shall be managed and controlled by a Board of Trustees,
consisting of twenty-three members chosen by the Association. The Student Presidents of the Men's and
Women's Departments of the Association shall be members of this Board, ex-officio.
ARTICLE VI.-The names of the trustees selected for the first year of its existence are as follows:--
Term expires Term expires

I. W. Bunting ............................... 1923
Leroy Waterman. ......... ............. 1922
Congregational -

H. B. Earhart. ................... 1923
Mrs. E. H. Kraus ............................ 1922
T. E. Leland ............. ................ 1922


Miss Helen C. Bishop.......................
C. T. Johnston ..........................
Frank E. Royce .... .................


W. C. Htoad .................................
G. C. Huber .................................
V. H. Lane . ... ...........................
Mrs. . MacB. Stewart ......................
rS itarian


L. A. flookins ............................... 1921

A . T ,k) in ................. . . . ... ..1921 .n..a-ra.
Episcopalian Mrs. E. R. Sunderland....................1923
Mrs. A. H. Lloyd......................... 1921 J. F. Shepard........................... 1923
A. G. Hall ....................................1923 C. Stewart Baxter-President for Men.
M. P. Tilley ................................ .1922 Miss Lois DeVries-President for Women.
Lutheran Ex-officio, without Vote
Albert Fiegel ............ ...........1922 Miss Eva Lemert-Executive Secretary for Women
Methodist Students.
H. J. Abbott ................................. 1921 T. S. Evans-General Executive Secretary and See-
J. L. R. Brumm..........................1923 retary of the Board.
The term of office for the trustees shall be three years-one-third of the Board being elected annually as pre
scribed in the By-Laws.
ARTICLE VII.-The qualifications required of officers and members are as follows: The members of the
Board of Trustees and the elected student officers together with all of the employed officers shall be members
of ,Christian churches, so chosen as'prescribed in the By-Laws.
ARTICLE 1. CONSTITUENT ORGANIZATIONS OR UNITS.-Participation in this united student organ-
ization on the part of the several communions shall express itself in any one or all of the following items:-
(1) Each denominational organization or religious group, consisting of. men and women students, shall be
considered a unit of the central Association upon their taking official action. (2) A proportionate representa-
tion on the Board of Trustees as specified in the Charter and Article III -of the By-Laws. (3) Acceptance of
a place on the Student Christian Association Staff by the official denominational Directors of Student Work.
(4) Use of the Association Treasury as a Clearing House for funds. (5) Acceptance of the position of "Hon-
orary Adviser" by the local minister.
ARTICLE 2. MEMBERSHIP.-Membership in this Association shall be of four classes as follows:-
(a) Student-men and women. (b) Faculty and Officers of the University and School of Music and other citi-
zens. (c) Honorary Advisory members-Ann Arborministers. (d) Life members.
The student members shall be those students of the University of Michigan and the School of Music be-
yond High School age who are members of or associated with some Christian organization. The members of
the student Y. W. C. A. shall be those members of the S. C. A. who qualify for membership in this organiza-
tion by signing their full membership statement. (attached.) Membership under group (b) includes those
who express their interest in the Association by sharing in its support or in some form of religious activity
related to the Association. The Honorary Advisors shall be ministers of Ann Arbor churches who accept
.membership and are willing to advise with the Staff of the Association from time to time as occasion may
arise. Life members are those friends of the Association who contributed the sum of five hundred dollars or
more towards Lane Hall Building Fund. Members shall be invited to contri 'te financially towards the
current Budget of the Association. Memberships, except in the case of life members, shall be renewed annually
and cards of membership containing a receipt for the annual contribution shall be available for each member.
ARTICLE 3. TRUSTEES.-The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of twenty-three
Trustees, as provided in the Charter. The Trustees shall serve for a term of three years, one-third being
elected annually. Trustees shall be ineligible for re-election for more than two successive terms. The Trus-
tees shall consist of laymen and women chosen proportionately as near as may be to the number of men and
women students in the University, the women members representing as many different denominations as pos-
sible. The co-operating religious denominations shall be represented in the Board in proportion, substan-
tially, to the number of their student members and adherents, in the University. The men members of the
Board shall constitute the Advisory Committee on men students and the women members of the BBoard shall
constitute the Advisory Committee on women students.
The Executive Committee of the Board shall consist of the Chairman and the Treasurer t'ogether with the
Chairmen of the men's and women's Committees and the Chairmen of the Standing Committees. The Gen-
eral Executive Secretary shall act as Secretary for the Board, Cabinets, and all of its Committees except the
womens Committees and Cabinet of which the Executive Secretary for women students shall act as Se-retary.
The Board shall elect its own Chairman and the Treasurer, of the Association from among its own number.
There shall be standing Committees of the Board appointed annually by the Chairman as follows:-Finance
Committee, a Committee on Buildings and Grounds and such other committees as may from time to time be
ordered by the Board. The Board of Trustees shall have charge of all properties and financial interests of
the Association, employing or approving all officers and determining the general policies of the organization.
ARTICLE 4. OFFICERS.-The Association shall function in two parallel departments, one for men and
one for women students. The officers of the departments shall be:-(1) An undergraduate President of the
Men's Department who shall be a member of the Board of Trustees, ex-officio. (2) An undergraduate Presi-
dent of the Women's Department, including the Y. W. C. A., who shall be a member of the Board of Trustees,
ex-officio. (3) A Vice-President for men and a representative for women from each of the communions which
desire such representation. There shall be standing Committees in both the men's and women's. departments
including at least the following:-University Services, Religious Education, Extension Service, Church Mem-
bership, Finance, World Service, and Publicity. The above officers, together with the Chairman of the Stu-
dent Standing Committees shall constitute the Cabinet in each department. The Student Volunteers shall
be represented in the Cabinets of the Men's and Women's Departments. (4) A Treasurer, chosen from the
Board of Trustees. (5) A General Executive Secretary who shall be ex-officio secretary for the men's De-
partment, and an Executive Secretary for the Women's Department and Church representatives in charge
of the student work of their respective denominations in Ann Arbor. These officers shall constitute the
Staff which may also have a women's section.
ARTICLE 5. DUTIES OF OFFICERS.-Sec. 1. The presidents shall be the representative officers of the
undergraduates, performing the usual functions pertaining to those offices. They shall appoint the chairmen
of all standing committees and special committees and shall preside over their respective cabinets. Sec. 2.
Tle Church Vice-Presidents of the Men's Department and the church representatives of the Women's Depart-
ment shall represent their particular denominations in the Association and shall unify the student work
within their own communions. So far as possible these representatives should be identified with the leader-
ship of the student denominational organization. Sec. 3. The Treasurer of the Association shall be responsi-
ble for. the care of all the funds of the Association and for the keeping of the accounts in the several offices.
He shall care for all the funds of the Association'and for the special trust funds of the denominations and
churches and shall see to it that these funds are kept intact for their particular uses. The Treasurer shall
be required to furnish Bond in amount fixed by the Board from time to time. Sec. 4. The General Executive
Secretary shall be the employed executive officer of the corporation and ex-officio shall be responsible to the
Board of Trustees and the denominations for the general interests of the work among the men of the Univer-
sity and shall co-operate with the Board of Trustees in securing the financial support of the entire work of
the Association on behalf of both the men and wom en students. The Executive Secretary for women stu-
dents shall be similarly responsible to the Board of T rustees for all the work on behalf of the women stu-
dents. Sec. 5. The Employed Staff of the Association shall consist of the General Executive Secretary as
Chairman, the Executive Secretary for women students, and those official denominational and church student
workers in Ann Arbor, who, having acquiesced in Art. I, Sec. 3 of the By-Laws, may desire from time to
time to avail themselves of the facilities offered by th e Association for united religious work in the Univer-
sity. The women members of the Staff may form a subsection under the Chairmanship of the Executive Sec-
retary for women students. Members of the Staff may have charge of subdivisions of the work as may be
arranged with the Executive Secretaries, acting as secretaries of the various Standing Committees of the
ARTICLE 4. ELECTIONS.-The members of the Board of Trustees and the officers of the Association
shall be elected by plurality ballot of the student members during the spring of each year, on a date or
dates approved by the Board of Trustees and the Cabinets. The details of election shall be arranged by the
Cabinets. The Presidents shall appoint nominating committees with power to present nominees for all of. the
student offices-such committees to represent the co-.operating religious denominations. Nominations for
Trustees shall arise with the Cabinets in consultation with the Board of Trustees and shall be made in con-
formity to the wishes of the denominations expressed through their proper officials, each co-operating com-
munion having representation on the Board of Trustees in number substantially proportionate to the num-
ber of its student church members and adherents in the University. Vacancies in the Board of Trustees
which occur between the annual elections, may be filled by action of the Board itself. The Executive Secre-
t ries, church representatives and other employed officers shall be selected or approved by the -Board of
Trustees in consultation with the proper denominational officers.
ARTICLE 7. MEETINGS.-Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees shall b held monthly during the
academic year at the call of the Chairman-due notice having been given. Special meetings shall be held at
the call of the Chairman. A majority shall constitute a quorum. Undergraduate meetings shall be held at
the call of the Presidents and one-tenth of the membership shall constitute a quorum. The Faculty and Cit-
izen membership shall meet upon the call of their ow n Chairman. The Cabinets shall meet at the call of the
Presidents and a majority shall constitute a quorum.The Honorary Advisory members shall meet upon invi
tation of the Staff.
ARTICLE 8. EQUIP .U T. -It is understood that Lane Hall shall be the headquarters of the Men's De-
partment, and Newberry Hall the headquarters of the Women's Department, both buildings' being freely
open to the religious and allied organizations of the University, subject in all cases to the consent and regu-
lations of the Board of Trustees. Church student offices with facilities and ;enominational student buildings
of constitueent communions may be accepted as additional headquarters of the Student Christian Association
by mutual agreement.
ARTICLE 9. AMENDMENTS.-Amendments to these By-Laws must be passed by a two-thirds vote of
each of the Cabinets and of the Board of Trustees when a quorum is present at least ten days notice of
proposed amendments having been given.

The Young Women's Christian Association of........................affirming the Christian
faith in God, the Father, and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord and Saviour; and in the Holy Spirit, the
Revealer of Truth and Source of power for life and service, according to the teaching of the Holy Scrip-
ture and the witness of the Church, declares its purpose to be:
I. PURPOSE.-(1) To lead students to faith in God through Jesus Christ; (2) To lead them into mem-
bership and service in the Christian Church; (3) To promote their growth in Christian faith and character
especially through the study of the Bible; (4) To influence them to devote themselves in united efforts with
all Christians, to making the will of Christ effective in human society, and to extending the Kingdom of God
throughout the world.
II. MEMBERSHIP.-Any woman of the institution may be a member of the Association provided: (1)
That she is in sympathy with the purpose of the Association; (2) That she makes the following declaration:
"It is my purpose to live as a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ."
III. QUALIFICATIONS FOR LEADERSHIP.-(1) All members of the cabinet (officers and chairmen of
standing committees) shall commit themselves to furthering the purpose of the Association. (2) Two-thirds
of the cabinet members shall be members of churches which are entitled to representation in the Federal
Council of the Churches of Christ in America, and only those delegates who are members of such churches
shall be entitled to vote in conventions. (3) Members of the Advisory Board shall meet the qualifications' of
cabinet members.



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