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December 05, 1920 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1920-12-05

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Youth u ICam ps Investigator

(By P. A, .)
ay," queried the freshman, "who
ere on this campus that knows.
gs-about everything, J mean."
elightfully indefinite, old dear;
what do you particularly wantI
now ?"
Vell, I thought I'd like to talk to
Bone who had been around .here!
a longer time than I have,-the're'
. of things I don't sabe-I'm study-
Spanish, maybe you don't know

ing business had a call for a display
ad, with a picture, of a new corn pick-
ing device. Suppose further that he
had in his office a man who had won
a medal for being the champion corn'
picture in three states. Suppose again
that the boss failed to consult this ex-'
pert, who was drawing pay from him,
although in the capacity of a clerk,
when he came to write the copy for
this advertisement; that he dirn't
question him as to the proper method'

of posing a man using the 'Kipiest amongst itself, and try successlully to
Korn Katcher.' What would you think subdivide that which is alrealy too
of that man as a boss?" small?"
"I refuse to run the risk of expound- "Important if true. Get down to
ing the obvious," I said, feeling that tacks," I was beginning to question'
was a rather neat rejoinder. this youthful prodigy.
"Of course you would," said the "Sometime ago," began the genius,4
frosh. metaphorically patting me on pulling a formidable note book from
the shoulder. "Of course. Which his rocket, "a library was built "here."
brings us to the point. Why is it, with "Marvelous, Watson."
all this highly developed machinery, "It was designed by a man who was
that the university passes the buck not in the architectural department.,

The color scheme was worked out by -but the forestry faculty isn't con-
a psychologist, the electrical engineer- sulted. Psychological tests are made,
ing department didn't design the light- in the engineering school. Apparatus
ing system, and the surveying section is constructed, but not in the engineer-
didn't lay off the grade stakes." ing shops." He paused for breath and
"Are you bluffing or stating facts?" recommenced.
I asked briefly. "The health service doctor had a
"Both, more than anything I'm cold, but was dispensing medicine for
bringing out my point. If the campus coughs, the buildings department un-
needs shrubs, anyone may plant them dertook to re-illuminate Hill Audi-
-apparently, but the department of torium, mathematics tests are run in
landscape design. Trees are cut down the physics department, the journalists

word sabe."
admitted that my education on that
t had been complete, and begged
urther details of what was wanted
his thirsty youth-it promised to

:: t The T'heaters This Week00

'm concerned principally with the
that the different branches of the (By Edwin IL Meiss)
pus don't function when it comes About three years ago a farce called
practical problem," the spectacled "Twin Beds" took the stage world by
man of '24 gave forth. "They storm and has been playing to large
tice theory, but not outside the houses ever since that time. Today
s room." at the Majestic is being offered a'
y word! It was good. A really screen version of this successful play,;
rvant, erudite freshman. featuring in it some of the original'
Tow just be a bit more specific, stage cast. "Twin Beds" was one of
man," I coaxed him, "in the ver- the first and probably the funniest of
ilar of the day, what's eating the bedroom plays which have been
so plentiful for the last few years andl
Vell now look here. This is a is guaranteed to make you laugh.
versity, and as such it has almost Launching the week's performances
branches of technical and artistic at the Wuerth, H. B. Warner returns
all those sort of things-vocationsit
ean-represented. Isn't that true?" in a new production entitled "Felix
Eminently so, my dear Watson, O'Day," written by F. Hopkinson
r proceed." Smith. Warner takes the part of an
ll right. Now we have here a Irish gentleman whose best friend{
e institution, sort of complete lit- runs away with his wife. O'Day
unit in itself, and running itself- swears vengeance and follows the pair
i the assistance of itself. Isn't to New York where after he has fallen
true?" in love with the daughter of a mane-
judge that it might be," I replied facturer of antiques, his wife returns
:iously, "but be definite." and the faithless friend is killed. The
ks an example of what I mean, plot is not quite as strong as in most!
., suppose the boss of an advertis- of Warner's pictures but his emo-



tional acting in the part of Felix
O'Day is worth seeing.
Charley Ray on Deck
At the Arcade today Charles Ray
is appearing in his customary type of
picture, "Peaceful Valley." Ray's por-
trayal, of the troubles of the country
youth are always quite interesting.
Katherine MacDonald plays at the
Orpheum today and Monday in a pic-
ture of life at Monte Carlo, entitled
"Passion's Playground."
In the part of Mary Grant, Miss Mac-
Donald leaves a convent as soon as
she comes into her inheritance and
wins an immense fortune at Monte

"Little Miss Charity," a musical
comedy of pleasing charm, opens at
week's engagement today at the Schu-
bert-Detroit theatre. The plot dealsf
with a young woman of immense1
wealth who wishes to establish a city
of perfect content, and who unknow-
ingly puts her plans in charge of aI
band of crooks. A most interesting,
stage effect is created in the last act
in the reproduction of the whole con-
tented city with its factories and,
model houses.
Fortune in Bibles
The Garrick in Detroit offers for the'
week's entertainment Jack Norworth

he is one of the features. Ben at first
takes 'the part of a dashing football
hero, and later that of a hanm actor in
an amateur performance. Phyllis
Haver and a number of other Mack
Sennett beauties are in the supporting
cast. At the same time there is being
exhibited "Milestones," a photoplay
with a special cast and of vivid inter-
est. The theme deals with the fact
that as people grow older they forget
all about their youthful experiences,
or do not want to remember them. The
picture is well produced, and the
characters almost live for their audi-
Dorothy Gish turns up at the Arcade
on Wednesday in an airy story entitled
"Flying Pat." It's one of these pic-
tures in which the hero and heroine
marry during the opening reel, and as
is usually the case in true life, the
action results from this inciting force.
The American Beauty
Last ,year Justine Johnson was ad-
iudged the most beautiful woman on
the American stage, and immediately
(Continued on Page Four) I

don't run the newspaper, some of the
French profs are Russians,' and--oh,
nobody does what they're paid for."
This last in a sort of a discouraged
"Really, you've made some strong
statements,'" I said, "are you sure they
are quite true? How did you learn
about all these things?" thereby ad-
mitting that the kid had, for the most
part, rattled the. liver out of our fam-
ily skeleton.
"Observation! and listening," he
snapped back.
"But you see, there's a vast distinc-
tion and difference between knowledge
as she is taught, and work as she is
practised, if I might be allowed to mis-
use the King's English."
"Sure. That's plain enough, but
what I want to know is why it is that
the lit college run their ."
"At ease! I can't permit this to
continue. After you've been here an-
other two years you'll appreciate the
difficulties that ."
"Hum! Another buck passer. Well,
much obliged for all the info," and
the freshman drifted out, .leaving me
in my perusal of a text written by one
of our professors, on "The Possibili-
ties of Universal Co-operation and
Specialization, with Special Reference
to the Practicality of a University
I Education."

Carlo where a prince falls desperately in "My Lady Friends." The story deals
in love with her. As happens every with a young man who has made a
now and then in the movies, Mary fortune selling bibles to soldiers dur-
takes the blame for the past action. of ing the war and who wishes to live a
a friend who is Just married, leaves wonderfully luxurious life, but his
Monte Carlo and falls into the hands wife proves very thrifty and is always
of a gang of crooks who attempt to in the way when he wants to spend


swindle her out of her money. But
her prince comes to the rescue and l
everything ends well. This picture,
offers a chance to see a beautiful star
in one of her best productions.

any money.j
For the latter half of the week be-
ginning Wednesday, our cross-eyed
friend Ben Turpin adds a great dea'
of interest to a dual program of which





I mRx" rawAsamin*L I i


Jim mmmwmnb Agmml

Did you ike 45 minutes from Broadway?
:.'_KThis one is far bett
IT brings Ray back in a rural role-a charac
V' ":. .J. ...in which he stands alone.
T is an adaptation from the famous stage]
sented over 5,000 times.
T has the usual Ray laughter and in additio
derful Heart Story.
T is all about rubes and scheming city guys a
'" . .7old folk of "Peaceful Valley" and hick hur
tively contagious.
" 6
, I

play pr6-
an a won-
nd quaint
nour posi-


In His Second Big Independent Production from His Own Studio
"A First National r Attraction"


-- va

.1 , Y
Y 7
:' ,v r
., ,. y
s..-. a '> 1 -

in Prices


., . F la-SATs; RRT T- WASH BURN

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