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June 09, 1921 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1921-06-09

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JUNE 9, 192L

Number 178.

i. Bulletin will appear Saturday, June 11, as that
Aichigan Daily. Important announcements 'for the
herefore be submitted for publication either today

e of the large number of graduates and the limited seating ca-
he Auditorium, each student graduating on June 30 is entitled
re than two tickets for the Commencement Day exercises forim-
elatives. Applications for these tickets must be made to the
of the student's School or College between June 13 and 23. Tick-
lied for will be reserved not longer than Tuesday, June 28.
Secretary of the University.
itive Board:
will be a meeting of the Admtnistrative Board today, June
rs of the Faculty of the Colleges of Engiueering and Arbitec -
will be a meeting of the FacuIty of the Colleges of Engineering
tecture, today, June' 9, at 4:15 o'clock p. m. in Room 411 of
eering building. Reports will be given on the Rating System
ice Requirements., LOUIS A. HOPKINS, Secretary.
egular Dental Faculty Luncheon will be held today, June 9,
clock at the Michigan Union.
L terature, Scienee and the Arts - Dean's Advisory Committee,
will be a meeting of the Dean's Advisory Committee Friday after-
a 10, at 4:05 p. m. in the Dean's office.
3 Engineers:
st assbmbly of the year will be held on Friday, June 10, at 10
room 348 of New Engineering building. Final reports of class
d class committees will be received. Professor Higbie will pre-
esults to date of the tests which the class passed in the fall of
W. C. HOAD, Mentor.
ts baving in their possession books drawn from the University,
, notified that all such books are due Satutday, June 11, on ac-'
h approaching end of the semester.
WM. W. BISHOP, Librarian.
Literature, Science and the Arts:s
nation in the following courses in Mathematics will be held on
ne 17, from 2 to 5 p. in., in the following rooms:
ctigas of Mathematics C and Mr. Peterson's sections of Mathe-
n 101 Ec.
ction of Mathematics 1 in Natural Science Aud.
etious of Mathematics 2, except Mr. Peterson's, in room B, Law

my office at the south end of the stage in University Hall.
All Seniors who have subscribed to the Michigan Alumnus and are
entitled to one of the offieial alumni buttons or stickpins, may now obtain
them by presenting their recepits at the 'Treasurer's Office or at the Alumni
Room in.the Memorial building. Every senior who has not subscribed and
obtained a button is urged to do so before Commencement.
WILFRED B. SHAW, Alumni Secretary.
R. 6. T. C. students:
1. R. 0. T. C.students who are to attend the summer camp should
carry with them one piece of hand baggage containing 6 suits of under-
year, 6 pairs of socks (light wool or cotton), 6 handkerchiefs, 1 pair high
tan shoes, 3 face towiels, 3 bath towels, 2 pair pajamas, and shaving and
toilet articles.,
2. Travel orders and transportation requests should be obtained from
Major Arthur before leaving the campus. All students will travel on Gov-
ernment 'Transportation requests except Messrs. Dean, Marston, Knode
Ueberhorst, Puyear, McDiarinid, and Shindel, who can obtain tax exemption
blanks at the R. O. T. C. office. ROBERT ARTHUR.
Railway Arrangements in Advance:
In order to avoid crowding and insure adequate accommodations, stu-
dents should at an early date. purchase railway tickets for the homeward
journey, secure pullman reservations, and check their baggage. All these'
things can be done now at the Michigan Central and Ann Arbor ticket
offices. ARTHUR 0. HALL.
Students in Englieerng and Architecture:
All first year,- second year, and third year students in the Colleges of
Engineering and Architecture are hereby directed to obtain from the
office of Secretary Hopkins, sometime between June 10 and 15, blank forms
on which to declare tentatively their election of courses for the first seme-
ter of 1921-1922. 'A separate but- similar form must be prepared for the
summer session if they purpose to attend the latter. On these forms they
should list not only the corses they wish to elect, but also (in the space
indicated for that purpose) the courses which they are pursuing this semes-
ter. The schedule of hours and classes must be left vacant, to be fillod in
by the Secretary's office during the summer or by the classifier at the b'e-
ginning of next semester.
Each student must personally consult his proper classifier, making
such changes or adjustments as seem desirable, and obtain from this officer
as soon as possible between June 13 and 18, approval of his elections. Firstj
year students who have not already determined in what Department (Civil,.
Mechanical, etc.) of the College 'they desire to receive 'degree, must make
the decision at this time, tentatively at least. Names and locations of the
proper classifiers may be found in the Special Announcement for first se-
mester 121-22 which will be ready with election forms for distribution
from Secretary Hopkins' office; office hours will be posted on the Secretary's
Bulletin Board.
When approved, election cards shall be left with the classifier. On
account of the' present excessive demands upon rooms and faclties for
instruction in these Colleges, assignment of students to the various classes
must be done more or less automatically and impartially without particular
regard to the preferences of the individual student. The student's classifi-
cation or election card will therefore be completed as to assignment of
hours, classes and instructors sometime during the summer in the Secre-
tary's office, or, as in the event of necessary changes by the classifier, dur-
ing the regular announced classification period at the beginning of next se-
mester, and the completed card will be returned to the student at the latter
Classification procedure will be regular as heretofore at the announced
period in September (see printed Special Announcement). Changes may be
expected in the manner of enrollment, which will beexplained in due time
'in the Official Bulletin (see Michigan Daly, or Official Bulletin Boards).
The student should note carefielly that should he not be following ex-
actly in every particular the regular course laid out for him in the General
Announce ent of these Colleges, responsibility rests upon himself ulti-
mately forbobservance of all rules as to prerequisites, sequence of'courses'
removal of deficiencies and the like. These regulations are usually printed
in the current issues of the General and Special Announcements. The
faculty member designated as Clas .ifier advises the student, Informs him
of any spjcial rules of the faculties not published, and in general attempts
to save hWin from errors of classification. The student is therefore advised
to give p'artcular study to the preparation of his clectios.
Colleges of Engineering and Architecture

I4:0--Seilor lit class meeting, Natur-
al Science auditorium.
4:15-Junior lit class meeting, room
205, Mason hall.
5:00-Special meeting of Hall post V.
F. W. at Union.0
7:14--eeting of 4aSociedad Hispan-
ica, room 202, South Wing.
7:00-Varsity band mets on Library
steps for last concert and senior
7:30-Meeting of Comedy club to elect
officers, Barbour gymnasium.
7:30-Boxing club meeting for elee-
tion of officers, Union.
7:30-Phi Sigma meets In room Z-
231 N. S. building.

William W. Bishop, librari
nounced yesterday that all boo
be returned to the library by ;
He also stated that students b
considerate in returning the b
other occasions this year.
Since last September bool
been pouring into the library
rate of 2500 volume a month
will make ths year's increw
nearly 25,000 volumes. This
is due to a considerable ei
orders which were unfilled be
account of the war.
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if Mathemlatics 2E in 203 T. H. '
of,Mathematics 51 and 52 in West Gallery of AlumniMe-
i in Course. I in Rhetoric will be held Tuesday, June 21, at
dance with the following schedule:
w building-Mr. Hall, Mr. Bouchard, Mr. Schmiedeskainp.
Room, Physics building-Mr. Adams, Mr. Conkey.
Memorial Hall-Mr. Everett, Mr. Crocker.t
ason Hall-Mr. Thomas, Mr. Lasher.
conomics building-Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Quinneli.
appan Hall-Mr. Schenck, Mr. Waiter..
Roopi, Physics building-Mr. Abbot.
ulversity' Hall-Mr. Wicker.
est Hall-Dr. Wier. F. N. SCOTT.


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F1al Exa&WvAtion, Friday Morniug, June 17:
will please go to the following rooms for the
s sections, Room B, Law building.
r's sections, Room B, Law building.
>erlin's sections, Natural Science Auditorium.
r's sections, Natural Science Auditorium.
sections, Room 205, Mason Hall.
a section, Room 202, Economics building.
r's sections. Pharmacology 'Auditorium.

eir examination:


ral Science Auditorium, Room B Law, Physics West Lecture
rest Gallery in Memorial Hall. Room 101 Economics, and Room
in Hall are reserved during the examination period, as follows:
t Tuesday, 2-5, for Economics 1, 39, 47, and 29.
Wednesday, 2-5, for History, 2, 2a, 2b. a
t Friday, 2-5, for Mathematics C, 1, 1E, 2, 51, 52.
nd Monday, 2-5, for French 2 and Spanish 2.
ral Science Auditorium and Room B Law Building are reserved
rst Monday, 2-5, for Philosophy 1; Natural Science Auditorium on
ad Tuesday, 24, for Psychology 7.
a B Law, Physics West Lecture Room and Physics East Lecture
est Gallery Memorial Hall, Room 101 Economics, Room 202 Tap-
L, Room 205 Mason Hall, and. Room 106 University Hall are re-
a the second Tuesday, 2-5, for Rhetoric 2.
conflicts with above arrangements should be immediately ,noted;
further requests for rooms .for examinations.
hours, W. F., 1-11:30, Tu. Th., 3-3:30, or telephone to the Dicta-
Ice, 108 Campus. L.-C. KARPINSKI,
Chairman, Committee on Rooms.
N. H. Williams will lecture at 8 p. 3n. Thursday, June 9, in the'
West Lecture Room on "The Electron Tube and Radio Communi-
The lecture will be of an elementary nature and accompanied by
ations. All interested are cordially invited to attend.
es Club:
e who wish to act as associate directors of the programs of the
Iub for the coming year are asked to confer with me between 1:80
on Friday, June 10, in my office at the south end of the stage in
y Hall. R. D. T. HOLLISTER.

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Italian Pipes ..... 3.50
Gold Tip Cigarettes for
the Ladies.
Salome and Egyptian Deities,
25 and 85c.

The Japanese Students' club will
hold a banquet, at 7 o'clock tonight at
Newberry hall. This will mark the
revival of a custom of an annual ban-
quet existing before 1918. This ban-
quet is to be held for the purpose of
affording a chance to those Japanese
students who are leaving the Univer-
sity this year to become better ac-
quainted with the faculty.
President Marion L. Burton, Dean
John R Effinger, Prof. Jonathan A. C.
Hildner, and Yuki Osawa, grad., will
be the speakers on the program. Mus-
ic will be furnished by Keizo Huoriu-
chi, '21E.

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