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April 07, 1920 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1920-04-07

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Twelve Mn Taken Into Honorary (y'Edgar L. Rice)
BiologicaleSociety More pretentious dancing, songs that
are destined to a long-remembered
SPhiSigma society, national honor- place in the history of the Unin
S1 P ary biological society, held its initia- Opera,'combined with a book which
tion last night. Following the initia- deals delightfully with University
-AE Elon a banquet was given thesinitiates life-all these make "George Did It"
SCHALLENGE POLICE "TO at the Union., Prof. E. C. Case of the the complete fulfillment of Gog advance
COME UP AND STOP paleontology epartment, honorary tam forpt.
'HEM" member elect ,.gv ddeso h claims for it. '
TIIM~'mebereletgave the address of the Not the best looking girls in the
evening on "The Relationof Paleon- wo the ofkthe ghrs o in
LED FROM STREETS tology to Biology.",a ordare tosee thechorher n
The initiates were: Dr. G. P. Grab- telas o yet are they the most
KIETS TAKE TO AIR field, Prof. E. E. Nelson, Prof. L;J. graceful, but we overlook all this for
-,Young, and F. M. Gaige of the facul- we know that after all Michigan men
Leaflets Form Tiny SUQW ty, and S. W. Becker, '21M, C. W. haven't acquired all of the feminine
n and Shower Children in Creaser, '20, L. H. McKiih, '21M, E. B.
Dupont Circle McKinley, '22M, L. C. Ludlum, '23M,S
- ........ ' H. M. Lumsden, '21M, A. C. Starry,
3y Associated Press) '20M, and L. E. Wehmeyer, '21, of the
ington, April 16.-Barred from student bod.
sets surrounding the British L. P. Gariepy, vice-president of the
r the Irish pickets took to the society, presided at the banquet, D. V.
Baxter gave the address of welcome, INCORPORATION OF SPECIALIZED
and E. B. McKinley spoke for the in- ORGANIZATIONS IS
a flying machine they rained itiates.
ackages of leaflets' espousing ADVISED
h cause and challenged the po-
4ome up and stop them. There D lFindings of the Senior class commit-
o sky cops at capital no ar-.J N tee, appointed last Decemebr by the
ere made. Four land pickets president of the Senior engineering
atured out earlier in the day class to investigate, the relation of
-rested and"held in the house H P , the Engineering society to the vari-
tion. ous branch organizations of the En-
Attracts Attention gineering school, have been announc-
bombing expedition attracted Canopy of Smilax and Spanish Moss ed by J. Erwin Goodwillie, '20E, chair-
of attention but it registered to Cover Entire man.
No "bombs" hit the embassy. Floor .. Investigation Necessary
ropoganda leaflets whirled in The appointment of the committee
now storm about the windows COMITTEE ANNOUNCES RULES came as the result of a general opin-
Iy Madison's house, one-half ion expressed by both faculty and stu-
circled into Jackson's Rock- GOVERNING HOUSE PARTIES dents, that the society could not, or
se in Lincoln square were.al- at any rate, was not functioning
afed into the White House, Actual work on the decorating of properly.,
and showered down on chil- Waterman gymnasium for the 1921 Chairman Goodwillie, in speaking of
Dupont circle. Hop began yesterday. The floor was the situation, stated: "It has long
Bond Fixed at $oW surveyed and the places where the been our opinion that the Engineej-
I States Attoney Laskey plac- posts to support the canopy which is ing college is in need of some organi-
bond of each woman arrested to cover the entire room were chosen. zation whose function it shall be to
0. It was not furnished and The canopy, which .will cover the bind together the interests of the va-
re locked up for heating in entire floor, is to be made of green rious departments and save the col-
ourt tomorrow. Leaders of the Georgian smilax interwoven with lege from the danger of becoming
tonight refused to divulge the Spanish moss, the smilax being carried merely a collection of small, self-cen-
They state, however, no bail on into the booths, where it will also tered units. To this end the commit-
e offered for the women under be used for the decorating. Birch tee is presenting its recommenda-
bark trees were to be placed between tions."
the booths. Report Findings
Music by Three Orchestras In. its report the committee states
The music for the Hop will be furn- that the Engineering society, as it now
S lpy ished by three different orchestras, exists, does not come into contact
n Sal Today the Ponchatrain of Detroit, and Par- with a representative number of en-
ker's of Columbus will play in Water- gineering students; that the present
man, while the Addison hotel orches- constitution of the Engineering so-
cmbination J-Hop and Opera tra, also of Detroit, will play in Bar- ciety and its branch organization, the
of the Gargoyle will appear on hour gymnasium. The opening of the Michigan Technic, is not adequate to
pus this morning. Barbour gymnasium was necessitated the needs of either organization; and
lished with a three color coy- by the unusually large number de that the student body of the college has
n by Red Bachman, '20, show- siring tickets. not the degree of unity nor the spirit
hop Siends at their favorite It has also been decided to have the of co-operation that should be ex-
and featuring a cdmic 'parody orchestras play on the floor instead of pected or desired.
Opera entitled "George Did on the balcony as has been the cus- It further points out that the Tech-
3 number is claimed to be a tom in previous years. nic is not a representative publication
breaker for wit and clever-. Two pictures of the J-Hop will be of the college although it admits that
taken by means of are lights instead of the policy of the present staff is such
ge double page cartoon by by flashlight. The first picture will be as will tend to correct this fault
is included while snappy bits taken at the end of the grand march Circumstances in some degree re-
r are interspersed among -thewhen the block "M" is formed and the sponsible for these conditions are, ac-
tories and special articles second after one of the dances. cording to the report, the greatly in-
iumber of the Gargoyle is the Each booth will be required to furn- creased attendance at the college and
this year, having eight extra ish a punch bowl, wafer basket, and the diversity of interests attendant
nd is predicted to be an over- furniture. The only time that this fur- upon this increase. Recent speciali-
ig succe6s. . niture may be placed in the gymna- zation in various departments of the
sium is on Thursday. school together with interruptions and
i ti , G'tins Announce Rules unrest due to the recent war are also
Rules governing the Hop for this cited as being factors in the present
year have' been sent by the Senate upset state of affairs.
(By Associated Press) Committee on Student Affairs to the Remedy Recommended
Fork, April 6.-America's first various organizations interested. Two general changes are reco-
h Olympic games for They are as follows: mended as a remedy for the existing
[1 sail for Antwerp whtthe In accordance with the rules of the difficulties. The first advocates an in-
kating and hockey teams de- Board of Regents dancing must stop corporation of all the more specializ-
the steamer Midland.
. _ -(Sv Number 2. Page Six) led organizations, such as the Ameri.

party, consisting of 16, is to can Society of Mechanical Engineers,
t in the Olympic hockey and COSMO CLUB W I L L the American Institute of Electrical
HOLD PLAYpsCprTEST-Engineers and any similar organiza-
HOLD PLAY CONTEST (See Number 3, Page Six)
ngton, April 6.-All of South __Se __ube_3_agSx
.tral America is bound by the Fifty dollars is the prize offered by MOVING PICTURE WILL SIOW
t of the league of nations. Ad- the Cosmopolitan club for the best WORK IN "LIME" QUARRIES
o the league of six more neu-
tes including Venezeula, the book and lyrics written by a member
in American country to file its of the student body. A similar prize A three reel movie is to be given
is offered for the best music for this tonight in the Natural Science audi-
ion was reorted today. Othe play. The selected play will be given torium by the Chemical Engineering
filn notice of, sonrey in Hill auditorium next January. society through the courtesy ,of the
The author is at liberty to select Indiana Limestone Quarrymen's asso-
k and Switzerland. ' any type of a play he pleases, butiit elation.
- must be cosmopolitan in spirit. The The picture starts by showing the
book and the music must be signed by natural outcroppings of limestone and
NEERS ON LIBRARY STUDY a nom de plume and the author's follows the process of manipulation
name placed in an envelope with the under the hydraulic stream, the steam
W. W. Bishop, the University nom de plume on the outside. shovel, the human hand and the im-
n, will address the Freshmen The book must be typewritten and mense hoists and other huge machin-
rs assembly today. Doctor sent to Professor Hildner, 302 Uni- ery used to deliver the finished prod-
who has had wide experience versity hall before June 10, and the uct. Only the size of the flatcars used
brary work, will inform the music before Oct. 15. for transportation limits the size of
n on the importance of using All students, interested in this con- the finished pieces. Admission to-
ary in connection with suc- test, and who wish furthter informa- night will be free, and the society's
studying. tion, may consult Professor Hildner. meeting will be open to the public.



traits of which they are accused dur-
ing athletic season, and. c~nsequently UL[MOCR TICTICKEI
we can't expect too much.
Chorus Improved
Marked improvement in chorus
singing impresses itself strongly up-
on one who has listened to the faint RALLY IN UNIVERSITY SECTION F
voiced ensembles as they broke out SWINGS ANN, ARBOR
over the orchestra in former years. VOTE
But there are some things which "our
girls" are prone to forget, and that isFOOD ADMINISTRATOR C
that the funeral has not yet come, and FO DA MNIT AO,
there is ample room for a smile. But WINS RACE IN CITY T
smiling is not to be interpreted,. as
some of the maidens seemed to be- Hiram Johnson Easily Carries Rural J
lieve, by open coquetry with the Districts of Washtenaw
boxes. County
Grouping about the stage too often
assumed the formal placing to be An eleventh hour rally in the Uni-
avoided in any production, and if the versity section of Ann Arbor swung
actors will only forget that they are the city, yote in the presidential prim'- 1,
actors, not units in the settings, they aries away from Hiram Johnson and 01
would help considerably. gave Herbert C. Hoover as the city's c
(See Number 1, Page Six) choice, by a vote of 836 for Hoover ni
and 750 for Johnson, figures compiled M
and announced by the election board, c
showed yesterday. ig
TEarlyreturns giving an indefinte J
lE 919'count led to, the belief Monday night er
that Johnson had captured the ctiy,
LA With but a few wards reporting he J(
had what at that time was consideredD
" ~a safe'lead. ~ 61
Dinner for Pres. Hutchbis, Opera and a ee Democratic Vote
Dances Planned for Meh- However, when the final report from 2
gan Week the section of the city in which Uni- e
- - versity professors live, was consider- R
INTERCOLLEGIATE LUNCHEON ed, the pendulum swung over to the w
WILL START THE CER~MONIES former food administrator.
Hoover also carried the lead on the
Democratic vote, by 254 ballots. o
Detroit's Michigan week which will Despite the fact that the city count P
be held between April 16 and 24 un- was favorable to the food administra- tc
der the auspices of the University of tor, it was hardly sufficient to have tI
Michigan club of Detroit, promises to any influence upon county and state A
be the biggest University event ever totals. Johnson easily won in rural J.
presented in the auto city. districts of Washtenaw county, while 01
Starting with a farewell dinner to he carried the state by a large major- 6,
Pres. Harry B. Hutchins on Friday ity.
evening, April 16, Detroit will wit- Results Indicative S
ness a series of extraordinary events, The city vote, however, is indicative e
which will culminate in Michigan day of the attitude of University men. The
on Saturday, April 24. University count was the only thingas
To See Opera that gave Hoover a victory in the
The Union opera, "George Did It," city. p
will be presented in Orchestra hall on c
Saturday evening, April 17, following "HOLLAND LIFE" IS An
which the cast will be entertailed at SUBJECT OF LECTURE i
an after-theater supper and dance to p
be held at the Hotel Statler. The din- s
ing room on the main floor of the ho- Dr. A. J. Barnuw of the Univer- p
tel will be closed to the general pub- sity of Leyden will lecture' n "Social
lic after 10:30 o'clock Saturday night. Life in Holland," at 4:15 o'clock this
To Attend Ball Gamie afternoon in the Natural Science audi- c
Michigan Week will start off with torium. S
an , intercollegiate luncheon at Hotel This lecture is given in response to Ji
Statler at which the members of the an official invittion by the university t
Varsity band will be guests. A large and is free to the public. er. Bar- c
attendance is expected, not only Mich- andisfeocthe.epublc Dris-ar
igan students and alumni, but also nouw is considered a scholar of dis-
students of other colleges. Following tinction both in Holland and in Amer-E
the luncheonteveryone will attend ica. He has contributed to the Na-o
the Chicago-Detroit baseball game. A tion and the Review for many years. p
large block of seats has been reserv- He"speaks and writes in English as 'al
ed for Michigan men at the game. In well as in his native tongue, and dur- 41
the evening comes the Varsity . band ing the present ye r has been lec- n
'bounce and concert, which will con- turing as Queen ilhelmina's ex-
tai vaudeville, singing, and stunts as change professor 'at Clumbia univer-
a part of the , program. sity. Dr. Barnouw comes here after J
Expect Other Students speaking at the Universities of Chica- n
go and Wisconsin. t
It is expected that many students All studdnts who are interested in r
from other colleges will be present attending a complimentary luncheon il
at the Band bounce, and according toatedin ientaryueon ari
a meberof he nivesit ofMic!-to be given in honor of Professor Bar- W
!a member of the University of Michi-nouw are requested to communicate o0
gan club of Detroit, prominent De- with Harry Jellema by calling 530, or t
troit society folk are to be present. with Marten Hoor at .369M, before ei
Prof. John R. Brumm, Carl Johnson, Wednesday noon. ,' t
'20, and many other prominent men on .__ w
the campus will be present. Mi
The events of Michigan Week are 30 AIRMEN ATTEND
being managed by members of the Uni- AREO CLUB DINNER S
versity of Michigan club of Detroit as

well as students and faculty of the Several speeches featured the ban-
University. quet of the Aeronautical society last u
HOOVER CLUB TO GIVE OUT night at the 'Union. Major Boots, at
CAMPAIGN LEAFLETS TONIGHT commanding officer of Selfridge field, ti
told the men of the opportunities of ar
The -Make-Hoover-President club flying offered by the government at t
will meet at 7:30 o'clock tonight in Selfridge field and invited them too
room 316 of the Union. The purpose avail themselves of- the cpportunity -
of the meeting is to interest students for flying practice.
in working for Hoover in their home Prof. H. C. Sadler of the engineer-
communities during vacation. ing college, spoke at length on the
The meeting is for all students, prospective development of the air-
from outside Michigan as well as from, plane industry both in business and
inside the state. Prof. Ulrich B. for pleasure. Maj. C. E. Wilson alsot
Phillips of the history department and of the engineering college spoke on
Prof. Morris P. Tilley of the English marksmanship and its development.
department will speak. Stickers, bit- More than 30 men attended the ban-
tons, and leaflets will be issued. quet. During the course of the busi-
ness session a committee was' appoint-
Women to Be Denied Vote in Primaries ed to investigate the possibilities of
Indianapolis, April. 6.--Women will securing a plane from the government
not be permitted to vote in the pri- with the intention of entering intercol-
mary elections in Indiana. legiate competition along these lines.

f lo ~ l~ lNHLSTATE BALL



erseyite Gets Heavy Vote in Sagi
Kent, Inghan*Oakland, and
St. Joseph 'Counties
(By Assd"biated Press)
Detroit, April 6. - Returns fr
428 precincts out of 2,421 in the sot
D both Republican and Democra
andidates showed little change
ght between Senator Johnson a
ajor General Wood for the Reput
an presidential endorsement of Mi
'an, while Governor Edwards of N
ersey forged ahead of Herbert Ho
on the Democrat ballot.
The totals were: Republican
ohnson, 117,456; Wood, 73,2
emocrats-Edwards, 54,472; Hoov
Governor Lowden's total was 3
8 and the Republican vote for Ho
r, whose name appeared. on bc
epublican and Democratic tick
as 37,529.
Johnson Takes Wayne
Late tabulations were not availa
n General Pershing and Sena
oindexter who had received ea
day 5,512 and 894 respectively.
he Democratic ticket Wilm J: ,1
doo's total was 34,767, while Willi
Bryan received 28,987. Last repo
u Attorney General Palmer gave h
Few returns were available an 1
ocialists party in which Eug
ebs was unopposed for president
While Senator Johnson's great
trength was shown in Wayne coi
Y, he had on the face of the inco
lete returns carried 6 "of the
ongressional districts and was trA
g close behind Wood in the rema
g 7 which comprise for the m
art sections which General Woo
upporters were expecting to show
rofiable margin.
Saginaw Supports Edwards
Governor Edward's support co
hiefly from Wayne county, althot
e polled a compartively heavy vote
aginaw county, Kent, Ingham, .Oi
and, and St. Joseph, all populous d
ricts. Hoover's Democratic supp
ame proportionately from rural a
ity districts.
Former Governor Fred War
'as leading Oscar Marx former ma
f 'Detroit for the nomination of I
ublican national' committeemen
bout 6.000 votes. William Conn
as unopposed for the Democra
New York, April 6.-Senator Hir
ohnson late today issued the follc
g statement regarding the outcome
he Michigan primaries: "I am t
bly grateful to the people of Mi
an for this victory. The fight thi
'as against organized politics a
rganized exploitation of capital'
he result demonstrates that an A
rican whose only attributes are th
hat God gave him can compete a
hip these forces. We have' doe it
Senior men are urged to be me
red at once for their caps and goI
t Moe's. E. R. Moore and compa
he wholesale house from which tl
re secured, report a shortage due
he large graduating classes, and v
ot be able to supply orders com:
much later.

All courses dropped in the lit-
erary college after this week will
be recorded with the grade "E,"
Registrar Arthur G. Hall stated
yesterday. Specific action to the
to the contrary by the adminis-
trative board will be the only ef-
effective means of changing an
"E" so recorded.

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