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February 21, 1920 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1920-02-21

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The Other Colleges



at the University

n to give their professors
end of the year. The
send the grades to the
faculty members. H, M,
e grades proposed with
as to their publicity or

Iowar-A schootof citizenship will be
held at the University of Iowa on Feb-
ruiry 18, 19, and 20 through the co-
operation of the extension division and
the. Iowa league of women voters. The
object of the school is to give train-
ing in concrete form in the funda-
mental principles 'of the American
government, both state and national,,
and an opportunity to study the prac-
tical workings of political machinery
necessary to conduct the government.
It is urged that every woman of voting'
age who expects to vote attend this.
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania State
'college will award two scholarships to
perpetuate the memory of "Red" Re-
bout and Levi Lamb, former gridiron
stars who were killed in France. The
scholarships will be awarded to ath-
letes with scholastic credits, who are
uiable to pay their way through col-
lege. A fund of $10,000 has been sub-
scribed by Pittsburgh alumni.
Wyoming-Wyoming university stu-
dents have established a trophy room
in which all awards or records of stu-
dent achievements will be put on dis-
play. The purpose of the room is to
act as a spur to studentefforts in all
lines of activity. Several ancient foot-
baal pictures form part of the col-
Cornell-A great gathering of Cor-
nell athletes,. past and present, has
been arranged for Feb. 23, at the Hotel
Commodore, New York City. A large1
majority of the 3,400 alumni in the
New York district are eipected to be
present. The festivities will last from
noon until night. '
Prhiceton-By action of the univer-
sity faculty, classes at Princeton will
be suspended on Saturday, Feb. 21;4-in
celebration of Washington's birthday.
Ohio State - The faculty at Ohio
State university has recently taken a
fiin stand against th'e conferring of
honorary degrees at the semi-centen-
nial celebration to be held next fall.
The board of directors of the Ohio
State university association has re-
guested that the faculty should inves-
IIE flE ptE llL llE t' '- rr n-r ir~rltlr 1', fTIT"1

tigate the advisability of conferring
honorary degrees. The following res-
olution was adopted:-"Resolved, That
it is the sense of this faculty that the
long-established policy of the Univer-
is based upon a principle especially
safe, sound and wise for a state un-
iversity, and that it should be rigidly,.
observed at all times by the Univer-
Honor Points
Arouse Interest
A sweater, a silver pin or a sleeve
band with insignia are the awards
granted for the accumulation of ath-
letic honor points. ,
There are many ways now open for
the gaining of these honor points. Sev-
eral squad leaders are needed for
which four honor points are awarded.
Next week elections to the class
basketball teams will be made. Any
girl making the regular team will re-
coive eight honors, five for a substi-
tute team and members of the cham-
pionship team receive 10 honor points.
An additional two honors are given
to the captain of a team.
The inter-class games series will
be played next month. The teams are
all showing signs of improvement, in
all phases of the game. More senior
girls are needed for practice.
The teachers' short term institute,
which is held in Ann Arbor, begins onj
Tuesday, March 30. The principal)
speakers will be Prof. Lewis M. Ter-
man, of, the education department of
Leland-Stanford university, who is es-
pecially noted for work on the meas-
ure of intelligence and for the Stan-
f rd revisiou pf the Binet-Simon in-
telligence scale and Frank E. Spauld-
ing, superintendent of schools in Cleve-
land, director of education of our
American Expeditionary Forces in
France, and recently elected head of
the department of education of Yale

College women throughout the coun-
try, graduates and undergraduates,
cannot fail to take keen interest in the
visit to the United States at this time,
of Prof. Caroline F. E. Spurgeon, fir.
Winifred Cullis, and Mrs. Ida Smed-
ley MacLean. These three distinguish-
ed British university women are here
to promote a plan for the uniting of
college women around the globe in
a vast federation. The federation,
moreover, is backed by many of the
leading educators in America.
The proposed federation is no un-
substantial dream. A tentative con-
stitution has already been drafted, the
provisions of which -are definite and
detailed. The purpose of the federa-
tion, as stated in the draft, "shall be
to promote understanding and friend-
ship between the university women of
different nations and thereby further
their interests and develop sympathy
,and mutual helpfulness between the
peoples of the world." Membership in
,the federation "shall be opened to na-
tional federations of university women
which are approved by the council,"
the central executive committee of the
Students to be Exchanged

All members of Masques are re-
;quested to attend an important meet-
ing at 4 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon
of next week in Barbour gymnasium.
Plans for the semester will be discus-
sed. Any members who are unable to
be present are asked to communicate
with the president.
Corporate communion for Episcopal
women will be held at 7:30 o'clock
Sunday morning at St. Andrew's
Women who wish to join the swim-
ming club at the city Y. M. C. A. at
$5 for a period of six months may do
so at the Ann Arbor high-school or at;

Excellent CHOP SUEY from
11:30 a. m. to midnight
Steaks and Chops 314 S. State



Cousins & Hail
Members Florists Telegraph Delivery
Phone 115 1002 S. Univ.



the Y. W. C. A.
All entering freshman and sopho- GOOD HOMEC COOKED
mgre girls should register at the office
of the/ physical director at once. ES
Anyone willing to play the piano
for dancing classes is requested to re-nd. p r Week
port at the office of the physical di-LDinner at$5.7Luncr Wee
rector in Barbour gymnasium.
All women who expect' to take
swimming- this semester must enroll
in the director's office in Barbour___w-
There will be no Y. W. C. A. vesper, PICTURE FRAMING WINDOW SHADE
services until further notice. PITR FAMN
Women's League Party Held atGym Student Headquarter
Mrs. H. R. Stark and Mrs. L. A. Bar-. t
rett presided at the tea table at the
Women's league party yesterday aft- For everything in "Brighten Up"Jinis es, best aasor
e moon in Barbourgymnasium. Phil ment of swing frames, Hand-maJ picture frames at
Diamond, '21, provided music for danc- !
ing, which was the form of entertain- = Window shades at lowest prices.
ment arranged- by the social -commit-
-S. E EZL v
Lab. coats, aprons. shop tools, etc., *. *
etc., at Wahr's University Bookstore.
Phone 84 207 E. Liberty St.
Drawing instruments-Bargains in
second hand sets at WAIHR'S.-Adv. ',I1nIliiiiiiioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiviiiililliiuliijgiiiniiilii 11iu1in1iii


Having been advised by the
health authorities of the Univer-
.sity that tie danger from the
influenza epidemic is pratic-
ally over, by special order I re-
move the ban on student dances,
this order to take effect Mon-
day' noon, Feb. 23, 1920.


Feb. 19, 1920. President.-
Michigan Daily advertising isOe
N T R Y' one recognized meaxs of reag
M, m Rtudent trade.


An address, by
Lloyd C. Douglas,
Tomorrow morning
at the
Cqpgregational Church
In celebration of
Washington's Birthday
There ill be patriotic
music by~ the choir

at your convenience, we will
be pleased to show you our
line of early Spring,
Phone 1028rW
1 618 Packard Near State

Provisions are to be made so that
through the agency of the federation,
college or university students may
be interchanged among the countries
represented in the union. The Rhodes
scholarships have already familiariz-
ed us with something like this arrange-
ment, but the Rhodes scholarships are
awarded only to graduate students
and do not involve any interchange be-
1ween the countries concerned.. Un-
dier the plans of the proposed feder-
ation, Polish students in economics
may come to Columbia university for
additional courses, Ameican students
of arc iteture may finish their pre-
paration at the Sorboni and so on
Interchange of students will mean
much in promoting "understanding
and friendships between the univer-
pity women of different nations," but
the most direct method of ensuring
pnutual understanding is through the
teaching force of a nation. The pro-
posed~federation provides for an in-
terchange of professors and junior lec-
turers. The larger men's universities
in the East have already tried this ex-
periment bit the exchange has not
been general. The proposed federation
will make universal an interchange of
the teaching force of nations.
Movement Only Begun
The movement to federate has not
gone beyond the formation of the con-
stitution but it is expected that it will
be fully carried out when once our
college women learn of it. Miss Spur-
'geon and ,Mrs. MacLean are to make
,a six weeks' tour of the leading edu-
cational centers in behalf of the pro-
posal for a federation. Dr. Cullis will
visit; women's colleges and co-edu-
cational universities in the Middle
West. That the distinguished visitors
will find much latent sympathy for the
plan for international union Is the ex-
pectation of the American central com-
mittee which 'represents all college
Following repeated abuses as the re-
sult of the old system of campus elec-
tions at the University of Illinois, the
comiittee on elections of the Illinois
Union announced yesterday i the
Dal9Illini, a new system designed to
overcome the old evils.
Electioneering, advertising by can-
didates for offices, and other abuses
predominant under the former method
of selections are expected to be done
,away with by regulation of campaigns
and new method of nomination.
Certain hours during which elec-
tioneering will be permitted have been
set by the committee. Previously, 25
names signed to the petition of a
candidate were enough to insure his
name appearing on the ballot. Under
the new system 50 signatures are re-
quired. This was done in order to
avoid eleventh hour nominations ap-
pearing on ballots, purposely placed
there in order to split votes.
The new system, the Illini says, is
expected to work out to perfection.
The Interchangeable Type feature of
the Multiplex Hammond makes this
tyewriter especially adapted for your
use. Writes many different languages
in many styles of type. For demons-
tration see our representative, Mar-
tin B. Webb, 1214 Willard. Phone
1595-R., between 6 and 7 P. M.-Adv.

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I, :

Slipp ov'ed by Zera. Keef


QUM,$ ,"'
Tbs 0.11Ih,;

. ......

Hman Banjo-Mando-
new. In first class
E. Jefferson St.


-A light six Studebaker,
y new. A bargain price.
-Dress Suit and overcoat
509 S. Division St. Call
-Rebuilt L. C. Smith type-
xcellent condition. Very
e. 'Call 661-J.
-Kueffel & 'Esser -duplex
$6.00. Box B J, Daily.
would like roommate. In-
S. Division.
wants to work for room.

LOST-A leather pocketbook contain-
ing a Michigan Engineering mem-
bership card and as chemistry cou-
pon. Finder please return -to Win-
ograd, 1221 S. University.
LOST-Purse on State St., between
Ann St. and Nichols Arcade. Cards
Ludena Williams. Please call
WILL THE student who borrowed my
fountain pen at the Registrar's of-
fice Wednesday afternoon please re-
turn it to 1207 Prospect St.
W'ANTfD-A few more fellows to eat
good home cooked meals. Prices
right. Near campus, Martha Sie-
bert, 514 E. Liberty St. Phone 865-M.
WANTED -- Zwet's Theoretical Me-
chanics and Pierces Integral Tables.
R. J. Plate. 11153 S. Univ. Phone

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