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February 19, 1920 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1920-02-19

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.*] argu
..........Joseph A
Mark K. Fhlbert

ison Dorothy Monfort
. Riley. MinnieyMuskatt
reber Anna McGurk
ke Winefred Biethan
Angell Samuel Lamport
obleski Robert D. Sage
Thomas J. Whinery
lone 960



D. P. Joyce
Robt. ommervill
Arthur L. Glazer
P. P. Hutchinson

rrnation cocerning news for any
night editor, who has full charge


k are as follows:
homas H. Adams,
apbell, Wednesday
night; Thornton
L. Rice, Saturday
19, 1920.


ittee's campus election rec-
ent council, at its meeting
ertain reforms which will
efficient and fair balloting
eviously suggested in these
d out in detail, the counci.
>licity as to (names of can-
oting; and in addition pro-
nees must all be turnwd in
ection for a double certifi-
seems plausible that the
of requiring from all can-
publication, showing their
s, previous activities, and
ere would then be even less
vrong man than under the
>visions adopted by the
ke a decided step forward.
>f a student's voting twice
by adopting the new plan
umbered list corresponding
nd checking both list and
em was first employed in
t proved its practicability,

rolled and that an unusually stringent system of,
marking is being employed this year to rid the stu-'
dent body of its dead wood. Others are current
to the effect that scholarship standards are being
raised, that the number of "A's" and "B's" given
out vary in accord with the mythical 10-per-cent-
of-the-class theory.
But careful investigation substantiated by state-
ments from University authorities prove that these
rumors are all groundless. As compared to last
year with its war time laxity in grading, this year
follows the usual, rather than the unusual, method
of academic procedure. Emphatic denial is made
by those in authority of the suggestion that con-
certed action in stringent marking is being em-
ployed. What few cases of unusual severity in
dealing out grades may exist come voluntarily from
the individual professor and not as a result of any
move on the part of University heads.
Further inquiry shows that when the present
marking system was adopted in the spring of 192,
a norm approximating the various scholastic grades
was issued to professors. However, a study of past
records shows that not a single professor in a sin-
gle class in a single year ever struck the approxi-
'mation. It served as a generalization to he followed
rather than to be applied specifically to each class.
At present such a chart nis given only to new faculty
men unacquainted with the marking system, its
policy being merely to guide, not determine.
In adjusting oneself to a resumption of the pre-
war academic life after the maelstrom of S. A. T.
C. days, one is almost reminded of the reply which
the Irishman made when asked why the life of. a
'married man was longer, than that of a bchelor--
"It's not longer,.it only seems longer." There is
no harder marking'this year, it only seems'harder.
Many expressions of interest and approval have
been heard around the Normal, from both faculty
and students who were here last summer, ever since
the announcement was made that President M.
L. Burton, of the University of Minnesota, has ac-
cepted the call of the regents of Michigan to head
our great University. He aroused and stimulated
the whole summer school here, and no one can
doubt that his administration will 'be a strong one.
-Central Normal Life.
The Telescope
In Memoriam
T'he following was indited 'by a friend of ours
who succeeded in evading the 'flu" only to fall vic-
tim to a much more fearful malady, the Limerick
A professor from old Herculanium,
Had quite a.fertile old cranium,
He watered his head,
On retiring to bed,
And sprouted a lusty geranium.
Our Daily Novelette
"Oh; please don't tell me you won't do this for,
me." A girl's voice, high pitched and trembling, ar-
rested my attention as I was passing through the
hallway. "I'm sorry," said a masculine voice very
firmly, "but I 'cannot do what you ask -of me." I
stopped short as I realized that here was being en-
acted grim, stark tragedy.
"But, professor, yot simply must do this for
me." Think of my aged parents if they should learn
from any other source than from my own lips the
story of my probable disgrace." But this monster
in human form seemed unmoved by this piteous ap-
peal. Impatiently he broke in, "What you ask is
absolutely impossible. Consider what it would mean
to me-to my position. Why it would probably
" mean my dismissal from the faculty."
When the girl spoke again her voice was rife
with bitterness and scorn. "I understand now. I

thought you were different but I see you are like
all inen. But some day a; just Heaven will avenge
"this terrible wrong you are doing an innocent girl."
Then the man's terse, harsh reply, "For the last
time I tell you I cannot give your final mark. They
will be mailed from the Registrar's office bn Sat-
urday." J.W. K.
Dear Noah:-
Why is it that Missouri, which is not a very large
state, stands at the head in mule raising?
Can't tell you unless it is that that's the only safe
place to stand when you're engaged in that busi-
She Probably Adored Buttetchps, Cowslips and
He sent a rather clever selection of flowers be-
fore him. Roses and orchids would have conveyed
an unpleasing impression to Sonia; dairies charmed
her.-November Parisienne Magazine.
Deliah must have been the first barber
Because the Bible tells how she shore
Samson of his hair, and how after that
Poor Samson was never the same man.
I thank you.

(Oct. 26, i919)
Between Detroit; Ann Arbor and Jackson
(Eastern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Cars--6:o a.
in., and hourly to 9:io p. m.
Jackson Limited and Express Cars--8:48
a. in., and every hour to 9 :48 p. Mn. (E~x-
presses make local stops west of Ann Arbor.)
Local cars East Bound-6:o5*a. m., 9:o5 a.
m. and every two hours to 9:05 p."m., 10:50
. M. To Ypsilanti only, 11:4 rp.in.,1:1o
a. m., and to Saline, change atYpsilanti.
Local Cars West iBound--7:48 a. mn. and
12:2o a. M.


At both


The Hammond Mathematical Type-
writer, writes higher and lower math-
ematics. Portable or standard model.
Martin R. Webb, Student Repersenta-
tive, The Hammond Typewriter Co.,
1214 Willard. Call between 6 and 7
P. M.-Adv.
The "'STANDARD" lVos6 leaf note-
PatronIze our Advertisers.-Adv.

! " , .1 1


Excellent CHOP SUE


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+ IGi 1 M i -


Judging now by the War fa ts-

Text Books

Books and Supplies for all
at both Stores

The American

is a c1ig

New and
Second H
For All D

N OTonly because they proved
such a necessity . with our
fighting men on land and~sea, but
also because they are the mildest
form of smoking cigarettes have
at last come into their own.
Today, among young men as
well as old, plain men and prom-




-and one cigarette in r

At Washington'
A fact:

ag itself was greatly simpli-
nified ballot, in which all vot-
e large sheet. This does away
oome method of handing out
-ding to class, school, or sex
shorten the time both of vot-
Le returns.
intends to be a loyal citizen
acquaint himself with the new
, this is as follows:
tions, each carefully marked'
:op of the ballot. Section A,
°n only, includes nominations
Athletic association, Y. M.
Imen at large, and board in
blications. For Union. vice-
votes only for nominees from
ted for by both men and
iinations for Oratorical as--,
council. Each student votes
from his own class and de-

In the A



In the Navy
A fact:
With our NC
Ocean Fliers
A fact:

The 15
from 15


. 9 t 7

r by men of the Engi-
s nominations fer the
he Engineering honor
for the nominees from

A9 Sensible Qqd re/fe

f the Archi-
ons for the
:tural honor

than usu
Are y
much Ti


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