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January 14, 1920 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1920-01-14

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Monday during the Univer-
fStudent Publications.
ively entitled to the use for
redited to it or not otherwise
news published therin,
n Arbor, Michigan, as second.

ard street.

to exceed 30 owords, if signed, the sig-
appear. in print, but as an evidence of
is will be published in The Daily at the
if left at or mailed to The Daily office
will receive no consideration). No man
anless the writerincloes postage.
necessarily endorse ' the sentiments ex-
.....Managing Editor
done 2414 or ioi6
.....Business Manager
houe 46o or 2738
.Asst. Managing Editor
.City aitor
.Sports Editor
Women's ditor
.Telegraph Editor
i. Hardy ieth

briefly. Much interesting and valuable detail was
obviously omitted. In most instances some member
of the family filled out the circular, evidently not
knowing exact dates or accurate facts connected
with the service of the one in question. In other
cases much detail was inadvertently forgotten.
For this reason the University is asking men who
feel that their blanks were sent in withediscrepan-
cies or omissions to call at the office in the basement
of Memorial hall and adjust their records. Care
should be used to state accurately exactly what will
. undoubtedly appear in print in Michigan's compila-
tion. It is impossible to re-circularize those men
whose response is inadequate.
The object of this Michigan volume is to record
army experience and service in some detail. Bat-
tles. hospitals, wounds, awards, are all to be in-
cluded. The more complete the answers returned,
the more vivid -and valuable will be the book when'
)end in your record now.

Think of

Both Ends of the Diagonal Walk



When You Think


(Oct. z6, 1919)
Between Detroit, Ann Arbor and Jackson
(Eastern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Cars-6:ro
Jackson Limited and Express Cars-8B
th.,. and ecVCIv loh ito 9.:48 1p;n~. t1
resses make local stars west -f \m rbo
Local Cars East Bound 6:Og a .m.. :O
anu t w oaliut nthas i« :+; N' pilantr
ri.ocal Cars. W eht Hound..-7 ;48 a m.A'
;.do a -i

7 1f1111tlii1"S" i I iijll11111to ii 1,tIIo ot



Ir. .., .. Advertusui, Maniag:i
.....Issue Nlanageir
Office Manag r
...... ... ..Publication \Managel
Circulation Manager
.Subscription Manages
Mus, Udit.
.Literary Editor,
..xchange Edito
. ,. - . . . . . ... C am paign K~ditoi
.................... ...Efficiency Editor-
Thomas IfAdams Brewster Campbell
Ge-)rge Brophy .ohn 1. Dakin
R. W. Wrobleski Dorothy Monfort
Samel am ort Minie unkt*

A D'anit 'and'ord attempted to freeze out his
tent by stealing the door. According to reports
there are certain Ann Arbor landladies who are
accomplishing the same end in a slightly different
The American Association of Masters of Danc-
ing urge followers of terpsichore to "Dance, But,
Don't Wrestle." Athletic exhibitions are wasted
on the average dance crowd.'
We wonder whether certain Detroit and Ann
Arbor newspapers secured their information con-
cerning spiritualism among Michigan students from
their Ouija boards.
"Clock, Century Old, Keeps Perfect Time."--
Headline. But that was in the days when time
didn't move so fast.
The' Telescope


Robert C. wgell
Robert D. Saga
'EhoniaEz J. Whinery'


D. P. Joyce
Robt. Somerville
F. M. Heath

tire infor~mationi concerning news for
uld see the. issue editor, who has full
inted that night.
for the week are as, follows:
Monday night; Thomas H.
ght; Brewster P. Campbell,
ee M. Woodruff, Thursday.
Friday night; and Thornton
rday night.
JANUARY 14, 1920.
"the power of the press" for
Probably/ no better example
had than stories which have
licity through the initial me-
>ondents for metropolitan pa-
f instances the University has.
of derision and ridicule by the
r-fetched "feature" articles
f the University of Michigan
f half the large papers of the


"I cant' live without you,"
He muttered with a sob.
And his words rang true
'Cause he knew she had a job.

ugh the medium of the large press associa-
id the clipping practices of the papers, ink-
news items and even editorials have been
ed in dailies from New York to San Fran-
These" articles may form excellent material
sational "news" but they surely do not add
g to the prestige ,and good name of the Uni-;
of Michigan nor do they conform to the
f an honorable profession. Many large or-
ions ha.ve been killed and their efforts null-
their b, ing made laughing--stock through
per ridicule and feature humor.
ably 9o per cent of these articles which bear
rbor date-lines and are supposed to orig-w
i the activities of the campus, receive their
mpetus in the mind of some reporter who
s to twist local facts and often fictions into
which conforms to the genieral theme of the
"feature." Little harm would be done. ifs
cles were confined to the paper where first
ed, but they are quickly picked up by more
papers, the clienteles of which do not appre--
e local problems of the story.
her form of this undesirable publicity which
versity receives is the so-called society notes;
campus happenings which, appear, in cer-
troit papers. They are, to say the least, ex-
naive and juvenile as well as often perverted
ally misleading as regards life at Ann Ar-
lothing but the most distasteful and repug-
eling toward college life can result from con-
eading of such "society'-' notes of University
,igan activities.
ly itis not the function of legitimate jour-
to propagate these misconceptions.
ary records which are being compiled into a
tic book tipon Michigan's part in the war#
v being received at Memorial hall. These
must be furnished by the students them-
-all who participated in any war. service
er-and should be as complete as possible.
rder to facilitate the work of those giving
ation,' the University has sent out circulars'
;see to the parents of all students .enrolled in

We have now admitted to'full membership in
the R. O. O. C. the bird who snickers when he sees
a girl powdering her nose, and then comes to class
himself the next miorning with his beard powdered
to conceal the fact that he needs a shave.
It's funny how sore it gets the fellow who is al-
ways saying "Perseverance will overcome all obsta-
cles" to ask him if he ever saw a hen sitting on
,some china eggs.
Contributions Are Gratefully Receivel
I wish to sincerely thank all my many friends
who so kindly assisted in the last sickness and death
of my husband. Mrs. T. J. Holmes.
-From the Bisbane Daily News.
Dear Noah:-
Does it take a long time to become a finished mu.-'
sician? . Paddy Rusty..
Yes, we would imagine that it would take quite
a. few years to grow such a fine head of long hair.
Heard at the Barber Shop
"Shall I go all over it again, sir ?"
"No, thank you. I heard every word of it."
This profiteering game goes back
A long ways because even the
Good Book speaks about the whale
Swallowing Jon.h and being
Caught with an Unreasonable Prophet.
I thank you.
Our Daily Novelette
It was manifest to even the most casual observer
that the man was laboring under some terrible men-
tal strain. Beads bf cold, clammy sweat' stood out
on his brow-the veins of his forehead were blue,
knotted ropes. He fidgeted unceasingly in his chair
and occasionally he would take a walk around the
room, darting sharp galncis to right and left as.
though he were searching for something. Nothing
rewarded his hunt, and he dropped into his chair
with the dejected air of a man who seems predes-
tined to meet a terrible calamity which is inevitable
and unestapable. His perturbation increased until
it seemed, that it had passed the bounds of human
endurance. His whole face by this time was bathed
in sweat, his eyes had a fixed and glassy stare in
them, his jaws worker convulsively and he had all
the appearance of a man who is nerving himself to
take some fatal step. At last he could stand it no
longer and with a wild, unearthly shriek he dashed
to the window-threw up the sash and spat. It was
his first chew of tobacco. J. W. K.
Famous Closing Lines
"Aha! 'A hardened criminal," said the profes-
sor as he discovered a petrified remains among the
ruins of the old prison.

Extensive plans fdr the coming
semester, including lectures by prom-
inent speakers; debates, public forums
and a play, were laid at a meeting 6x
the board of directors of the Menor-
ah society.. The bolding of a luncheon
at the beginning of next semester was
.also discussed.
Mr. I. Lubin, of the, economics de-
partment, and Mr. Herman, who have
just returned from the Menorah meet-
Ong in New York City, gave their re-
ports. The matter of combining with
the University of Detroit and Junior
college in the furthering of the Men-
orah work received attention.
The Daily contains the latest Asso-
ciated Press News.-Adv.
Don't Be Wall Flower
Every Friday Evening
7:00 to 8:80
Gentlemen, 8 lessons.....$8.00
Single lesson...........1.25
Ladies, 8 lessons. ....3.00
Single lesson ..50
Sbend your money at the best
school and get results. I guar-.
antee to teach you all the latest
steps in less than term and
make you a perfect and graceful
dancer. New class begins Fri-
day, Jan. 16;also-advante class
same evening. Any person wish-
Ing to learn the proper way to
dance the Fox Trot come to me.
I teach the right way. Seventy-
five per cent of dancers dance
with the Fox Trot music but
don't dance the F"ox Trot, the
right way-by all means they
think they. do, but they are
cheating themselves, not the or-
chestra. Also position as well
ard cheek dancing is improper
and .out of place in a Ballroom.
It is not taught by any dancing
instructor. For deportment and
grace attend my school. Don't
be backward. Learn now so
you can attend the parties. No'
spectators, strictly private.


V Dess Foot Wear

For Traveling Anywhere Anytime
A. B. A. Travelers' Checks as issued by this bank. They
come in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100, are cashed
by Banks, Hotels, Railroads, etc., without identification.



(Nickels Arcade)

fashionably cut, perfectly finished,
lastingly made, look like thorobreds and
low in price.
Full range of sizes and widths in
Dull or Patent



Price $10

tAT ;
T"AOZ MAP' < PCG u. vPAT p



115 ,o I~i0 WajSt,












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