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January 07, 1920 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1920-01-07

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gthe Univer-
the use for
not otherwise
;an, as second

building, Maynard street.
ditorial, 2414.
ceed 300 words, if signed, the sig-
ar in print, but as an evidence of
I be published in The Daily at the
at or mailed to The Daily office.
receive no consideration. No man.
the writer incloses postage.
sarily endorse the sentiments ex-
..i...Managing Editor
x414 or 1016,
s... Business Manager
6o or 2738
.Asst. Managing Editor
City Editor
S................Sports Editor
. Women's Editor
. .Telegraph Editor
H. Hardy Heth
.Advertising Manager
........Issue Manager
....... Office Manager
............... Publication Manager
.irculation Manager
... Subscription Manager
.. ....... Music lEditor-
. .. Exchange Editor
.Campaign Editor
.. ............Efficiency Editor.

ence, is taking its place among the best all-campus
magazines. The Students' Directory is becoming
,nore accurate and complete. The Athletic pro-
gram is becoming larger. The Michigan Daily is
now regarded as one of the best University news-
papers in the ,country.
One of the most interesting things in connection
with these facts is that the students themselves
have been given more voice in controlling the af-
fairs of the publications than exists at practically
any tther university. The publications are pub-
lished by the students and during the time that this
policy of the board in control of student publica-
tions lias held sway, but few instances have been
found where the students have taken advantage
of this fact.
It is probably because of this that such a splen-
did spirit of camaraderie has sprung up among the
large number of students who are now. furthering
University of Michigan publications.
With the co-operation of the students, faculty,
and alumni of the University, Michigan may ,look
forward to the publications keeping apace with the
general progress of the University.'
Have you broken every resolution that you
framed on the traditional January day? Do you
rejoice in the fact that perhaps the resolutions you'
. made are better broken than kept? Or are you of,
the class who' made no resolutions at all?
There is nothing foolish about making resolu-
tions; the silly side is -only in the sorts of resolu-
tions that are made. The world has not yet es-
caped the old-fashioned notion that to be saintly
one must constantly forbear this or refrain from
that and live in a constant atmosphere of self-re-
pression and genuine limitation. While it is su-
premely natural to select a certain time to start
things new and thus to attempt a better beginning,
it is not especially wise to magnify faults and pre-
tend. they no longer form a part of our individ-i
Escaping from the common affairs and mun-
dane peculiarities of every day is a thing that should
be the vogue in making New Year resolutions. If
the student would resolve'to throw aside his near-
sighted spectacles and be just what he is without'
apologies to anyone-that would be a good resolu-
tion. It is vitality, fairness and spirited living that
is needed rathei than a vague sense of profoundity
about every detail that will not weigh an ounce in
the true reckoning.
So it is a fact that some resolutions had better
never have been made, and it is true that many are
better broken than kept.
Have you handed in your lists of high school
athletes yet to the Interfraternity council?
How many students did you line up for Michigan
next year?

.SN U.







S }

(Oct 26, x919)
Between Detroit, Ann Arbor and Jackson
(Eastern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited and Express Cars-6:xo a.
m., and hourly to 9:o p. m.
Jackson Limited and Express Cars-8:48
a. in., and every hour to 9:49 p. m. (lFx-
presses make local stops west of Ann Arbor.)
Local Cars East Bound-6:o5 a. m., 9:05 a.
m. and every two hours to 9:os p. m., 10 :o
u. m. To Ypsilanti only, x:4 p. im., 1 :1o
a, n., and to Saline, change at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars West Bound--7 :48 a. m. and
2":2o a. m.

{;┬░llililllllll liill III[ IIIIIIM ill I lI11111111111111111111
W r nuinu nuunn Inuu



uwIvE 1 SooKs


y M~onfort
C. Angell
D. Sage
J. W hinery

WIS. ALUMNI FAVOR ltrue Michigan spirit. Ibartha Washington
A'T'H E TICCHANGES Better faculty, student, and alumni j every Friday. Tice's,
co-operation. -Adv.
Showing their interest in the better-J L. C. Smith, Corona, Multiplex Ham-
ment of the athletic program of the mond 'and other high grade second
University, the Alumni association of hand typewrite rs.O. D; Morrill, 17
Wisconsin sent the following resolu- Nickels Arade.-Adv. Excellent CHOP
tion, unanimously passed upon at the ''_t aC
meeting of Dec 9:tIrf-Stea.s andChops
1Patronise our' Advertisers.-Adv. __________
"Resolved - That the Wisconsin
Alumni association of the University
of Michigan, with headquarters at
Milwaukee, in regular session after a ALL OF
report on athletic conditions 'at Ann
Arbor, recommend the following
changes be made in the athletic pol-

D. P. Joyce'
Robt. Somerville'
Arthur i,. Glazer
F. M. Heath"

news for
khas full

as ,follows:
Edwin John-
2pbell, Wed-
day night ;
ton Sargent,

More active student participation
and greater authority in managing of
teams and finances, which the students
make possible.
A more modern coaching system
based either on a greater number' of
assistant football coaches,,experienc-
ed in the modern game, or anew head
coach and experienced assistant foot-
ball coaches.
A broader finacxal policy which will'
properly equip teams and replace the
present. commercial spirit with the


q Products Are Made Fromr
Sc+ientifically Paste u
x Cream

y 1

SDAY, -JANUARY 7, 1920.
as said that books are the. mediums,
we come into the presence of the
of the past-Time is the inexor-
atness but, unfortunately, it gener-
is particular case a period ' far
e life of any mortal. , Conse-
us unfailing indicator has done its
t man has already passed beyond
have been 'denied the full benefit'
And such would be the case were
>riceless legacy of books which is
er, are more than mediums which
the historic great. They comprise
ough which we secure a vast
very learning which we are
ing emanates from great men and,
le for us to come into contact with
at men except by the medium of
eed, must we realize the vital sig-
eternal factor in the process of ed-
an dedicates one of the country's
for the housing of books. Just as
by all rights, be the center of any
arning, so will Michigan's Library
factor in her intellectual progress
as a memorial to the very cause to
s are dedicated.
at a man is known by the company
qually true that a university is
rary. For if books are the medium
re come into the presence of great
-e is no more effective way of d -
quaintance than by fostering great
M4ichigan is doing today when it
brary. It is an occasion which
stone in the progress of'a great iu-
allation of the publications of the
eir new offices in the Press build-
i journalism begins at Michigan.
of the University in 'performing
:ies on the publications were natur-
r lack of space -and light in the old
new,,'spacious, modern-lighted of-
nd floor of the building, these ob-
f the publications into the new
a part of the general progress
>lications of the University in the
The 1920 Michiganensian prom-
f thee hst-ver-bnks nf any state

1920 ATLAS With Late
War MapG
To the students of The University of Michigan who take advantage of this offer now made in-




Our hats

are off to the basketball team.

Te Telescope
Hunor Contest
The Telescope takes pleasure in announcing at
this time a Humor Contest open to all the students
of the University. 'From time to time the' Telescope
will endeavor to print as many of these contribu-
tions as possible. A pair of fur lined cuff links
will be given to the gentlenian sending in the-most
original contributions while to the successful young
lady goes a -handsome hand embroidered chamois.
Address all communications }to Noah, Care Michi-
gan Daily.
Government Will Return the. Railroads.-Head.
Giving up berth control, as it were.
The sweetest words that have e'er been said:
You may come home now; your tailor is dead.
"Marriage is a stable institution founded on
horse sense."-Professor Wenley in a reecnt lec-
Perhaps that explains why a man is a bit in-a
clined to stall around a little once he is hitched.
This Will Give Joie Ray Something to Run For
Woman walks mile in zero.-Jackson News.
Spme speed, eh Bo!
You Don't Have to Be Married to Appreciate
This One
"Did you hear about those wild women in Africa
who haven't any' tongues ?"
"Haven't any tongues? How do they talk?",
"They can't talk; that's what makes 'em wild."
A Bright Remark, So to Speak
Couldn't you say that a man with the pink eye
had a rosy outlook on life?
Lord Pityus.
Famous Closing Lines
"The wurst is yet to come," said the waiter as he

The Only Grand Prize Awd">1
given to dictionaries at the Panama-Pacific Interna-
tional Exposition was granted to Webster's New
International dthe Merriam Series for superiority
of educational erit.

Words of Recent Interest
Anzac, ace, barrage, Bertha, blighty, Roche,
sheviki, camouflage, Lewis, guna, Liberty bond,S
my, soviet, tank, war bride. These are but a
from the thousands of late words,-all clearly
fined in this Great Work.


"It Is an ever-present and reliable
school-master to the whole family",
The only dictionary with the new Divided Page, characterized as "A Stroke of Genius."

Over 4000,000 Vocabulary Termsand,
in addition, 12 oo0 Biographical N'ames,
nearly 30,000 6eographical Subjects be-
sidesthousands of other references. kear-
ly 3,00o Pages. Over 6,ooo Illustrations.

a i


Is the 1920 "New Reference Atlast
of the World," containing nearly,
200 pages, with 128 pages of maps,
beautifully printed in\colors, with
marginal reference indexes, late
Census Figures,' Parcel-Post Guide,
late War Maps, etc., all handsome-
ly bound in red cloth, size 10%x138

E. Van Allen, 9 Nickels Arcade
Please send me free of all obligation or expense a copy of "Diction
containing an amusing "Test in Pronounciation" (with key) entitled
ization of Carver"; also "r2g Interesting Questions" with reference to
and striking "Facsimile Color Plate" of the new bindings. Please in
agesof Indiaand Regular par with terms of your Michigan Daily free
e 'Ne. InternationalDictionary.

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