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November 17, 1918 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1918-11-17

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(Continued from page one)
Steketee came back at them with
better work. Line plunging was of no
avail to the easterners. Reputed to be
marvels at holding their own on a
wet ground, the Orange was outdone
by Michigan.
Syracuse failed flatly when they at-
tempted to make gains through the
line, for with men like Adams, Wil-
son, and Vick to stop them, th6y
couldn't get far. Barsha for the vis-
itors tried time and again to make a
rush through center count, but the
boy from Toledo, Scott, was there al-
ways, and held him. At least three
times the easterners were held for
downs, unable to get through Michi-
gan's line.
Not satisfied with just kicking his
way to victory, Steketee satisfied the
demands of the stands that a touch-
down be made, and in the fourth quar-
ter, he interrupted a forward pass and
raced across the last white line,
bringing the count to 15.
Every man on the Michigan squad
acquitted himself in first class shape,
all meeting with praise from the Mich-
igan coach. Karpus gained a great
deal of favorable comment with his
fighting spirit, while the work of
Goetz and Cruse kept the stands in a
constant uproar. Goetz showed him-
'self a wonderful man to get down
under a kick, for he brought many
a gain to the Maize and Blue in this
New Man Strong
Young, the latest of recruits on the
Wolverine squad, sprung a surprise
when he picked the ball away from
the Orange eleven when they tried
a triple pass, running 45 yards with
it.. Fortune also made a remarkable
showing. Despite the fact that he had
iad but two days' training before the
gane, the heavy guard not only kept
the Michigan territory from being
invaded, but tore many a hole through
the Orange line.
Coach Yost, with his characteristic
football insight, was primarily re-
sponsible for the victory. Before the
game the Michigan coach had order-
ed his men to play safe on kicks, and
heeding his instruction they won
three free chances at goal, two of
which Steketee made count. j
Despite the downpour, the crowd re-
mained in the stands, watching the
two elevens batter their way up and
down the field. With White and
"Brute" Lamport leading the noise
making, the Wolverines did not lack
a moment's backing. From the very
start to the end, of the fray the root-
ers for the Maize and Blue were with
their men.
Syracuse attempted a number of
fake plays, yet few of them proved
of any value to them. Their triple
pass, which looked as though it were
only a forward pass, failed to gain
ground against Michigan, while their
fake kicks also proved useles's.
Michigan First
. e game was another bit of evi-
degep hearing testimony to the fact
that weptr fotall is strpger than
that of the east despite th traditional
favoritism for the tegAmsnear the
Appalachian mountains. With the
entre country watching the contest,
Coach Yost showed them that Michi-
gan, as usual, would come out on
top. The result of the game gives
Michigan practically the highest
stnding obtainable in the football

world today.
Details of the game follow:
Steketee started the contest with
the kickoff, giving it to Barsha of
Syracuse who was downed on the 26-
yard line. Dunne tackled Erwig who
made two yards followed by a three
Yard gain by Ackley. Barsha failed
to gaiic and the ball went to Michigan
ou downa, on the 35-yard line. With
gains throug toe line by Cohn, Per-
rin and Steketee, through holes open-
ed by Young and Adams, the ball was
carried to the 26th white mark where
Steketee attempted a place kick but
failed. The ball went to Syracuse on
their 20-yard line. Ackley started the
play for the visitors with a fumble,
recovered by Perrin who ran it across
the goal line. The touchdown was not
allowed and the ball was given to the
visitors. Attempted fake plays by
Ackley, Erwig, and Kernan of the
visnitnr hrught them no results and

Despite the fact that Steketee has
been in but three big football games,
he came away from Ferry field yester-
day the star of one of the best con-
tests ever seen on Michigan's field of
battle. His toe won the day for the
Maize and Blue.
they were forced to kick. Ackley did
the toe work, giving Michigan the ball
on their own 20-yard line. Cohn re-
turned immediately with a punt to
Syracuse's 34-yard line. The visitors,
using Kernan and Barsha failed to
advance the ball and it went to the
Maize and Blue on downs. The Mich-
igan backs again carried the ball to
the Syracuse 12-yard line. A fumble
on the part of the home squad gave
the ball to the visitors. Their back
immediately attempted to storm the
Michigan line, but the freshman cent-
er was too much for them and they
were forced to punt. Cohn returned
the punt to the 35-yard line and car-
ried it every time until Michigan lost
on downs. The Orange team kicked
immediately after getting the ball,
Knode returning it to the 45-yard line.
Steketee kicked to the 15-yard line of
the visitors who could not advance.
The ball remained there at the end of
the quarter.
Barsha started for the visitors, but
failed to gain when Vick tackled him.
Kernan gained five through tackle.
Ackley punted to Perrin on their 47-
yard line and Hopple held him. Ack-
ley intercepted a pass from Steketee
to Morrison and was 'downed after be-
ing rushed back to his own 30-yari
line. Attempted pushes through cent-
er by Barsha failed when Vick got
him every time. A forward pass from
Ackley to Schwarzer failed. Syra-
cuse's ball on their own 34-yardline.
Ackley punted to Knode on the Mich-
igan 36-yard line where he was tackl-
ed by Erwig. Steketee punted in re-
turn to the visitors 25-yard line who
again attempted tq gain through the
line. Ackley attempted another for-
ward pass but Cohn intercepted it on
the 43-yard line. Fortune went in the
game at this point, for Adams, at left
guard. Forward pass from Cohn to
Perrin fails. Syracuse gets the ball
on downs on 40-yard line. Vicminter-
cepts Ackley's' pass in the middle of
the field. Perrin and Knode carry the
ball for gain , and Steketee punts
to Syracuse on the 10-yard line. Ack-
ley punts to Knode and Michigan is

given a free place kick on a fair
catch. Steketee kicks and fails. Sy-
racuse is penalized for being off side'
and Michigan gets another free try.
Steketee makes the count this time.
Score 3 to 0. Steketee kicks off to
Ackley who comes to the 33-yard line.
Syracuse is penalized for holding.
Ackley kicks to Knode and Syracuse,
is again penalized. Michigan gets an-
other free try at goal from the 35-yard
line. Steketee adds three more points
to the score. Steketee kicks off to
B3arsha who is downed on his own
25-yard line. Barsha and Ackley ad-
vance the ball to their own 37-yard
line at the end of the half. Score:
Michigan, 6; Syracuse, 0.
Steketee kicks off. Syracuse's ball
on their 20-yard line. Attempted line
bucks Ly the visiting backs netted
an eight yard loss when Vick grabbed
Kernan. Ackley kicks to Knode on
their own 42-yard line. Steketee'
punts off side on Syracuse's 20-yard
line. DunnE grabbed an Orange fn'.-
ble on their 25-yard line and the Mi 3h-
igan backs advanced the ball three
yards. Steketee attekpted a field goal
but failed. Ball goes to Syracuse on
their 20-yard line. Ackley made a
pretty 25 yard run through tackle
and Barsha and Erwig keep advancing
the ball. Vick broke things up with
a pretty tackle, and then Ackley at-
tempted a forward pass. Dickenson
of the visitors was replaced by King,
upon being ruled out of the game.
Perrin grabs Ackley's fumble on
Michigan's 26-yard line. Steketee
punts to 35. Goetz got under the ball
and held it for the Maize and Blue.
Perrin was given the ball to carry to
the middle of the field for a kick.
Cruse went into the game for Cohn.
Steketee's attempt at goal failed when
it fell short and the Orange held to it
on their own six yard line. Ackley
kicked to Knode who brought 'ie ball
to the 47-yard line. Karpus was sent.
into the fray for Perrin. Steketee
punted to Syracuse who returns to
the 30 yard line. Ackley punted and
recovered on Michigan's 35-yard line.
Syracuse advanced the ball to Mich-
igan's 24-yard line. End of quarter.
Score: 6 to 0.
Syracuse failed to advance the b -All
because of Vick and Karpus. V 'nk
intercepted a forward pass on Micni-
gan's 12-yard line, and Steketee punt-
ed to Ackley. Goetz tackled him on
the 47-yard line. Knode intercepted

. Lineup

Michigan Syracuse
Dunne ........ L.E....Dickinson
Goetz.......L.T....:.. Hoopele
Adams.... . L.G.. . Alexander
Vick .......... C...... MacKenzie
Young.........R.T........ Usher
Morrison . ... R.E..... Schwarzer
Knode ..........Q......... Ackley
Perrin ........ L.H........ Erwig
Steketee.......F.B....... Kernan-
Cohn .........R.H........Barsha
Michigan- Hendershot for Dunne,
Fletcher for Hendershot, Henderson
for Goetz, Fortune for Adams, Czsyz
for Freeman, Wilson for Young, Cruse
for Cohn, Walker for Perrin, Karpus
for Perrin, Genebach for Cruse, Bo-
ville for Morrison, Hadden for Bo-
Syracuse- Matteo for Usher, King
for Dickenson.
Referee-J. Durfee, Williams.
Umpire-James A. Evans, Williams.
Head Linesman - Harvey Snyder,
Length of quarters-I5 minutes.

"We were beaten by a superior
team, so we have no sore spots," was
the way Coach O'Neil of the Syracuse
eleven spoke of the contest between
his team and Coach Yost's squad fol-
lowing the game yesterday.
We're for you, O'Neol, when you
can lose a game like a real sports-
man does, you have Michigan back
of you.
ball died in the middle of the field.
Final score: Michigan, 15; Syra-
cuse, 0.

Famous Ilichiga
0 rid len At Ga
Two famous Michigan football
watched the Wolverine-Orange
test at Ferry fteld yesterday,
pronounced it one of the best g
that they have ever seen.
Jack McLean, of the old 1900 ec
and Pat Smith, captain-elect of
1917 team, vwvere the former 1
who witnessed the game. Wit
keen show of interest the two I
and Blue men watched each mo'
the Yostmen.
McLean was formerly a bacl
the 1900 squad, with a record
makes him immortal in Michigan
tory. Pat Smith would have been
tain of last year's squad had he
answered the call of his country
as it is, the star is making a r
for himself with the uniform of
cle Sam on his back.
(By the Associated Press)
Urbana, Ill., Nov. 16.- Ohio
lost its hopes of repeating as cl
pion of the Western Conference t
when it was defeated by Illinois
score of 13 to 0. The game was
ed in a drizzling rain, the field
soggy, and fumbles were frequen
The Ohio eleven was utterly ui
to advance against the Illini. Ir
second period, Rife, of Ohio State
80 yards, but failed to make a tc
down when he slipped two yard
fore reaching the goal, losing the
to Illinois.
Conclusion of the senior-sophe
hockey game yesterday was force
be postponed until next Wedn(
owing to the rain. The girls p
steadily until the end of the
quarter when- they were force
stop. The score at that time '
to 1. The playing was spirited
the game exciting so far as it
The exact time for the continuan
the battle will be announcedli
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Another first year man who is de-
veloping into a marvel. Vick, play-
ing at center, kept the Syracuse men
from scoring in their clash with the
Wolverines yesterday. He has a bril-
liant football career ahead of him.
Ackley's pass and carried the ball
to the Orange f:4-yard line. Steketee
got a chance at goal, adding three
more points to the score. Ackley kick-
ed off to Cruse and Steketee punted to
the Syracuse 44-yard line. Cruse
broke up a pass and Goetz gets a sec-
ond for no gain. Ackley attempted
another forward pass which was in-
tercepted by Young for a 40 yard run.
Michigan penalized 10 yards for hold-
ing. Karpus went through tackle for
a total of 20 yards. Karpus taken
out and Walker substituted. Steketee
went through center to the 16-yard
line and Syracuse tightened. Visitors
got the ball on downs, on Michigan'-
]0-yard line. $teketee intercepted a
pass and ran across goal for touch-
down. Fails to kick goal. Coach Yest
tc.ok advantage of the big'lead of thv
vi itors and used the rest of the time
to give the rest of the nen on the
squad a chance. Attempts of the vis-
itors to bring the ball within scoring1
distance failed in every instance. The
You will .,sways find satisfaction by
adveritsing in the Daily.--Adv.


(By the Associated Press).
Michigan 15, Syracuse 0.
M. A. C. 13, Notre Dame 7.
Illinois 13, Ohio State 0.
Northwestern 21, Chicago 6.
Minnesota 6, Wisconsin 0.
Purdue 53, Wabash 7.

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