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November 10, 1918 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1918-11-10

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U 1905

(Continued from page one)
Ls misfortune brought the Chi-
team back on its feet. They now
a to fight, and Michigan earned
yard they made from then un-
e end of the game. The remain-
f the first quarter, the whole of
econd, and the majority of the
, saw the game on practically
qual footing, not counting the
score. However, during no time
;he Wolverine goal in danger nor
here much of the game played in
Perrin Makes Final Score
a second touchdown came in the
ning of the final period. In the
few minutes of the third quar-
Perrin received a Chicago punt
returned it to the Maroon's 22
line. A series of line plunges
a gain of six yards on a fake
brought the ball to the six yard
as the whistle blew, ending the
er. Upon the resumption of his-
s, Knode went through the line
ve more yards and Perrin plung-
er the goal for the second coun-
the afternoon. Steketee failed
attempt for a goal.
k in the line played the stellar
of the afternoon. Time after
his work alone saved a first
from being made by the Stagg
The playing of the big fresh-
at center reminded many of the
ig of Lambert, the Michigan cen-
last year, who was claimed by
'to be the best in the country.
rest of the line with the excep-
f the one play by Goetz in block-
he kick, which resulted in the
;put up .a steady even game,
Wing the Maroon linemen, but
utfighting them.' Dunne at end
lorrison at tackle did good work,
he former was unable to get
with any long passes. Neither
were able to play successfully
en game.
Steketee's Toe Fails '
,tee was given several trials
als from the field but was un-
to bgot any of them across the
The majority were from excep-
.ly long distaftces, and very dif-
kicks. Whenever the Michigan
was within striking distance of
Maroon goal, and the team was
e to gain. Steketee was called
to try for three points. The
I Rapids freshman lived up to
eputation as a punter, however,
utbooted Elton, the Chicago kick-
i large part of the ground that
gained for ,Michigan by short
was gained\by Perrin. Perin
playing well this afternoon and
tining was particularly good.
stocky left half was hurt in the
d quarter and was replaced by
er, but he returned to thegame
s beginning of the third period.
B crowd at the game was much
er than was expected. Michi-
ad about 2,000 in the section of
set iaside for her backers, while
,000 people were othe Maroon
of the field. Because of the
seating capacity of the, stands
d the field now being used, but
nore could have been accommo-
*. To the casual. witness the
im seemed packed.
B game play by play: First quar-

50 yards for the, first touchdown
after blocking a punt in yesterday's.
through center. Chicago gets first
down on line plunge. Michigan holds.
Chicago kicks to Knode, who fumbles
but recovers ball on Chicago's 40 yard
line. Michigan hits line for slight
gain., Michigan fails on end ' play.
Fourth downsix yards to go. Chi-
cago's ball. Goetz blocks kick and
makes touchdown on 50 yard run
through the field. Steketee kicks the
goal. Score, -Michigan 7, Chicago 0.,
.Cohn kicks off.' Ball rolls across Chi-
cago's goal line. Chicago's ball on 20'
yard line. Perrin receives' Chicago
punt, returns ball 15 yards to Chi-
cago's 34 yard line. Steketee makes
one yard. Steketee drop kicks from
45 yard line and fails. Chicago's ball
on their five yard line. Elton kicks.
knode receives punt on 50 yard line
and is stopped by McGuire on 32 yard
line. Steketee hits line for two yards.
Series of smashes carries ball to 25
yard line. Michigan is held. Steketee
attempts drop kick from 28 yard line
and fails. End of quarter. Score,
Michigan 7, Chicago 0.
Second quarter:
Chicago's ball on their 20 yard line.
Elton hits line for six yards, and then
one more the same way. Kicks to
Perrin, who is downed on Michigan's
35 yard line. Steketee punts to Chi-
cago's 20 yard line. Neff muffs catch
but recovers. Neff injured in fall but
resumes play. Chicago's ball on their
15 yard line. Elton fumbles and
Michigan recovers. Perrin out of
game, injured. Replaced by Walker.

Cohn makes seven yards on third
down. Referee penalizes Michigan 15
yards for holding. Hermes inter-
cepts Michigan's pass on their 30 yard
line. Elton goes through line for 10
yards, Adams of Michigan stopping
him. Line plunge stopped for no
gain. Vick intercepts Chicago pass
and carries ball to center of the field.
Steketee kicks 40 yards. Goetz tackles
Neff, who received kick. Line plunge
nets Chicago four yards. Dunne in-
jures neck but stays in the game.
Chicago's ball on own 30 yard line.
Elton punts, Cohn catches it return-
ing ball 20 yards. Cohn goes through
tackle for five yards. Steketee places
kicks but fails. Chicago's ball on own
20 yard line. Chicago plunges for
three yards. Vick holds Elton for one
yard gain. .Chicasgo kicks to Cohn,
who returns ball to Chicago's 45 yard
line. Steketee forward passes to
Vick, but pass fails. Walker hits line
for four yards. Dunne attempts for-
ward pass to Walker, fails: Steketee
kicks out of bounds. Chicago's ball
on 34 yard line. Elton carries ball on
end run for four yards. Vick tackles
Neff on fake play for five yards loss.
Endof half. Score-Michigan 7, Chi-
cago 0.
Third quarter:
Steketee kicks off to Elton of Chi-
cago. Chicago's bh11 on 25yard line.
Eubanks replaces Neff. Elton gains
two yards through line. Eubanks
through guard for two yards. Elton
kicks to Perrin. Michigan's ball on
own 44 yard line. Perrin goes through
center for four yards. Michigan's first
down on Chicago's 48 yard line. Stek-
etee goes through center for two
yards. Knode gains one yard around
left end. Steketee tries for goal on
last down. Ball falls short of posts.
Chicago'sball on Chicago's 20 yard
line.aHenderson replaces Freeman.
Elton fumbles but recovers. Brad-
ley of Chicago throws Michigan for
one yard loss. Fake kick by Michigan
fails to gain. Steketee punts 50
yards. Eubanks gets ball on own 10
yard line, Vick holds Elton for three
yards. Vick holds Hermes for one
yard. Cruze replaces Cohn. Chicago
fails to gain on fake kick. Elton punts
to Perrin, who is downed on Chica-
go's 45 yard line. Knode hits center
for a yard. Perrin adds two more
around right end. A low pass went'
lWild. Steketee punts to Neff, who was
downed on 12 yard line. Perrin re-
ceives Chicago's punt advances ball
to 22 yard line. Tays goes in for
Hermes. Steketee goes through right
tackle for three yards. Knode gets
six yards in fake kick. Steketee takes
ball to Chicago's six yard line. End of
quarter. Score-Michigan 7, Chi-
cago 0.
Fourth quarter:
Knode makes five yards through
line. Perrin plunges through line for
touchdown. Steketee fails to kick
goal. Score-Michigan 13, Chicago 0.
Steketee kicks off to Elton, who goes
to his own 8 yard line. Boville re-
places Dunne. Chicago makes five
yards and first down on Michigan's

team which yesterday avenged the'
Michigan defeat of thirteen years
penalty for off side. Eubanks gains
three yards through+line. Vick taw-
kles Tays off side. Maroon =makes
first down by six-inches. Elton gains
five yards around end. 'Perrin tackles
Tays off side for three yard ldss. Ball
on Michigan 37 yard * line: Dunne.
blocks forward pass' attemlpted by'
Chicago. gruze blocks -another pass;
Ball goes to Michigan on downs. Cruze
carries ball 'through; line to middle of
field.. Wolverines lose yard on a
fumble. Steketee kicks to Chicago's
40 yardline.. Henderson falls on ball.
Michigan's ball. McCraig for' Miller
of Chicago. Jordan for- Perrin. Jor-
dan carries balls to Chicago's 34 yard
line. Cruze makes 10 yards. Schwab
for Bradley, . Ball to Chicago on 'their
five yard line, on downs. Knode in-
tercepts pass on 20 yard line. Chi-
cago gets ball -on downs. -Againi at-
tempt forward pass. Jordan breaks it
up. Attempts another pass., Cruze

The Harpham trophy:cross country
rung will be staged Saturday' niorling,
the day of the, M. A. C. game.. This is
an annual intra-mural race and the
winner of the event each-year has his,
name engraved on the Harpham plate.
The trophy was given and the event
instituted two years ago.
- Eddie Carrol was the first man " to
have his name on the cup, running the
five? mile course in 27:34. Sedgewick
won the race last year ini 27:29, mak-
ing a record here for- a five mile run.,
The course begins at the side of
Ferry field club- house, goes around
the ;field, and out past the golf course
to' the Spaulding farm.- Here 'it turns
over to the State street road- about
two' and a half miles out and -swings
home ending -where it began.
Seven men' were taken over the
course for the first time last Monday'
afternoon- by. Sedgewk:-.- Dye, Ever-
ett, Douglas, and Ensel made the -best
showing. The others are doing con-
siderable running' every night and are
coming along in good shape. The
tryouts were taken around'the course
again-Friday afternoon.

game against Chicago .yesterday.
Liberty Motors Rapidly ,Exeelling
Liberty !motored airplainsyiare fast.
annexing. all 'speed, and,.altitude rec-
ords. In a plane equipped with a Lib-
erty motor, Caleb Bragg flew from
Dayton to Washington in two hours
and 50 minutes-143 miles -anlh3hr.
Sergeant Coomba won th L, iberty
race 'fromtBelmont around th1 tdt-
ue- 36 miles -in 24 minutes;and.38.
Captain -R. W. Schroeder, recently
established an .oflicial record at Day-
ton, when he attained ' an altitude of
28,900 -feet. hA hery t 4
in France climbed 20,400 feet in 35
and three-quarters miuto.e-

smashes this one. Back pass attempt-
ed by Maroons, failed. Michigan's
ball on Chicago 25 yard line as game
Score-Michigan 13, Chicago-0.
MIchg .Chicago
Morrison ......R.T.......McGuire
Adams ........L.G........... Miller
Knode. .........Q..............Neff
Cohn-. ....R.H........Eubank
-kSteke'tee -... F.B.. .....Hermes
Perrin . .....L.H......... . lton
For Michigan--Walker for Perrin,
-- - - Perin for Walker, Henderssn for
- Freeman, Cruze for -Cohn, Boville- for
Karpus, Jordan for Perrin.
For Chicago. - Eubanks for Neff,
Tays for Hermes, McCraig for Miller,
Schwab for Bradley, Fouche for Eu-
Officials-Referee, Birch, Earlham;
umpire, White, Illinois; field judge,
Robinson, Indiana; headlinesman, El-
licott, Northwestern.
17-2 goeihgV...6... .gE. .E;rd '1u n n

Fresh sweet cider 5c glass.
gallon. At Cuslaings. --Adv;.


You will piways find satisfaction
adveritsing in the Daily.-Adv.

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_ :.,


EJewelers, New York'

announce their
hibit of official


II Distinctive Models

Military JewelryI:D:


Leather Coats


Smart -Novelties i Silver;
Gold and Platinum with
Coat-of-Arms or Greek Let-
Makers* of the- F-aternity
Servic. ing for the.S-A.TC.

ght wind from the west. Ma-
appear on field at 2 o'clock.
'd gathering slowly. Michigan
snoise with Cheerleader Lam-
leading the yells. Chicago's be-
cheers come later, led by nine
on-yellmasters. Coach Yost goes
eld with team. Games' start at
o'clock. Cohn, acting as Michi-
captain, kicks off. Chicago tries
but does not gain. Dunne grabs.
le on 35 yard line. Chicago
. Steketee hits line for three
. Michigan fumbles, Chicago re-
rs. Chicago gains seven yards

A large variety of Sheep Lined
Coats with Wombat and Blended

Rat Collars

S * *~ 0 0 S 0 0



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Saturday -and., Sunday
NOV. 9th and 10th



ODOWSKY, Dec.14 BONNET, Jan.18


Tiokets, $1.00, $1.501 $2.00. SEASON TICKETS, including Caruso Consort, and a $8.00
Festival Coupon- $4.80, $5.00, $5.80, $6.00.
Tickets at University School of Music
Mr. Caruso uses the Hardman piano exolusivety

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