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October 20, 1915 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1915-10-20

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a HE ei. dVESS' have LECTi w 1rp
Y: AIj~ ~ilr ut Sunday; Any Student May)
________ nA Ter5 re
vtvrcat il ue a s ndswilm tter- - nn\irasApply for Prtivilege _W_
Lo Ft tt oly sto talorig an-
- PI - -II inal]?e tefarce iI : or)>'" Arlp ii 'az, l2 50 at ,* 4 tative programs for Y is at your service with a never hiiig Irpy u0
rFacnd moel. "a ,h~ a aTij ate t'-f -extensttrr trips - to- -vrious of Co 1 /1. ___.__Gr io£ 1Ve4.auc°eoir a I __._ _
o ilger Veiber- .-..ry of.heD raw in I sr rint a d ti e' Sn IiA
N. D pr 44Ix'd ward Ali . . q~iitg 4At a later date, Mr. A N. Surly,-
-a....................................................('colnapntfW*ii si'tjWhtP (N (re~14A ~e>[ Sfiet
Tit J)ttkrlIi I X31 5 k I rrt fl ... a c ' r rx { 4I 6r a fti df A3 r fr~ttP r>'fW~Isw i
d. e er tr Yniidtts')-PU~{ f S 910 i'icjTq 0 'U fitP1 tW (F r e''fiMP ' bP1; tIVY 'IS F> &, j .k. g3 °Y
~4f I (4) nstr ients -Supplies of all kinds b H~ Ie .,TlnW ? h~1h~eP n~ its
'-M 'j1si2 h-tIInI~ thtr d:lt el67 a}'d ,.1 [.fr R I 1 aoJiidni
1 P"Noe 13 Yo'o TJ)' ffhW$~ivfr t !bp io3 It',y3h i 4
;I' -W:u) so~ 4nttXlWh1tpJOF 'ihlwork a d ' ,1 '1F1NITT', Way r rt ,"qftloM13TudZIJ t~*
ogLo jie u'esl a ch gd$tatioklY oolej 1a'iyN r r , a r.. ic r i19I3 ~ n, " , , IN~ynard and 'Willim Streets
Io r7i . rr1 s13}3; 9zn o tio 9 I . m al t nia (
:x k , 1 .T lr N f 0 iI r ; C Y 9 f [
, Ja . ~ iirini.r ( ..}ATnO' I rTUWr t'6=
e9~ t09i'Kh It"I ~ " VprQ.i avni L l dbO ail d fw wr 1 o sJ m l t f tigo A t oii 1'1d It ofll.,a'trW0..
k i A ~,.,'ibii{{SAtT ° ''$
'lA H i r; 'it n ioF .9 t R d 9rni 9ci SJ O W I rl ?df 'of a7tr t " h J Ij ird .=OII a I
1fT }[5 ,t y ~r.I r~e.r n rr i Jour Tf BOOKSTORE Ur}9 d t:>q EJ11
Irt. *t bills~$a~, )1 1 liH; u)J1ft N ?i4Y Cj 19T a f a bxsTqQo [ )odr lofs9 r,
an f rJI i .in :k)~.JX1 rp1,,1s,4o i A ItO SrTfI'1AMdfl anM. U II
(. iAvai3 .r J a I z r a: *, # tyjA h1appear
P I '4 gri'y~j~ ll I 1p :;' f; 0 'M" Rti g roP~j t~t~ji ~~itU~ t~~'*I'
satlt ,1Jt 1 i:Y .I, :031. P.C( 1' d £r rtatofbI ritactltAI Ho - fl$§6 )jf i3US1 *. E * 515FrzUWLNa7
s ly laI xbnfM rr8a~~ , *,i' Suday)i Thkoc eflhaln actasenre-m Wf $4 Ii0 A ~ ~ A3 L
LalarW tud r1:Lija '1 ,7 0La Cnie ,i rdrrIgs co i ij nnjt lIa c~I~ ~ :~ ~r --4v 4p b*ti~ n r iF.i' h *l S Lo
n, a -'n ev royy to hqur t ) , Jo ______ tiilIy(j jj,((tj j t" O nditul iz-'g]IW4p' 1r &.U OrJO 5'E
jf (t ,fti.4,1 n : 71fafii ) ourfate r . : inY .giO 20 e eieriO) u i ne im etus necessa t.eRu Un ShlotterQ ,"rr3.g ...Oep toll I; [HI fI('il 'f)r.
t- 0 lvd~in ,fr fr=l tiOur(Taio}o r Iad thB Co ~fiAT JbJjuIAwII1)(1ll4 nnmcairui ) of t-a'. frtii 3:p # 1011/. 1 H'; l a t A Di E g
ifd1 ltpt g)xf9sasz 41,crJ{j> n+4fo~r¢ttv> $s3r~rf~L1tvplktcnJ .r>cS~ ,' naz~ ~t
uni, i f'ln 9110
y.0 .in g ankTha.tepA er Iufi
' al ri; la99d'I "4ti -' idn'§L-. rr .' .CAN SLErl Tfe 1 o a I mQ nial3 01 depar stited cvlas es all of ical a 4s'cr t n w loat d 'iiu hi.^r ti "lair 'i it dttiii 'Plf. nanodl'a'i'i[iiirj 1rj1
td auSia Iw,4k1I 1i ?sll §agAr~z.t W sio io Wshn o 91S H * w rfl T H ( St ndarrd~ k 2P Y 's rgi"'rfr thsi?# Jt Or nrno l tli' fvi a)ltrra''i )'''d_ ___________________
ll b'111 C'.WIe e ,"t i~ a , ~ bA e. ~r nlioslr en r't and seful j ressionAn. of til AnExantion ff f-u hapears -------' rtni'11fIi lt~ 41&~~~a~ 4ariLJX
aml Ja ; j§nk fg ih ~h 35 ',., 6 O'lf a. m., fU " -Jat It1(I~1'Pe Jfft1 4 C4iM toII:1 SriGuefJ> rl' '19
lfsff v'i ffAxwl t ' ' ~tiPns~tIoPS It" O~w'' ' r ~aer~!t i $t~ 12I~rrcS @ li ilruilI e tI
. s n,.', v a f h.a in.,-nd heir alt." , T ps"r R ! + a t A dI 'l :li v I n er,'S w ~ t ;dtl I'IJntq8t 'Ia; 64r}@ cptS nd y
io e e t a a rDanr- t otS
tj'I1 f'-?0 T ;o a & l I ltodt 1 b99L ~o xs (1 o Pier
uo 10i xi~1w f: t ~~ri~ ~~ie p innsncsr e. t oesrSh en rig (')!'litv Q¢J C oIu
1fa(tr .&i .,r)tt~li+ '-i' "; J;- }I$1r91 1 .,~I 1Ia ffr netAWf ) rift hI o ii~~ o" r '.1 IM nIf 17 r, y')r1; '
Than 01f eh'i .Frr
rJtiT l>l &roit~n *ak ~tk'r "'rlzr~ r<
tiofl-o eatd lseal fia asriton o oatdrx~h-) luo n; i Id ' I
U lbv. till 6MAN' "filA19VGASEFrh~ G9S al 0"tiIffJ g
,, : S:O>a:"..a, alRxlIll S -' : orhll# r s! 91lti d, i ' W ipp- , Mo. .STQq ro ; i E ,P R
I nO il ir u ztbin rr allrfhs I d sfljW19 -sti )IIIn11Area bf'3~' e her)I,) 1) 10t u S.1
Mb FRI ,.:.,. . '0,00.0 ii J >tbdp'$'diiyst darax ' A ti~rfIx 0" 40 umb.~rLi11>edw Phone 45o, i'n x~M
Surplus 1 010ST 0. T I ill I a 019:-ifl80,111-40, fi"r "I E '1olriat t s mePH Pralo h r a(:bms ri,(rt~ rT i )w mo) f i 1 xr1 d IJ1 11
ka1 ug Iii i f 11n 10f r i f 001 I'I m l roat S [.'U otersleavened w1iil)ith K c l ' Thh1 lrtl l td S t fAI r e ' jlh12tn ' 1W ' t) iif? turro MSI 'a'r n j!I < x i 1
l9 "I'u, xa rt;(~ rrsr e'1o rbut 0 =r.01 acl 7' n , gal')obi vii' plodsA.NAT ei Sats" i ____________e ovoaw l w : f1 " IT.
i:) l)iI11 fsiIsltarard, 04 aw'tFio i'tfdi'is 3c,
r11r1 i t!)a gr i 4tr4r i ea m q Pfr)F .,Pl -t W -A.i 1A yb2o a l'' t 91niT1fr
at*k d,0 .i )' l~~f~in ~aj94Mi a1e3 t sLc! ajwcn lo PJuT sie diiY f4 tHiJLA 0Ailif 9' J I : vi" r> P1(F j L R& 'c
bs v j' }f if fud J ~ jA#Flnl A' " § V&Qi1 il ec .li~~~iuiY4n ~i~ '~IWt 5t~il .~' i10H lb~ 0i. slIn ri t oalf, -
pi AA i PSn Bf jo o aaiAT 101 iasm/!tiat se1 rQ J$ n' $t9 vxof xoi~h tr Joo F ii tf11 l1sAdalu y1' 3Clth !stn the O
SrJTr o uth Ma~flin Sree t . OPi 8k tO ? -tij . w _ _
LDp Uf iY Is 9'*r odil 01 .T30 i'f aW,1 tb t°rc4} weeklyoll11 'si bv ICrt tX ry d, ' -*r~i r~ ,sr P
:r a IV a uaS 'r.e~c~ia. 1 irfs; - AmrcnCeiclScey-,f~riR
v'1 11'' I io . '~'9i iI~ rre'd oTSV~~e~d1~tift~)1.o IA'4l ~ 'A_- _._ 8i nrrfta nt O
1 1 1 1f ii ' tI1e01 ,Il000W 9'11 P°211gibTI? 011 :f) tIien odw ,'ISIt94e fa ttr iejx't 'Ini;1 lfl tq # if r)0) 1 - V
50 rtt r , (J 0 j ei sia oi:fl >is ~e ,~ ,.5Mhlkod rp ") i sooo sh ,o. 1J
xiri "J , °Iz r>"n [r-'r},")jrr &rtc t ' an - so n t1 e-Deant zo alq toFr a ti i ,. "j'vi I si s ji $1100 n14h9T r rov~1hal
t4 ~ l li wc td iJ I 01 ' t o i i rJ U'' ~ I J J I i tJ- [ J 1 11 -.-fU'JU I r o sJr t> o tpa yf~it 4 ~ i 1 i p a~
lv ____t!44________fle___________r________,_a '. ise1i A/4y.7VI ins as
M, n- *-1Gooef f 19 I -) ! {q j (' 0 6141;: r.&),Mi g i fi) 'lbnt w Y ,n h dae ab tlfb0Y1 ibt6T3b. 1 0 I dr'L.o 1 o 23d ~f11i~Ih44 ~~# ~ r f& ~ oa
4'1'u11 ;.,y* FJ O) 9pet') 8 12Hor t fq, li hh t l IA IA,
}]y-7 ry(5J1 '~ 1J~iiftialW~l wl2lAt~wMlig nte ~ i0'-tib, 1n P RY' u ~
r' h e v F %u f'1 (l 1ir Iyfi i [ )pr lt y rjV { aqlli
Jo~ ,:ilL ON S1 ii#ft < Jh al" eteq xy, - rlfTig Off iAtnw i dl CS1'~i1} I-MSlI)n at 0 I0'"~ 01) 9 l '
ft il.' 'cs rrfk'SpeK]al gents Netkton Shoes.a R)b[s~r 4do'5pP f" "fl ?4Tp A ther tj 0 3e 1N p{)#'4rIr~lp.ITij')U:FJ S ':fcrr Qfl flt1aIne d o
woLj &fJ..W flJ Ai1tuttda rII l 11011 a 1Jf cf.rI "1'e t) -if' 4 l 100 .1 11 9 a'iti' 'ts ' 'l , l o I11f 9r- 4't. -

'0 __________________________ lonora~J{r ld itis speaker
R Gee atb ilthe reg-eni IT
x SAP1S~ET''~iiIaTAWTE ST ~~ AU' i:' 1isibr 1' e Isf i ariov e ~ lfClProfession.
ntiip,2t'tq 'aAC t s1! 111 iAI de0: i nxij o r yjg out for At tIe -meeting hursday several
ct {G6 [ 1.?r~oS l brnifr~n ~s.d frsto } pit ) 5 q { il I~bf p431at obe brought
r; R o o m , 1 1 9 W a sl te n a w A ve . r lb' 2 1Y tIC [U s1 l si 19 11 i 9 1 2i k21 f aas 'r i s !') ' 'e j)16 10111 u i ' 11 9 a sh l l0 Osli 1 f i: A'r n lu 'at h e S o l t i 1 ' 4: l c k L Iu ea e s o
1011 I~ 11 <" l;r off f 1'-)ff '. i 54rsfs-iliii; -sgsli'11101 110 bnu A'oY n; ri l~~f- .>019 pah0 s 15r lrith~ 'pu 4 0} r 1%A or
u' oft'' A z f ,1 Swuitzrs - eifl:(I v J r s 4a1 ~I jr a 4 r llt~rlixirequested.
ad raini coats fromu lte 9s o ar. 0 oo 8:1 ~ t1101, 90~i ', 1511'YXi10111111L -q $8Sii 1701 '11'171 1 11), f?$i1 *n9 l0jp'hr=p~t~iI.~Wi1tk1es are to
,a ir 1n7le1 IffA',ai 11 H1 13 'I ' - v !90-[ 00: 1 aiusi xi 01 rio F u ei i ilo 'iu il 01 9iIil)i odR tsi I l 7 T attL t e on r
~jji~ ~ es iA g them the Ma rT9,1 octStf .ii gar fI1 I1r')rr i 9 aI ISX sll li{Lrait,8' 0 tdo il 11 0 1P~4 eT S0r.'Tfi si
Il ys l ~ ir> P:egxf.. .T ,,7onq' s W l a ®330 ' 0:1 i fit *111' a ' ting the
~tr t 1 11 ~~7 J~1 JJ 1 cab CCo 111109 ' fi t '& t"nojy' Psi~WH Hutchins
ofa o i{ 1' ti11r' TTa r'01 1 Ani t1 - £1! s3f~tl sr rr f inno09 1! luii r101 1191 atr as'rl!-)' ~ 'ro' dEl1r a'iiI CfIx " ress at the
1 1 4 Sit 94k rrfi 7 # 1 j~ a . u4 @k JoP 'j.r n s 5nr t an raht JI I5 0"1100:8 ,W11 hid t i e 1 , x69 kel today
He is xpecte tJsI$.W1Wnto An
a #i0 y{11§t fJS~d -' lIrli 1' CAj 0 , 9a U "I °" " ""'°i p.'1 t1iijxjj1 10 ers for0
-at o 44 A' 'Yitt -r!-;-'i--- ~vr ine s )~ ~ lp1 p & . rdILA2 6HR)Ires for OtCOMFORT WITHOUT THEM. [ ,. 12 1 t ''0is expecte: t to Ann
n"s 1 k pii ,cnetlsui JAp mK S;j17gpo~2~' ~j 'e-un~"Tq N 2 I')IIT(i ~ jjt0
aitdolltiill 74 1cg eIk *-ms-k- o ( a'lJC%!' bsvrlJsharmai
wishing to repair oryc ltgk aei -c Yl~lgsJ ~ fr i on sale by ' I r't ,id l~gr 9 rrn)ree o a e o f in Phar-
rge~rflgaqjy- nytJiag roin lockers, N. i. Allen RI n~i dk t. 1 1.i .#W , J .extra -Is1 '~WANR' oMacy 1ls 1.ahis pos-
flt11r, ~ j slio,,slr 1e r $9 lrfl 1 s { fS I),, J ' i' iirsd s t 1 14 oct6eod 311 1 )of r ' s s* 15 '310i t1 t
on ggIII'1 - s1'gaig ta} 1p Vp kpU.Stevens
'I rr1tgs'! r'Ta 1° 0an (7,;t ' ificwsuiRa'heeed 5.-f aV~' 11nro 1' ,rrn z1 A j ")of eoe e v i1r tyto a-
'Visit the Hoamestead Tea Rloo1, 1219 ture, - pariment o Eli& o ~f n
Washtenaw Ave. oct20 otl4eod - iaaplsIda


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