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January 21, 1916 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1916-01-21

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Pharmies Conq(iuer Architects; Soph
Engineers Fll Victim to
fresh Its
Last night saw the upsetting of
dope in huge quantities, when the se-
nior engineers were led to the guillo-
tine by their underclassmen, the jun-
ior boilermakers, in the classic of the
evening. The final total gave the
next year's graduating outfit the long
end of a 6-2 count,
But the rival engineer's fray was
not the only happening by any means.
In the first of the three scheduled
contests, the architects were thor-
oughly put to rout by the pharmics\
who were led by Kirchgessner, and
his battery partner, Ankenbrandt. All
the amateur prescription filler did
was to send ten men back to the
bench via the whiff route, when it is
taken into consideration that Kirch-
gessner put himself into a class which
includes the pharmic star alone. Of
the first nine men to face Kirch-
gessner, not a man succeeded in
reaching first, and furthermore, not
one of them even hit a fair ball. The
final score was 12.
The last contest between the fresh
lits and the new comers, the soph en-
gineers, proved to be a farce, with the
sophomores emerging from the fusil-
lade of blows sadly in the rear of a
19-2 count.
nIthe first inning of the first con-
test, that between the pharmic pitch-
er and the architects, Kirchgessner
did the hero stunt by fanning the
three men to face him, one weak foul
tip being the only semblance of a
blow that the architect bats could col-
lect. Davenport, on the other hand,
was as wild as a hawk, and with the
aid of a couple of solid slams, the
pill rollers annexed a total of six
markers, cinching the affair then and
there. "Walter Johnson" Kirchgess-
ner came right back in the second in-
ning, and again whiffed three men,1
and had two future designers in the
third, when Dixon rolled a puny
grounder in front of the plate and
succeeded in making the initial sack
when the star hurler's heavee hit
Dixon in the back. Davenport then
collected a husky wallop, reaching
third, and scored a moment later.
Then the tenth architect missed con-
nections in three tries, ending the
Throughout the contest Anken-
brandt, the pharmic twirler's receiver,
caught a steady game, holding onto
most of the fast third strikes, and
much of the great record of Kerch-
gessner rightfully belongs to his
The upsetting of the dope in the
second game, in which Trelfa and
company had their measures taken by
the J-boilermakers, gives the chances
of the pharmics a tremendous boost,
and puts them in line for the champ-
ionship. The tilt of the engineer
turned out to be extremely hard luck
for the older men. Just at the time
when batting rally was incipient,
Trelfa was called out at the plate on
a decision which looked all the
other way to the side line of spec-
tators. In the next inning the same
team had a man cut off at third, and
another argument was precipitated.
But there was no doubt that the Jun-
iors were finding soft spots in "Tom-
my's delivery, because all of their
runs were the result of good solid
crashes between the "grapefruit" and
the ash. Shay put up a steady brand

of hurling for the junior boilermak-
ers, and is deserving of all the credit
there is for the victory.
Seven runs in the very beginning
of the last fray put Rowley on easy
street, and he proceeded to blank
the second year engineers. Then the
freshmen garnered two counters, and
in the last inning they turned loose
all their heavy artillery upon the
sophs with the result that when the
fire of battle was cleared away, the
freshmen had added ten more tallies
and turned the fracas into the lop-
sided score of 19-1. In their last
chance the opposition put one mani
across the platter, but a play at the
plate cut off any chance for furtlier

Present 3l'embers of Team Will Com-
Pete in Future )atches
Captain Wilcoxen of the rifle club
announces that the next match i
which the university team will com-
pete will be against the Kansas Agri-
cultural college on January 29. The
match will probably be shot off by
Michigan a few days before the final
date, as was the case in the meet with
Yale, the Michigan team having tele-
graphed their score in to the nation-
al headquarters at Washington two
days before the time set for the final
The five high men of the last few
matches will in all probability be the
members who will shoot in the ma-
jority of the intercollegiate contests
this season since in practice they
have showed the most skill in punc-
turing the targets, but of course any
men who come forward with the high
tallies will have their place in the
Washington, Jan. 20.AWith one col-
lege dormitory quarantined, and the
Phi Delta Theta fraternity house
quarantined because of an epidemic
of scarlet fever, the Washington and
Jefferson faculty met today to con-
sider the matter of suspending classes
Two of the prominent athletes of
the college, Wilbur F. Henry, tackle
on the varsity football team, and John
Byerly, a member of the basket ball
five, were among those afflicted with
the disease.
Cambridge, Mass.-Jan. 20.-Harv-
ard, Yale, and Princeton baseball
teams have abandoned the old custom
of a three cornered series of three
games each as played last year. This
was made known last night when the
Harvard nine's schedule was an-
nounced. Thirty games are provided
for the team, but two of these will
be played in cases of ties resulting
from the first two games with Prince-
ton and Yale.
Leap Year Party
At Union Tonight


F Uess Makes Good Time
10-Lap Event

in martirday's

The finds which Coach "Steve" Far-
rell hopes to uncover for his All-
Fresh cinder outfit seem destined to
be in the shape of men who can run
the longer distances.
In last Saturday's first meeting for
the new men, Fuess, running in the
10-lap run, took the event handily in
3:25. While this time gives no imme-
diate promise of developing this lad
into a world beater, the fact that
Fuess was never hard pushed, and
that he was not compelled to sprint
any distance to win his event shows
conclusively that the boy from Erie,
Pa., can be relied upon to do better
things when the competition becomes
keener and the season becomes farther
Another freshman who showed some
real stuff in the meet is the winner
of the high jump, Haig. He was called
upon to do 5 feet 7 inches in win his
event, and it is said that he repeatedly
did better than this mark during his
prep school days. Tuttle, the winner
of the six-lap race, is another man
who hung up a good mark considering
the fact that the competition was not
of the kind to bring out the last ounce
of energy.
Glee Club Plans
for I-Hop Concert
E tertaiuing Program With New Hits;
Given Especially for House
Party Guests


Many N(
And these proclaim
one of very full .ki
r "ba se effects ; ve
"aqeefcs collars.
The sketch shows
Crepe de Chine
collar; fitted jac
Crepe de Chine o
with surplice fror
fTbuttons. Crepe
cuffs of Taffeta.
with Russian G
Chine with bands
Goods Sent Free By
Parcel Post
New Model Dress of Taffeta and Crepe de Chene ___________

ig Dresses
ew Afternoon Styles
that the coming season is to be
rts; close fitting lines at the waist;
ery full puffed sleeves ; Colonial
s a model in Wisteria Taffeta and
New features embrace double cape
ket; bodice vestee of fine pleated
Dver Net; jacket-style fitted bodice
nt. Trimmings of Taffeta covered
de Chine sleeves with new flare
Both cuffs and lower collar lined
reen Taffeta. Skirt of Crepe de
of Taffeta. Priced at $25.
71're2 aion heignJ

Afa6E:! Agbmdkft%

-...- ..

- N". ._.. fl, . '- .i - J.

aftmodonakAOth rgf Idmm -



Another entertainment for those
attending the J-Hop has been arrang-
ed by the Glee Club, which will give
a concert with a program similar to
that of the Novelty Concert given in
December. The time set for the con-
cert is from 4:00 to 5:00 o'clock Fri-
day afternoon, February 11, and it
will be given in University hall. Re-
served seats will be sold at 50 cents,
mail orders for which will be re-
ceived by D. R. Ballantine, '16, 773 S.
State street. Unreserved seats in the
balcony will be sold for 25 cents. The
general ticket sale will start on Mon-
day, February 7, when tickets will be
on sale in one of the book stores.
The men in charge of the affair are
working hard to make it a success.
An entertaining program is being ar-
ranged and will consist of some of the
successes of the Novelty Concert, in-
cluding the "Swing Along Song," to-
gether with several new numbers
which are said to be better yet. It is
planned to make the occasion as suc-
cessful as the Novelty Concert proved
to be although a duplication' of the
attendance of 3000 will be almost im-

Dear Put, I want without no help and I ast for
Well, Put, I hope you have yr. tick- a hop ticket and he said well you are
et for the j hop and if not it will be just about the 10 thousanduth per-
tough luck to have ast some girl if son what has made me the same offer
she will come down for it and then to in the last 11-2 days, but I guess he
find out all the tickets have been did not mean that at all, Put for as
sold and you will probably have to you well know there are not no
take her to some movie or the maj. wheres near that many people in the
or else sit right there in the station whole u of m even counting the wom-
until the next train comes along what en and I have never saw a woman buy
will take her back where she come a hop ticket as yet.
from. The other day while I was over to
I see they have added the other gym the mich. union standing in line
and 200 more can now come and I do Henley Hill said he guessed there
not see why they can not add doc. was so many coming they could hold
May's office what will easily hold 25 the grand march around the campus
or 30, and the troffy room will take just like on convacation day and the
care of 8 or 10 more and then there faculty could all dress up in their
is the running track what would be funny little clown suits and black
swell for all of them fast dances robes and make it a swell occasion,
as you could go a mile a minute and but take it from me Put, no 1 would
not even miss 1 little step on the even know if the faculty was there
turns. or not to say nothing of what they
I seen Eddie Mack the other day had on, for with all of them swell
and I said you know me Eddie old girls on hand a man would have
boy and will you please get me a tick- about as much chance of getting even
et for the hop all on the q. t. and no a side ways glance as I have of mak-
1 but I and you will ever know the ing phi beta kappa. But they will
diff. and he begin looking around on not have it on the campus anyway,
the ground and I said you will find Put, for all of them women all dress-
no hop tickets on the ground for as ed up at 1 time might scare the
you well know, Put, they aint throw- squirrels.
ing none of them away like that, and I saw a piece in the Daily yest.
he said no I am looking for a brick what said the u. of m. was going to
or some big stone I can throw right buy a motor truck and they have
at yr. head. I got sore and would picked out a pierce arrow. Gee, Put,
have busted him 1 right on the jaw if they was to buy a regular touring
onely then he would not have been car to ride in I do not know what
able to of led the grand march, and they would get unless it is a Ralls-


and cost 3 thousand lbs. and a lb. is
$5 in our money as you probubly
Well, so long, Put, and if you get
a extra ticket for the hop, well my
telephone is still ,working.
Yrs. Hal.
P. S.-Are you going to have a taxi
to take your girl over to the gym?
The rates is terrible.
H. F.
P. S. S.--If I go, I may put in $5
extra and buy a Ford instead of hir-
ing a taxi, and then I will let youi
ride with me if you will pay for 1-2
of the gasoline.
Plans for Michigan's new half-mil-
lion dollar library, which have been
made public recently, provide for one
feature which will be highly appre-
ciated by the student body.
The plans provide for mechanical
book carriers and elevators which will
bring the books stored in the remotest
part of the building to the delivery
desk or reading room in a very short
time, not over six minutes being re-
quired for the most remote books.
Princeton Stick Artists Defeat Yale
New York, N. Y., Jan. 20.-Prince-
ton defeated Yale at ice hockey here
last night, by the score -of 2 to 1.
Neither team scored in the first period.
Cushman scored for Princeton early
in the second period of the play, but
Burgess soon tied the score for Yale.
Peacock of Princeton finally succeed-
ed in netting the final score.
Good Printing-The Ann Arbor Press.


Feature Dances and Banjorine
Music Promised by

The Leap Year party, the latest in-
novation of the Union dance commit-
tee, will hold forth at the Union. from
9 to 1 o'clock tonight. Featuring new
programs, special dances and banjor-
ime music, the affair promises to be a
head liner in the list of Union dances
for the year.
The occasion furnishes the first offi-
cial opportunity for women of the
campus to take the social initiative.
Inviting her own escort, ararnging
her own program, and sitting out only
the members which she herself wish-
es, she will be able to accomplish the
purpose of the committee in provid-
ing the party.
The chaperons will be Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Moore, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward
C. Boynton. The committee includes
Richard McKean, '16, Verne, E. Bur-
nett; '17, William F. Newton, '17, John
Breyman, '16E, and Harry E. Johnson,
'17L. Pasteboards are now selling at
the Union counter for one dollar

so I onely said I can get all the bricks

Royce which is made over to England


If you are all fagged out,. if the problem of three meals a day is getting on your nerve, if
the only real cook you ever had has up and taken on a life contract to cater for the yard man
and a family of her own, let us wear your worries.





East Lansing, Mich., Jan. 20. - All
former records for intercollegiate
shooting dere smashed today when
the Michigan Aggies' rifle squad yes-
terday shot a perfect score of 1000
out of a possible 1000. This new
world's record for an intercollegiate
match was made when six men on the
rifle team each shot a perfect score
of 200, and the sixth man had to be
dropped, as only the first five are
counted in the report to the secretary
of the National Rifle association at

By reason of the volume of its business and the excellence of its-management, offers distinct-
ive service at prices which will compare most favorably with what your home service is now
costing if you consider help, gas, fuel, supplies, waste, and the constant wear and tear on
Not so large nor yet so thoroughly commercialized but that we can offer you
a warm homey welcome, courteous personal service and food that is fit.

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