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May 25, 1916 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1916-05-25

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- 4141

Decoration Day Suecial

If thirty canoes are engaged for
Decoration~ Day to make the trip~ down
the. Huron from 'Lakelatid they will be
given a special price of $3.50.




<"4'-- 44<


'4-4 4.

The regular price for this trip is $5.00.
Here is a chance to save some money.


NOTE:-All reservations, must be made
before 5: 00 P. M.' Friday, r May 26th


See th~e Mysteo usGirl i
the original
In Our. Window, Saturday, May 27
First Appearance In This Caty
Do You Know Her?
she 'says: "I am lookig for a hus-
band but hie must use a Darham Du-
plex Razor."
She will sell you a Durham Duplex Demon-
s tratfor Razor complete with one blade ready for
shaving (same blade as used in the e
$5~ razor) regular value 35c, for e
v.Ask the clerk 10o show you the Durham Duplex
Domino Razor originally sold for $5, now sells
for $1.__

Man in Charge of South American ok pas oSud ns I
terested in Organization


4~ 4'-
,444~ - ~ <4
44~ - 44'
4 4j4
4 4
<4 44<4
4 -4,
4 <-4
4 «<44'4 4-<44 ~«4
4- 4<4<
4 <4 <~4 4
4 4~ 44 44< ~ ~
,'44 ' <44k
44 <4~44 4444 444~
44 4' .4

i r'.q- Ciga
Made of TurljsL
bl other rranufactu'


Are yo. l
.who think8s
Ptt CS





Pc ;I

11. L. SwItzer Co.
'-10 St#ate St.

At a luncheon yesterday noon at
Newberry hall, the Michigan men who4
wish to' go to various. foreign countries
for the purpose of "Y" organization
-work, listened to a short talk by Mr.
C.' J. Ewald,' who has charge of all
the~ Y. M. C. A. wbrk in South Ameri-
R~ecords of all the men are to be }
sent to the headquarters of the Y. M.
C. A. Although the qualifications are
strict, the men in charge of the work
expect to be able to obtain at least
50 men of the right type.
On June 1. the men chosen will go
to Cleveland to m~eet 'Mr. E.. C. Carter,
who will give them their final in-
According to the statements of Mr.
Ewald, the inen,.- will not know to
What country 'thoy are g'oing iitil
they are on their- way.- They ex-
pect to'leave. this couintr~y -about July;
1> by the 'way 'of the Mediterranean~
stopping- off at _differeiit ' s tations
along the route. Some~ of the men will
go to EastAfrca. others to the Orient
and India, while at- least two will be
sent to Mesopotamia.
~. H. erry, 'of Telegram," Addlresses
Classes In Journalism
Taking for his subject "The Edit-
ing of a Country Newspaper," Stuart
H. Perry, managing editor of thef
Adrian Telegram, yesterday addressed
the classes in journalism.' Mr. Perry
began his lecture with the assertion
that the lessons derived f'rom the' daily
episodes and happenings connected
with his work were of more' value' to
himi than any amount of theory.
"There are several sourcesv of
news," said 'the speaker,. "which might


44i 4


r 4.J

jv ~

'4 4-

Arm4 '

- --Turk s1T
the world's
ts, tobacco for

. ;, ,

Z6miosl fan

,. !
14 P
Y 4 - 4


"I'hree Weeks.",

or Glyn's Play, -*

4 4'


Reserve Special Section for

Towspope -I ~. A reade---1ary ,miles, Minter in t
"Each man get a hundred men." iils
This slogan was adopted by the 51 Orle -Laelawin"e*
committeemen who have undertaken ,
to rill Hill auditorium for the final*
appearance of the Glee and Mandolin * * *. .* , * . * * *
trip clubs on June 1. ~~Mjsi
Yestrdaysaw he monter am- The medium of motion pictures has
paigni begun in all the fraternities, so- enbogtitopa npeae
rorities, residence halls, league houses bentbroghtintobleyfinture pared-
aind on the camusttemrnea numddir play entitled "How Uncle Sam Works",
tionto he cmmiteeen, nuberat the Majestic Friday and. Saturday.
of freshmen who are striving for the In the United States ,the. subject of,
position of assistant manager of the preparedness is treated by former
musicl clubs, have been set to work Secretary of War Garrison, Major-Gen-
itlietce-sligefreral teLeonard Wood, and Major-Gen-
J~oe Palma, '18, in charge of the Ann eral Scott, the latter of the general
Arbor sales division, has placed a safo h ntdSae ry
i~~mstaf of tickets at Grinell Bros. for orthmiddiedSmaries aresow
tiw ownseopl, wich dmitthein activity; our longshoremen as they
purchasers to a section reserved forarbouhinosettepyc-
the. people of Ann Arbor. All eseats. logical moment. The big man-of-war,
TheJ beam en fts. cmite e- the associate destroyers, the torpedo
The amesof he cmmitee em-craft, are revealed plowing through;
bers follow: General chairmian, Elmer the trubulent" waters of the deep-
C. Schacht, '18E; campus sales mana-
ger, Charles W. Fischer, '18; adver- pouring forth their metal missiles of
ti~n maager Kik Whte,'17;Anndestruction. The aerial craft-squad-
tisig mnage, Krk Wite '17Annrons of bird men-scouting the skies,
arbor sales manager, Joe Palma, '18; lni n esaepcue nata
women's sales manager, Grace Rayns- f ight n ea-r itre nata
ford, '18; ticket sales committee chair -__________________
'eHerbert Gustin, '18, Rex St. Clair, Rathbun,. '18E, Fred Hough, '18E,; T.,
'1.8E, Robert Dieterle, '18, A. McCor- MacAllister, '18, Homer Biery, '18, R.
mick.t '19, H,. S. Hatch, '18, H. A. Bennett, '18, A. Shearer, '18, C. Meyers.,

. ,, _
' t ice;:
. ... .
Y f
: ,, .
c .
.Y. 5
ti t , st n i.. .G' l

4- - 4 '44
~44 <<I
<'4 '4 .44

44 1'4 44-
44 , 4 4444~
'44 <4


Mahzer o #'t'w ~ r eTurkish
andEgptanL~qa,--W o htod
,I ,f ' -
CENT$_ .,; '~



he< tertned 'dang
be haindled with
inite positive st
facts connecter
known, is little
may cause an u
ing to all cone(
Mr. Perry spo
the difficulties
ing of. court ne
were also .treat
gave six maxin
the 'newsgather
In conclusion
the rule which
courteous and
be the rule no
by the policyo
MuIsical Clubs
The combine(
the Sorority h
spring serenade
Starting from1
wvith all the one
western trip, tI
at every house.
ed all the reg
with many of


gerous!,and. which must
temnsbefore all the TAlT DII ffh
.hoeen d1n<4*k YEAR" BOOKS TO iARRIVE 5001~
ld with the case are r -'< ««'' ' ~
e short of libelous, and Pct= l -Cpis,(riginiiIy Intend4$t
untold amount of suffer-
oke--at some length upo-n
tha atendthereprt- Announcement has been made by th
ews. Questions of tact business staff of the 1916 Michigan'
Led by the speaker' who_ ensian<, that the year books have 1eft
ms for the' ud~~eo the printer1s, the Dubois Press Q,
guirc of Rochester,;4N. Y, and are expected in'
m Mr. Perysad ta Anni Arbor Within a few days. Abou
Perry"h 'ndctof100 copies, which. were originallyin
goelbrnsed cnuto tended for the purpose of exchanges,;
w~J brd people shiould will b6e ;plac~ed oft sa l abut the camV
ost extensively followed
of the new'papei: Following the usual custom,, the
GiveAnnal ereadename of the person to whom the an-
diveAnnal ereadenual 'is dedicated will not be mae
d ,musical clubs visited public muntil th~e books are placed upon
mrs~s <in their aintual sale.- A full-pge steel engraving of:
Le n Tesdy eenigthis person will serve as the frontis-i
the Union 7:45 o'clock 4
embers of the clubs, in- piece of the publication. Sixty pages
~ho iiinot akethehave been added to this year's boo.
hy sadntsaveralthng together with 5500 inches of half-tone
Theysangscaeal- ongswork~, snap-shots of prominent students,
1.The- program includ- 'and 'a number of other features.
gular Michigan songs_________
the 'popular pieces in- Advertizers in The Michigan- Daily(
______ r. the reliable business men of the
100 cards, $1: 50,. at ceity. It is to your interest to trade)
4't ;.tin ,FT

V. 1'. C: a. wILL S'EcrRE about the- campus,: giving muich of
(X'ENEVA ('QNFEMIViSM'E 1?EREVJWIT$the' necessary information.,-
Large Numbers of Womn from .1anuy
II nh-ersitie LandI Colleges * NION N(JMINEES
*k The following are t'he names
~of-the men< who have been nom-
This' week,- has beeni set aside by *_ imated -for the presidency- of '
,.W. C. A."workers as "Geneva -Week" * the Union for' 1916-1917: -4
during which time they are gathering<* Glenn M. Coulter, '16.
recruits for the Student Y. W. C.~ A. * Kemp'S. Burge, '17. -
Conference, which is held at College* Staats M. Abrams, '17E. x ~
Camip, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin', every *y Fer-ris H. Fitch, '17L. 7"
summer.' The' conference will open' The< election for- the- Union
August 22, and will close, September 2. office -will take place at the--
Representatives from a1l the -large time of the general campus 'elec-
state universities, small colleges, and ' tion tc be held <on- June 1.
from the eastern colleges come 'to the*--
conference in large numbers., Michi~- : * <.* =F *x *:* k *.
ganu women, have, not been well rep e- ----« --44,T
sented in past years.. only 8 dele= GVrinnell Captaini riie~s World's Recordll
gates having gone last year, in con- Grinnell,' Iowa,, 'May 24--Captain'
trast, to .44 from.,the 1400 women of "Chuck" I-oyt of the -Grinnell College-
Wisc onsin University,, and 30 from the track: team equalled the world's rece
300 women-of °Grinnell College. At ord in the 100-yard dash in Saturday's~
Vassar, 'Smith and Wellesley, the--dele- Iowa Inlercolle~iate meet,. making the
gates are limited to 50 girls. -- - distance in 9 3-5 seconds.- Hoyt' is
Any' Michigan woman who wishes :the man who showed a field of five~ of~
to take this opportunity should call at the country's -best furlong runners :a'
Newberry. hall, to learn the details. clean pair -of heels- in the 220-yard
Fosters have already been placed( dash at the D)ar elaygames. -

owlson,, '18E, F. L. Froemke, '18,t
bert Halstead, '18, Owen Watts, '18,f
nes Schermierhorn, '18, J. Hibbard,
L, G. Mack, '18 ,S. Dinwiddie, '18E,
Scribner,,.,'18E, S. Atwood, '18E, W.
-got, '18E,- S. Pratt, '18E, A. Liv-
;ston, '18E, F. Van Brunt, '18E, E.
Dudley, ''18E, W. A. Bangs, '18E,
Patterson~, '18, D. Mittledorf, '18E,
Stephen, '1$E, R. Gernmanson, '18E,
Sprague, '18E, Joe Palma, '18, N.
Ibsen, 'ISE, R. Kimberly, '18E, R.

'18 C .Andrews,. '18, C. Neumann, '18,
I M. Doty, '181;, G. Ohrs trom, '18, J.
Watts, '18, G. Furlow, '19, E. Schaff-
ter, 1iE . Ellison, '18E, D. DeButs.
T-T, . Westbrook, '18L'. C. Wilmnot,
'19, L. Ber ",y, '18E, F, C., Eisenbach,. '181.
These men will appoint committee-
men to the number of 400 to take care
of the individual sales this week.
Lool: over the "advertisements in
'rhe -Michigan Daily. They will in-



)3. teres: you.


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