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September 29, 1914 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1914-09-29

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Billiatd Room=-21 Tables

Bowling Room=-8 Alleys

Cigars and Pipes

i I

Huston Bros. was or-
rch, 1905, and includ-
ie Roscoe B. Huston,
n "Si" Huston, '03D,
Euston, '05D. They
billiards business of
I and started business
e St., on the 26th of
The fixtures included
tables and one six
for cigars, cigarettes
In the summer of
d floor of the build-
deled and four addi-
vere installed, also a
case on the ground
summer of 1908 the
E the garage building
d St., was leased and
alleys and a six foot

States, and this in a town with but
15,000 population. All our tables
are standard Bruswick make equip-
ped with Monarch cushions and best
grade cloths, cues and balls.
"Si" Huston will give free in-
structions daily from 2 to 4 P. M.
to patrons anxious to improve their
billiards playing.
The bowling room occupies the
entire second floor and contains
eight regulation A. B. C. alleys
equipped with simplex spotters,
loop-the-loop returns and mineral-
ite balls. All the alleys have just
1eet resurfaced, polished, and com-
pletely refinished as good as new.
The room is probably the finest ap-
pearing and best lighted one-floor
room in the state. The bowling
management forthis school year
has been entrusted to a student,,
E bftonJames, '16E, whoawill have
two assistants, also students.
We have storage space for books,
bundles, suit cases, etc. Students
are always welcome to leave these
in our care. We believe that the
more people we can accommodate.
in this way, by use of telephone,
wash room, bulletin service, cash-
ing checks, etc., the more business
we will do.

terest to some of our customers to
know that this register will do
among other things the following:
Issue a receipt ticket for each pur-
chase. Record every transaction in
printed form on a detail strip locked
within the register. Keep each
clerks money and table cards, also
No Sale, Memo, Mslns., and Pipe
sales tickets in his own private
drawer for which he retains key
and which cannot be opened or op-
erated during his absence. The
register, also gives at all times and
at a glance the total number and3
amount of each clerk's sales, of ta-
ble cards, of paid out, mdse., dis-
count, pipe and mslns. sales, mdse.
sales, and prize table tickets. Every
table time card and each check
cashed are stamped with clerk's ini-
tial and amount.



ni built its
esent loca-
and moved
ight alleys
s were ad

were againB- I
910. In theBUILDING-
.er brothers We built our own building after
t ofCrwinwe had been in business for four
. years and as a consequence the
te business, building was made to fit the busi-
firm name. ness, and not vice-versa as is nec-
2 the entire essary in a rented place. The build-
Jolly (for ing is brick, stone and steel con-
"3B" agent struction, 50 feet front by 90 feet
dep, two stories high, with a base-
rehased and ment 50 feet by 100 feet underneath.
d. Not one billiards or bowling room in
500 is in a building owned by the
proprietors and especially designed
for the business.

Our cigarette sales have increased
over 600 per cent in the last four
years. Why? Because we buy stan-
dard brands direct from the factory,
order frequently keep fresh stock,
and have the most varidd assort-
ment of any retail store in the state,
exclusive cigar and tobacco stores
not excepted. As an illustration of
the volume of our cigarette busi-
ness it may be stated that, although
we handle over 100 different kinds,
our average daily sale of one lead-
ing brand is enough to supply a
smoke each day to every cigarette
smoker in the University.
We carry all the standard brands
but no cheap "long shots" that is,.
cigars of poor quality but costing
the dealer less. We have 18 feet of
show-cases for cigars alone, by far
the best assortment in the Univer-
sity section of Ann Arbor. Our ci-
gar sales have increased 110 per
cent in four years and will increase
steadily for a number of years in
the future as older customers, other
than students, get better acquaint-
ed with the variety and freshness
of our stock.
We cash checks for all students
without question. The banks are
located down town and so this is an
accommodation much appreciated.
We cash an average of 100 student)
checks a day, more than any two
banks in Ann Arbor. It speaks well
both for the Michigan student body
and for their good will toward our
firm when it is known that out of
more than 200,000 checks which we'
have cashed for students in the last
eight years we have not lost one
cent on a single check. This is all
the more remarkable when it is un-
derstood that we have never gonel
-either to the University or cityau-
thorities for assistance in making
checks good.

We keep no account books, and
mail out no stateipents, doing a cash
business only. Why? Not because
students would fail to settle in too
large numbers for we did credit
business for four years and at the
end of that time less than one-tenth
of one per cent of our total business
was on the books. The reason for
our present policy which we are
convinced is the best and which we
also think is appreciated by our
customers, is this, 95 per cent of
our business is with students; bil-
liards and bowling are fascinating
games, smoking is a habit, credit is
too easily obtainable in Ann Arbor.
Under these conditions and our old
system students would often run
up larger accounts than they could
afford, would think we were wor-
ried about the indebtedness, which
99 times out of 100, was not the
case, and as a result would stay
away from our store altogether un-
til they could pay in full. We lost
their business in the meantime; al-
so the father if the matter came to
his attention, did not like it, espe-
cially in the case of a billiards
room, regarded by many, although
falsely, as on a par with the corner
"pool room" in some small town.
We did not like this feeling either
on the part of the student or the
father and much prefer the "pay-as-
you-go' plan whereby the student
is much more likely to spend what
he can afford for his billiards, bowl-
ing, or smoking.
We have not only the highest
grade tables and alleys but chalk,
cues, cloths, balls, etc., and all ac-
cessories are the best and kept "up-
to-snuff" by men who know how
because of ten years of experience
in this business.
We order frequently and in com-
paratively small quantities, and on
staple merchandise direct from fac-
tory. We also make special efforts
to keep stock right. This insures
fresh goods. If not, money refund-
We make special jobbing prices
to club and fraternity stores and
for large orders, committees and

each month enough to supply every
student of the University, male and
female, with over 100 matches per-
Gambling and betting of all kinds,
is prohibited in our store. We have
no "house" players among the stu-
dents. We have never had a dice'
box at our cigar counters, will not
hold mo ey for bettors, have never
even raffled a box of candy, a pipe,
or anything else. Why? Because
we have $50,000 invested in our bus-
iness, value the "good will" at much
more, and are. here to stay per-
manently in our own building and
not for a few years only in a rent-
ed place. This policy in our case
is the best from a business stand-
point in Ann Arbor where we are
desirous' of the good will of our
customers, and of the city and Uni-
versity authorities, and of the par-
ents back home.
We are always glad to have stu-
dents bring their parents or friends
into our store. Our customers fre-
quently, do so when the chance of-
fers. You-have nothing to be asham-
ed of and neither have we. We have
had many a student's father con-
gratulate us on the character of our
place and assure us that he consid-
ers his boy's time for recreation
well spent with us.

Our store is open daily from 7
A.M. to 12 P.M., Sundays 8 A.M. to
7 P.M., bowling room daily from 10
A.M. to 11 P.M. We open and close
no earlier and no later no matter
how large or small the daily volume
of business. Thus you will always
know when to find us open and need
neither to take an unnecessary trip
when away nor feel that you should
stop play early when you are here
and business is dull.
SCORES--.. .--..... ....
We get all the baseball and foot-
ball scores regularly, ticker service
on World Series games, and special
telegraphic running accounts of all
Michigan out-of-town football gam-
es and Inter-Collegiate Meets.
You do not want to wait five min-
utes or so to be served when you go
into a <store to buy candy, cigars,
etc. Heretyou get quick, efficient,
experienced, and courteous service.
Our clerks have been with us for
eight years, in fact since we started
in business.
About two-fifths of the games in
The Michigan Championship Tour-
nament for the Detroit Free Press
cup are played in our room each
year. No charge is made to witness
these games in which all the best
state billiardists participate. The
cup last year was won permanently
by "Si" Hluston and a new one will
be offered this season.
We keep a stock book in which
are posted all items of merchandise
and pipe stock daily as received.
We inventory each three weeks.
Thus we have at all times an exact
record of all stock bought by items,
of the amount sold each three
weeks, and of the amount on hand.
This system is for our own guidance
in ordering stock and guarantees
that we will not over-order on poor
selling brands which will become'
stale before sold.


We are the Ann Arbor agents and
importers for the famous "M' and
"OWN MAKE" pipes, the choice of
student smokers everywhere and
for years acknowledged to be the
world's best pipe line. The largest
and most varied assortment of any
retail store in the state is kept in
stock, a large portion of which is
always in sight and readily accessi-
ble to prospective purchasers.



1897, Whenever play starts on a table,
es of a time caird numbered to correspond
also with the table is put in our Calcu-
t the lagraph which stamps the exact
Tidualtime on the face of the card. The
card is then placed on the proper
hook, also numbered, and when
play stops the card is again put in
the Calculagraph which not only
risen stamps on the face of the card the
exact quitting time but also the
and correct amount due in dollars and
and cents. This avoids any computa-
wers tion by the clerk, saves time, and
this is satisfactory to the customer as it
this insures accuracy.



ve follo
both in

worid at large.
growth been more
Ann Arbor. It is
ed that there are
re who play bil-
mnber and propor-
other University,
standing the fact
Michigan student
spend on recrea-i
.se in many of the
hools. Huston
oneers and prime
narkable billiards
ly. Our 21 table
st, finest appear-
e, and best equip-
oom in the United

We carry a complete line of all
the best selling five cent bar can-
dies and a full assortment of "LOW-
NEY" bulk chocolates. Freshness
of stock and frequency of orders
are special points. Our candy bus-
iness runs a close second to our ci-
gar and cigarette business and is
larger than that of any other retail
store in Ann Arbor other than ex-
clusive confectionery stores.
Last year we installed a new
cash register. It was built to or-
der for us by the National Cash
Register Co., and is the latest, larg-
est and best type. It may be of in-4

In season we organize and con-
duct student billiards and bowling
leagues and tournaments. Regularl
schedules are played and specialI
prizes offered. We also arrangel
during each year a number of exhi-1
bitions for the best profesisonal bil-
liard players. Last year we had
here among other famous players-
Champion Willie Hoppe, Sutton,
Demarest, Oritz, Schaeffer, Catton
and George Sutton the wonderful
"armless" billiards player.I

The proprietors in this firm are
former Michigan students and have
the same viewpoints and sympa-
thies. Our policy has always been1
to "try to treat you right." This is
our motto and we believe that what
business success we have had has
been largely in proportion as we
and our clerks have lived up to it.
Each year we reserve over 500
cues for the private use of individu.-
al student billiards players. These
cues are put aside for your use as
desired and kept in repair without
Our cash register issues a receipt
ticket for each purchase which giv-
es the number and date of sale, in-
itial of clerk, amount, and nature of
the transaction. These tickets are
valuable to the customer and this
year ,;may be redeemed for cash,
merchandise, billiards or bowling at
the option of the holder, and- for
from 7 to 33 1-3 per cent of face
mount of purchase. The well known,
United Cigar Store coupon system
is based on only a 4 per cent cash
basis. We believe our system to be
probably as liberal to the customer
as is to be found anywhere. Last
year we gave out $3,829 worth of,
trade checks good for billiards and
bowling, over 97 per cent of which
were used.


Students are always welcome to
use our telephone. Do not stop to
ask permission. It is on the coun-
ter at your service any time.
We carry a complete line of all
the standard smoking, chewing,
scrap and fine cut tobacos, and an
especially large stock and varied
assortment of the higher grade pipe
Our toilet room is fully equipped
with wash basin, drinking fountain,
scrap and fine cut tobaccos, and an
is on the ground floor and open to
the public at all times. It is used
onan average by 2,000 students dai-
Our total business nearly doubled
the first four years and more than
doubled again during the second
four years. Why? Ask any upper
classman, or better yet come and
see for yourself.

We claim unhesitatingly that
there is not a billiards or bowling
room in the country that will sur-
pass ours in the character of its
patronage. Our patrons are the
students of the University of Michi-
gan almost exclusively, and not any
portion, set or fraction of them,
practically the entire male student
body. What store of any kind could
be patronized by a better class any-



We also sell. daily and Sunday1
Detroit and Chicago papers, stogies
of all kinds, "Bicycle" cards, ciga-
rette papers, cigar and cigarette
holders, cigarette cases, tobacco
pouches and the famous one cent
"BEAR" matches of which we retail









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