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June 01, 1915 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1915-06-01

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dot 'Weather H1t
For that swveltering feeling we, suggest O E O N W I C
Positively the lighitest weight, ;l

/I 111 971 O i 1


Another Big Clean Up of Fifty
Slightly Worn Koda ks

r w wa rr rr ewrr rr so r
tr w H t S

Prices start at from 30%a to 500/c off regular prices, and re-
duce at the rate of ten cents per day until sold. F~very one
plainly marked. This is the biggest snap you ever saw.




wmmm e.


coolest suit possible to. wear

Knitted ready to wear Coats Serge ard Flannel
Trousers await your inspection



Smip Is To ORGER



inU.M LO

604 E. Liberty

Malcolm Block




*Our Pric4
and WE I
Tdry us we save you
Rubber sole d shoes

will always be
found here.
:es and our shoes





110 E. Liberty St.

!s re-soled as thtey should be


3on xfaaeaa:wxuwtuutau. ra+ a



The best par- oE'
aMURAD you
c nzot describe.
But you recogrnize
it instantly. And
y ,i never for..
get it.
Grde rk!;;hU.Lcard~
rgp-fian Cigarctte in
the World.



Fresh anid Salt Meats
Pork, Ham Poultry, etc
Be11 Phone 2294 2112 N. 4th Ave
0. F Ii. hutto 1)lsells: _vvew "lT' ,Yi-
under Car to Ble IBuilt by
1''ctard Cmpany
Under the auspices of the Engineer-
ing Society and the department of au-
tomnobile eng;ineering students and the
general puJlic will be given 'an op-
portunity to hear the latest develop-
ments in 'th'e automobile world dis-
cussed at '8 :00 o'clock Wednesday
night' in room 348, new engineering
0. E. Hunt, assistant chief engineer
of the Packard Motor Car Company
will lecture on, "Epoch-Making Steps
in Automobile EngTin 'ueering," and in
view 'of the remarkable interest which
has sprung up in the past year in high
speed, small bore motors, culminating
in the eight cylinder car and the "12,"
this lecture promises the largest at-
tendance of any lecture ever given in
connection with the au tomnobile cours-
Only a week ago the Packard coin-
i~a y startled the automobile world by
the announcement that it. would next
yea r uanutacture 1 cylinder cars ex-
c sivl~. ne of the Packard experi-
menitail cars will be exhibited and demn-
ons tii-wtd ini the atomwobile laboratory
alte thelecture.
T'rotf. T. C. T1uoblood's classes in
haep:renreading will give it
pla tform r iecital of Lord Lytton's "La'-
dyJ Los i Uivrsity fla1Gil e
Thusda evnin, ork1 is aboaut
cmledon) the sae which is be-
in e r'.rudce with footlights,
utan ndstgeseittings, and all
these new rageet will he used.
The rec(ital willbein promnptly at 8:(0
o'clock and C-hcos(d ofisiring to sethe
enitire perf'?orman, ice m ust 1", .}17.tie.
X1,11"play7co c ilts':of Inn'ie scenes 'Jand
will be divided,( into three" sections, eacth
of wh11i i i ll gie three scenes.

COnference to Be Held under Auspices
o World Peace Foudation
to Begin Juoe 15
F red B. Foulk, '13-16L, and Donald
M. Sarbaugh, '17L, will represent the
University of Michigan at the Confer-
ence of International Relations to be
held at Cornell University under the
auspices of the World Peace Founda-
tion from June 15 to JTune 30. Foulk
goes also as the representative of the
Cosmopolitan Student. The purpose
of the conference, as stated by the
Foundation is to teach students who
hope to become leaders, in internation-
al affairs a more rational system of
international relations.
Such a convention had been in view
for the past few years and was finaly
brought about by the outbreak of the
present European war. Cornell Uni-
versity has offered its hospitality and.
the use of its dormitories for those
who attend and the Cornell Cosmopol-
itan club is making arrangements for
the reception and entertainmient of the
A schme of study has been mappedi
out which includes among other thins
short courses in the fudamentals of
intenational law, letures and dis-
cussions of the terms of settlement
whbIi, will make for lasting peace, and
lectures on the constructive sieC of in-
ternational relations.
Algpcations for admission should
be tent to Dr. George R. Nasmyth,
World Peace Foundation, 40 Mt. Ver-
non street, Boston, Mass.
Ifidiigan's. Clnc Thins hIgh amog
cointrys Bst
Figures issued by the College o
Dental Surgery show that 16,400 sep-
arate and distinct operations and treat-
ments of all kinds have been made in
the operative clinic during the past
year. More than $5,00 worth of gold
has been used in treating the several
thousand patients who have availed
themselves of the opportunity for free
service, charge being made only for
the materials used. Over $2,200 worth
of gold foil was placed in fillings, while
gold to the value of $3 ,30 was used
for plates and shells.
Mihigan 's dental clinic ranks amog
the best in the country in equipment
and the amount and quality of work
required. The dental clinic has 91
chairs, and during the pat year each
senior student has performed an aver-
age of about 225 individual oeations.
A list of the work done includes 4,547
treatments of all kinds, 962 extrac-
tio-ns, 7,500 fillings of all kinds, 412
crowns, 182 bridges, 104 plates, prop-
hylaxis 2,300 and orthodontia 33.
Collect oney fronm Sohomore Classes
With a few exceptions, nearly all of
theC money has bee coleted from the
sophomore cases, whch will go to,
deray the . expen seo, Russel (C.I
Jacobas, '18, who was hurt in a aing
.'pade last Oct or 'A W DMother
sill, '15, who has a hargk of te
collection, states that he exPct'-;t{,
collect the remintuwa moneyr still at-
standing, in a few days. The aaun'-.
which is approximatey $50.00, w~ill be
sent at once to Jacobs at his lionle il
Cshocton, Ohio, and will bh e stcen-t
to meet all of the ex'eses a< ed~ani
to his misfortune:.
Strong' Men Laeki . n i al*n Ioty
Owing to ack of materiaiand the
scarcity of huski ltWol~ernt tn wegt
lifting and the va us art;> of hi-
ning, dipping, eta-,Dr. :May , dii cetur

of Waterman '' uainde ''
think that Michian ~ l a~ 'In
man this year. \'o p. ...; a o~
have been tuneGarthed h W- as Ar dAcIL-~
cording to Dr. Slyisee sh~-all
chanice of any cmngt teIrunin i
time for serious lwor'. )Ierving
pentathlon shoulo b agod iiIC!t
any material for s rong m~l 11
, Wll L . Cox, '-", eV..iisitA rbor
John To. Cox, '2ofIi mjhanm
Alabania, spent rdynd aura
in Ann Arbor. \h nudrrd
uatc he Wa iuietneaS DI ,-at-
fairs, serving' as: !' ~r ftb ~I-
ly staff andc as t,. enr _hirihl1
the 1912 Union(fer, n uaee
lItaieses." lfe1was a '. 1'r l ich-
igamna and achre emlrufth

Mats. Week
aDaily11KR CMa
at I:5 G R I K 30
Lyman H. Howe presents
thc V. S. NAVY
ef Isis
and other interesing films
\X bile ria m.l- a mnotorcycle west on
William street about 9:20 o'clock Sun-
dlay night, 1Fredtl C. Coddard, , and
aughn? Sloenine .crashed into a bug-
gy i t wich were 4. J. Heusel, a far-
nmer of Scio township, and i ss 'Hulda
i~oeppIr of Ann Arbor. iiLeusel was
drivinig east, on William street and
seeing. theonmooto rcycl e approaching,
Ixied to steer aru~ the corner to go
north on Division. Goddard was run-
niing his machaine at a high rate of
'leed and,ben blinded by tihe street
lamp, (di,?i not see the buggy until with-
in 20 feet of it. Ichase l threw on
thie brake, brit his motmen~ltum7 was so
great thnat he cr asbhe l into the buggy
teari uoft two of thie wheels.
The baiv was (lashed against the
cur-b and the other t~wo wheels were
sa shed. Both l usel and M iss Kep-
pier jVe~'Ihi-u Wn to the ground as
were also tho ride 's of 'the maotorcy-
cle', Goddard sustaainigCa cunt on the
head, thes others b eing badly shaken,
bur. otheris U1hi.;-dV('Ld. T[le fright-
etned.liorse broke fromr the vehicle anrd
ran madly down Diisim street,whr
hie wa{; shortly aft erward cap~tured. In-
asm-aueh as both par:ties Nwere equally
to baefor tixaccidet the affair
was settled amricably betwee(nth.
Ac('omtaalodaflons for 64 Studnits in
'Nevberry Residene
Newberry residence: hall will be open
during the summer session, according
to an o facial supplement to the reg-
ualar summier session bulletin.
The contents of the supplement give
a complete description of the new resi-
,deoce hall. The residence will accom-
aodat~e 68 students, and with the ex-
ception of two double rooms, all are
single. The rooms are lighted by elec-
tricity, and are furnished with bed and
bedding complete, dnressing case, study
table, suitcase bench, waste basket,
easy chair, straight chair, curtains and
a rug. Each occupant must furnish
her couch cover, (dresser cover and
towels. A well equipped laundry and
sewing room is at the disposal of the
The roomn-rent is $16 for the session
Ens eight weeks, payable to the busi-
ess manager on or before the first
day of the session. The price of board
will he $4.00, payable in advance at
the beginning of the first and fifth
weeks. Applications for roonms in the
residence must be accompanied by a
deposit of $5.00 and should be made to
the dean of women, from whom appli-

g t ,owyurma urlot s
C'all, and let us, tell the rest.

Officials state that the homeopathic
hospital of the university of Michigan
has just ended the most successful
reair o ' its existence. F±or seerial
year: the hospital has been run to its
full capacity. D~uring 1913, 1,701 pa-
dents w(re treated, while in 1914 there
were*( acconimiodated 1,775, an axcess
of 74 over the preceding, year. This
does not include the large number of
"out" patients that apply ~daily for
minor treatment.
The popularity of the homeopathic
hospital has steadly grown since the
present faculty assumed charge. In
1901, the first year of the hospital as
it now exists, the income was $10,1,69.-
91. During the year just closed tho
total income of the institution was
$47,036.17. This is an increase of $38,-
866.26 over the income of 14 years
ago without any material addition of
facilities. The increase of 1913 over!
19.14 was $4,980.64.
An evidence of the usefulness of the
hospital'to the people of the state of
Michigan is shown by the fact that
during the last 'year patients from
every one of the 83 counties in Mich-
igan received treatment in the insti-
tution.' Not only this, but patients!
were attracted from 30 other states
and various portions of Canada.
Important meeting of the junior en-
gineering class today at 1:00 o'clock
in room 348 of the engineering build-
Horse and runabouts, everything
new, complete livery. Phone 106.


Near Allenel Hotel



308 S. State Street

Drop in after the game or after play-
ing tennis and try a 5ic soda. Van
Doren's Pharmacy, 703 Packard St. tf.
Get prices on china with your mon-
o-gram on at 2:14 S. Main St.
Wright & Ditson and haLjn d-made ten-
nis balls. 3 for $1.00, a' Switzer's, 310
Shoes repaired while you rest. 0. G.
Andres, 222 S. State St. eod} Tu
University Ave. Pharmacy Drug3
and toilet articles, Phone 416. ,1t

Get your Straw or Panama H-at at the Factory Hat Store.
Everything the very latest "in Straws, Panamas, and ILeghorns.
We can also make them up to order and trim thenm just as
you want them.

cation blanks and further in forniation
cain be obtained,
Treat PaMitiiis front Every ounlty inost
>State of Mtichligali

1 18 E, Huron

Best Values in tennis rackets
Switzer's, 310 State.


University Ave. Pharmacy la oiintain
Pens and Students Supplies. tU
When you break a window glass,
telephone Switzer's H'ardware to have
it replaced.

W. W. MANN, Proprietor


FOR RENT--One store and two small
steam-heated apartments. 604 E. Lib-
erty. J. K. Malcolm. 1713-M or 1661-
J. tf



1ound Trip



Choice c f many
routes going and

1 4. rnv Ae L. .,SC& E E S la


All 'Ycur questions gadily answerel.
Call on or ac' Irv.s
Ticket Agent
Micnigan Central Rt. R.

FOUND-Last week, sum of imoy.
Owner may have same by aying
for this ad. Call Miler, i23-5--M.
Three clever selections are1.0to 1be
given by the Drama League amtheV
Whitney theater on FFriday, June 4th.
The cast is composed of campus cel-
ebrities, all of whom have starred in
Opera and Comedy Club roles, Ti ck-
ets are now on sale at Wahr's at 25c,.I

NOTIE-Te prtywhotook: Ilma-
can: from the porch'i railing; of the
house nex to the Delta is known
atnd to avoid trYouble lesere'turn
the 3sa,il174 -7 5-7G


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