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April 23, 1915 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1915-04-23

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t Manager Try-Outs to Repor i
Ballentine, '16, manager of the
d Alandolin clubs, wishes all
11 who desire to tryout for as-
manager next year, to report
n room 8 ofthe600Prs huilding
3:0-ad-:- ooktdy

(Royal Actr:ss) in
he Celebrated Scandal"
Live A.cts, and
he World's feavyweight ehampion
"The Hears Punch"
A great Piize Ring Picture
dies' Souvenir Matinee Today,
atinee 3 P. M. Nights 7 & 8:30
The $10,000 ",Golden'
Gown" of jeweled
brocade, she displays in
The Celebrated Scandal"

Tenil 1 atehes Post peiwd U ni Today
Because of the heavy rains yester-
day no matches in the Freshman tennis
tonunament were played. This means
tha thre ili bea i emand i!for ,the
court's !durC]ing the neixt woro dayis pro-
vidig ic Teth ris favorable. All,
athsin the fir,-' round must be
playel by Satarday or be defaulted.
t soo aO the tc1es 1 hav been
pJaclae te e ' tstinae to lic posted onl
thfe sclhdule ont ist floor oC the
Ferry field clubhouse.
A good servicc-
able Suit - 2.00
A better one for $22.50
An exception-
alY fine Suit.
for - -$25.0
Palm B ea chI
Boaits - -$12.00
Made to your measure
lercfarnt :Tailor
xo8 k,. Washington St. 2nd Floor





- ,

Ing Electrical Repair Work
Electrical Fixtures and Supplies

Main St.

Phone 2135-'M

Ir lir


The people of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County are cor-
dially invited to call at the Exhibition Rooms of the COME-
PACKT FURNITURE COMPANY and examine for themselves
the splendid values offered in choice furniture at prices represent-
ng, in many instances, A SAVING OF Ioo PER CENT, as
compared with prices usually charged.
The Come-Packt Mission and Craftsmen Designs are par-
:icularly suitable for fraternit)' and club houses. We also design
and make special furniture to order.
Builders of new homes will find it to their advantage to em-
loy the facilities afforded by our factory for the production of
built-in" furniture for libraries, dens, halls, dining-rooms and
Take Packard Street car to State Street and go one block south
and three blocks west to factory of
Corner Edwin a nn Division Streeis'

Commnunicat ion to New York TnesF RN
Aitacks Sirit of Archibald FR A N
Terms It Pro-German
In a recent communication to The
New York Times written by Prof. W.
iI. Hobbs, of the geology department,
strong censure was applied to the war
lecture given here some weeks ago by
James F. J. Archibald.
Professor Hobbs states that the Pol-
ish relief commission of Ann Arbor,
which was instrumental in arranging
the lecture, advertised that it would be
neutral in spirit, and was extended
free use of Hill auditorium under that
condition. The favorable terms offer-
ed by the lecturer aroused some sus-
picion on the part of the local author-
ities and especial precautions were
taken to investigate the nature of the
lecture. Every assurance of its neu-
tral position was extended by both the
local commission and the lecturer him-
The pictures shown by Mr. Archi-
ald in connection with his talk though
interesting, according to Professor
Hobbs indicated a clever selection to
set forth the German view-point. They
did not indicate that Mr. Archibald
had seen any of the horror scenes of
the war, and only depicted the chival-
ric spirit of the German soldier as he
shared his comforts with the Belgian ;
The motion pictures while excellent
in themselves did not meet with the
approval that the lecturer expected,
and when the scene which showed the
Kaiser reviewing his troops did not +$50 P & u
wring cheers from the audience, Mr.
Archibald halted to state that at Wash-
ingtonl, and West Point the Kaiser was
greeted with applause.
"It may be stated," said Professor
Hobbs, "that the lecture could only be
described as strongly pro-German.
Statements were repeatedly made1
of known fact, or else present the
extreme German viewpoint. Such a OS STEM
lecture, with its professed neutrality, O
was an attempt to sail under false
colors and is deserving of strong cen-
sure." Prof. Mathews, Registrar of University
___re.__of Texas, Says System Has
Been Successful
With the installation of Allan T.
Ricketts, '15E, as chairman, the com-
mittee of eight men, chosen by the
Edi~tor, The Michigan Daily,- presidents of the engineering collegen
Editr, zhe Mchign Da~y.-- . for the consideration of a honor sys-
It is hard for one who is at all in- tom he
terested in tennis to understand the terhy itsrnizaton eetng
utter indifference with which the ath- yesterday afternoon. An outline of the
Ictc asocatin vies te dman'sfirst steps to be taken by the com-
for proper recognition of this sport. mittee was made, and another meet-
'With the opening of the season after ing of the committee will be held next
vacation and the consequent rush for Tuesday. In the meantime, all of the
the Ferry field courts, the Association data in possession of the committee
is found unprepared to accommodate will be tabulated andmade ready for
a tenth of the men who desire to play. presentation.
This fault is due not so much to the Prof. E. J. Mathews, Registrar of
insufficient number of courts as to the the University of Texas, who was in
rotten condition in which the present Ann Arbor during the first part of the
courts are found and lack of provision week to attend the convention of the
cot refontaAmerican Association of Collegiate
Yesterday and previously there were Registrars, was interviewed yesterday
only eight or ten courts on which it in regard to the working of the honor
was at all possible to play. These system at Texas. An opinion on the
were in very poor condition. The sir- operation of the system at this col-
face on the remaining courts twenty lege was received by the Michigan
fac onti reainng ours tngTechnic about a month ago and a
or so, was chopped up to a depth ofTehiabuamotagan a
two or three inches. It willrequiresummary of the letter was published
a, week atreleasttoes.temindecenrtin The Michigan Daily of March 28.
a week at least to get them n decent Professor Mathews said yesterday
condition. ta h oo ytmhdbe no-
It cannot be that those responsible that the honor system had been in op-
for these conditjgns are not cognizant eration at the University of Texas for
of the growing popularity of tennis a number of years, and that there was
and the demand for courts. There now very little cheating going on. The
were at one time fifty men by actual system, he said, is administered by
cout o te fel - L hestuen conci rpreeningtn

count on the field who were unable to t
play. With this fact known to the different classes of the different col-
authorities, the utter indifference with leges and schools of the university.
which the latter view the demands i Cases are reported by students and in-
typified by the following. There were structors alike, and although it has
four or five workmen engaged in build- been found that a number of students
fug one experimental concrete court dislike to report cases of cheating,
There was a gang of men engaged in there are always a number in every
cutting the grass on the baseball dia- class who accept the obligation of the
mond,---with the first game scheduled system and tell of offenses which they
for Saturday. Vacation week, it was see in classes.
learned, was one in which the work- Irofessor Mathews said that the
men ebuployed at Ferry field were only aversion to reporting is gradually be-
'engaged. Yet little work was ing overcome so that men will report
done on the courts to prepare them for cases of stealing in exams just as they
tme sprng rus Yestrdayrne man rreport cases of stealing from their
the sir-.1 rush. Yesterday one man j rooms. He said they also realize that
only was e ngaged in rolling and mark- rom.H!adte loraieta
ing the courts. ! they are protecting the entire student
TIhese facts are related to put the body, and are preventing the cheapen-
matter up to those who are responsible ing of university degrees by exposing
for the absolute lack of provision made any work not earned.
for the most popularly engaged-in The administration of the system,
sport at Michigan, and the only one according to Professor Mathews, de-
in which students in general can en- ' pends largely for its efficiency upon
gage. . the personell of the committee or or-
JUNIOR ENGINEER. ganization which governs it, and he
___ believes that the plan has been sue-
LOST-Pink cameo ring. Please re- cessful and that few students there
. turn to 1520 S. University Ave. Re- would favor a return to the old non-
ward. honor plan.

Men's and Young Men's Spring
Suits in newrest models with dash
and snap of clothing at higher
prices in values that will astound
you, at $15.00. Specialization on
this one price of clotig places
me in position ,tobeal all 'com-
petition. I will leave it to you-
coie in and see the el 3ahes. You
will consider the $15.00 invested
well placed indeed.

RECORI)-BREAKING FQarIJ)I LIE Cross in the iscus. Michigan will be
TEAM LEAVES FOR I'ENN RACES repre'ented by a mugh smaller squad
Three Meni Entered in Special Eyenits; than several of the other universities,
Farrell Feels Certain of but the coach believes his men will
Good Showing make a good showing. All of the
events in which th Michigan men have
Carefully chaperoned by Coach Far- entered are run off Saturday afternoon,
rell, seven track athletes left this city and the squad is expected to return to
this city some time Sunday.
yesterday noon over the Ann Arbor
for the Pennsylvania relay races. Cap- - -
tain Smith, Wilson, "Cross, Carroll, Frvsh Engineer roup Leaders to Meet
Ufer, Fox and Donnelly composed the Group leaders of the freshman en-
party. gineer class will meet tonight at 7:00
Carroll, Ufer, Fox and Donnelly will o'clock in room 1 of the old engineer-
make up the four-mile relay aggre- ing building. The subjects for discus-
gation, while the other three men will sion are: the class pm'ogram for next
compete in the special events. Captain year, the mentor system, and the hon-
Smith has been entered in the 100-yard or system in examinations. Fall at-
dash, Wilson in the pole vault, and tendance is especially desired.




Famous Artist and Illustra or, says:
"I have yet to find the
equal of Txed."
C lS~S by a¢°

Tuxedo was put on the v Y
arket 10 years ago. It was
e first tobacco ever made
at absolutely will not bite the tongue. Since then
aitators have sprung up, and after having failed to
eal the famous "Tuxedo Process" have put out
'ocesses which they claim are "just as good.".

The Perfcc Tobacco for Pipe and Cgarette

Jackson isn't such a mean town af-
ter all. Nice town. Purty aid ev-
Once a feller went there: Not so
purty and everything, but he was a
cdllege guy, a Ann Arbor College guy.
He went there to a dance. (This would
be a swell place to use asterisks, be-
cause we aren't going to tell what a
perfectly gorge and delish time he
had at the dance. Suffice to remark,
it was a dilly affair and he -said
some weeks later when his feet got
well, that it was magnif.)
The affair was the Cotton Ball.
They have a Cotton Bali every year in
Jackson. It's grand and ultra, and
peachy people go to it. Just to give
our 89,000 readers a idea how society
it is, the street on which the ball
was held, or rather the street on which
the building within which tihe ball
took place-well, anyway, that street
was lined for nine miles with motor
cars and Fords and jitney busses and
things. And the men got stuck for--
that is to say, the women wore beauti-
ful corsage boquets at their lovely
slim waists.
Now let's talk about Rus Dean. Oh,
he didn't go to the Cotton Ball. His
social duties confine him to Ann Ar-
bor. That isn't the point at all. (Cho-
rus of 89,000 voices: Well, what in
Sam Hill is the point?) This is, folks,
this is: The Ann Arbor College guy
told Rus all about the Cotton Ball.
Rus listened, eyes glowing, and a
beautiful pink suffusing his cameo
countenance. His 68 pounds cf pep
and energy limbered up. He made up
his mind to put over the one party
which would put cotton in the diction-
ary. And once bus makes up 'his
mind, he won't stop for tea shops or
anything. He hustles. Y'see, lie's
General Chairman of the Michigaim
Union dance committee.
Rus walked into the office of Mr.
Koontz, President of the Union, and

blithely chirped:
"We're going to have a Cotton Ball."
"That so?" asked Mr. Koontz.
"Yeh," answered Rus, and strolled
out. le visited Homer heath in his
office and told homer the same thing.
"That'll be nice," said hormer. "Have
a good time."
Denny Donovan, god of chicken
croquettes, was standing nearby.
"If I may make so bold," said Den-
ny, "might I enquire just what is a
Cotton Ball, Mr. Dean?"
"It would b- a lpleasuire to eilighten
you," rnepied the courteous Ml'. Dean.
And he began to enlight:
"The irst Annual Cotton ll of
the niversity of Michigan Uion,"
Rus briskly said, "will be an evnit in
society circles that will be remewber-
ed for all tinme. The idea of Cotton
Balls brims with summer, white lan-
nels, gingham trocks and the like. It
is the one event in undergraduate iis-
tory wihere anl exclulIve party is _i9w-
erless, carriage-and-taxiless, and in
all other ways expensiveless. .Men
come in Plam Beah suits, white
trousers, soft collars and straw hat-
ted. Girls,'attend in dainty summer
-but hevings, you don't expect nue
to describe that part of it, do you?
They just come in what corresponds to
the attire of the men. Get the idea?"
But by this time Homer was calling
up his wife to see if she'd care to go,
and Mr. Koontz was figuring on the
back of an euvelole. Denny was run-
ning his fingers through his hair and
talking to himself. The party was
The party is on. Ruis says that. all
the details-that interesting stuff
about when it Ihappens and how m~uch
it osts and what extra special featur-
es are to be introduced will appear
later in those columns.
Jackson isn't such a mean town af-
ter all. Nice town. Purty and every-

This "Tuxedo Process" i3 the oal and best
process for removing all irritation from the natural
tobacco leaf. This process is a secret, known only to
the makers of Tuxedo,. To get the best-get Tuxedo.
When you smoke, you smoke to get joy and repose-
that comfey, gosh-but-life-is-good feeling. That's why you'll
like Tuxedo. Tuxedo is all pleasure and a yard wide. Roll
those old creamy puffs of Tuxedo, from your pipe or cigarette,
around in your mouth! Get that aromatic fragrance! Get
that smooth-as-cream tobacco richness! And it's all so mild
and gentle you can smoke Tuxedo all day long if you like.
No other tobacco compares for an instant with Tuxedo.
Get some and see for yourself. Tuxedo stands absolutely
in a class by itself.
Convenient, glassine-wrapped, Famous green tin, with gold i ti
moisture proof pouch. . . . C lettering, curved to fit pocket LUC
In Tin Humidors, 40c and 80c In Glass Humidors, 50c and 90c





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