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May 22, 1914 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1914-05-22

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e St SbR LZs { Cards Now
FOR.I Plate aid -x.00Cars
Plate ifrfi 100 Cards
Y 'vF I s # old Elt lflh $2.75
dlate and 100 Cards
. , 'shaded old English
in the city to seet from The above are the three most
a popular styles.
aPIa~e your ord'r rnow at
ic rs or etr oit 5:o a. 606am.,nl
A 6& rm. ; , lL bro-pnIna an 0:45P'Oq1
Pt1t1yit, 12:6wpinr~e t~
Reas~fr our s t o 5 U . o a'o 9 z
" iK
0UX STrJ& psNM<.
12 idN FAe:,MEW:AT
rc ~ ~wumThV f~4

Official nei atvper:t h i"3st fMc
an.. Publtsid y yt~ntge cep M T)P
ay during the university g'ear.


- -Entered at the...postoffice -at. Ann. -Arbo
'Mi~!fltan iinder Act of Congress of Marc~h
Offics Arnn Arbor !Press -Building. -Su .n
~scription 'price: by carrier, $_.5o; by ma'-
$3.oo. want A\d. Stations: Press Building
f NLsurice Toulme....... Managing Editor
Ada J ltsn-... y. tiess 1 anger'
H. Rac1jO~ne .'Nw Eio
Fred Fou k ' . ssant toEitor
F. M. Church............... Sports Editor
N19 tEdor--Pal . Thompson.
Co airf4. seniment, is rected by the
Mtichi1gan1ii tl~r.file aihlc tassocia-
t ion, the womoPi'yIakne and the stir-
dent council forbids rote pledging and
vote solIici in -riitte lfdptbi
di.oifiboti'glltctos of the
candidates is encouraged.
Discnss1ii 1 edft1ataiotii''
tricks of a dirty gaeThymkfo
our ward bosses, our vote swapping,
sheep-herding and badgering. ,The
care for the health of the oitca
alon. Th pubic nd its interests ,be
hanged!, The cdeserving nmai-and h
is usually not a "pea, nit"--is the s1ac-
rifice to this foul system.
For the~ past three years, th~ere has
t een a well directedi campus opinion
against the button-holiingcrowd. Ther
h~as beeif an attempt to encourage in-
dividual thought and action ,at thieex-
pense of the power. of the old boss.
TJhe elections have been smaler th~an
in the past, but whoistthtdeno
prefer quality to qtuantity? The man
who do'es not care enough for the op-
portunities, of. sufrage to vote, had
better be let alone,he is doing th~e corn7
Triunity a bigger service by remaining
away fromn the polls than by' casting
an ignorant vote, at tho instigation of
c schemning boss.
W~hich will you. have?
"'Give upslide back into tho meth-
ods of the past",,sas~,Mr. Peanut,~"for
you4r newyer systemi does nnqt prohibit
and it is so different from the coinb-
m~unity methopds of theg outsie world."
To whbich there, ,is o~nly onte answer.
against 'peanut" politics ,has not. pro-,II
hibited._ Public opinionlhq~s not pro-
hibited crime rior theft, eith~er. Shall


Has it ever occurred to the critics
of;te'no- l2e'd-ng s~ratern, that the
uniesitessh utad blsening out men
with bet'ter and higb'1er' idekas of citizen-
ship? The business of the university
lw flof lso much~ to* reIIect the ,practical
life of the, outsid'e worldag it is to
present to that Nworld a2 mirror, that is
cleaner, purer and frier than has ever,
been dreamed of.
The 'old m i'ht go. 'The campy:i Will
In definer B1rust, sind define
Selhicisal's 'Sterne.-Scller.
i-More than 340Oprescriptions have
beQn filled by the university health seF-
Nyice pharmacy sp. far this year.
-Item.in yesterday'~s Dally.
The Sob of the Pestle Punsher
I ,went ray~ way, at the close of day,
(ly heart was filled with, hope)
Tq get a, sob fromn the- guy whose job~
Vya~s, tmyixipg pharmie, dope.
He pulled his franie front, ou, atick
Of capulesills, and tub~es;
"I snakle the pills,.that cure th~e ills
Of a thousand hal1f sik.boobs.
"There's them that comie, with corns
and itch, -, .
And stick around beside uss;
There's them that quake with stonhach
And groatn 'Apperdicitis I'

10; ards with plate $1:0 o,3.5
10card!s from your- phi c m
Alliwork guarantee
State Stl WiA H an
Guaranteed Tailoring at $1t?.5O
Y'ou pick your fabric; choose your style; then
I will make it to your measur e - - thatm n4
No &60jei way of clothlesgpetting i~ s t, leible
as Tailoring. .

5.We offer the greatest, cloth variety: make ex'-
actly a's you!wish andi as qickly'.-as you say;
and it's g'uaranteed tailoring.
White' flannel and serge trousers $6.oo and up.
We will half hine these truers withoput extra
charge to you.

2, 2
2 J~'
- 2,2.1 V
2,,/ <
t ~' 22

E. C. FLAND~ERS ' 2~ 2
Poulr rce ,Tilr209. E.LIBETY SRE
fe Tatbest ~21V
,.. ;at the
S. P-1, 6ios end-orfer Mar ket 9
2014E." Jshtugteu 3t. . 2~~

S' all our laws be abrogated and shall we Blms
T1 return to a state of savag~ery, because
J 0 ) vj inow and then .there are spora~dic :cases
nlliL uMemorial, Budding, Souvenir ,,Spoons of crimpe? t ' 'As a
IIt is also' tu that the non-cam- nations
Ann '*iiAjrbor Scj irrel Spoons paigini system .is d'ifferent from the laded
0 Sel 10 q 1. Speolt ethods of "the outside acid mre rwomen
i pn4 Npractical world." It is as. it shoul]d be. over hi
'222 ,r Peanut adits tha.t}4the univer~sity Does
FieWtch Wd 4Jei iry Raf~ig s performing th'e mo s ssntial func- Clare tl
~ me 9?tion of a state supported in-titution,
fallr t e Wel y. (62the training, of better' itizensifor a bet- A.1 fit
,,< Phne 34 tae S. Jwelr* 306 . Sale5t ter .citiz enship. !What, more can be
Phoe 34 Stae,~ ~wer ~ S.wished for? It is nost eneouraging to Do n
- '. ,2 " '' 'learn that the university public is lead- have 01
in- suc a reform~. James iBryce,t44,migiht
stern. but juist critic ofT the Amnerican
il r com-monwealth, bas jpointed out, to the
Sh rts & Neckwear satisfaction of the x-world, .a
inDitncie. Ci riialTreatments ternof mn incipalgovernm~ent is pitb. shake
__________fully weak, th~e weakest link, in the en-
_ 24 2~ -- - tire chain. Our city governments areWANT
t EN GL V G RAINCOATSQverrun with bossism, uih rftad yours
3_____ official ,incompetency,. because the schoc
SA° Cbr±PIe Showing of Accesseic- to eMn~s Weair, Including "eau"pltc sprm.ih
Moskt Recen~t ItiottiAh2
S :There Iar
Mi fA1 B4JIL}#N r llTi ITis -
w~hy we have been sell
WVeyman Mandolutes, Mandolins, . .he famous Weymann Mandolutes -
'uitars, and their accessories at~i ry ~d_'"rtin Guitars sold at Schaeberl .
usir _Houke, Mainsit tf SILt.
urhts> l2i 212 l at from1$3.00 to'nreS:,. -. ._J ea ~z.PosLd-
rangf and dance nti 20 oindO - o enta ug% au '
um, dnesday, i sday, or Fri a -
bea e ;;u.50 e.Slr The Store for Young
SAVE YOUR WATCH-Watches' 'and expe n g~rnte'd. 'A R
mnmediately to Haller Jewelry Coy, for
examination and repairs. '" zALR-icycem g STREET
VANTED-Furnished house for cI M -Al 15--
of 10 or 12. Must be, modern "l:
"C.. }) ,ilrL~tce.::_..._'- ' L:. T - 1} '2, pit.in . 2 ,Gu ti ,
155-6-7 after June Ist. Phione 2382.

Ann Arbor Steam 2 ok
Experts Wok
All W2ork C9eranteed
Phone 628 We Call and Deliver


2' ~ 2'22 t
2-K V 2'K''M r ss-. M . M2



tuatc 1b9uc.
. Rot

"Here is order for three niore Style A Up~righit Pianos.
Of Vthe pianos thae fyo a' ertlie oncert Grand
Sis scprb- winig friends fo our Conservutory constantly.
Thepossessinofi£ ,Pequipe' ofipufexcellent
Ba-- nos b e Wa slittninsign raitpart n te Success
tot our dasart rt.

SI_ i

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