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December 13, 1911 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1911-12-13

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al Honor Society
abershin For Lo-
I Chapter.

mega Alpha, the national
fraternity, has elected the
seniors to membership:
Bolender, Sparta.
Chadwick, Taunton, Mass.,
Lewis Grandy, Ocean View,

After His Experience Along That Line He Decides He Laeks the Proper Tent.
perament and Gives it Up. *
"No more chorus dolls for mine, she was in de flies practicin' one of her *
Mickey. I'm off with 'em for life. Here, steps. All dere, a tousand ways, kid!
take a draw of me snipe an' sit down Just as good lookin' from a clinch dis- *
till I shoots yuh all about it. tance as off in de horizon, 'spite of de *
"Y' know last night I was snoopin' powder an' paint an' de other neces-
roun' de corner an' gettin' tired of try- sities of life. An' grace! Dat was her
in' to sell papers to guys wot can't read middle name. *
so I crawls roun' to de Whitney to see "I sticks aroun' an' gets up closer to *
wot's goin' on. Turpin' into de alley I her-kind o' slow like. Suddenly she *
meets Bill Jones an' he pipes me off dat tries to do a funny twist an' gets in
dere's a show practice goin' on. So I my way an' over she goes. I gets up *
camps on de door step an' when a guy quick an' makes a jab at apologizz. *
comes out leadin' de tin canine an' But she was up before me an' when I *
fergets to close de door I sneaks in an' looks at her, dere she was-glarin' *
does de hide an' seek stunt roun' de like a landlady tryin' to collect two *
scenery till I gets out into de audience. months rent, an' a little mussed. *
I doubles up in a seat in de fifth row "Suddenly she bawls out in a voice- *
an' looks. would you believe it, kid? in a voice *
"Sure enough dere was a real opera ike a brakeman's. *
goin' on wid a beauty chorus an' all de "'Wot de dickens is de matter wit *
',__A' * ,'.<r . ; :o am r~ i o11i1c 00nftn tan1 fI


** * * * * * * * *

Powell, Mumford,


Weller, Saint Johns.
arl Williams, Orchard1

i Omega Alpha, the Medical
Society, was organized at the
of Physicians and Surgeons of
> in 1902, and is the only organ-
of its kind in America. Chap-{
e limited to medical schools of
hest standing, and for this rea-
re are but fourteen chapters in
>ership in 'the local chapter is
to one-tenth of the class. Of
nber, one half is chosen during.
end semester of the junior year,
e remainder is elected in the,
nester of the senior year. Schol-
is held as the most important'
ation, though individuality,
ity, and moral character are
fully considered.
or F. Cumont of Ghent Will
eak on "Astral Mysticism.".i
ssor Franz Cumont, of the Uni-I
of Ghent, will be the next
on the course of University
recently established by the!
. He will deliver two lectures,
, tomorrow on "Astral Mysti-
Antiquity," and the other on
on "Astral Immortality," both
being given in the economics,

Swish! Thirteen trusty, rusty
rifles were trained thunderously
on our humble representative.
The scene was the Ann Arbor
Press room, and the erstwhile
familiar spot bore an unwonted
militant aspect.
"For why?" murmured our
quaking scribe, addressing the
thirteen men of savage mien.
"We guard a mighty and inac-
cessible treasure," thundered the
captain of the artilleried guard.
"What willst?"
"Wouldst review yonder most
exalted Students' Directory,"
chirped the mere Daily rep.
"Nev-v-v-v-er!" bellowed the
"It does begin to look a bit
that way," assented our rep.
pleasantly. "Tell me, will the
treasure ever be profaned by
popular gaze?"
"Out with him," quoth the cap-
tain of the guard, and the re-
sounding thump of our humble
rep. thudded on the thumpy
course upwards for several sick-
ening seconds.




* c.


sides. An believe me, kid, it was some,
show! But here's where de excitin'
part comes in. I was just startin' to
-get interested in de story when my
searchlight lands on a dream in de
chorus-first row, second over from de'
left. Say, cully, she was some queen.
Bee-oo-ti-ful!, I didn't see nuttin' else
after dat.
"Pretty soon de foist act's over, an'
I sneaks aroun' to inspect me dame
from close quarters. Sure enough I
bumps into her right off the reel. Dere

you biamed ids ian- you keep out of I
our way!'"
"An' wid dat she swipes me one'
across the kisser. Gee! wot a wallop.
Dat dame missed her vocation. She'
should a' been a prize fighter 'stead of-
an actor-dat's wot.
"I was too blamed surprised to come
back wid a quick return, an' sets out
for de door at a ten-flat gait.
"Dat settles me wid de chorus dam-
es, Mickey. I can't get hip to dis ar-
tistic temperature at all."

Circular Containing Lectures to
Be Sent to Probable


t is a widely ki
in his chosen
;ions of the 0
he lectured o
ri at the Co
w months late

now n



Popular Interpreter Will Read!
Selections From Rudvard
Mr. Henry .J. Hadfield, the eminent
Kipling interpreter will appear in
University hall tonight as the fourth
number on the S. L. A. course. Mr.
Hadfield enjoys an established repu-
tation in England and America, and!
his costumed interpretations of Kip-
ling have been wonderfully success-
ful wherever they have been presented.
His performance is unique in that he

With a list of 100 lecturers and '163

n the subjects, the circular pamphlet to be
llege sent to prospective patrons of the Ex-
er on tension Lecture Course is ready for
,,and the press. The compilation was fin-
Low-I ished yesterday when the last depart-
maze mental lists, from the literary and den-!
hated tistry departments, were handed in,
nflu- and a few explanatory marks placed at
stian 'the beginning of the schedule. The

* work
1* * * * * * * * * * * * much
In the January number of Outing, show
that magazine follows its usual custom and w]
and selects a football honor list. It is sang
not an All American team but is the, the cc
pick of the best players for the sepa- them
rate positions without choosing be- from
tween them. The choice is made by a The
poll of football coaches throughout the prope
country. Three Michigan men, Conk- a coll
lin, Wells, and Craig have been honor- any a
ed. Conklin and Wells are both placed for a
at end while Craig is at half. sets o
In a summary of the football season tion,
Princeton is awarded premier honors view
in the east and Minnesota in the west. realis
The article takes occasion to bemoan Libi
the lack of a Michigan-Minnesota game play i
f and states that their conference rule stores
prohibiting it seems rather childish, will b
the pe
Musical Clubs Will Give Free, Public have
Rehearsal Before Leaving, that
The combined glee and mandolin Saturd
clubs will give a free public rehearsal was o
in University Hall Friday afternoon at cial E
4:00 o'clock. This will be the last re- given
hearsal of the clubs before leaving on
the trip to the Pacific coast. The PROF
clubs will statt on the Christmas trip K
Friday night at 11:02 on the Michigan
Central, and the journey will be con- Pro
tinued under the direction of the San- ment
ta Fe railroad from Chicago. The first classe
concert will be given in Chillicothe, met th
Ill., on Saturday night. presei

and ;s

women in the fresh-
mtertained at they
ry B. Hutchins yes-
The entertainment
Collegiate Alumnae
one of several to be

year. The Collegiate Alumnae feel
that they should come into closer ac-
quaintance with the college women
and that college women should become
better acquainted with themselves.
They believe that the boarding house
life is too exclusive and they take this
means of achieving their end. Mrs.
I Hutchins was assisted by' Mrs. Hen--}
derson, president of tlte Collegiate
Alumnae, the executive committee, and
Miss Hogebloom, chairman of the com-t
mittee which has been appointed to
arrange these entertainments. The
association hopes to entertain the
women of the sophomore class in Jan-

pamphlet says: "The movement is the renders his stories with the real Kip-
beginning of an attempt to make the lingese English, that is but rarely
university' a direct contributor as far heard in this country, the English a5
as is practical to the intellectual life it was spoken by Tommy Atkins and.
of the different communities of the his comrades.
state." There is provision for 300 lec- _Mr. Hadfield will present Gungha
tures during the year, on the fund sup- Din, Tommy Atkins and Pagett M. P.,
plied by the Regents. No fees are con- i as well as numerous other notable ex-'
templated for those who attend the amples of Kipling's works. By giving
lecture, as the society which procures the program in appropriate costumes,
the speaker is expected to pay for the he secures new scenes and a fresh at-
hall, etc., and the university provides mosphere for each character. He is
for the speaker's expenses. Arrange- t!horoughly familiar with Kipling's en-
ments will be made to carry on the vironment, his subject matter, and best
correspondence. of the course in the of all Kipling's real self, and those at-
president's office. tending are promised a rare treat. Ad-
The new list from the literary de- mission will be 50 cents or by the
partment includes 50 men and 179 sub- course tickets.
jects. Among those of a popular type_
are three lectures on socialism by Carl Web and Flange Banquet at Union.
E. Parry, a lecture on wireless teleg- Professor Clarence Johnston, of the
raphy, by Dean Reed, and three trust Surveying department, spoke on "Ex-
questions by Prof. Smalley. Prof. periences in Colorado and Wyoming"
Wenley will talk on the "Inside View at the bi-monthly dinner of the Web
of the Professional Life," and "What is and Flange held at the Michigan Union
Preparation for Life?" Prof. Hussey, last night. Robert Backus, '12 E, told'
now in South America, will talk on of his experiences in railroad work be-
"Outposts of Astronomy in the South- tween Pittsburg and Cleveland during,
('cntinued 'on page 4.) the last summer.

' i

Lit Dinner Dance Sale to Continue. i
The senior lits will continue their n
sale of the Dinner Dance tickets today n
and tomorrow at the S. L. A. window c
in U. Hall. The window is open from
9 to 12 an:l from 1 to 3 each day. All'
who expect to go to the party Saturday
must buy their tickets by Thursday ev- S
ening'. Ike Fischer has announced that b
he will play all the hits of "The Awak-u
ened Rameses." The gym will be dec- x
orated in Christmas colors and the big-a
gcst party of the year is planned by'
the comimiLtee. 1

up and adop
ness meeting
address the
cussion of t

Souvenir Music Score of


e Awakened


at Root'sGrinnell's, and Schaeberle's Music Stores,



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