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August 07, 2000 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily Summer Weekly, 2000-08-07

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The Michigan Daily - Monday, July 17, 2000 - 7_


Students to have personalized web portais

By Natalie Plosky
Daily' Staff Reporter
This fall, students will be able to
access the University's ncw personalized
tortal Web environment, ntv-umich.edu.
[he site uses the same techsnology as
ommercial portals offered by Yahoo!,
Rte, and America Online, but sith a
,We University-based focus. The new
Website is not intended to replace the
xisting University Gatesvay, but rathter
supplement the Gateway's capabilities.
The my.umich.edu Project, also ktnown
is the Janus Project, began in fall 1999 at
he request of University Provost Nancy
:antor, and is sntsored by the Office of'

the Chief Information Officer The goal
wvas to create a persootalized Web envirott-
ment to provide Customizable infotma-
tioti, services and resources for students.
Project members worked with MSA to
determine what services to provide
through the Website. Thte Janus Project
conducted intercept testing to gather stu-
dent opinions and curretttly is performing
usability testing with orienstation students
and staff. Student testing of myoumich is
expected to continue into the fall.
Project mmbr Linda Place, co-man-
ager of the University's Website coordi-
nation, explained that studcnt response
has been positive so far
"tust btealkitengto rtndrernr ,wto thave

had an opportrtnity to get itnto the envi-
ronment and look around a little bit, they
are very excited about everything being
together, Place said.
The unique characteristic of the
Website is the wide accessibility of its
resources. Once a student has entered
their uniquename, the student will be able
to access their customized resourcen
from anywhere in the world. The only
requiretnents to use myomrich are a
uniquname, tights to the University's
basic computing package, a computer
with an Intermet connection, attd a Web
The target audiettce of she fall lauach of
myoumich is undergraduate students, but

project leaders hope to extettd the service
to prospective students and eventually
into the non-University community.
Initial services available in the fall
include personalized bookmarks that can
be accessed from any computer at any
location. Another feature will allow stu-
dents to post or read classified adn.
The site will offer Web-based e-mail
and a peronal information manager, to
help students maintain a calendar, their
course schedule and a to-do list. The
Website will also offer a news service to
students, displaying headlines from cam-
pus news resources like the University
Record, and offer links to specific arti-

Help resources for services provided.
by myoumich will be available and there
will also be a feature to allow students to
submit comments and questions about
the site and to suggest new features.
Project co-manager Gavin Eadie,
director of strategic planning for the
office of the CIO, stressed the impor-
tance of student feedback to the ongoing
development of the site.
"Myoumich will never be 'done', it will
be constantly improving," Eadie said. "As
soon as we start to get (myoumich) out"
there and have people using it, it's going
to be really important to get feedback,
because what we do next will be entirely
driven by what pople wnt"

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Coitinuttitng ('atre ServicesAtnr V.
ltaiitti/DMI, 34605 TIwelver Mile Rotad,
Fatriigtoin Hills, MI 48331-3121; Fix:
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PLAY A t;AMEt I I I'PAID $I5-$301.
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Rtealltysimpitle.I t1i/800-9+)-1
"BE1YOlUR OI~iN 11055
Eattn thouitsandts on thInrecritefti ll 2d too.
SOO-9079-8548 coo 1749I
Join the Magic
General Managers,
Asst. & Shift Managers,
Hourly Team Members
It exchange for a wsinning attitude arid
stronig performtatice, MAGIC WOK
offers a great comipensations package,
advanceenit opportutnities and inore!
We will he in the Michtigatn Union Food
Cour on August 16th atid August 17th
from 10 am until 8 pm conducting
Mansagemntt applicaitts maity scnd their
resumes to Magic Wok, Attn: Mary
Dunne, 2060 W Laskey Road, Toledo,
01-143613 or fax 14191 471-0405.

child care
ACT1IVE RCELIABILEIperon fetor at/ir
secioolrtcare of 8 intl ttyeatr oulotbosin to 44
1015.1li/tk. Expjerienrce arid car reyclit
CARE tGIVER:n 2 1/2 yrot& tronto oIl inii
Canittor} Ionrc 'Torrc/ri opai Fleo I
Ctf (7/d4095-1ilt
CHII1) (CARE l10-19Irisok ILoutdoyft tno
,irt. N-sorruki nn , ti.to iuntI otottcrh
ret'. Call 660-6377.
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timo.lRots. niR requti ured. Calln/99d-10/t
FUL1L-TIME'II SiYSIl 11 R untodcdtfoot-!
childnren. Ages 45-11i inmy Belleville omett
N/iog ots o -5tun.C nlt734-440 15ll
on c t or 't-orirn4tunth itt infatrnt run
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tutor iPlas cll 734-332-6107.
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\0,)Icilren 3 days a weeck inn tutuSoutht
ro home.Fle. rs tins10yotuschecdulec
ntan"r:Solt. 248-437-1401.
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