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November 07, 2014 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2014-11-07

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You're goddamn right it says 'pop goddess'
Campus leggigs
with a Yonce touch

That old man has never held a dog hefore. What are you even doing with your hands, old man. Stop smiling, old man,
'Olive Kitteridge"s
brilliant characters

Pop goddess partners
with Topshop for new
clothing label
For The Daily
The opportunity to get
a piece of Beyonced's closet
has finally arrived, and
fashionistas and athletes
everywhere are trying not to
pass out. Last week Topshop
announced their 50-50
partnership with Bey to launch
a new label, Parkwood Topshop
Athletic Ltd., for 2015.
The line will include apparel
for dance, fitness and sports.
One assumes that while
Beyonce squats, curls and
presses she looks as fierce as-
the "On the Run" tour photos
suggest - and most women
would agree that they would
like to look like Sasha Fierce
while sweating as well. The
sportswear . collection will.
do just that, even if one lacks
Beyonce's famous figure.
Sportswear and streetwear
collaborations have had
unparalleled success, as
of late. Alexander Wang's

collaboration with H&M hit
stores Nov. 6, and images of
structural sports bras and
mesh-paneled leggings have
been haunting fashionistas
ever since the show. Both Rita
Ora and Pharrell Williams
have created colorful lines
with Adidas to fulfill the ever-
growing need for funky and
vibrant streetwear choices. All
three of these lines, though,
while undoubtedly stylish,
lack the necessary technical
elements to allow a full range
of movement. Topshop and
Beyonce hope to produce a
line that allows for an athlete's
workout and a Beyonce look.
As many college women can
attest, while athletic wear is
comfortable, yoga pants lack a
certain aesthetic quality. But
with this new partnership,
campus leggings are about to
undergo a transformation. No
longer will students be limited
to the typical threadbare black
leggings or even the pervasive
lulus. Instead, they can be
comfortable in class and at
the gym, while simultaneously
emulating Beyonce. It's a
dream come true, goddammit.
This line is different than
a typical collaboration. Bey,

as per usual, would not be
satisfied with a collection that
her name was just slapped
onto. The brand is a 50-50
partnership, and Beyonce is to
participate in every phase and
looks forward to working with
the product development team.
After the West family was
recently crowned the First
Family of Fashion, Queen Bey's
new venture was appropriately
timed. She is not one to settle
for second place and her
infiltration of the stylish
athletic wear arena will make
her a contender for the top
spot. Beyonce recognized
that active wear is the biggest
thing in fashion right now, and
intelligently joined the contest.
Seeing as most women
would like to have legs similar
to Beyoncd's, the partnership
was a brilliant choice by both
parties. Beyonce continues
to fiercely empower women,
now entering into the world
of health and fitness - she
expresses that one can look.
stylish while keeping the body
strong. The wait begins for the
day when women everywhere
will be sporting Beyonce
approved leggings while
squatting to "Flawless."

Daily Arts Writer
What do you do with a
television protagonist like Olive
Kitteridge? HBO's eponymous
miniseries is a
force to watch,A
and that's
mostly because Olive
of Olive, who is
one of the most Kitteridge
interesting HBO
and difficult Available
characters usnHOOGo
on television. Adapted from
Elizabeth Strout's so-called
un-adaptable novel of the same
name, the four episodes of "Olive
Kitteridge" follow Olive and her
husband Henrythrough25years
against the austere backdrop
of fictional New England town
of Crosby. Like "Boyhood," the
time span is handled elegantly;
director Lisa Cholodenko ("The
Kids are All Right") selects
discrete moments rather than
attempting to check off the
majorlife events.The miniseries-
format is also well-suited: the
delicacy of its character study
would be eroded by a standard
episode run and its four hours
allow more nuance than a
movie's length would.
The show's psychological
Email: dailydisplay@gmail.com
organization, format. All Disciplines.
734/996-0566 or writeon@iserv.net

heft is wielded by Francis
McDormand ("Fargo") as the
thorny Olive Kitteridge. Beneath
the seemingly impenetrable
facade of her character,
McDormand furnishes the
psychic interior of Olive with
meticulous facial expressions
andline delivery. The strong cast
also includes Richard Jenkins
("Six Feet Under") as Henry
and a late-in-life love interest by
Bill Murray ("Groundhog Day"),
who both deliver captivating
The show introduces Olive
as barbed Maine schoolteacher
who has a knack for pissing
people off - at a family dinner,
she calls her son Christopher's
(Devin Druid, "Louie" & John
Gallagher Jr., "Jonah Hex")
homework "lazy, slapdash crap,"
before turning to Henry to say
"Jim O'Casey understands your
son's abilities more than you
do." What it makes it cruel isn't
Olive's maliciousness (she has
none) but the careless quality
of her barbs - which stick -
because more often than not,
they're true.
For all her abuse, Henry is
the rose to olive's thorn, even
if his unfailing deference and
kindness is perpetually cloying
to her. While their marriage
miraculously remains one of
steadfast devotion, itisn't placid.
Early on, Olive is emotionally
involved with a fellow teacher
with her same acerbic tongue
(Peter Mullan,"Trainspotting"),
and 'Henry lusts after a young
employee in his pharmacy
played by Zoe Kazan ("Ruby
Sparks"). Years later, Olive will
bitterly snap at his soft spot for
helpless "mice" (her catch-all
term for dull, anodyne women)
and he will taunt her of her not
quite dalliance. Regardless,
their marriage is a contractual
and voluntary lifetime bond, for
better or for worse, and "Olive
Kitteridge" grapples with the
implications of that dynamic.
As Olive marvels to Henry, "You
married a beast and loved her."
Olive isn't a beast, but she is a
wholly different type of woman
- or person. She constantly
misses socialcues, ifnotoutright
ignores them. Olive burps
without apology, noisily eats
peanuts during Christopher's
wedding and doesn't see the
point of keeping a Valentine's
Day card after she reads it. If the

first episode emphasizes Olive's
many alienating flaws, the other
three illuminate the isolation of
being someone like Olive.
One of the most compelling
aspects of Olive's personality
is how despite her failings as
a mother, she has an intuitive
kindness for other alienated
sons, like a student of hers
with a bipolar mother who she
saves years later from a suicide
attempt. During a scene where
she's held hostage, Olive sees the
acne-ridden face of her captor
and maternally reminds him not
to pick his scars. It seems the
parentless and the clinically lost
strike a personal nerve for Olive,
whose own dark childhood is
hinted at.
As the years unfold,
intergenerational fate becomes
a theme: is Olive's depression
a genetic curse or was it
hammered into her by her own
flawed parents as she does to
Christopher? Mental illness is
not the overt focus of the series,
but its-ahadow looms, After all,
there is something wrong about
Olive to the therapeutically
trained eye of the modern
viewer. She is caustic and
harsh to those she loves -
today we would recognize
that irritability as symptom
of faulty neurological wiring;
there would SSRIs or cognitive
behavioral therapy. But in
Olive's world, mental illness
is endured. It's something of
a catharsis for the viewer to
see Christopher later embrace
therapy and medication. The
series doesn't deliver Olive an
artificial happiness via deus
es machina; it shows a woman
changing, and also not changing
quite enough - this is what
makes "Olive Kitteridge" so
Both uncomfortably familiar
and strange, Olive has a knack
for getting under the viewer's
skin. Usually the adjectives
"difficult" and "interesting"
connote a whole knot of
gendered behavior that the
female protagonist has not
conformed to. Indeed, even
as a proclaimed feminist, it's
challenging to tease out the
exact reasons Olive Kitteridge
simultaneously jars and
interests me. And this is exactly
why the complex, knotty "Olive
Kitteridge" is such a welcome
presence on TV.

RELEASE DATE- Friday, November 7, 2014
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzlez
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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hardlysleep at 10 Kitchy-. 45Action on the 61 #4 at Boston
night? 11 Valuables often side Garden
19 Priy to stored ______________
acquires surreptitiously L A H R A P I E CIE M O M
Desdemons 17 Lenovo E s I E C A N D 0 R 0 A !NORTH CAMPUS 1-2 Bdrm.!
Apple'sTim IdeuCentres, U A R P A S S T I M E L A Y ! Riverfront/Heat/Water/Parking.!
Cook, eg. 18Lowest stripe S TEAM TOTE S T L O ! www.HRPAA.cm
23 Some 2Akemshus 1M S 0N AT EA R
intellectuals FA hcity S U R 0s N N o T E N N 5AND6BdrmCampushousesfor2015-
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