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April 17, 2014 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2014-04-17

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6A - Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

The Michigan Daily's 2014 Finals Study Guide

My final finals:
A testament to

CAPS to provide
mental health
break during finals

Daily Weekend Contributor
Hi. My name is K.C. Wassman
and I am a procrastinator. I have
watched Netflix, played QuizUp
and even cleaned the bathroom
instead of doing school work.
Students across campus and the
country share my addiction, but
some feel the need to hide it.
You have all seen the signs
of a closet procrastinator. They
quickly close their Facebook
tab, subtly play games on their
phones and say they're reading
news articles for "research" - be
honest, you're probably reading
this article as an escape from a fi-
nal you should be studying for.
Procrastination is not some-
thing to be ashamed of. Embrac-
ing procrastination as an innate .
part of your work method can
be frustrating, but also very re-
warding. I freely admit that I
procrastinate on a regular basis
and I say it with a sense of pride.
Throughout my years in aca-
demia, I have learned to do large
amounts of work in very short
time periods. I know exactly when
I need to start writing a paper in
order to turn it in on time - the
night before. While this isn't a
hard and fast rule, it's the gen-
eral principle behind my argu-
ably successful academic pursuits.
I have spent countless late
nights and early mornings writ-
ing papers, finishing projects
and studying for exams. As ex-
pected, there were a few panic
attacks, but those grew fewer
and further between as I moved
from freshman to senior year.
From nights in Markley to
nights in the Union, I learned to
relish my procrastination. Now
I enjoy finding that perfect spot
on campus to turn into a make-
shift living room while I study
and watch -"30 Rock" simulta-

neously, and get a small jolt of
energy after returning from ev-
ery five-minute Tumblr break.
Some truly great moments
happen while procrastinating.
Once, I convinced my room-
mate to spend six hours watch-
ing "Breaking Amish" with me
on Netflix. It's neither one of our
proudest accomplishments, but
we'll always remember it as a fun
time we spent together in the
months leading up to graduation.
Apart from giving me irre-
placeable - cue Beyonca song
- memories, my penchant for
procrastination led me to a job I
loved. Freshman year, Ijoined The
Michigan Daily to test my ability
to work under a deadline. What is
procrastination if not thriving un-
der pressure? Four years and sev-
eral breaking-news stories later,
I am leaving the Daily poised to
enter the media industry full time.
Procrastinating isn't for every-
body, butwe all shouldtryitatleast
once. Pulling an all-nighterto write
a paper worth 15 percent of your
grade and receiving an A on it is one
of the best feelings in the world.
As I approach my final finals, I
know exactly what I have to do to
succeed: procrastinate. We all do
it, so we may as well embrace it.
Don't feel bad for getting a good
night's rest this week instead of
snoozing in weird positions on the
UGLi tables. Recognize the time
you need to work in order to suc-
ceed, and spend every other mo-
ment doing something you enjoy.
When the library is getting to
be too much for youthese nexttwo
weeks, get up and go outside. Find
a friend to split a fishbowl or frolic
in the Arb with, and if no one else
understands your need to procras-
tinate, give me a call. My final
finals week will include a lot of
studying,butmoreimportantly, it
will include Dominick's, Netflix
and life outside of study rooms.

Members of ComCo practice in February
3 TIN*1T@D

Daily Weekend Contributor
Finals week can be one
of the most stressful and
frustrating times on campus,
especially when summer
break is just over the hori-
zon. Luckily, many campus
organizations offer plenty of
places for quiet studying and
opportunities for fun study
Study at the Trotter
Multicultural Center
Looking for a quiet place
to study? The Trotter Multi-
cultural Center will be open
24/7 beginning Thursday
and ending Sunday. Stu-
dents can enjoy free cof-
fee and snacks as well as
take movie breaks or watch
open-mic performances.
After the Trotter Center
closes, Hillel will begin its
24/7 Study Hours for finals
week beginning Sunday and
ending next Friday. Hil-
lel will also provide free
snacks, massages and yoga

Take advantage of free
The Center for Campus
Involvement is also busy
providing students with fun
study break opportunities
in the remaining few days
of class as part of its Stress
Relief Week campaign. Stu-
dents can rock climb at the
Intramural Sports Building
on Friday, get a free massage
and participate ina "Pinterset
DIY craft" event on Tuesday
in the Union. The organiza-
tion is also sponsoring "snack
attacks" Friday and Monday
in surprise locations.
Laugh your worries away
Laugh off some of your
finals stress Tuesday evening
at The BIG SHOWin the Men-
delssohn Theatre presented
by ComCo, the University's
oldest improve group. The
BIG SHOW is one of ComCo's
oldest traditions and promises
a funny night to help you for-
get all the work you have to do
in the upcoming week. Tick-
ets are $2 in advance and $3 at
the door.

Daily Weekend Contributor
As the winter semester winds
down, finals are just a week away,
making this time of year particu-
larly stressful. But it's not just
limited to final examinations.
Todd Sevig, the director of
Counseling and Psychologi-
cal Services at the University,
said for some students, the end
of the semester can mean a lot
more than filling out a bluebook.
"In addition to the stress
of exams, projects, papers
and lab reports, for some stu-
dents the transition into sum-
mer can also be stressful," Sevig
said. "Whether it's graduating,
an internship or going home
and spending summer there."
Maintaining a healthy mental-
ity is extremely important when
working toward success. Sevig
said it's a practice that students
should engage in year-round, but
especially during finals. CAPS,
which is a network of profession-
als and students promoting men-
tal wellness within the University
community, provides these neces-
sary tools throughout the school
year to ease overwhelming stress.
"If there's one thing I'm try-
ing to promote through everything
we do, it is the science of when
we take care of ourselves," Sevig
said. "When we build in stress and
anxiety management on a regular
basis we perform better. We have
better relationships and we do
better on tests, including finals:'
The CAPS Stressbusters app,
released earlier this semester, is
one of the many resources avail-
able to students. The app includes
fun daily messages written by
University students, faculty, par-
ents and even alum. In addition
to inspirational tips, the app in-
cludes soothing audio tracks that
aim to increase concentration.
Though using the app the
night before an exam won't help
performance, Sevig encour-
ages students to use the app
on a consistent basis in the up-.
coming week before exams.
"Little things do make a dif-
ference," Sevig said. "It's the cul-
mination, it's the practice, it's
the almost every day of doing
something like that - that ac-
tually does make a difference.'

Aside from the mobile app,
Sevig said social connectedness
also helps the mind. The Well-
ness Zone, which opened in 2011
and attracts roughly 4,000 stu-
dents every year, is located on
the third floor of the Union and
provides a stress-free and enter-
taining environment for students.
The Zone includes massag-
ing chairs, yoga and meditation,
light therapy for seasonal affec-
tive disorder and an Xbox with
Kinect. The Kinect system gets
user's blood pumping through
motion-controlled gaming. Sevig
said stress relief doesn't always
include quiet meditation: Hav-
ing fun-is also an integral part of
maintaining a positive mentality.
The Wellness Zone is open dur-
ing CAPS hours of business: Mon-
day through Thursday from 8:30
CAPS' website also has links to
two-minute videos that are meant
to help manage depression. The
videos offer tips on sleeping pat-
terns, the relationship between
diet and exercise and other ways of
treating depression. There is also
a 24-minute instructional video
on progressive muscle relaxation
available on YouTube that guides
the listener through a series of sub-
tle movements against the sound
of ocean waves in the background.
As students begin to feel the
weight of exams, Sevig advises
students to hold onto the mean-
ing of what they're doing, be-
cause it'll allow studying to come
much more easily. He said the no-
tion of doing your best is a mat-
ter of being consistent and keep-
ing your eye on the big picture.
"It's the idea that doing your
best means not just the outcome
or the output of a grade"' Sevig
said. "Doing your best when' we
take care of ourselves means con-
necting with the passion of why
you're doing this in the firstplace."
Sevig said mental health is
both a science and an art. Mul-
tiple studies have shown that a 10
to 15 minute break for every hour
of work improves efficiency. The
art is what becomes of that break
- some use it for meditation
while others take a jog or dance.
"The art is figuring out what
works for you," Sevig said. "Stress
and anxiety management is a
highly individualized thing."

Call: #734-418-4115
Email: dailydisplay@gmail.com

RELEASE DATE-Thursday, April 17,2014
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle _________
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS 67 59-Across was its 32 Cruise ship 49 "Cathy,"for one
1 59-Across role in original head conveniences 50 Skewed !NORTH CAMPUS 1-2 Bdrm. !
27-Across writer 33 Chill out 51 'The Amazing ! Riverfront/Heat/Water/Parking.!
5 Yenta 34 AMA member?: Race" network ! www.HRPAA.com
11 Sneaky chuckle DOWN Abbr. 52 Flash, perhaps
14 Fish found ina 1 As a friend, to Fifi 35 "Ruh-roh!" pooch 53 Get rid of ** AVAILABLE FALL 2014**
film 2 "The Balcony' 39 Give up 54 3-D images 4 BVd AH FL B-S
15 Finger-shaped playwight 40 Comedic Martha 55 USAF Academy 4 Bedroom Hosse. Nest B-School.
dessert 3 Neglects to 42 Grnds in anger, home $200011/month. Call: (734)223-7777
t6. .pro nobis mention maybe 56 Swindle, in
171978 film o- 42-Down, par 43 Flavor slang 4 BDRM HSE South Central Campus
written by59- exemple 45 Modem address 60 March girl 1037 Packard - $2450/m + utils. 2 bath,
Across 5 Italian dessert 46 Some are light- 61 Baby-viewing 3 parking. Wsher/dryer. Avail. Fall
19 Ross musical, 6 Protestsinger emitting responses 2014. Contact 734-996-1991.
20 hed as 7 fizz fruit ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE: 4 BDRM HSE, Fuller by North Cam-
goals 8 King Faisal's R E A L M O L D I E T O M pus, 1010 Cedar Bend Dr. $2300/m +
21 Zapped brother I N D I A P I E R S E L I utils. 2 bath, 3 parking. Wsher/dryer.
22 Sly w 9"n for Innocent" B O O S T E R SEA T R M N Avail. Fall 2014 contact 734-996-1991.
24dServers wamning Grafton novel
261997Home Run 10Onthenose R A S C A L A C R E S ARBOR PROPERTIES
Derby winner 11 "'Sup?" P S A C H E A P T R I C K Award-Winning Rentals in Kerrytown,
Martinez 12 Scary-sounding A C T I V E G L E E Central Campus, Old West Side,
271984 film o- lake R A I M I R U E W I T Burns Park. Now Renting for 2014.
taringd9- 18DonHo"Yo" I P I N T H E B U C K E T 734-994-3157. www.arborprops.com
Across 23 Aardvark snack S N L O O O K U N T A CENTRAL CAMPUS, FURNISHED
33'_lavista, 2565'and 63': O S L O R E T O R T CENTRALCdePs FRIHD
babyl" Abbre H C A I H 0 N C H 0 B A a rooms for snodents, shared kitch., ldry.,
36 Stoutsleuth, in 26Titmousetopper, 0 E A 0D H O F I T bath., internet, summer from $400, fall
more waysthan perhaps from $575. Call 734-276-0886.
one 28 Mown strip M I T G I V E I T A S H O T
37 Drench 29"Pagliacci"clown I C E U S E R S K L I N E EFF. & 1 Bdrm apts. for Fall 2014.
38 Pacers, e.g. 30 Showy jewelry E A R N O T I T E A S E D $770-$1030, showings avail. M-F
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ball of fire," to 1 2 3 4 5 s 5 5 10 11 12 13 Contact734-996-1991 M-F 9am-4pm
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directed by59- University Towers & The 2nd Floor
Across 27 2 29 i 31 32 www.universitytowers-mi.com
47 Syeslupe 5316S.ForestAve.
48 Medicinal symup 3 5 6 7734-7111-26811
52 Pastoral poems
54 5th Dimension 3 0695 3
vocalist Madlyn NOW AVAIL. FOR FALL 2014!
57 Horseplayer's 41 42 3 Fully furnished 2 bdrm apt - heat, wa-
hangout, for ster, and parking included. A/C and laun-
short dry avail. Contact 734-904-6735.
58 Turkey4 4 4 s 1
59 This puzzle's STUDIO'S ONLY $1,195.00!
honoree (1944 2 34 4 s s 57 *ONLYa Few Left*
2014) Fwww.universitytowers-mi.com
62 Funny Philips 56 9 6 6 536 S. Forest Ave.
63 "Lost" actress de 734-761-2680
Ravin s2 63 4
64 Fade
65 GI's address 34 57 SUMMER SUBLET - May-Aug.
66-Bulletin board 1 bdrm in State St. apt, fully furnished.
admins By StuuOckman t04/17/14 $600/month. bmbogen@umich.edu
(c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Professor. $15 per hour. Flexible hours.
Car a plus. 668-8850
TION P/T for local school until mid-
June. Potential to restart at end of
August. Hours 3311-5311 M-F, $11/hr.
Background check. 669-9394, ext 21 or
staff is lookinghforstudents interested
io working 211 hours/week base pay +
commission from May 5th-Aug. 1st.
Great opportunity for students taking
classes in Spring/Summerterms. Please
contact jobs.tmd@gmail.com for more
Summer - Make lifelong friends. The
Island House Hotel and Ryba's Fudge
Shops are looking for help in all areas:
Front Desk, Bell Staff, Wait Staff,
Sales Clerks, Kitchen, Baristas. Hous-
ing, bonus, & discounted meals. (906)-
847-7196. www.theistandhouse.com

Study Snack: Banana PB bites

Mmmmm. Banana peanut butter bites
Daily Weekend Contributor
Instead of grabbing a candy
bar or a bag of chips to keep

Total cost: One swipe into the
dining hall or less than five dol-

you going
sion, try I
Bites for
and energ
study snac
provides b
slum to ki
all the i
ily availab

during a study 5s -Put the tortilla in the microwave
Banana Peanut Butter for about 15 seconds if it is stiff or
a healthy alternative if you prefer it warm
,y boost. This simple -Spread peanut butter onto the
:k is easy to make and tortilla
oth protein and potas- - Place the banana on the edge of
eep you focused. Plus, the tortilla and roll it up
ngredients are read- - Cut the banana into sushi-style
ble in dining halls. horizontal slices
- WARNING: Don't add exces-
Ingredients: sive peanut butter, or it won't cut

-one wheat tortila
-About i% cup of peanut butter -
This doesn't need to be measured
out precisely but you will need
enough to cover the length and
width of the banana.
-One peeled banana

Total time: About five minutes
That's it! This snack takes the
classic banana/peanut butter duo
to a new level. Enjoy and study

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