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December 06, 2013 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2013-12-06

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6 - Friday, December 6, 2013

The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

'Frozen' will
warm your heart

Disney produces a
new take on typical
princess story
Daily Arts Writer
During the production process
of "Frozen," Disney assigned a
team of researchers and animal
ists to study
a particular
species of Frozen
young adults
called Use- Walt Disney
rus Tumblrus Studios
and Readerus
Buzzfeedua. Rave and Qaaliyl16
After ana-
lyzing and
distilling every trait of these crea-
tures, the team threw them into a
blender. The result is "Frozen" 's
heroine Princess Anna (Kristen
Bell, "Safety Not Guaranteed"),
who appropriately freaks out,
trips and exudes quiet courage at
all the right moments - allowing
the movie's young target audience
to project themselves onto her as
much as possible.
She's spunky and independent,
her speech filled with, like, mod-
ern vernacular. She's also quirkily
obsessed with food, shoveling pas-
tries into her mouth at a ball i la
Jennifer Lawrence - patron saint
of teenage girls - eating McDon-
ald's at the Oscars. When in the
presence of a handsome prince,
she stutters and becomes endear-
ingly awkward. This is Disney's
newspinonthe old princess trope.
In the same vein, Disney sub-
verts the traditional fairytale
canon in the animated musical
"Frozen," directed by Chris Buck
("Tarzan"). The movie revolves
around two sisters, Princess Anna
and her older sister Elsa (Idina
Menzel, "Enchanted"), who com-
plements her frostier personality
with the power to control ice and
snow. On her Coronation Day,
Elsa accidentally unleashes her
powers on the entire Kingdom of


"We're gonna need a bigger rum ham."
Spotlight: 'Always
Sunny' a dark delight

Always a princess, never an ice queen.
Arendelle, dousing it in eternal
winter as she flees in fear. Anna
embarks on a journey with moun-
taineer Kristoff (Jonathan Groff,
"C.O.G.") and sentient snowman
Olaf (Josh Gad, "Jobs") to find her
sister, who she loves despite their
strained relationship.
This is where the movie diverg-
es from a typical fairytale. There is
no clear delineation of good versus
evil, no Dorothy pitted against the
Wicked Witch. Elsa is a refresh-
ingly reluctant villain. Anna's
spontaneous engagement to the
mysterious Prince Hans (Santino
Fontana, "Nancy, Please") is a
typical, Cinderella-esque arche-
type contested by Kristoff, who
asks her the important questions:
"What if you hate the way he eats?
What if you find out that he picks
his nose? And eats the boogers?"
"Frozen" sets itself apart from
any other Disney princess movie
through one last trope inversion:
Only true love can break a fatal
spell, but it's not the conventional
love which the audience is led to
believe. In the past, Disney has

moved toward a modern take on
fairytales - 2007's "Enchanted"
for example, addresses true love's
kiss - but "Frozen" goes above
and beyond its duty with a major
twist. Hint: Girl-power advocates
everywhere are cheering.
From a more traditional stand-
point, "Frozen" 's animation
shines despite its limited palette
of snow, ice and more snow. Watch
this movie if only for the stunning
wintry landscapes, especially in
3-D. There are also a few Eas-
ter eggs that nod to '90s Disney
classics, including "Mulan" and
"Beauty and the Beast," to mol-
lify even the most ardent Disney
The film is destined to go the
same way as "Beauty" and become
a Broadway musical. "Frozen"
delivers eight brand new songs,
from anthem pop to acoustic
duets, and though it oddly lacks a
finale number, the timeless Dis-
ney heart in each song more than
makes up for it. It's a slogan for
the whole movie: New look, same
great taste.

DailyArts Writer
Never in a million years did I
think I'd be recommending peo-
ple to watch "It's Always Sunny
in Philadelphia."
Just a few months ago, I
probably would have told you
that "Sunny" was brainless and
offensive. I'd seen the pilot epi-
sode a few years back, and wasn't
impressed: Within the first few
minutes, the "gang" of morally
repulsive bar owner buddies
had already demonstrated their
racism and homophobia, appar-
ently using these insensitive
jokes to garner cheap gasps, not
legitimate laughs. I ignored my
friends who recommended it to
me, because it seemed that only
a certain type of person liked
the show, anyway (the fans'
personalities tended to be eerily
similar to those of the gang!).
But more recently, a friend
described "It's Always Sunny in
Philadelphia" to me as the scum-
my cousin of "Arrested Develop-
ment." This comment piqued my
interest: Family comedies are

Call:# ip734-418-41il
Email: dallydisplayC gmall.com

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RELEASE DATE- Friday, December 6, 2013
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS 4A-one 37Audi rival, and, 54"Darn!"
1 Somearm bands 5emote hiding when spoken as 55Self-reerential
5 Worktnnteweb planes? urcommnand, a pnefbx, in modem
9 Ganlaccess 6 lntrdune intb tis lingo
14 Earthy bue gradually, with puzzles theme 56 Impel
15"That can't be!" in" 40 "Dies_ " 58Tabloids, to
16 Heatenergy 7 DDE and JFK, 45 Move a little some
source? e.g. 48 South Pacific 59 Flat pack furniture
17 Onthe roof of 8 Words of denial islander seller
18 _.accompli 9 Pamplona pals 50 Use money to 60 One seen in a
19 Seeing red 10 E, but not A, 1,0 52 make money storedisb
20 Odd way to check or U 53Allegheny, assof wnk t
for nre? 11 Summonshfom 1878 83 Rerk uln
23 Dreyerspartner the cosmetician?
inicecream 12Contacted, in a ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
24tlooms withhips way, briefly T I P S C R E A M S C A R
25 Waimea Bay 13 Neat ANAT L RG T TA
locale 21iTradeitem? ANAT LARGE TATA
27Uncomfortable 22Officialwithba N A N A A D I O S A N O N
placetobein seal M 0 R A W I N G A B L A N K
30 Friendly response 26Wintercoat A B E P S I R E P E L
toaknock 27Servefromapot U R D U F U J 1 E S E
33 Atty.'s group 28Steel girder 8 T E B Y A N 0 5 E
34 Letter before mu 29 ixpotatoesthe W W O U L D ( K N O W
3811t may be a lot bard may?
39'50s sitcom name 30 Bean sprout? Y A N K S O N D A H
41 PyleofMaybeny 31Rye fungus IKE LOSE K 0 K 0
42Mumbaimusic 32Sometides H E 0 T a T P F
451838 Garland 35 "Open" I H A0 NT0 0 T A C LUE
co-star autobiographer E L S A ARENA AONE
4 Wtho exception 36 Herb tbat E NT S 0 I L
48 Remove proteted
47Attache'splace Odysseusfrom T A S E E A R T S
49 Is inclined Circe's magic xwordeditor@aol.com 12106/13
51 Shows of suppo t 1 2 3 4 s 6 9 10 11 12 13
52 Bit of a scrap
55 Dash no. ¢ 14 15. 16
57 What you need
when yourcar is 17 18 19
stuck in the mud?
62 Musefor Millay 20 2122 23
64 Culture medium 24 - s
65 Scraped together,
with "out" 27 28 29 30 31 32
66 Maker of the
Mighty Dump is 34 35 s 37 as
67 Pace
68 Texter's button 39 a 41 a2
69 Optional 43 44 45 46
70 Some shooters, 47 48s 5
71 "Toodles!" 51 52 53 54
DOWN 55 56 57 58 59 6° 61
1 One in the
2 Opening on 6e 76es
3" ": Uprsing: ": 9 70 71
Disneys i-ti
series ByMarti Duuays-Carpentr1861
(c)2Ia ibuun tentrsAgencyLLCt2061

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akness, and seeing hot- cycle of moral failing. One ofthe S
eople conflict in ridicu- milder tricks he pulls involves
ituations always makes taking advantage of a child and
at TV. I couldn't imagine forcing an ex-girlfriend's son
in which the parenting to play his "little brother" in
of Lucille Bluth would hopes of getting closer to his
sore like June Cleaver in waitress crush. Mac's delusions
rison. So I decided to give of grandeur balance Charlie's 0
y" another chance, hop- pathetieness. He's the bossy
laugh under my breath bar "sheriff" and resident per-
taybe grow accustomed former of ocular pat-downs.
barrage of cheap crude His sexuality is questionable,
but he's not the only one. The
show's writers have comment-
ed that every character exists
charac somewhere on a spectrum of
ss h acters homosexuality.
ring to life And even with all the male
bromance, the show still finds
que, abrasive screentime for hilarious ladies.
Dee Reynolds (Dennis's sister)
le of humor is easily one of the best written
female characters on TV. She's
funny in the same way as the
show's male characters, while
seasons in, I wonder not completely defeminized.
possibly could have left Dee could have easilybeen writ-
y" off my radar for so ten as the boring female voice of
had misjudged it sorely: reason of the gang, but instead,
he comedy is abrasive, but she's perhaps the brashest
teath all that rudeness are of the group. Just when you
pretty great characters. think Dee might be gentle, she
Reynolds, in particular, takes advantage of her biologi-
I me from the beginning. cal father and tries to weasel
rivileged son of Danny her way into collecting inheri-
's Frank, Dennis is a clas- tance money. She's not afraid to
cissist. He expects every- take advantage of people to get
his life exists to serve his what she wants. Dee holds her
and is incapable of empa- own against the rude and over-
st a little example: In one drawn boys, not unlike a hybrid
e, Charlie discusses how between a materialistic Lindsay
r should ban smoking. Bluth and manipulative, awful
stands by, puffing on his Joffrey Baratheon.
te obliviously. He blows And this barely reaches the
straight into Charlie's tipoftheicebergofall this show
h, and as the seasons go has to offer. Every episode con-
writers drop hints that tains the perfect combination of
is probably (definitely) laughs and gasps, not nearly as
opath and serial killer. cheap as I'd initially judged. For
are traits more often seen every episode centered around
ever-popular male anti- poop in the bed, there is a biting
rama, so seeing a Dexter satire of the welfare system or
n or Don Draper type as of reality TV culture. I'm still in
ater in an ensemble com- awe of how TV series can suc-
especially unique (and cessfully handle jokes about
us). such sensitive themes as child
Dennis is only one of the molestation, incest or rape.
ic characters that popu- "Sunny" is always unabashedly
e world of "Sunny." The offensive, but rarely crosses
ed "gang" that owns the border into poor taste. The
anages Paddy's Pub is show certainly isn't for every-
ous, but nevers feel one - the faint of heart might
aricatures. Charlie Day find the gang's rampant alco-
ible Bosses") plays "wild holism, sexism, racism and nar-
Charlie Kelly, a loveable cissism unbearable, but if you
ss-stalker with a learn- think you have the stomach, you
sability and absolutely might enjoy trying a few sips of
imbition. Of the group, "Sunny." Maybe, like me, you'll
obably the most innocent develop a tolerance for its acer-
nd-hearted, but no one is bic humor and become addicted
I from the gang's endless to the show in no time.


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