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February 08, 2013 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2013-02-08

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6 - Friday, February 8, 2013

The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

6 - Friday, February 8, 2013 The Michigan Daily - michigandailycom

The band will play.songs from its new LP Fade at the Feb. 8 show in Ann Arbor.
Yo La Tengo to
perform new work

Business as usual.
'Devil May Cry

. -
of intense, arcade-style fun to
The game also incorporates
an oft-frustrating, somewhat
clunky platforming component
that relies on pulling, grappling
and leaping with Dante's various
abilities. An unfriendly camera
makes the occasional jump take
15 more tries than necessary,
and the breaks from the action
fail to add much to the game,
sometimes making it feel like the
platforming aspect was forced
or added as an afterthought.
Exploration leads to rewards,
however, and to get the highest
scores players should aim to find
all of a level's secrets.
Apparently, the
son of the Devil
is from New

Eclectic rock
band to visit the
Daily Fine Arts Editor
Yo La Tengo returns to Ann
Arbor Friday for a one-night
performance at The Michigan
Theatre before
continuing its Yo La Tengo
tour in Toron-
to. The Ark is Friday at
putting on the 8$p.m.
The band Michigan Theatre
is looking for- From $22
ward to playing
in the 87-year-
old theater, which it has done
once before.
"It's a lot different of an
experience than other venues
in town," said bassist James
McNew. "(It's) really beautiful. I
think I also went to the movies
there on my night off."
The band is touring to pro-
mote their 13th album, Fade,
which dropped Jan. 14.
"We focused on making
a shorter record this time,"
McNew said. "Most of the songs
are a little more economical. All
of our albums have been double

albums for the last 10 years or so,
and this is the first single album
we've made in a very long time."
With the new album comes
the band's first attempt at a
music video in nearly 15 years.
Phil Morrison directed the
video to "I'll Be Around" (which,
in addition to featuring Superc-
hunk's Mac McCaughan, shows
the band preparing some sort
of tortilla dish, with the recipe
appearing on the screen for
those who might want to join
in). The band also made a video
for "Before We Run," a song that
also appears on "Fade."
But fans attending Friday's
performance don't have to worry
about it being Fade-dominated
or about missing any of their
favorite songs that the band has
produced in their almost 30-year
"We've been mostly playing
a lot of songs off of Fade (while
on tour). But we're playing two
sets. The first set will be mostly
quiet material, and the second
set is louder. We'll mix it up.
The set changes every night and
there are lots of old songs."
Yo La Tengo has always been
known to "mix it up," take
chances and do the unorthodox.
The band is famous for its cover
songs - including everything
from The Ramones to Todd

Rundgren to Devo - several of
which were played impromptu
and by request on WFMU, a
radio' station headquartered
near their hometown of Hobo-
ken, New Jersey. Many of their
covers were released in a 2006
compilation album titled "Yo La
Tengo is Murdering the Clas-
The band's tendency to
cover just about anything, to
keep its sound evolving and to
stay outside of the mold of any
given genre has made it hard to
define. The one genre that con-
tinues to resurface, despite the
band's mainstream success, is
"indie." But McNew finds the
term more problematic than
"I always felt we were rock
music. I still don't know what
indie means. I guess it meant
something back when major
labels existed, but that was a
very long time ago."
Since 1984, critics have put
Yo La Tengo under the label of
experimental, rock 'n' roll, alter-
native, electronic and every-
thing in between.
"I never really paid attention
to it," McNew said. "But I just
don't care. We don't really care
about being in a category and,
for some reason, we've never
really been in one."

DailyArts Writer
There's something about
being a half-angel, half-demon,
ass-kicking badass that really
gets on peo-
ple's nerves. In B
"DmC: Devil
May Cry" 's DmC: Devil
case, you're M
that badass, vayiOj
and "people" Capcom
refers to the
hordes of hellspawn who want
your head on a stake.
Set in a different universe
than the four previous games,
"DmC" takes place in a contem-
porary dystopia ruled by a giant
scum-sucking demon, Mundis,
who runs just about everything
via a propaganda-ridden news
network and a brainwashing,
demonic-bile-spiked energy
drink. Players control a brand
new Dante - dark hair and
Jersey accent, compliments
of the house - on a mission to
jump, shoot and smash his way
through the city and dethrone
Dante gets dragged in and out

of Limbo by Mundis's forces,
exploring a parallel and ter-
rifying dimension ridden with
pissed-off flying demon robot
babies and overgrown with a
nondescript black goop. Think
Detroit following a tanker spill
and joined by a few hundred
monsters that would make Love-
craft proud.
The game doesn't reinvent the
wheel, but it makes for a pretty
sweet ride. "DmC" puts a wealth
of weapons in the player's
hands, with most having either a
demonic or angelic tint. Carving
up a chainsaw-wielding Skele-
tor wannabe with a holy scythe
is every bit as viable an option as
using a pair of pistols or a comi-
cally large heliborn axe to cave
in its face.
The gameplay should feel
familiar to "Devil May Cry"
veterans: challenging (espe-
cially on the harder difficulties),
frantic, hack-and-slash insan-
ity against wave after wave
of nightmare-inducing living
embodiments of hate. A combo
meter rewards stylish combat,
allowing competitive players to
compete online for high scores
and adding another dimension

Call: #734-418-4115
Email: dailydisplay@gmail.com

RELEASE DATE- Friday, February 8, 2013
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS 5 Put awayfor later 36 Ristorante order 52 Frozen treat
1 Dragster, e.g. 6 Constellation 38 One delivering 55 Cryfrom one
8 Crammed, near Scorpius the goods eagerly raising a
perhaps 7 Sikhism, e.g.: 39 Secular hand
15 Without a clue Abbr. 45 River leaper 56 Father of Phobos
16 Having merit, as 8 Dispassionate 47 Roots (for) and Deimos
a theory 9 The Bell System 48 Splurge 58 Mil. mailroom
17 Sherlock Holmes was one, briefly 49 "Curb Your 59 Radio frequency
fote t0 First Burmeoe Enthusiasm" role regulating org.
19 Steve oftthe prime minister 50 Aention-geler 60 "Sothat's what's
Lakers 11 Newsreel word 51 Frigid planet in going on!"
20 Involuntary 12 Footnote abbr. 'The Empire 61 Tom Hayden's
movement 13Simple race of Strikes Back" '60s org.
21 ind the right iction
words, say 14 Bad impression? ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
221891 self-named 18Voter's dilemma, .
electricalinvention often JL sNA E A U G
26 Lethargic 23 W.C.Fields O A R T E L X P O L K A
29 Crew member persona U N A J1o 1 N T s e e e a
30 Comptermedia 24Turner in films S MJO N THR O EI
34Very long time 25In other words, inT B A E E
35 "Nonsense!" other words
36Golf course 26Ancient S N E E R C L A
freebie Jordanian 0 H S F L N A R E D
37 "They're running archaeological F 0U R S D E D I C E
neck and neck!" city D A NN E Z R A T E D
40 Show to befalse 27Expressed E G I T E N I
41 Checkpoint wonderment
demand 28lIt's sharp andtflat M E R E S P Y C T D
42 Dedicatory verse 31 Exclusive E T C P O E U R
43 Handy 32 In a way, slangily T E T R A H E D R
4401d-time whaler's 33Badtfall W R I S T D U A N E L
harvest 35 Henri: s'il vous OASES SATYR A C E
45 Bit ofta plait ::
disagreement Heinrich: xwordeditor@aol.com 021081/13

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Aesthetically, "DmC" doesn't
leave much to be desired. It's
stylish, flashy and graphically
impressive. Mundis's post-
meth-looking concubine enjoys
a wealth of unsightly scars cour-
tesy of the gorgeous textures.
Apart from Dante's brother
Vergil's distinct resemblance to
another of Capcom's enigmatic
characters, Wesker from the
"Resident Evil" series, the cast
of faces is believable, refreshing
and stunningly crafted. Dante
and Vergil's assistant amateur
graffiti artist/witch Kat's char-
acter model is meticulously
detailed from her caked-on eye-
liner to, borderline-overdone
The game's story unravels
beautifully. While the plot is
pretty straightforward and the
writing. is deliciously cheesy,
great pacing and voice acting
creates palpable tension as the
world begins to crumble.
While "DmC" isn't anything
new, it offers a solid and genu-
inely fun experience, some chal-
lenging gameplay and a new
storyline for series veterans and
newcomers alike.

46 Product
introduced as
Brad's Drink in
H T doctor
53 Mrket tracking
aid: Abbr.
54 _.. mater
57 Advocates for
change, and a
hint to this
puzzle's circled
62 High pointoft
many a small
63 Like hampers
64 Bet Midler
65 lirt's quality
1 Arm extension?
2 Shortly
3 'The Lord oftthe
Rings,"for one
4 Full of surprises,
as a plot

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