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April 14, 2005 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 2005-04-14

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14B - The Michigan Daily - Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Michigan D

Best Live Music Venue IThe Bli n d P i g

Blind Pig continues to bring the noise

Random keeps laughs coming

By Kathryn Rice
Daily Arts Writer
It's only 9:30 on a quiet Sunday night
in downtown Ann Arbor, but already a
chattering line of people has snaked its
way around the corner of the Blind Pig.
Ticket stubs and IDs in hand, the crowd
files inside to preview the funky brand
of hip hop produced by the perform-
ers Gift of Gab and Lateef the Truth
Speaker. Inside, the large crowd that
clusters along the stage is nothing out
of the ordinary for the Blind Pig.
Just two blocks away from the pricey
eateries and plush nightclubs of Main
Street, the Blind Pig packs in crowds
each night with raw, high-energy per-
"The Blind Pig is one of the only
places in Ann Arbor where you can see
live music every day," employee Matt
Hanson said.
Although the Blind Pig sprung from
modest beginnings as a T-shirt shop in
the early 1970s, it quickly became a
pillar of the Ann Arbor music scene
in 1975 when its owners transformed
the business into a record label and
blues venue. In 1981, under new own-
ers, the club departed from its blues
roots to become a legendary showcase
for rock and hip-hop groups across
the country. Each night, the Blind Pig
ushers in fresh and innovative musical
acts, making it Ann Arbor's venues of
Visitors arrived from all parts of
the state to catch Sunday's show. One
couple, who praised the venue for its
rich history and powerful sound sys-

tem, drove all the way from Grand
Rapids to arrive at the Blind Pig for
the first time.
Regular visitors also commended
the club for its laid-back vibe and more
intimate feel.
"I like coming to the Blind Pig
because its such a relaxed environ-
ment. It's a lot more chill than other
bars around Ann Arbor," LSA sopho-
more Mamta Patel said.
Other University students claimed
to frequent the Blind Pig for its reason-
able prices.
"You can always see a great show
at the Blind Pig, and its not too expen-
sive. I think that's part of why it's such
a popular place for students," LSA
sophomore Catie Luria said.
The venue's popularity can also be
credited to its eclectic mix of shows,
ranging from jazz to hip hop. This
year, the Blind Pig has a recruited a
steady flow of indie-rock groups, such
as the Suicide Machines and Steve
Kimock Band, as well performances by
acclaimed performers such as Brandon
Benson and Mason Jennings. Histori-
cally, the club has established itself as a
reputable firm, hosting such legendary
bands as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Stone
Temple Pilots. But more often than not,
the Blind Pig tries to adhere to its local
music roots.
"We try to feature local bands as
often as we can," Hanson said. Recent-
ly, the venue has provided show space
for the Ann Arbor bands Smokestack
and Rootstand, as well as the popular
group Tally Hall.
When bands and professional per-

Since its inception, the goal of the
Random Student Interview has been
to add a little dash of humor to Week-
end Magazine. This year proved to be
no different, as everything from Post-It
notes to Chad Henne to Curious George
were all discussed.
For anybody who hung up on us,
didn't want to do the interview or just
didn't answer the phone, you missed out
on some good conversations. Here are
some of our favorite moments from the
Random analyzes Nixon's Stargate,
Muppet sex scandal
By Doug Wernert
Sept. 16, 2004
TMD: OK, now if the "Muppet
Babies" was really a soap opera, who
would Miss Piggy have an affair with:
Fozzy or Gonzo?
R: Both, at the same time. And one
of the other little animals would be vid-
TMD: Now would the Swedish Chef
have a role in this?
R: Yeah, he would be the pimp.
TMD: What would Kermit be
R: I don't know ... he'd probably be
knee-deep in a heroine addiction.
TMD: Yeah, that just makes sense.
Random likes Hanson's charm
By Chris Gaerig
Sept. 30, 2004
TMD: What's better than free peanut
butter and jelly?
R: Free sex.
TMD: Free sex? I didn't even think
about that. I really don't think anything
could be better than free peanut butter
and jelly. Alright though. We'll move
Random professes love for Special K
By Doug Wernert
Oct. 21, 2004
TMD: Are you excited for Hallow-
R: I'm very excited.

TMD: Do you have a costume picked
out yet?
R: Nope, I haven't decided yet.
TMD: Last year, I wasn't going to
dress up, but I ended up dressing up as
a woman.
R: Really?
TMD: Yeah, it was uh ... quite excit-
ing to see.
R: I'm glad it worked out for you.
Random gives props to 50 Cent
By Brandon Harig
Nov. 4, 2004
TMD: What dorm do you live in?
R: Markley.
TMD: Do you think it's scary?
R: No.
TMD: So you haven't seen any naked
ghosts running around?
R: Nope, no naked ghosts.
TMD: When I lived in Markley I
heard a lot of moaning and banging in
the room next door. You ever hear that?
R: Um ... No.
Random takes Marlin over Zeus
By Evan McGarvey
Jan. 13, 2005
TMD: So Michael Phelps: Huge-
eared freak with a goofy smile or
a potential beer pong partner? You
R: Potential beer pong partner.
TMD: Do you think he'd use those
long freakish arms to help you win or do
you think his gold medals would acci-
dentally knock over all the cups, caus-
ing a party foul?
R: I think he'd help me win by chug-
ging all the beer. I think he'd be really
good, considering the DUI and all that.
Random forgets jump rope song
By Doug Wernert
Jan. 20, 2005
TMD: Did you hear about the fire in
the shoe factory?
R: No.
TMD: Ten thousand soles were lost.
R: Really? Where?
TMD: Haha, you know ... that was a

joke! Soles ... soles of shoes.
R: Haha, I can hear everyone laugh-
TMD: Well, that was a classic moment
right there.
R: Wow, I'm a loser, OK.
Random won't buy lotion for guys
By Evan McGarvey
Jan. 27, 2005
TMD: Now what would you give a
boy for Valentine's Day?
R: Oh god, I don't know. It's too hard
to shop for boys.
TMD: Why?
R: I don't know. If you're shopping for
a girl, you can just get them hand lotion
or something.
TMD: You can't give a guy hand
lotion? Why not?
R: They don't use it.
TMD: The guys I know use it.
R: Oh, god. I don't want them using
it for that.
Random has unsexy porn name
By Doug Wernert
Feb. 17, 2005
TMD: What do you think the better
skill is: breakdancing or knife-throw-
R: Breakdancing.
TMD: But what if you were being
attacked? Do you think you could ward
them off with breakdancing?
R: Yeah, did you ever see "Napoleon
Dynamite?" You just sidekick him.
TMD: What's so good about that
R: There's no point to it. It's just stupid
TMD: It's kind of like this interview
then, isn't it?
R: Yep.

Random thinks Martha ruled jail
By Josh Holman
March 10, 2005
TMD: We're going to conclude the
interview with a couple deep philosophi-
cal questions that I actually just pulled
off the Internet.
R: All right, that's fine. Now it could
be deep, ya know?
TMD: The first one, actually, is why is
there something, rather than nothing?
R: (Long contemplative silence)
Because if there wasn't something, how
would we know?
TMD: Wow, deep.
R: Yeah, I know.
TMD: The second one - do we have
free will?
R: (More silence) Well I saw the movie
"Free Willy," so I'm going to say yes.
TMD: But he got away at the end
though, didn't he?
R: (laughter) Yeah, I know.
Random likes Alfred and tai-chi
By Doug Wernert
March 17, 2005
TMD: Would a good pickup line for
me to use when I'm approaching a nice
lady be: Hi, I'm a writer for The Michi-
gan Daily?
R: Yes, but I think you should expand
on that more. Like "I'm a writer for The
Michigan Daily ... and I'm really good
in bed ... and you have nice eyes." Throw
out your GPA, maybe.
TMD: Yeah, my GPA is not really
that high, though.
R: Well, maybe she can relate.
TMD: Yeah, maybe she's dumb, too.
R: Yeah, hopefully.

MC Chris wows the crowd at the Blind Pig on First Street last month.

formers aren't taking the stage at the
Pig, laymen can show off their singing
ability at karaoke night every Monday.
Additionally, beginning in May, the
venue will have movie screenings on

Sunday. Also, one of the club's most
popular events is The Bang, a retro-
themed dance party that invites people
once a month to dress in '70s attire and
enjoy a night of quirky fun.

Readers interested in purchas-
ing tickets for events at the Blind
Pig, should visit www.blindpigmu-
sic.com or call (734) 996-8555 for

- Compiled by Weekend Magazine
Editor Doug Wernert

it's because I'm gay, isn't it? w i t h S t e v e D u B o i s


I.- I


In past columns, I've deceived
you. Taken advantage of your
provocation-seeking ear. Not
only have I fabricated stories per-
taining to my homosexuality, but
I've made-up that whole thing about
being gay.
Here's the thing: Being gay is cool
and all. Boys are cute and fun. And
need I remind you, from column
one, that "Surely I like the cock?"
But truthfully, I'm in this whole gay
business for me. I am a selfish, nar-
cissistic individual, and thus, I love
myself. So much that I wish to date
people only like myself. And in what
tther sexual arena could I do that
except homosexuality?
Think about it: Those few things
that you like about yourself - your
eyes, your hair, your hot blue shirt
- I have like, a lot of those. So what
do I do? I seek out those things in
someone else. And sorry ladies. but

I just can't find certain traits, physi-
cal and non-physical alike, in you-
all. I have to look to my own gender
to find those who are most like me,
and thus, most satisfying to date.
Homosexuality, then, is a grand
scheme, a guise under which to love
myself. Not only that, but to seek
out someone like myself whom I can
equally love, but all the while perpet-
uating the love for myself. It's pretty
cool. And there are other benefits
afforded to me as a purported homo-
sexual who's dating himself, too.
My boyfriend and I are the same
size. (Ahem, waist and inseam).
Thus, we can swap clothes at will.
"Hey, that shirt looks cute on you!"
secretly means, "Mmmm ... that
shirt would look really good on me!"
Plus, we look alike. So all those fea-
tures of my face that I enjoy, he's
got, too. Also, I enjoy kissing some-
one as tall as myself. This benefit is

certainly possible for heterosexuals,
but I imagine that there is generally
less of a height discrepancy between
members of homosexual couples than
between heterosexual ones. That is,
if I were actually homosexual.
And get this: In dating myself,
I've found someone who dances as
well as I can, who drinks as much
as I can, who likes to fool around as
much as I do. All those discrepancies
that exist between both heterosexu-
al couples and between homosexuals
who aren't dating themselves don't
exist for us.
And let us not forget the point of
all this: In dating each other, we fall
in love - with ourselves. More than
we once were! Unbelievable! If he
does something cute, I like both him
and me more, because I'd probably
do the same thing given the oppor-
tunity. Yes friends, we faux-homo-
sexuals have it good.

All right, maybe I am gay.
But my point stands that it's pret-
ty fun to date someone like myself.
And I didn't plan on that happening
- it's an unexpected fringe benefit
of homosexual dating. I'm all for
diversity in relationships and oppo-
sites attracting and all that jazz, but
in this case, I did find someone who
is very much like me, and because
I am a confident, self-appreciating
individual, I appreciate he who is
very much like me.
I'm not as arrogant as I sound
(although some friends would dis-
agree); my point is to make a point:
That same-sex love can feed personal-
love in a very humorous but real way.
Some homosexuals are self-depre-
cating, forwhatever reasons. They let
stereotypes or expectations get them
down. Well, not this homosexual. I
,proudly proclaim that. loye.myself,

and being a homosexual allows me to
date others that not only love them-
selves, but love parts of themselves
that I see in myself. I'm simply fol-
lowing the advice of Incubus's Bran-
don Boyd: I suggest we learn to love
ourselves before it's made illegal.
I mean ... have you ever dated your-
self? You should try it sometime.
Steve thanks you for your continued
support and/or nonsupport. You, the avid
reader; you, the avid hater; you, the guy
who picked up the Daily and saw I had
a column for the first time today; you,
facebook wife Laura Ochoa; you, whom
I've written about repeatedly - Steve's
only hope is that you have enjoyed read-
ing what he has so enjoyed writing.If
you haven't ... well, you probably haven't
had a column in the Daily, and there's
probably a reason why. Think about
that. Grazie mille a tutti! Steve can be
reachedat duboiss@umieh.edu.


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