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February 10, 2005 - Image 13

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The Michigan Daily, 2005-02-10

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14B - The Michigan Daily - Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Michigan Dai
Random wants Brody, Doughboy

By Sarah Zarowny
Daily Arts Writer
Thursday is here, and for those who have
not yet completed their search for the perfect
Valentine's Day gift for that special someone,
crunch time has begun. However, purchas-
ing just the right present need not be such a
stressful event. While the busy and car-less
undergraduate may balk at gift-buying, there
are several on-campus shopping options that
may prove much more rewarding than a trip
to Briarwood.
For the sweet tooth
When it comes to Valentine's Day, everyone
knows that you can't go wrong with chocolate.
Fortunately, Ann Arbor is blessed with several
quality chocolatiers. If you don't mind the trek
to Main Street, your best bet for Valentine's
gift packages is probably Kilwin's Chocolate
Shoppe and Ice Cream Parlor, located on Lib-
erty Street between Main and Fourth Streets.
For Valentine's Day, Kilwin's offers many
special items. In addition to the simple box of
candy, they offer everything from sanded cin-
namon hearts to licorice petals. It can also be
one stop shopping, offering the opportunity
to get your chocolates and your card in one
However, if you find Kilwin's too quaint
or cutesy, Schakolad may be a more sophis-
ticated option. Found on East Washington
Street, again between Main and Fourth, Scha-
kolad offers several elegant boxed chocolate
a'rrangements and their very special Schako
paints, which allows someone to paint bodies
with real chocolate.
Finally, there is the Chocolate Cafe on Main
Street, which is known for its seven different fla-
vors of hot chocolate, and may be an excellent
place to stroll to for desert after a dinner out.
Flower power
Another traditional Valentine's gift is, of

Schakolad offers several
elegant boxed chocolate
arrangement and their
very special Schako
paints, which allows
someone to paint bodies
with real chocolate.
course, roses. An excellent on campus choice
for flowers is University Flowers, a small flo-
rist located in the Nickels Arcade. Orders for
delivery will be accepted here up until Val-
entine's Day, provided the demand is not too
great. One dozen roses can set you back about
approximately $40 to $80 - there are also
several Valentine's Day packages available
which include a mixture of flowers, vases,
chocolates, and stuffed animals, and range in
value from $25 to $75.
However, February can also be an excellent
time to surprise your sweetheart with some-
thing other than the traditional rose - prices
for less popular flowers, such as the orchids, as
well as more exotic flowers, are often reduced.
University Flowers is also a good place to pick
up smaller gifts, such as picture frames, stuffed
animals or candle to go with those flowers.
If those prices seem a little steep, the
lovestruck engineering, architecture, music
student or anyone who is willing to ride the
bus in order to snag a deal can find the perfect
token of their affection as close by as Room
1226 in Electrical Engineering and Computer
Sciences Building.
Lovestruck suitors can place an order with
the Society of Women Engineers for one dozen
roses at $20 today and tomorrow and pick up
the roses on Monday. A dozen roses is $25 if
ordered on Valentine's Day.

Roses are a traditional Valentine'sDay gift and can be purchased at many places around
campus, including University Flowers in Nickels Arcade.

By Evan McGarvey
Daily Music Editor
TMD: Hello, is Jennifer there?
R: This is her.
TMD: Hey, you've been selected for
The Michigan Daily Random Student
Interview for Weekend Magazine. Do
you got some time?
R: Um ... yeah.
TMD: So what was the better maga-
zine: Teen Bop or Tiger Beat?
R: Um ... I don't really know of
either of them, actually.
TMD: Well, like, Tiger Beat used
to have really sweet photos of JTT and
the cast of "Full House," circa fourth
R: Haha, I'd have to go with Teen
Bop since that's the only one I knew.
TMD: So Valentine's Day is coming
up. What's the worst date you've ever
been on?
R: Let's see. Actually, I was set up
with somebody, and we went to the
movies, and I didn't really like him that
much, and he kept trying to hold my
hand during the movies.
TMD: Gross.
R: And I kept turning away, and then
he tried to kiss me when I got in the car,
and I turned my head away from him,
and it was really awkward.
TMD: Did he try the yawn-and-
R: I don't remember, but it was pretty
weird sitting there.
TMD: What was this guy's deal? Was
he like super-busted or really lame?
R: He was boring and lame, yeah. He
was a friend of one of my friends.
TMD: So he'll be an accountant in
20 years. What are you doing for Val-
entine's Day?
R: I think I'm going to dinner with
my boyfriend. I'm not sure, though.
TMD: Oh, the BF. Sounds sweet. So
what would you rather have your boy-
friend do: write you a sonnet, read a
famous sonnet or make a really sappy
John Mayer-esque song and sing it out-
side your window?
R: Write me a sonnet.
TMD: What if he's a really bad writ-
R: I would still have him write
because his voice is terrible.
TMD: Oh, his voice is terrible.
R: He can't really sing.
TMD: You better really hope he
doesn't read this. Let's be honest: what
celebrity would you most want to get
with on Valentine's Day?
R: Um ... Adam Brody from "The
TMD: Ah, interesting. How come?
R: Well, he's like so cute on the show
and it would be fun to like hang out with
him because he's really funny. I heard
that in real life he is pretty funny so it'd
be a fun date.
TMD: Fair enough. Do you ever take
dating tips from Cosmo or Seventeen?
R: I've read them, but not usually.
Occasionally, though.
TMD: What do you think about girls
who treat them like the Bible and just do
everything they say inside?
R: Basically, it doesn't work and they
are worse off then they were originally.
DOK, so it's sort of setting girls

back a little bit.
R: Yeah.
TMD: What would you do if Cosmo
had something like "rub yourself with
peanut butter before you meet you date"
and your best friend was like "oh my
God, that's going to work so totally
well." Would you tell her not to or would
you let her screw up on her own?
R: Um, can you repeat that?
TMD: This isn't a spelling bee, kid.
You gotta stay on top of this.
R: Well, someone was calling so the
phone broke up.
TMD: Well, let's say Cosmo had a tip
like "rub yourself with peanut butter and
jump in a wolf's den at a zoo before you
meet your date" and your friend read this.
Would you tell them to stop or would you
let them go on their own devices?
R: I would probably let them go and
then laugh at them because it would be
really funny.
TMD: So you would let your friend
jump into a wolf pit?
R: Yeah, if that's what they want to
do. I would just laugh at them.
TMD: You sound like a pretty good
Libertarian. All right, what commercial
celebrity is hotter: Mr. Clean, the Pills-
bury Doughboy or Count Chocula.
R: Pillsbury Doughboy.
TMD: Do you like them with a little
bit of cushion - little bit of girth?
R: Yeah, you just want to like poke
his belly. He's so cute.
TMD: Would you say that constitutes
foreplay with your boyfriend? Poking
his belly?
R: Haha, no. He's like really thin, so
he doesn't really has a belly.
TMD: When you poke your boy-
friend's belly, does he giggle?
R: Yeah, he's really ticklish.
TMD: OK, so who wears the pants
in this whole deal? He's really skinny
you kind of have a crush on Adam
Brody ... your boyfriend giggles a lot
... is there anything he's not telling you?
Have you seen "The Crying Game?"
R: "The Crying Game?"
TMD: Yeah. Never mind. Would you
ever wear a skirt to impress your boy-
friend? Like hypothetically, if he said you
looked really hot in a skirt, would you?
R: Yeah.
TMD: What if it's a Catholic school-
girl uniform?
R: Yeah, but it would depend on
where we were going.
TMD: What if he wanted you to dress
up like a priest, and he said he had some
"confessions" he needed to tell you?
R: I don't know about that one. That's
a little weird.
TMD: What if it turned out he was
just going to do a show-stopping rendi-
tion of all the songs off of Usher's hit
album Confessions?
R: Haha, I don't know. Probably not.
TMD: All right, that's fair. So when
your boyfriend makes a move, what
does he normally do? Does he kiss you,
put his arm around you, turns to you and
is like, "Hey, time to have the sex!"
R: Haha, usually, we both know when
we want to.
TMD: So it's sort of a form of telepa-
R: A form of what?
TMD: Telepathy. It's when two

R: Yeah, I guess you could say that.
TMD: So would you call your boy-
friend the Swami of getting it on?
R: Hahaha, maybe, if that's how you
want to put it.
TMD: What's the weirdest thing
you've ever said when you were making
out with your boyfriend? Like some-
thing along the lines of "Who's your
daddy?" or "My favorite President is
Harriet Tubman."
R: Well, the first time we hooked up,
I said to him, "Now, what do I get?"
TMD: Well, you know what? No, no
no, that's honest and that's respectable.
My hat's off to you, Jennifer. You gotta
get yours. Lil' Kim would be proud,
honestly. You are resurrecting feminism
with each time you make out with your
boyfriend. OK, finish the analogy: Love
is like a box of chocolates, love is like a
storm drain or love is like a hurricane.
R: Um, I don't know. What was the
middle one?
TMD: Love is like a storm drain.
R: Oh, storm drain. I guess love is
like a box of chocolates. It's not a hur-
ricane or else you wouldn't stay with
TMD: But hurricanes come all hot
and wet.
R: I'd say a box of chocolates.
TMD: OK, I got another question for
you. What's the capital of Sierra Leone?
It's a country in West Africa.
R: I don't know.
TMD: OK, that's fair. Can you name
three countries in Southeast Asia, with
Southeast Asia being defined as east of
India and south of China.
R: Um ... Thailand, Vietnam and
Hong Kong?
TMD: Hong Kong was actually
a principality until it became part of
China so it's now technically a special
economic zone. I'll give you partial

R: What is this for again?
TMD: The Michigan Daily Randor
Student Interview for Weekend Maga
zine. One last question: what song d
you think best exemplifies Valentine'
R: Um ... maybe like ... I don
know, sorry.
TMD: Interesting. I'll give yo
another question: What U.S. senator d
you think best exemplifies Valentine'
R: No senator.
TMD: What about that guy who wa
going to run for senator in Illinois an(
he took his wife to a sex club? That'
pretty hot.
R: I don't know that much about him
I don't know that many senators.
TMD: Do you know the senator
from your state?
R: Um ... I know one of them.
TMD: OK, who's the vice presiden
right now?
R: Dick Cheney.
TMD: OK, excellent. Well, have
great Valentine's Day. Thanks for you
R: Thank you.

A break from the norm
For those who seek something off the beat-
en track, head over to Middle Earth. While
many on campus may labor under the delusion
that this store, located on South University
Avenue, is only frequented by the segment
of the student population heavily involved in
Dungeons & Dragons, it is, in fact, a great
place for gifts for almost everyone.
Although not the spot for bargain shopping,
Middle Earth offers more lighthearted and
humorous gifts, cards and wrapping. It is also
a great place to buy non-Valentine's Day gifts,
such as unique jewelry, handbags, candles and
household accessories.
No set of gifts is complete without a roman-
tic card to show how you feel. While manufac-
tured cards can easily be purchased at any gift
No set of gifts is complete
without a romantic card
to show how you feel.
While manufactured cards
can easily be purchased
at any gift shop or
bookstore, a homemade
card delivers the personal
touch that Hallmark
could never duplicate.

shop or bookstore, a homemade card delivers
the personal touch that Hallmark could never
duplicate. Making a card out of a sheet of paper
is simple to do and it allows for the giver to be
creative. Also, the format of a card begs for a
personalized poem or sonnet that can win the
lucky guy or girl's heart forever.
As with any gift, it's the thought that counts,
but hopefully, with these kinds of gifts, every-
one can have a Valentine's Day to remember.

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Air + 1 week at the Astor Hv
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Kilwin's Chocolate Shoppe on Liberty Street is one of many stores that offer boxes
of chocolate in different sizes and varieties.



I wwwttrav l.com 1

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