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January 28, 2005 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2005-01-28

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The Michigan Daily - Friday - January 28, 2005 - 5

Andrew M. Gaerig
* Daily Music Editor
Per most of my work here at the
daily, I thought the following space
would be best used for self-aggran-
dizement, calling people out, disfur-
bulating about topics over which I
have no authority, and pissing off my
mother by swearing in print, using the
family surname. As such:
Fuck Mom and Dad, for always
reading. Fuck Luke and Jeff for teach-
ing me to be an asshole. Fuck Scott
for liking Pavement and Joel for aban-
doning the Tigers. Fuck the guys from
Spoon for laughing at me. Fuck Alex-
andra and Niamh for working with me
for a whole summer. Fuck Evan for
being so excitable; fuck me for encour-
aging him. Fuck Jordan for hating MF
Doom, fuck JZ for always forgiving
me, fuck Jason for always ensuring
that the layout was better than the writ-
ing. Fuck Adam and Doug for taking
my poker money. Fuck Jared for liking
jam bands, and fuck Horowitz, whose
friend assaulted me. Fuck Forest for
putting up with my shit. Fuck Chris for
never letting me off easy. Fuck every-
one who didn't read my weekend col-
umns. Fuck the girls on campus who
gave me the pervert look. Fuck Miles
for knowing how to tell a joke, and
making me listen to CCR; fuck Dan
for finding the humor in everything,
telling great stories, and for mak-
ing me listen to Jay-Z. Fuck commas
in a series. Fuck Sara and Lauren for
always reading. Fuck Cy for scaring
me, and Katie for always being scared.
Fuck Beyer for his evil sense of humor,
fuck Ryan for being a better musician
than me. Fuck Annora for calming me
down, and for smiling and laughing at
my jokes. Fuck the music staff: You
humored me more than I ever imag-
ined or deserved. Fuck me for putzing
around for a whole year before finding
the Daily. Evan: That corner belongs
to people like you, Joel and me. Fuck
'em up, kid, and then give it to some-
one else who makes lists. Last year
Scott Serilla told me and a few others
to "keep it real." Fuck keeping it real:
I'm the only one still around. Evan,
Alex, Punit, Jacob, Lloyd, Forest and
especially Chris: Know your shit, and
walk around like you own the building.
Sometimes I wish I could've spent my
entire four years with you guys. Fuck
everyone else who let me scream at the
top of my lungs and act like an elitist
dickhead. Fuck you all for making it
absolutely impossible for me to sit in
my room and do nothing but listen to
deleted Songs: Ohia single.
Andrew McCormack
News Reporter
It's strange, really, to have spent
two years of your life working at
something, and be left at the end with
nothing to say. As most of you know,
I have no desire to be a journalist at
all. To be perfectly honest, there was
a point when the excitement I felt by
being at the Daily declined into bore-
dom, then a sense of tired responsibili-
ty, and finally almost complete apathy.
Consequently, my work at the Daily
means little to me. What means a great
deal to me are the people that I spent so
much time there with. Wherever you
walk in these next many years, know
that my good wishes walk there too.
God bless you all.
Carmen Johnson
News Editor
People who write for the Daily are always

saying, "The Daily saved me." Well, it's
true. Writing for a student paper can save
your life - or at least make it much more
rewarding. Although staying up late to put
out papers ultimately switches your nights
into days and your class work into mush,
seeing others reading the Daily the next day
is the best feeling, even if it's only doing the
crossword puzzle. Goodbye news staff I
love you guys, your dedication, your goofi-
ness... Thanks to the editors and reporters
who inspired me to stick around.

Naila Moreira

News Reporter
The Daily is the most tremendously
relaxing place in my life. No matter
what angst I've suffered in my day, I
walk into this big, open hall and it all
falls away.
I listen to the chatter of the report-
ers around me; someone's hip-hop
or jazz always seems to be tinkling
away in the background. Sometimes
the television's on, with a small knot
of people gathered round it to watch a
sports event or take notes on a presi-
dential speech. There's no such thing
as "quiet" here. The sounds float up
toward the tall ceiling and seem both
small and important simultaneously,
multiple and organic and busy. Even
when I'm struggling with an article, I
feel more and more energized rather
than more dejected and frustrated as I
while away the hours.
I spent two years here as the token
grad student and the token science writ-
er, but I always felt part of it all. Sci-
ence writing at the Daily has become
way bigger than my contribution.
Thanks especially to Alison Go, sci-
ence page queen - have faith in your-
self and you'll go far. Thanks to all the
science page writers and Michael, the
new research beat guru. Tomislav and
Emily and Kaplan and Carmen - you
all rock for helping making it happen.
You've been awesome editors. Same
goes for yayteam.
After two years, I can only wish
I'd been here longer and more often.
Brian Schick
Daily Sports Editor
First of all, this isn't goodbye - I'll
still be writing basketball stories
though the end of the season. But I'm
still going to get sappy and sentimen-
tal. I know how much I've bitched
about spending so much time here
over the past four years, but it's been
the highlight of my Michigan career. I
can't believe it's been four years since
I covered women's tennis - my first
event - four years ago.
I want to thank all my fellow editors
for putting up with my B.S. for the past
semester, as I know I'm not the best
person to work with: Brem-den, Shar-
rizle, Bob and Burke. Thanks for
Gennaro for being a good boss and
a good person to argue with. Thanks
also to the night editors who had to
deal me on my nightsides: EMcG,
Megology, EA Sports, Gabe, Holman
and Ian. And thanks to all the other
staff writers for their hard work over
the years. I don't know what I'm going
to do with my Sundays next year.
A bit of advice: find something you
love to do on campus and stick with
it. Dive in headfirst and don't worry
if your grades go south. And always
remember: Schick happens.
Joel Hoard
Daily Arts Editor
I'm tired of editors making me write
more than I want to, so I'll make this
short and sweet:
Arts: You're by far the hippest and most
enjoyable crowd at the Daily, and prob-
ably at this whole University. Plus, you're
the only section that paid more than $0.13/
hour, considering all the CDs, DVDs, and
video games I stole. Rock on.
Opinion: You're like Arts, but twice
as smart and half as cool. Thanks for
letting me swear in my columns and
piss off conservatives.
Sports: I got nothin' against you.
News: You have bad taste in music,
and I never liked you very much.
Photo: I never really considered you a
real section, since all you did was take

pictures. Whatever.
Now for the more personal goodbyes. If
you don't find your name here, it's because
I don't know you or I don't like you.
Thanks to: All those who came and went
before me: Luke, Jeff, Andy, Scott, Todd,
Aubrey, Joey, Hussain, Jess and Ryan.
All those who are bustin' out with me:

Four years later

By Ellen McGarrity
Daily Staff Writer

Standing on the steps of the Union Wednesday
afternoon, I was a little bit nervous ... and freezing.
But that didn't matter so much as the monumental
union that was about to take place. It being my last
semester at Michigan, I thought it would be inter-
esting to revisit one of my first memories of this
university - namely, my orientation roommate.
I only knew that her name was Betsy and she
was from Chelsea. One of my current roommates
- who happened to be from the same hometown
as her - provided the last name. A couple e-mails

later, and we had agreed to meet for the first time
in almost four years.
As people went in and out of the Union, I looked
closely at every face. All I remembered was that
this girl had blondish hair. Every girl who even
half made eye contact with me, I thought might be
the one.
But when Betsy Ruhlig came rushing up the
steps yelling, "Sorry I'm late!", I remembered her
at once.
As orientation roommates, Betsy remembered
that I was very quiet and we didn't talk much. But
the conversation flowed almost naturally for the
next hour, as if we'd been actual friends during our

time at Michigan.
During our conversation, it was interesting
to learn that so many times, our paths may have
crossed over the past few years - but somehow we
never saw or recognized each other. For instance,
Betsy's brother is a close friend of my roommate's
boyfriend. And we both went to the Rose Bowl last
It's hard to sum up everything important that
happened to each of us at Michigan - as we went
our separate ways, only to meet up again, by vir-
tue of this rare newspaper assignment - but below
are some of our memories stacked up against each

What I remember about Ellen at orientation:
"I remember that she studied for her Latin placement test. I was like, 'Oh
my god, she's studying!' And I remember that she was really quiet."
What dorm did you live in freshmen year?
"Bursley. I remember getting the assignment and as most freshmen get-
ting a Bursley assignment, you think it's going to suck ... but I loved (my
roommate) ... What made North Campus fun - even though you were
stuck up there - was that there were hundreds of other freshmen there
too. You're all in it together."
Where did you live your other years at Michigan?
Sophomore year: West Quad first semester, then home (in Saline) second
Junior year: the "White House" on White St. "It was a good time, but the
house was a dump ... we paid these huge heat bills, but my room was
52 degrees."
Senior year: house on Fourth Ave.
Greatest accomplishment in the past four years:
"Becoming a Young Life leader ... I have some really cool relationships
now with some high school girls. It's going to be really hard for me to
leave them."
Describe yourself using three adjectives:
"Loving, Friendly, Trusting."
Something cool you got to do in college...
"I loved being part of the presidential election this year because for most
people our age, this was the first time we got to vote."
Were you involved in Michigan sports?
"I went to the Rose Bowl last year. We went in an RV with the current
leader of the Maize Rage. The Detroit News followed us and wrote two
articles about our trip."
How have you changed in the past four years?
'I've figured out who I am and feel more
sure of what I believe. I put more
emphasis on my relationships with
others. I am more and more open
to what's going on in the world."

Favorite Professor:
"Mark Lewis, Engineering"
College Nickname
Daily Music
Arbor restaurant:
"Champion House"


Steve, Andrew G., Zac, Dan, Sam, Jor-
dan, Jason, Andrew McC, Andrew H.,
Jared and Katie. All those I'm leavin'
behind: Jay-Z Pesick, AliGo, Adam,
Doug, Evan, Ashley, Sarah, Melissa,
Donn, Forest and Niamh.
Special thanks to Larry Brown,
Ghostface, George W. Bush, Cliff
Huxtable, David Cross and George
Steinbrenner. Extra special thanks to
Mom, Dad, Christian and Sravya for
their love and support.
Andrew Horowitz
Daily Arts Writer
If there's one Daily section that
knows their shit (besides sports), it's
music. We fucking rock. Seriously.
Very hard. Spending all my time
around music, I tend to be a music
snob. But in the company of fellow
Daily music staff, I'm sometimes put
to shame. Sure, they may not know the

Betsy Ruh-1ig
lineup on Somethin' Else or the con-
trapuntal motif in Art of the Fugue,
but they sure as hell know their rock
history. Challenge them. They'll eat
you up and pour burning tea down
their throats. They'll yell the lyrics
to The Queen is Dead until your ears
bleed. They're unrelenting experts, the
snobbiest of the snobbiest, some of the
smartest minds on this campus. And I
feel privileged to be in their company.
Goodbye and best wishes for future
success. Thanks for everything.
Jared Newman
Daily Arts Editor
Rarely does one get the opportunity
(via my Furious Five) to tell 40,000
people that his alias is "The Pimp Of
Sound" and that his favorite caps in
Beirut are Bell's and Dogfish Head. I
want to thank Jeff, Scott, Todd, Joel,
Jason, Adam and Andrew, not just for

giving me that opportunity, but for let-
ting me interview my favorite musi-
cians, acquire a tall stack of free video
games and develop a serious passion
for writing. And since every year some
music editor will inevitably knock
Phish, I'd like to encourage young
jamband-inspired writers to show up
at the Daily, write well and continue to
piss off Wilco fans.
P.S. It took me three months fresh-
man year to realize that this is a free
college paper.
Bob Hunt
Daily Sports Editor
When I decided to come to Michigan,
it was because I decided that I didn't want

to do journalism as a career. Little did I
know that not only would I spend my
entire four years here, but that the Daily
would become the bane of my college
experience. But, after covering a National
Championship, a Frozen Four, an NIT
Championship and one of the best Rose
Bowls ever played among many other
things, it has truly been a great ride.
I'd like to give thanks to all the peo-
ple I worked with, which is what made
these four years possible. To Brian,
Burke, Gennaro, Sharad, Bremmer,
Megan, Ellen, Brady, Weber, Naweed,
Rosem, Kyle, Courtney and John Lowe,
it's been a pleasure.
Just remember to always hype it and
give it your all.

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