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January 28, 2005 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2005-01-28

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Friday, January 28 , 2005



A inal
C. Price Jones
News Editor
Best moment: "We don't need photo ... umm, where is
photo?" "They went on strike." "Oh, sh. I guess we have to
break in and get cameras." "Ok, now we have to go to the hard-
ware store and buy a new lock. Where's the power drill?"
To all friends I made since September 2001, freshman
year, you made my college experience. Leaving the building
would not be hard if you were not the best of friends, here
for me in spite of my arrogance and attempts at bravado and
assholishness. Remember the past three Jeopardy parties,
Meijers trips after editor elections, late nights arguing with
Louie, te'rrible grammatically accurate and topically incon-
sistent reads, and pink polo shirts popped pre-popularity.
To Jordan, Berkowitz, Tyler: Sept. 11, our first glorious
day. To Jen: Freshman English and "Franny and Zooey."
Props to Kylene and Shabina, who left too early. To Carmen,
Emily, and Tomislav: you should have been an editor instead
of me. To each of my Daily points: you are hot; please more
fine young writers. To Andrew McCormack and Andrew
Kaplan: you never met deadlines, and I'm glad we're friends
and not coworkers related to government reporting.
To youngins: learn to respect the South and The Sound
and the Fury. Journalism is only a test for you; write your
novels, short stories, poems. Come visit me in Alexandria,
Egypt, when you graduate. Most need interviews: you just
need to come. To Adrian and Donn, you are the next Daily
point takers. Lay it down.
Zac Peskowitz
Editorial Page Editor and Film Editor
Truman Capote, Norman Mailer and Tom Wolfe made me
do it.
A fair number of people wander into the Daily believing that
they will make the revolution. For some reason these intrepid
staffers equipped with their pet cause tend to coalesce around
the paper's edit page. Both leftists and rightists have launched
various gambits to turn the Daily into their echo chamber.

Neglecting the fundamental truth that the fuel of a newspaper
is prose, these efforts have been singularly unsuccessful.
Each of us had a unique motivation for walking into the
Student Publications Building. For those of you who have
ever felt shivers pass up and down your spine when pag-
ing through the heroic prose of the new journalists, join the
Daily right now. You'll have the privilege of working with
the most decent people on campus.
Eric Ambinder
Sports Editor
It was Joe Smith's welcoming demeanor that gave me the nerve
to walk into my first sports meeting. It was J. Brady's encourage-
ment and friendship that kept me interested. John Lowe's guid-
ance, wisdom and companionship ignited the pilot light.
I haven't spent the past two and half years at the Daily
because I love sports, or writing or seeing my name in the
paper. It's been the people I've met and the lessons I've
learned. I found the perfect challenge.
I can't possibly thank everyone who deserves it. If you
know me, you know I appreciate you.
But I will give a special shout out to my buddy Jim Weber,
the Realest, a Daily alum. He's doing what I really want to be
doing right now. I just need to find the courage to do it too.
My only regret was not finding the Daily as a freshman.
Sam Woll
News Reporter and Edit Board Member
I showed up at 420 Maynard like most others on this
page, a disoriented freshman due to some urging from a
departing senior who had "some personal attachment to the
paper," much like I find myself three years later.
From the wrath of IASA and the Catholic right, to the
coverage of the Supreme Court's decisions on the Universi-
ty's affirmative action cases, the Daily has afforded me the
most diverse memories.
Would I have done better in my classes had I not stepped

iore senior g
into this building?
Yes. Could I have gotten a better education than at the
Daily? No.
Sravya Chirumamilla
Weekend Editor and Associate Editorial Page Editor
Zac, Aubrey, Manish, Louie, Todd, Scott, Charles, Rebec-
ca -- My teachers, my mentors, whom I will always admire.
My summer 2003 staff -- We covered one of the most
important stories of this university's history and should
remain proud of our achievements.
I am confident that the incoming editors will continue
the Daily's tradition of excellence due in large part to their
extraordinary leaders, Jason (Sparky) and Alison.
LANS, 120, IHOP, roundtable, etc. -- We'll always have
the Link, the diag, kidnapping, Hindi movies, NYPD,
mafia, DRAMA and so much more.
Joel -- I'll be home soon.
Katie Marie Gates
Arts Editor
Mostly, I need to thank my parents who have allowed me
to explore that which was novel and unknown. Your support
and guidance is invaluable.
I can't believe I'm a senior! Chance landed me in the Daily
Arts room two years ago and I found out that I could get paid,
albeit little, for doing what I love best, watching television.
Interestingly enough, as my career took off, TV program-
ming deteriorated over the past couple of years. But I guess
it is a good sign that my life turned out to be better than any
of thesetelevision melodramas I was infatuated with during
freshman year. Never the less, thanks to Katie, Jill and Leslie
for watching "Dawson's Creek" and "Felicity" with me over
the~tars;aMnotJaughing.-when.. cried during the corny
scenes. I couldn't ask for better friends.
Even though I was stressed out with deadlines at times and
annoyed by never-ending elections meetings, I learned a lot at
the Daily and got a lot of free stuff in the process. Thanks to
everyone for making my stay a memorable one, especially my
Daily TV staff, Ryan Blay, Luke, Jeff, Todd, Scott, Jason Rob-
erts, Jordan, Joel, Sravya, Niamh, Adam, Sarah, and Melissa.
Oh...and Doug too, (remember that everything you know you
learned from me.) Best of luck to Daily Arts and the future
staffs of The Michigan Daily.
Brandon Harig
Arts Writer
I would like to thank every jerk, asshole, bitch, and overall
lameass on this campus, nay city, for making me hate this place
at times. Without these folk, it would be nearly impossible to
appreciate just how amazing the "good guys" have been.
Thanks to various Daily Arts staff for making me at least feel
semi-welcome as the stranger I am to this building. Thanks J-Ho
for getting me into this building and sorry Andrew for sucking at
everything to do with correct format. Doug, Steve Cotner, Jason,
Benton, Jordan and others have been just swell. Sam Butler is my
favorite drinking friend ever. Props to the underclassmen who
came to my party and gave me a mixtape CD. Little matches Daily
Elections and Jeopardy and I thank the staff as a whole for that.
As for the little people, I love everyone in the "Brandon
Harig Needs to Drink Less" Facebook group. To anyone
who reads this and goes, "Oh, I know him," mad props. If
anyone who reads this and goes "Oh, I hate that kid," fuck
off, same back at ya buddy* and your music taste sucks.
I want to give a shout out to Bill Clinton, we miss ya B. I
would like to thank the great Labatt company for such an
amazing Light product; Captain Morgan deserves a nation-
al holiday. I spell family Eason, Messing, Kienman, Siytug-
dwitz, Mokris, Kolarik. Rachel. You know. And Colin, my
wonderful little dog, even you kick a bit of ass.
Kevin Hollifield
Arts Writer
Thanks Michigan for being better than okay for most days.
I've only been here two years, but in that short time, I

feel that I've learned so much. I feel that I am a much better
person now because of it. I am also much better at writing
about mediocre to terrible TV shows.
Since I don't want to leave anyone out, I won't thank any-
one here by name. I will thank them all personally later. In
any event, thank you to all at the Daily who have helped
me hone my skills and write about my second favorite sub-
ject, which is television. A special thanks to the TV staff
that liked to discuss "Saved by the Bell" and other shows
that allowed me to justify wasting all those hours watching
them during my elementary school years. I would also like
to thank the paper for holding my beautiful words. Also,
thank you to my editors that made me sound coherent and
logical, changing everything in the article except the byline.
I am also grateful for the DVDs of mediocre movies that I'll
never watch again, but fill up my shelf.
Honestly, this has been a great experience. I have so
many memories. Remember that time with those people
where that thing happened? Yeah, that was awesome. I've
also had other opportunities to improve my writing skills
and have made friendships that will be ever-lasting, rela-
tionships that I hope to exploit when I look for a job. Now,
looking back, I'm starting to get all teary-eyed. Damn you,
Daily, you've made me an emotional person.
Hell, I can't go out like that. Seriously, thank you to
everybody who has helped me, made me laugh, laughed at
my stupid jokes, not called me names, or just found it best
not to say anything. I appreciate it and will not forget you.
Ellen McGarrity
Sports Night Editor anf Weekend Columnist
It was quite by accident that I began to write for the Daily sports
section. My sophomore year, I was fortunate to run into sports
editor Chris Burke - an old high school friend - who encouraged
me to try it out. I didn't even like sports then ... but look at me now.
One trip to the Rose Bowl, over 100 sports articles, and many
sports roadtrips later and I am a changed woman.
It's amazing to think back on the hundreds of hours I've
spent in the ancient Student Publications Building. People have
told me that they actually think we throw this paper together in
something like two hours! What a myth. Many a night, I have
spent from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. finishing the sports section.
But those hours were not wasted. I will always remember
playing "shelf ball" with the great J. Brady McCollough and
Jim Weber. I will remember the trips to Taco Bell with Chris
Burke and Dan Bremmer. I will remember catching up on all
the Daily gossip with one of my best friends and fellow sports
editors Megan Kolodgy. I will remember the crazy soccer video
game tournaments at Bob Hunt and Brian Schick's apartment. I
will remember the roadtrips and women's basketball press con-
ferences with Eric Ambinder and Josh Holman. I will remember
passing notes and giggling too loudly during Daily elections.
I will remember all those classes of writers above me who
gave me such inspiration. In turn, I hope to have inspired a
few younger than me.
When I look back on my college years, the Daily will
undoubtedly be the thing that overshadows most of my
other memories. Thank-you to everyone who has touched
me during my years here.
Josh Holman
Sports Editor
Just recently, someone asked me what worth comes out of sports
writing. I didn't really have an answer at first. I have the greatest job
in the world. I get free passes and free food to allthe sporting events
I could dream of. I get paid to venture out on road trips and watch
basketball games. Sometimes, I've felt like the luckiest guy in the
world. Have I really been helping anyone but myself?
But after realizing my days at 420 Maynard are numbered,
I started to look around. I've made some friends that have
affected my life, and I can only hope I touched theirs half as
much. Sometimes the best feeling is to watch these young
writers grow and teach them a skill they will carry with them
wherever they go. Nothing is stronger than the pen.
So thanks to the person who made me think about it. Thanks
to my Michigan Marching Bandsmen for letting me disappear
here sometimes and to Lindsay for understanding why I had to.
Thanks to John Lowe for your river of wisdom. And to Ian and
the rest of the crew I leave behind, GID.




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