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October 02, 2003 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 2003-10-02

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10B -The Michigan Daily - Weekenidlagazie - Thursday, October 2, 2003

The Michigan Daily - Weekend Magazin





Most obvious album name ever.
ToP 10
1. Speakerboxxx/The Love
Below, OutKast - Alright,
airight, alright, alright, alright.
2. Some Devil, Dave
Matthews - Contrary to po pu-
lar belief, this CD can be enloyed
without the use of drugs and alco-
hol, just burn it andg watch the
pretty colors.
3. Results May Vary Ump
Biz - Actually, results don't vary,
they all say this album sucks.
4. The R. in RRB Collection
Vol. 1 R. Kelly - Also the " R"
in reafly really bad. Does this
include a specialbbonus DVD of
golden showers?
5. Cheers, Obie Trice -
However, there is nowhere where
everyone knows his name.
6. The Long Road, Niddeback
- The Canadian "rockers" opted
for this name over my suggestion
of From here to Suck.
7. Grand Champ DMX - If
a Grand Champis a Jwho has
won five straight dog fights and
DMX's last two albums sucked, how
is 8e a r and champL, Muphy
Lee -,Mt/s Law: Anything
that can go wrong, will go wrong.
How apropriate.
9. Heavier Things, John
Mayer - Dear John, No matter
how much you try to be like me,
y ou will fail. I don t even have my
and anymore and I still out sold
you. Sincerely, Dave
10. Metamorphosis, Hilary
Duff - OK, wait I finally get it.
Lizzie McGuire metamorphed into
HIlary Duff?

lhomnesick. This semester Ive spent increasingly less Dear Randy
aj d less time at my nice o' dilapidated house on Your mil-onler brade Caean yesterds Normlly Ide'nt
amnStreet. Most daysfla tuck ncmusfof like to pen othrpepepacages, but shewis cremin
classmost nights I'm staing down dead ines at the Daily. about needing watei; or maybe a gbigger air hot. Couldn't
I've given up on even tobthering go shopping for food understand her throuth the cardboard4Croatian is a tr4cky
since I'm never there to eat any offit..lan... guage)soIlopened the box just a crack to Makise she
The hours of studying, group meetings, various errands was OK .and VOOMt She bolted man.
and an already fill social calendar eat up the rest of my free Anyways she seemed very nice, though her way with
time*I*prettymu "o home onlyItocrashand.y then ten a seeded some wok ahe tunsup.
everybody else's asleep. Hugs and kisses,
I reallymiss the guys I live with.The leaves are staring to S-dawg
changing. The wind's getting colder and colder everyday
People owe me money. Dear Bnian
So I thought I'd use this week's column to drop ea< h cne I didn't know she was your sister How many more times
of housemates a line, see what's up with them,kindaf ltke do you want me to saysorry? Come on, get over it!/Whyz
a giant wipe board. Hopefully they'll all see this so we can can't you just be happyfor us?.
catch before springtime rolls around and we're inevitay Yours, or lather hers.
evicted. Seilla

Bet you're missing Miami after this gray week, huh? 'n Dear Glenn,
any case, hope your classes are going well anywaysi. ley man hows it going? I see yousre still rmning the
should dePnitel watch the Iowa game on Saturday. if you uv meth lab out of the basement. Urmthat& cool. Could I just
not doing anything. ask you maybe crack a N ,;ndow down there to vent some of
Take it easy theftumes? My grandparents came by to take me to lunch on
- Scott Sunday and Nana started tripping from standing at the top
PS.-Were nming low on TP Grab some iI you go out. of the stairs too long. She started foaming at the mouth,
attacked the waitress at Deny s and wouldn tstop scream-
Dear Matt, ing that Don Knotts was a royalthottie.i
I don't want to point fingers here Matt, because well.. Oh and the cops came by Tuesday to seize the Caddy I
yotre bigger than me and could kickimy ass pettyeasify would have stopped'em, but Iron.Chef was on and i didn't
!till somebody ate some of my strwberry.Pop-tarts last iwznt to miss it fthey were making eel -grss huh?).
week I asked around and eveyb.y else wasuware ny my bad dude Hope you had time to clean out the
even had stmawberyjPtpar4PTp Y know the ones with the frunk af4r the hunting trip''vou took lst weekend
white icg and snes? I thinkv m.ght Plese don t kill .
No~. Pm not suggestrng you go b me more) ptarts or SMo.
even that you look them (b/c yourjot. my ass ec hnI'mtjust S. Weneedmore TP? for the downstairs bathroom.
saying tha iu can please wat outor kSon sufin
the cupboan Id appred ate it 'DearDr
hanks There is a terrible s IIm within yurt irom
S that you really need to d something about It reeks like ot
PS. -Ifyvu see anybody taking my tartsele tenfodor likesometh4 e ther man. Please dispose
give them a high-uality ass .kin' of whater e' all iay sicohavingto
hold our noses every time we have to go up to 4 thirdfioor
Dear Kaz By the wa . wher .urgirtlend? None of s hve)seen
You don t live here anvmore her in a cople weeks and her parents were calling the other
SGS ~cly to see if ou.kne wheir she was. HRpe things are OK
PS-9need toilet paper between youQ'two. Oh4ad O wpdwith aur wash cloth.
-Scottcan be reached.aw sserila(ru.mich.edu.

The Tuscan Sun is behid them.
Gross in millions of dollars
1. The Rundown (18.5) -
The People'suChampion delivers
a rock solid performance, oh
yeah and Christopher Walken is
2. Under the Tuscan Sun
(9.4) - Only two things could
make this movie worse, subtitles
and an extra 10 minutes.
3. Underworld (9.A) - Who
in their right mind would prefer a
romantic comedy about a run-
down Italian house over Vampires
vs. Werewolves?
4. Secondhand Lions (6.3)
- What does a movie about a boy
and his crazy uncles have anything
to do with lions?
S. The Fighting Temptations
(6.3) - Beyonce, consider this an
open marriage proposal. I'm
young, ,virile and sensitive to a
woman s needs.
6. Once Upon a Time In
Mexico (5.0) - Cost 10 times as
much as "Desperado" and isn't half
as good, but still enjoyable.
7. Duplex (4.6) - Forget this
piece of junk, when can we see
'Meet the Fockers?"
8. Cold Creek Manor (4A)
- I'll take the 6-inch cold creek
manor on wheat please.
9. Matchstick Men (4.3) -
Alright you pyros, that's enough,
put it away.
10. Lost in Translation
(3.6) - Just because you haven't
seen ads for a movie doesn't
mean you shouldn't go see it.

KATE ROSE/Special to the Daily

For students studying abroad in Australia, Sydney offers them a once in a lifetime experience, as well as a gorgeous view.
Postcards from the edge:

.... .... .......

..... ..... .

. .........



ARE YOU GELUN'? - Fox TV Studios
has teamed with top New York hairstylist
Rodney Cutler and hair-product giant
Redken for "Making a Cut," a one-hour
reality series following a group of aspir-
ing hair dressers, fresh out of cosmetol-
ogy school. They will get a chance to
learn the craft from Cutler, who is open-
ing a new salon in New York. "It is almost
like 'American Idol' meets 'The
Restaurant' in a hairdressing salon," said
David Martin, Fox TV Studios executive
vice president of alternative productions.
Since Cutler's focus is on the fashion
industry, the best of the trainee group will
get the chance at the end of the series to
work at a big event such as a fashion
show or a photo shoot.
This fast-paced real-life drama will
include frequent quizzes where contes-
tants will be weeded out for saying "mul-
let" instead of "bi-level."

MONEY - "Friends" star Jennifer
Aniston's Emmy dress attracted bids of
more than $4,100 in an online charity
auction, The Associated Press reported.
The midnight blue, knee-length
Halston dress, inspired by Marilyn
Monroe's subway-grate dress in "The
Seven Year Itch," was the leading seller
Monday at the auction of outfits worn
by stars to this year's Emmy Awards.
Last year, the "Clothes off Our
Back" initiative received Emmy outfits
from about 20 celebrities and raised
more than $87,000 for the Cure Autism
Now and the Union of Concerned
This year, more than 30 stars -
including "Friends" stars Courteney
Cox Arquette and Matthew Perry -
donated their eveningwear for the

By Ragan Olczak
For the Daily
On Februray 14th, 2003, I attended
the largest peace rally ever held in
Melbourne, Australia. Surrounded by
over 100,000 Australians, I felt like
more than just a tourist, but a part of
the community. I spent six months in
Australia this past winter on a study
abroad exchange program between
the University of Michigan and the
University of Melbourne. My experi-
ence went well beyond just attending
classes in another country; it opened
my eyes to the world outside U.S.
borders and gave me a true sense of
life halfway around the globe.
Melbourne is just one of over 80
locations offered for studying
abroad though the University's
Office of International Programs.
Each year more and more students
are taking the opportunity to spend a
semester or more studying abroad.
OIP Director Carol Dickerman says
that while sophomore and junior
years are the most popular times to
head off, students are eligible to go
abroad as soon as they've completed
freshman year. "I'd love students to
begin to think about studying abroad
the minute they hit campus,"
Dickerman says. If like many
incoming. freshman, you had other
concerns racking your brain your
first couple of years on campus -
majors, football games and happy
hours, surely - you can still
explore your options and most like-

ly find a program that fits your
While Florence, Italy and London
are the most popular study abroad
destinations for University students,
many, more obscure, locations are
also alternative options. LSA junior
Matt Groves is planning on studying
in Aix, France, because he's "heard
good things" about the small French
town, while fellow LSA junior R.J.
DeLong will be going to Cape
Town, South Africa, in the winter,
the hometown of one of his friends
who told him it was "unbelievable."
The OIP's variety of programs
cater to different goals and abilities
unique to different students.
Language intensive programs are
available in countries like France
and Spain where classes are taught
in the native language. LSA senior
Frannie Laks, who spent last winter
in Prague, Czech Republic, found
her classes were easier than here at
Michigan but that she "learned dif-
ferent things outside the classroom."
Adam Rosenwasser, an LSA senior,
spent this past school year split
between Florence, Italy and Budapest,
Hungary. An Ann Arbor native,
Rosenwasser says he enjoyed getting
into a new routine and joining a new
community in a foreign city: "Getting
up every morning and taking the bus
through Budapest was an incredible
Rosenwasser's experience is just
one example of how a study abroad
See STUDY, Page 5B






Italy is a popular destination where students can study. With it's scenic views,
Florence Is a good place to visit.

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