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January 31, 2003 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2003-01-31

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The Michigan Daily - Friday, January 31, 2003 - 5

"Most of us probably feel we couldn't
be free without newspapers, and that is
the real reason we want the newspapers
to be free." - Edward R. Murrow
In three and a half years, the Daily has
taught me more than any journalism class
ever could. And this year it taught me the
most important lesson I'll ever learn:
When the bullets are coming toward you
from every direction, the man who stands
strong will eventually survive. Before me,
111 years of editors have leamed this, that
no one outside the old building at 420
Maynard St. will ever control the Daily,
and the lesson will surely carry on for the
next 111. The Daily stood tall this year in
the face of adversity and the paper is
stronger for it. So am I.
The Daily gave me nearly everything
I got in college. The tradition, the cama-
raderie, the paper itself - my memories
of Michigan will always reside in the
Daily's newsroom. To those who helped
get me there, I'll never forget you. To
those who come after me, take it all in. It's
the best time of your life.
Jon Schwartz
For me, the Daily has been one giant
love affair, the longest of my relatively
short life. Sadly, we amicably parted
ways yesterday after walking hand in
hand for over three and a half years.
Things weren't always smooth - we had
our share of turmoil. But at the end of the
night, come hell or high water, we were
always back together, and we always had
a paper to show for it. This was, perhaps,
the toughest year of our relationship, but
we were able to make it through, as we'
always do. The only reason for our sepa-
ration is that it's now time for me to move
on, but I know that wherever I go and
whatever I do, the people I've met and the
experiences we've shared will forever
define my college experience.
Lisa Koivu
Managing News Editor
We inherited a situation without direc-
tion. We were a group without a leader.
People had lost confidence in us. Many
thought it was an uphill battle that could-
n't be won. But we did it. We took it
upon ourselves to make it happen. We
were determined to do it and we over-
came insurmountable odds. Each and
every one of you has lent a strong hand in
this transformation. You should be proud
- You worked. You thought. You creat-
ed - And it is this strength of character
that each of you uniquely displayed that
must carry on next year and throughout
your lives. I want to thank each of you
for the opportunity you gave me to be
your leader and friend. I want to especial-
ly thank Danny, Brendan and Alyssa for
their support when it was most needed.
David Katz
Managing Photo Editor
"Public opinion exists only where
there are no ideas."- Oscar Wilde
Judging from the box offices of films,
CD sales and television ratings, the Amer-
ican public has poor taste, no ideas and
empty wallets. Selling millions of CDs or
movie tickets do not and will not ever
designate a good album or film. Sadly, the
public will never understand what is good
in film and music. Thankfully, there's a
There are a handful of thanks to go
around, none of which will be mentioned
here. Thank you's are for faces, not pages.
To circle the gratitude wagons would be
solely parody of myriad thanks forever
trapped in ink. Someone I thank could be
a terrorist funded by drug money, maybe

* 1002 PONTIAC TR.

have bought The Rising, or even have
killed a dog.
And I, in a moment of sentimental
weakness will have actually thanked
them. No, I will thank no one here. It's
preventative, nothing personal.
Say "That's that" mattress man.
That's that.
Luke Smith
Managing Arts Editor/Columnist
I love The Michigan Daily ... it's so
Jeff Dickerson
Arts Editor
I'm not sure exactly how I got conned
into becoming Weekend editor, but it has
actually been fun, and I would like to
thank the seven people who read it regu-
larly (and a pox on those of you who still
shake it out of the paper).
I have learned that the Daily can be a
cruel, possessive and jealous bitch, but
she still has a special place in my heart
(Gag). To the reasons the Daily has been
enjoyable: the benevolent dictator Luke,
Jeff a.k.a. Dignan, my partner in crime
Caitlin "Whiskey Wednesday" Nish, Gra-
hambino the Sex Machino and Joey, the
first and only official Daily Hip-Hop
Writer - thanks. Also, thanks to alumni
Kula, Gabe, Cousino, Matt, Goldstein,
fogelj, Grandstaff and of course, the bald
Adonis, Lyle Henretty2Rumble.
Andy Taylor-Fabe
Weekend Magazine Editor
When I look back on my time at the
Daily, it amazes me that each night a
bunch of kids put out a newspaper. Thank
you to all the people I've worked with
who have taught me so much. Thank you
to the editors who convinced me to stay
every time I threatened to quit, especially
Nick and Jaimie. Thank you to Lisa for
always listening and to Andy, Jeff and
Luke for making me a real part of the Arts
staff. And thank you to Nick for driving
half the staff home every night and listen-
ing to me complain the entire way!
Caitlin Nish
Weekend Editor
Because of this place, I got free
DVDs. Because of this place, I got to see
tv shows and movies ahead of time, and
got paid next to nothing so I wouldn't
have to get a real job. Thanks to everyone
here, on the edit staff (two years) and arts
(the finest two years): Andy, Caitlin,
Todd, Scott, Christine. The best writers in
arts (Katie, Jaya, Doug, Adam, Dan and
Christian) and to all the writers whose
stories I've edited.
It's the writers that make this place
and their work, like ours (hopefully) has
been appreciated. To Gordon, Dan and
Scott for laughing at me whenever I was
out for 10 hours at a time working at this
place: ha ha. And Jeff and Luke: 1.
"American Beauty" rules. 2. "Punch-
Drunk" sucks. 3. U2 and Springsteen
rule. End of story.

never forget it.
Thanks to all who made it the experi-
ence that it was. Like they always say:
What doesn't kill you makes you
stronger. Now I'm stronger. '
Christine Maura Lasek
Fine/ Pertforming Arts Editor
I must thank those who have made
my time the exciting one that it has been.
I've been allowed and encouraged to pur-
sue both my passion for writing and my
myriad interests by a dynamic, thought-
ful, intelligent, and charismatic group of
people who have earned my respect and
friendship. I can only hope that my col-
leagues carry a level of regard for me
commensurate to that which I have for
them. I have met great thinkers, great
writers, and even better human beings.
Specificaly, I must acknowledge (in
no particular order, I assure you) Johanna
Hanink, Luke Smith, Jeff Dickerson,
Andy Taylor-Fabe, Caitlin Nish, Zac
Peskowitz, Aubrey Henretty, Todd Weis-
er, Scott Serilla, Charles Paradis and
Rebecca Ramsey. Yet I would also like to
thank all the members of the paper whose
faces I so eagerly anticipated seeing on
days when I trudged into the office, be
they sports writers, edit board members,
arts staffers or news reporters. Working
for The Daily has been straight bangin'.
Thank you to allwho've made it dope.
Joey Litman
Daily Hip Hop Writer/ Editorial
Without question, working at the
Daily has been one of the greatest experi-
ences of my life, most certainly the great-
est of my college years. When I started as
a freshman I could not comprehend how
people could call the Daily "home" when
I felt so disconnected. I will never forget
my first real conversation with Lisa K., an
invite to a secret slumber party with the
older girls, Canada trips, Daily parties,
bonding late nights with my coworkers
from the summer weekly and the great
friendships I formed in the last four years.
I have been emotionally and me And
when I look back and think about college,
I will think about the Daily. I have never
had such a good time.
Thank you to my fellow editors and
reporters for making this an enjoyable
year. Thank you Lisa, Charles, Beckstacy,
Sara Bean, Joey, Kristen and Shanny for
their unwavering support. Andrea sug-
gested I get a tattoo of TMD so the Daily
will always be with me, but thankfully it
will always be in my heart. Thanks also to
the toastedheads for filling my e-mail
inbox with laughter and, as always, for
the scandalous times. ;) Shiza.
Jackie Nixon
News Editor
Kissing a flying pig is one of those
things I thought I'd never get to do. But
like so many other things, the Daily made
that possible. I'll never be able to express
what these flimsy pages of newsprint
have meant to me over the past three and
a half years. Just suffice to say that you'll
never know how much passion, ambition,
dedication and talent go into the making
of each issue until you live it.
To all the editors who taught me:
thank you. To all the new editors: good
luck. To my family: thanks for listening to
me whine and babble about the Daily. To
Dave: thanks for being patient, for under-
standing and for always being there for
me. To Packard: thanks for all the memo-
ries and mostly for not locking me out of
Packard when I worked until (nearly)
dawn. To Beirut: sorry I couldn't do an
article on Ann Arbor's most eligible bach-
elors. To all Ann Arbor's squirrels: for

Monica's sake, please stop procreating!
To all my Daily bitches: We made it!
Elizabeth Kassab
News Editor
The real bonds you make with people
are made at 3 a.m. over Diet Coke and
under florescent lights when the printer
isn't working, and Victoria's Secret does
make products for men or at least men
who desire to be women. I leamed this
and more during a few hundred hours at
420 Maynard. I want to thank my
boyfriend Matt, who helped me drudge
through the tough times and told me he
was proud of me every night. To my
Daily bitches, thanks for making The
Daily the type of place I wanted to be. To
B. Joseph White, thanks for always call-
ing me back. To everyone who read my
stories, I hope I made a little difference in
the way you see this university. It's been a
pleasure. ,
Shannon Pettypiece
News Editor
My friends often ask me, "Why do
you work for The Daily if you're not
going into journalism?" And I have to
admit, the thought crossed my mind.
After all, what would life be like if I had
the time I spend at 420 Maynard all to
myself? The answer seems simple -
boring. Whether stressing over a headline
at I a.m. or roasting marshmallows with
the news staffers, the people rve met and
experiences rve had at the Daily over the
past few years have taught me far more
than any class ever could. It's hard to
explain how one of the best experiences
of my college career also led to pulling
all-nighters, skipping class and losing
touch with friends. But somewhere in it
all, the faces and times spent at the Daily
will forever remain my most cherished
and remembered. Thanks guys and good
Lisa Hoffman
News Editor
Not to steal from the words of others,
but someone long gone once said: "I did-
n't attend the University of Michigan. I
attended the Michigan Daily." (Or some-
thing like that). During my six semesters
at the Daily, this place, these people, and
this newspaper changed my life in ways I
couldn't have imagined when I first
walked in here and said I wanted to help
out with production. The only regret I
really have is not walking over here soon-
er. It's strange how it all started and where
it led - from walkin in the building and
not having any clue to what was going on
to... well, here. (Deep thoughts by Maria).
I'm not leaving quite yet -- this place
will have a tough time getting rid of me,
no matter how much Louie tries. But to
the people who are leaving - esp. Lisa,
Lis, Jackie, Liz, Shannon and Schwartz
- it's been an honor working with you
all over the last couple years.
Maria Sprow
News Reporter
I came into the Daily one autumn
afternoon my freshman year to immerse
myself into Michigan sports and have
Just four short years later, I have
myself a career.
And group of friends that I'll never
Of course, some memories may fade
away several decades from now: the
mile-or-so trek to the Varsity Tennis Cen-
ter freshman year to cover practice, taking
road trips to the always intriguing
podunk, colleg hockey-crazy towns of
Big Rapids and Sioux St. Marie and
standing on the 50-yard line of Michigan
Stadium during the Wolverines dramatic

wins over Washington and Penn State this
But, as much as I loved my job, and
spentcountless hours in an archaic build-
ing on 420 Maynard while the rest of
campus was at the bars, one of the most
pricless aspects I took away from my
Daily career was those friends and col-
leagues that helped me, fought me and
congratulated me along the way.
Thank you everyone.
Joe Smith
Sports Editor
I sat with Drew Henson in the visitor's
dugout of a AA ballpark. I watched
LeBron James in person. I shook hands
with Coach K and JoePa and yacked it up
with Bo. But those are novelties; they are
anecdotal. They are the bullet points on
the Daily Sports brouchure - on the
inside I found what came to define my
college experience. The production of a
newspaper requires the extension of real
passion from real people, and I am
indebted to those at 420 Maynard who
shared their passion and pushed me to do
better. Like so many others I came to the
Daily almost by chance, and it shaped me
and gave me room to grow in ways I
would have never imagined four years
ago. Thank you to everyone whom I have
worked with - this was unforgettable.
David Horn
Columnist/Sports Editor
I will never forget my first mass meet-
ing and wanting to write just to see my
name in the paper. And now - well, let's
be honest, that hasn't changed - but I
have made some life-long friends and
lived it up across the U.S. on the Daily's
dime. Now it is time for me to ride into
sunset. To anyone that read my stories, I
hope I made your progress to the cross-
word puzzle a little slower. To those who
are still here at big D, I hope you don't
take it too seriously. To my friends, I hope
that Ive made your lives a little happier as
you have made mine. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh-
hth hhh... See ya!
Jeff Phillips
Sports Editor
How does one reflect upon the rich-
est experience of his life? The Daily intro-
duced me to my calling in life, provided
me with some of my best friends and
even saved my life last year. If you know
me well enough, you may realize that I
mean that in the most literal sense. Years
from now, I will look back at TMD with
only the greatest fondness. Samantha (my
"cheeto"), Honkers the Finn, Enders, Fox,
Aubs, Ari, Hanne, Maureen, Rena -
you are extraordinary people who have
changed my life in ways you may never
know. To Potash! - you guys rock very,
very hard. We went down the path of
excess together and we're finally at the
tower. Finally, to the individuals and
organizations who boycotted The Michi-
gan Daily - thanks for bringing a smile
to my face. Yall are so cute! Anyhoo,
time to wind it up ... I love this fucking
place. Dev borem korum. Peace in the
Middle East. End the war on drugs. Free
Goa! Now, just let me sleep; I am weary.
Neal George Pais
Editorial board member, Books Edi-
Whether I was driving to some
goforesaken place (Joe Louis Arena), tok-
ing up (the Ghetto Mart), just trying to get
some (NSB) or trying to escape the cops

in Michigan Stadium (1229 White), you
all helped keep me sain. This goes out to
those who forced me to take a drink for
my own good (Ambrose), and to all those
who kept me laughing throughout it all.
Its been the best trip of my life - for bet-
ter and worse. I can only hope that I did-
n't misspell anything here and that I
didn't leave anyone out, but I am sure I
did. One.
Setheford Greenfield Klempner
Sports Writer
From darkroom to digital I have seen
many memorable things take place at the
Daily. To BGO, Molo, and Katz: we
stuck together through shaky times and
I'm proud to say we made it out together
(just remember "dot to dot" and things
will always turn out, eh?). Through the
juicy and the tart, you guys remain an
inspiration to me. To the sports guys past
and present: oh the miles we've travelled!
And for those outside the realm of this
crazy newspaper (you know who you
are), the utmost thanks for always sup-
porting my balancing act. Finally, to John
Tait and JWo: Go for the glory and you
will never fail! Much Love.
Alysssa Wood
Photo Editor
After wasting a semester of my life on
MSA, I decided to join the Daily's edito-
rial board. Doing so was one of the best
decisions rve made during my timehere
at U-M, and one that I wish I had made a
lot earlier. Since I showed up at 420 May-
nard, rve been challenged intellectually,
become a better writer and gotten to
know some really great people. Id like to
say thanks to everyone on the editorial
staff, especially Johanna and the other
editors--Audrey, Jess, Zac as well as Ari
- you've all made edit board worth my
while and everyone has given me great
memories. Best wishes to all, and good
luck to all who follow our paths.
Chris Miller
Editorial Board member
Important debates are being played
out daily on our editorial page. Anyone
associated with the page - whether you
are staff members, columnists or letter
writers - is participating in democracy
on its finest level. Please, do not rest.
I would like to recognize the wonder-
ful people that I have had the privilege to
work with during my time at the Daily.
Particularly, I would like to thank the fol-
lowing people for their much-appreciated
insight and conversation: Ari, Zac, Neal,
Aubrey, Jess, Johanna and Dave. I am
better off having known you all.
John Honkala
Associate Editorial Page Editor
Things always get a little rough when
one's private and professional lives are so
closely tied to the same institution, but the
lessons leamed are invaluable. There are
too many, people deserving of my thanks
for me to actually start listing them, but it
doesn't matter: you know who you are,
especially those who came before and
placed stewardship of this place in our
hand. I'm often amazed we didn't destroy
it. Peace.
David Enders
Reporter, News Editor, Columnist


Ryan Blay
TV/New Media Editor

I was thrown into a job I didn't know
how to do, with a group of people I didn't
know, overshadowed with the under-
standing that, even before I could ever get
a real grasp on what I was doing, my
position would have to be bequeathed to
the younger generation.
Needless to say, I was optimistic.
Daily Arts was a tumultuous environ-
ment, filled with people I would have
never known on the outside. And while I
know that I will never truly appreciate my
four months there until its line on my
resume gets me a job... I will certainly

Not the same old shampoo
in a new bottle.. ..


Manipulating Opinion
In 1966, the NLF(Viet Cong)
formed a seemingly rival
political party; The Alliance
of National, Democratic and
Peace Forces, "in order to
reestablish the image of the
South's revolution as a broad-
based movement," Page 130,
A Viet Cong Memoir. The pro-
testors fell for it.
Gary Lillie & Assoc., Realtors

I IM[A IN;2E A 4rI ~J
-A FUN working environment, .l NIp
with FUN activities! !
-Swimming, lake sports, arts $ crafts, dram
computers, athletics and nature programs
-Located on over 20 acres in Novi
-Staff of 70 College Students and Graduates
-Over 33 years of camping $ summer fun
-Must reside in Bloomfield, Farmington, Troy, Novi, Northville or adjacent sites

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