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January 11, 2001 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-01-11

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The Michigan Dai[~- Weekend, etc. .t"

The Michigan Dail- Weekend, etc.,M

46 - Michigan Daily - Weefnd, etc. Magazine - Thursdf January 11, 2001







Hostess treats students to el1

a Kucha Tribe
Blue Flag
Named or the Aborgine word for "kangaroo"

7 W]Ogakor Tribe
Green Flag

I " Named for the

Alicia Calaway
AfntiS tatus: Single
Hometown: Fairfield, CT
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Owns degree from the
Fashion Institute of
Technology in New York. An
amateur bodybuilder.
Debb Eaton
Age: 45
Marital Status: En a ed
Hometown: Milan, N
Occupation: Prison officer
Fiance also a prison officer
at the same facility. Likes
the Backstreet Boys and
the New England Patriots.
Elisabeth Filarski
Age: 23
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Boston
Occupation: Shoe designer
Played college softball,
boyfriend is Boston College
quarterback Tim Hasselbeck.
Fansite: ElisabethFilarski.net
Kimmi Kappenberg
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Occupation: TV commercial
production freelancer
Loves animals (owns four
cats and two dogs). Hopes
to become an actress.

Michael Skupin
Age: 38
Marital Status: Married
Hometown: White Lake, MI
Occupation: President of a
software company
Married twice, runs a Detroit-
based company called Copier
Depot. Very athletic.
Nick Brown
Age: 23
marital Status: Single
Hometown: Steilacoom, WA
Occupation: Student
Studying law at Harvard
and works as an Army offi-
cer. Hopes to work for the
Judge Advocate Office.
Rodger Bingham
Age: 53
lfarital Status: Married
Hometown: Crittenden, KY
Occupation: Teacher
Viewed as "A regular guy."
Grew up on a farm and con-
tinues to work part time.
CEO of a bank for 10 years.
Jeff Warner
Age: 34
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Occupation: Internet Project
Former cheer team captain
at North Carolina. Had con-
testants sign T-shirts so he
could sell them for charity.

Amber Brkich
Maritai Status: Single
Hometown: Beaver, PA
Occupation: Secretary
Just graduated from
Westminster College, where
she was Alpha Gamma Delta
Sorority president.
Jerri Manthey
Age: 30
marital Status: Single
Hometown: Hollywood. CA
Occupation: Actress/bartendei
In 1999, casted for "A
Championship Season" on
Showtime. Grew up as an
"army brat."
Tina Wesson
Age: 40
Marital Status: Married
Hometown: Knoxville, Tenn.
Occupation: Nurse
Has a very strong accent
like Susan on the original
series. Triathlon runner.
Mother of a girl and a boy.
Maralyn 'Mad dog' Hershey
Age: 51
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Wakefield, VA
Occupation: Police officer (ret.)
Described as "Mad Dog" for
her tenacity in apprehending
criminals. Has a horse
named "G-Man."

Aborgine word for "crocodile"
Mitchell Olson
Age: 23
marital Status: Single
Hometown: Union City, N.J.
Occupation: Musician/writer
Seven feet tall. Was a con-
testant on the Price is
Right. Once tried out for
the Harlem Globetrotters.
Colby Donaldson
Marital Status: Sin le
Hometown: Dallasexas
r Occupation: Auto designer
A strong athlete, enjoys
water skiing and mountain
biking before gathering
with friends for a barbecue.
Keith Famie
Age: 40
artal Status: S mnge
Hometown: West Boomfeld
Occupation: Chef
Owns several restaurants.
Traveled the world working in
hotels such as Brussels,
Monte Carlo and New York.
Kel Gleason
Age: 33
marital Status: Single
Hometown: Fredericton,
I New Brunswick
Occupation: U.S. Army
intelligence officer
Mother is from Peru and
taught him cooking. Moved
to the U.S. when he was two.



"With Our
Very Own Names"'
Carmen Tafolla
A one-woman dramatization
of multicultural voices
and visions, problems and promise
2 p.m.
Monday, January 15, 2001
Michigan Union Ballroom
A free MLK
Symposium Event
University Library,
School of Information,
Office of the Chief Information Officer

CBS is going for the Thursday
night kill when it pits Survivor
II against NBC's Friends start-
ing with the second episode
Feb. 1.
For the past decade, NBC con-
trolled Thursdays with its
"Must See TV" lineup. SeinfeldN
and Frasier are gone, and the
8:30 and 9:30 followups to
Friends and Will and Grace
have performed poorly.
Plus the Friends' cast may be
pushing their 'trying to pretend "Hov
they're hip 21-year olds" act." kik


etc From the Vault
Nas' first
marks his
The ear 2000. Commerciality reigns
supreme in the music industry. Talent
these days is substituted for the good
looks, catchy phrases and nice beats.
Actual skill seems to be at a premium,
and those who do have it seem more will-
ing to jump on the bandwagon of sheer
wackness in order to get their buck.
Man, I don't like it here. Let's go time
travelling ..
The vear' 1994. In the hip-hop world,
skill and substance still had a place. Wu-
Tang and Outkast were still young and
hungry. The w orld did not vet know what
a Master-fucking-P w~as, and you could
still nod your head
to the likes of Eric.
B and Rakim or
Illmatic Pete Rock & CL
Nas Smooth. In this
year, a young buck
Sony Mus c :994 \ith a vicious flow
Re.e&edby hailing from the
Daily Arts Writer Queensbridge pro-
Dustin Seibert jects placed his
name on the map
with a ten-track album that would prove
to be a ground-breaking piece in the
world of hip-hop. A masterpiece. A
Magnum Opus if you will: Nasty Nas'
I/lnnatic was and remains the definitive
blend of vivid strect-tales and well-craft-
ed rhymes over some the coldest beats
from the finest producers the genre has
to offer.
From "N.Y. State of Mind" to "It Ain't
I lard To Tell," every single track on the
LP stands with it's own special state of
grace. The album also marked the begin-
ning of AZ's career, and is.one of the few
albums in existence featuring the musical
stylings of the two finest hip-hop pro-
ducers EVER: Pete Rock and DJ
Alas, Nasty Nas turned to Nas
Escobar and again to Nastradamus, and
hie increasingly dumbed down his flow= to
keep in tune with who'? The commnefrcial
audience, that's who! Nas lost much of
his original fanbase for this reason, and
chances are he will never again make an
album that will come close to Il/matic.
Though '94 was not !ong ago, it was an
entirely different era in hip-hop, and Nas'
first album was a cornerstone in the 25-
plus year old history of the game. If you
don't own Ilhatic, chances are you are
not a true hip-hop afficionado.
Recognize skill, and go and cop this one

/4 ~.t
Y; '

By Autumn Brown
For the Daily
Once upon a time there was a girl who sold cookies
and pies and breakfast pastries and candy. Her name
was Little Debbie, and every day after school she
would watch her mother meticulously roll out the
dough for each treat and after it was baked, sprinkle
just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar-- not too
much and not too little.

By Jenni Glenn
Weekend, Etc. Editor
No childhood would have been complete without
lunchtime treat trading - that perfect time of the ele-
mentary school day between morning class and recess.
Hands would eagerly reach across those imitation wood
tables that filled the cafeteria when everyone brought
out extra goodies to trade. It was the perfect time to grab
that tasty morsel your friend didn't want but Mom had
refused to buy you at the grocery store, no matter how
hard you begged.
Hostess TIvinkies operated as the central currency in
this sugar-based elementary school economy. Any other
variety of Hostess snack worked almost as well, though,
whether it was a Sno Ball, a Ho Ho or a Fruit Pie.
Hostess spent time on the little things, such as the per-
fectly curling white line of frosting across the top of
each chocolate cupcake, and kids everywhere respected
that attention to detail.
Hostess packed tons of sugar and calories into every

dessert. The resulting hyperactivity met the high expec- I
tations of hungry kids everywhere. A 400-plus calorie
Fruit Pie held almost as much allure as pixie sticks
for the kid who wanted an energy boost.
In addition, Hostess can claim better
spokespeople for its snack cake line than its
competitors. Regardless of that cute little girl
scout's picture gracing the box, Little Debbie - ;
hasn't got anything on Hostess snack cakes in
terms of its spokesperson. As Hostess introduced
its cakes, each one became an animated figure
to star in its own commercial, such as the
infamously sweet cowboy Twinkie the
Kid. It's been twenty years since these -Zz
figures debuted on television, but those characters
are probably still floating around on E-Bay, wait- I
ing to kick some Little Debbie ass. No way that
girl could take on the cast of Hostess snack char-
acters, particularly the double team of the pirate
Captain Cup Cake and his majesty King Ding Dong.
Going beyond its stable of sugary super heroes,

Hos tess


Little Debbie history reads lii

From the first, Little Debbie had appreciated her mother's cooking, and that was
why she shared the treats with everyone she met. From her playmates at school to
the burly construction man who winked at her mother to the big, scary college stu-
dents who were constantly on Latte highs,everyone loved Little Debbie and her
delicious bakery goodies.
However, just when things couldn't be more "peachy keen" along came hostess
with her homemade mini-muffins and chocolate cupcakes. Fortunately for Little
Debbie, folks seemed to prefer the taste that they knew and loved over the stale
products made by I Hostess. Also, by that time Little Debbie had formed an alliance
with her playmate, Mattel.
One day Little Debbie's mother and Hostess' mother became verv ill, and even-
tually they both died. Unlike Little Debbie, Hostess had never spent time in the

kitchen watching her mother
up candy brothers, Hershey a
thing about baking and was:
the baking.
Little Debbie on the other
work and had no problem fi
Thus, Little Debbie continu
Pies and other such fine de
turned out rich and moist an
the treats for fear that the car
In later years. Little Debbi
the movie "Honey, I Shrunk
to survive in the wilderness
door.Oatmeal Creme Pies a
Little Debbie. Swiss Chocol
In addition, Little Debbie
lv she has introduced Strawh
ful consumers.
Despite the failure of Littl
a taste test. any half-decent 1
baked effort put out by hlost

w you doin"' Not so well, if Survivor II
s Friends' butt in the ratings Feb. 1.

1 *1

Carmen Tafolla tailors her dramatic
"With Our Very Own Names" drama
to the experiences and perspectives of
each audience. Tafolla selects the par-
ticular "voices" - actually dramatic
monologues - that will compose
the performance and then constructs
their order in such a way as to reach
each audience with her messages of
acceptance, exploration, and celebra-
tion of diversity.
This moving mosaic of barrio voices
tells the struggles, perspectives, and
experiences within schools, universi-
ties, and society.

1220 S. University
Above McDonalds


etc.Site of the Week
Wild getaways present vacatic



Tanning all seneste one month unlimited1l
$49.95 II $39.95
rst 200 only+$1 per session C7 l No service fees. Expires 1/21/01 C10l

By Jenni Glenn
W"eekend, Etc. Editor
Since classes stared one week ago, it's time to
start counting down to spring break. Two more
months. and it will be vacation time again.
For those interested in an adventurous getaway, the
possibilities are endless. But
www whatsgoingon.com is the ideal starting place if
you've always dreamed of running with the bulls in
Spain. This website lists wacky festivals all over the
world with accompanying travel information for the

intrepid tourist.
The site lists upcoming events around the world,
such as Jan. 31's camel wrestling championships in
Turkey Other options for this month include cock-
roach fights in Australia and Iceland's Thorrablot
Celebration, a winter banquet with menus featuring
seal flippers and ram's heads.
If budgetary concerns keep travelers closer to
tome, www watsgoingon. coi can accon-mnodate
them. The site offers search engines for both domes-
tic and inter national festivals. The search feature can
also be set according to the type of event or date

t x ,. .d,.*81*.8*4, * s aa f* 3 as- * a t ra r a . l fa s * . * I .t; t4 . r * + I x Q

k - rt - F S ° O aY .T . '4 ° R a, i - ' ^ V °.i r W . .Y y Y 1 ' a .l # , 3t / x ' ..i . f ' a 5 ' r ° . ' w 4' A.

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