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January 04, 2001 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-01-04

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2A -The Michigan Daily -Thursday, January 4, 2001


Arafat responds
to Clinton's plane

WASH INGTON (AP) -- President
Clinton's drive for an Israel i-Palestin-
ian accord gained new life yesterday
with word from Yasser Arafat that he
was willinig to negotiate with Israel
based oni his interprctat ion of Clinton's
formula for a settlement.
Israel responded by agreeing to send
negotiator Giilead Slier to Washington
to confer today with U.S. mediators
Dennis Ross and Aaron Miller on
whether a basis exists for new talks
with the Palestinians.
In the meantime, Israel intends to
measure whether Arafat's promise to
Clinton to curb attacks is being imple-
"We're not goinig to resume negotia-
tions, we're not going to have a sum-
mit, unless we are confident of
success" P3. Crowley, a White House
spokesman, said after Clinton's second
telephone conversation with Israeli
Prinie Minister Ehud Barak.
-Another senior official, speaking on
condition of anonymity, saidr the Pales-
tinians also would send an official in
the next few days to talk to the Ameri-
can mediators.

With only 1 7 days left to pursue his
goal, Clinton took to the telephone to
try to bridg~e differences between
Arafat and Barak.
"They both have reservations, and
we're going to work with both parties
to try to reconcile their interpretation
of it," White House spokesman Jake
Siewert said.
At the State Department,
spokesman Richard B~oucher said the
development was "definitely a step
forward" and "we still have grounds to
work on this.''
In Stockholm, Sweden, visiting
Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-
Ami said an agreement remains
unlikely before Clinton turns over the
presidency to George WV Bush.
"It may be an act of providential mir-
acle that can produce a full deal
between us and the Palestinians in the
remaining days (of CIi nton's presideni-
cy)," Ben-Ai said.
The fresh impetus surfaced after two
WVhite House meetings Tues day in
which Arafat promised again to try to
curb the violence that has plagued the

Continued from Page IA
xwhilexer-y lexv facts xere inlldis-)
pate in the case, a tr-ial isnesar
to LIeterm~iine the extent to viii ,cl
race is a fact or in admi ssiouns In the
Law School and xx hether the school
applies a doable standlard xvheni
considering; miiiorit\ and white
applicants. In movinu) toxward a
trial, the jidlge ruled ag1ainst twvo
separate motions f'or summiary
juldgmnent, which, if Qlranted. would
have allowed tile judgae to r-ule
based on the facts al ready in evi-
denlce xvithount a trial.
The trial is scheduled to hegina.tan.
1 6. All three parties will have 30 hours
to argue theniCi ase. Friedman said lhe
would like to work atleas<:t eight hours
every day, ahlouigll iteexac t iimi an
will be flexible.
Friedmian also saidl lie would have
liked to mrove the trial to Ann
Arbor-, but siiice a neCw udge x'vaCs
Iiired to use the Anni Arbor Fe deral
Cour-thouse, it will be difficult to
hold the ent ire tiial in Anni Arbor.
But Fr-iedman ridded that lie might
hold parts of the trial in Ann Arbor.
T1he suit was filed against the
U a iver-sity 's ILaw School i n Decccm-
ber, 1997, by the Washington D.C.-
basedlC(IlR onl behalf of' Barbara
(irutter, a wxhite applicant rejected
from the Law School.
Dur-ing the hearing threeCC par1ties
- (71 R, thle University arnd a coali-
tion of interveninag defendants-
testified befolre Friedman.
Kirkt KolIbo, lead counsel I'm the
Center- for Individual Righ~lts. begar n
the arg3uments by describinag xx hy
the firm hadl brought thle University
to court.
"The essence of outr case is that
the Law School employs a 5steii-
atic double standlard inl admissions
and that double standard is race,,
Kolbo saidl. "Our second principle
is that dliversity is not a comlpelling
government interest."
Kolbo said the Law School, while
admittedly triin to achieve a "crit-
ical mass1' oinimotyvstudents. is
in fact emploving a double standard
aiid applying0 a "system in xwhich
applicants do not compete on cclI al
foot i1in"
"The Constitution proposes that

all mniare created equal, and we
are~~ asigh iat you vitiLi cat e that
pritteiple." Koibo saidl.
Joh obi ayton Ilcad coun sel for thle
University, said the Law School
needls to take race Into account Iii
Its "Idmts stons process to ensure an
equal footinig to all appl icartts.
"WNe have all asmed xvve have
tioved frotiibeiin a senren-cated
society into a f'uliy integrated sod]-
etvx. Today, It remiai ns the case that
txhe are almost as scenrenated resi-
dentialiv as xve xere 5() years ago)
Paytonl said. "People groxv up sepa-
rately and go to school separately.
"Tfhe lawv, I would say, goes
ii rough all aspects of oulr Iives. It is
importanit that laxvyers get t rainted
to do everythiing a laxvyer is sup-
posed to do, atid it really pmatters
that lawyers be trained around
those they 'll be workin with," Pay-
ton argueId.
Paytort said it xwas ]iits belIief that
almost every selective law school inl
lie country uases race as a factor inl
admissiotis. lie said having a "crit--
ical mlass" of Minority students is'
important in achievitig comfort for
all Individuals.
Whlile both Kolbo and Payton
requnested that Fr'l:iedan issue a
sa iil ma ry judgment, MIirand(a
Massie, lead lco:utisel for the Inter-
xciig. cdefendants, argued for a
"'Tile trial should be about the
claim there is a double stanidard and
that ( Laxw School Aptitude Test)
scores and grade poinit averages are
nleutral," Massie said.
,Massie said ,a trial woul be tiec-
essary to give students the oppor-ta-
aity to speak on behalf, of
affirmative action, andl why it i"s
importanit to the Universityv.
"Students n,.ed~ the opportuiiity to
hoxvw t they areCLIqualI," NIassi e
said. ' Wht we want ts the opportu-
nity to shoxv you that xvhat's ins
place is macli more equal and fair:"
I-SA sophomore Agnes Aleobu1.a,
xvho travelled to Detroit for the
Iican iig, said shle is glad the triial
xwiil proceed to court.
"I x'want the chaiice to testtify.
about being a bencfactorv of affir-
Inative act ion and a trial is neces-
sarv to put the legal rullinlg on a
stronig looting" A leobua sidL.

Stocks soar as interest rates increase
V'ASE II\ ION --ie e hderal Reserve, confirnted witth new evidene o 0C
rapidlyv xeakeiiing economy, took the dramatic action yesterday of lowering a
key interest rate by half a percentage point, the biggest reduction in more thu
e'ltCt eas.
WAall Stt-cet soared on the surprise antiouncement, and Ptcsidcnt-eecl
BaSH t oiceLI his approxval. lie said such "bold action" wvas needed to avcr t
The reduaction to 0 percent iii the Fed':s target for the federal funds rate, the*
interest that batiks charge each othiei, was approved durmig anl emergency tele.
phone confcretice call betweeni Federal Reserve Chaiirnan lMan Greenspan and
meiiibetrs of thle Fed's rate-setting comtmittee..-
It marked the first time in C retispan's 13 years at the Fed that lie has used a
cotiference call to lautichi a cycle of rate reductions.
analysts said the decision to act without waiting for the Fed's next regular
interest-rate meeting oii Jan. 30, and the size of the cut at oie-lialf, point instead
of a quarter-poiint, underscored the seriousness with which Greenspan and his
colleagues viewed the threats facing~ the economy.t
"This is a very aggressive move atid indicates a high level of concern. If it's
not panic, it's close to it," said Mark Zaiidi, chief economist at hconom.com,at
West Chester, Pat., consulting firm.


seven escaped cons That the seven a
ring as .a gang aiid
elude 'texas police up has led to suspi
planning a showdov
DAl IIAS- Texas police were ""They are appare
waigbulletproof vests and increas- and it's a pretty d
irL, their fi repoxwer yesterday in the spokeswoman Lor
b7igrest manhunt in state history - a Dallas Moring Nei
sarch for se~ven escaped convicts
believecl to be using stolen police scan-
nets to stay a jumnp ahead of the law. Emi1.nem n
In the three weeks since they broke for 4AGran
oat of prison with a cache of weaponis
and lef1t a note warning, "You haven't NEW YORK -
heard the last oif us yet, the convicts try showed yester
are Suspected Of pulling off at least stomach and stand t orb eisadkligaplc fi h ap rswc
cecu critically acclaimr
Prison officials said the search has Mathers LP" recei
spreadl across the Southwest, ;but nominations, incu
Larry ToLdLy, a spokesman for the yeai.Ilie and his mn
Texas Decpar'tmenit of Criminal justice, produced the albun
said all seven ate still believed to be in bined nine Gramniy
the Dallas area;- and still togetheri; atid "Dr. Dre - 2001
Todd said they apparently have not Eminem, whos
t'ried to contact atny close friends or homosexuals andd
relatives, but he added: "Someone is of his wife anid the
obviously helpinig them. They have er, had also take
the nioney anid assistance to stay hid- academiy in the sol
doe. Shiady".
Pinochet's lawyer, charges, but thatac
J+ by the Supreme C
disagrees w I Uge Judge failed to get
. J i The cour-t ordere<
SANTIAGO, Chile - Gen. Augus- tion Pinochet befo
to Pindchet's. chief laxvyer .recoin- the way open for ri
mendedl yesterday that the former ment --- a procedul
dictator openly disobey the judge doubt if' Pinochet f
seekitig to try him f'or abuses that recommiendation!
occurred Ldurinig his military regime. judge's order for tes
.uLdge Juani Guzman has ordered
txwo days of neurological and mental
tests starting Suniday to determiiie Mexican p
xhiethier lie is fit to stand trial, to, skip mial
But laxvyer Pablo Rodriguez said.
Guziian's orders for Piniochet to under- MEXICO 0CCI T
n o two dlays of tests followed by a long Vicente Fox w il l
day ofiniterriogationi amiount "to opera dent-elect Bush's
harassment" mtray Jan. 20, M
It is uniacceptable "to have ain ill, secretary said yest
85-year-old man" undergo a tiring Foreign Secretari
battery of tests for twvo days and did not explain wI'
immiiediately afterxward have to aniswer to attend, but said h
questioiis for hours, Rodriguez said. with Bush before tI'
"As a lawy ver, I xill recommend my Castaneda did
clienit not to take the tests and refuse Mexico would sent
the interrogation,"lie said. the ceremony.
(C uzmnaii last month indicted
Pinochiet oii kidnapping and murder - Conpiled fron

appeared to be tun,~
instead of splitting
)icions they niay be
renthy on a mission;
ark mission," FBI,
ri Bailey told The,
ews last week.
- The record Indus-
;ray that it could
ckedly offensive but
ned "The Marshal
;ived four Grammy,
uding album of tljc,
lentor. Dr. Dre, whg1
ui, t'eceived a corn=
iy nominations for it
se songs bashed
depicted thc killinig
rape of his moth,
en a swvipe at the
)ng "The Real Slim



4 5- not STS
WAX 1 A. A",

tion. was overturned
Court because the
tion Pinochet first.
cd GIuzmnan to ques-
ore Jan. 9, leaving.
,instating the indict-
ire that could be iri@
follows his lawyer
ns to disobey the
its and questioning.



it ..
ow- Y
. yyv4! is
f '
to .
e '
k'3 "
mt: ,
x Vic:

r uiniversiy usc lsociet 20010/2001l WINTER
W'interH l-rice Studtent a,, I


)resident :t
not attend Ptesi-@
swearing-in cere-
Vexico's foreign'
it rd ay. r
ry Jorge Castaneda,
by Fox decided note
he planned to meet
he end of April.
not say whether'
1d someone else to
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Saturday, January 6, 10 am-1 pm Hill Auditorium

Vermeer Quartet
Mingus Big Band: Blues and Politics
Alvin Aley American Dance Theater
Dresden Staatskapelle,
Giuseppe Sinopoli conductor
Brentano String Quartet
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Dubrovka Tomsic piano
Dairakudakan: Kai In No tLmo (Sea-Dappled Horse)
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir
Manfred Honeck conductor
Swedish Radio Choir and Eric Ericson Chamber Choir
Eric Ericson conductor
Manuel Barrueco guitar
Ballet Preljocaj: Paysage apres la Bataill
Prague Chamber Orchestra with the Beaux Arts Trio
Les Violons du Roy
David Daniels countertenor
Academy of St. Martin-in-the-fields
Murray Perahia conductor and piano
Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
Heidi Grant Murphy soprano
Brass Band of Battle Creek
Ronald K. Brown/Evidence
Orion String Quartet and Peter Serkin piano
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
Riccardo Chailly conductor
Matthias Goerne baritone
Emerson String Quartet

These Prices are just Too
Good to Pass Up!
The Proces..:
It's easy! Jlust make your way to Hill
Auditorium Saturday morning and
wait in line to receive a sequentially
numbered Ticket Order Form (the
number on each order form indicates
the order in which it is going to be
processed by the U MS Box Office).
Once you receive your order form you
have until 1 pm to fill it out with the
exact amount of tickets that you and
your friends would like to purchase to
each event. Turn it in and then go to'
the UMS Box Office in the Power Center
beginning Friday, January 12 to pick up
and pay for your tickets. It's as simple
as that!

,rAF Mike Sphn,..Eito n* he


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Student tickets for
the Royal Shakespeare
Company will not be
sold at this event.

4 Vai tdent ID required
4 Limit 2 tickets per student, per event
4 Limit 8 tickets per order farm
4 Ticket~s ore sald an a first come,



A tr i -;. a Barka,. Brad+cv Davies, Jacob Fenton Jared Ha align. Jon Ho tzef. Simon hut. Kell e R nr ev. lenn ser
_. ,. ,....... i, ~., n.... o..,.. r, o... ,., r, f:tnnn Pn,.. ye. M.".n far tnn_.. Ia e. Nncc. /J f C:'P ; i" FlI I iltf ;t CIAt1. (:Pf]iP s-.. _. i


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