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February 08, 2001 - Image 13

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-02-08

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- The Michigan Daily - Weekend, etc. Magazine - Thursday, February 8, 2001



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r rr ~frrv'~rz~I(t i at at

A weekly guide to who's Thursday, Feb. 8
where, what's hap ening and through
why you need toh e there ... i Wednesday, Feb. 14

The Michigan Daily - Weekend, etc.

etcQuestion & Answer Interview
TV host gets


Films opening
Hannibal Haven't heard a damn thing 12:30 (Fri. & Sat.).
about this movie, not sure what it's all
about. At Quality 16: 11, 11:30, 12:15, Saving Silverman I forgive you, Black and
1:35, 2:05, 2:50, 4:10, 4:40, 5:25, 6:45, Zahn, the paycheck was too much and
7:15, 8, 9:20, 9:50, 12:00 (Fri. & Sat.). broke your will. At Quality 16: 11:20,
At Showcase: 12:45, 1:15, 1:45, 3, 3:30, 1:20, 3:20, 5:20, 7:30, 9:35, 11:30 (Fri.
4, 4:30, 7, 7:30, 8:15, 8:45, 9:45, 10:15, & Sat.). At Showcase: 1:05, 3:10, 5:15,
11 (Fri. & Sat.), 11:30 (Fri. & Sat.), 7:25, 9:30, 11:35 (Fri. & Sat).
Films holding
A An Instant Classic
B Very Good
C Fair
D Not recommended
F Not Worth Your Time, or Your Money
Castaway Hey, Tom, you peaked with At Showcase: 12:20, 6:55. B+
"The Man With One Red Shoe," so let it
goand get a sitcom. At Quality 16: 11, 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? Where Art
1:45, 4:30, 7:15, 10. At Showcase: 1:25, Thou? The Jacob and Esau team up one
4:15, 7:05, 9:55, 12:30 (Fri. & Sat.). B+ last time to take back Sodom from the
Philistines. At Quality 16: 12:45, 3:10,
Chocolat Harvy, if you're reading this 5:15, 7:35, 9:55, 12 (Fri. & Sat.). At
(and I know you are) the Oscars don't Showcase: 12:15, 2:25, 4:35, 6:50, 9,
belong to you, and I think you should play 11:10 (Fri. & Sat.). B
nice. At Quality 16: 11:15, 1:40, 4, 6:25,
9:05, 11:30 (Fri. & Sat.). At Showcase: The Pledge A lot of men died so that you
-40, 4:10, 6:45, 9:15, 11:20 (Fri. & would be free enough to stand at your
Sat.). A- desks and speak those great words to old
glory, so no snickering. At Quality 16: 2,
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Look, up 4:25, 6:50, 9:20, 11:45 (Fri. & Sat). At
in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... Showcase: 2:30, 9:10. B
Just that chick from "Supercop." What a
rip-off. At Quality 16: 2:10, 4:35, 7:05, Save the Last Dance For what? I ain't
9:35, 11:50 (Fri. & Sat.). At Showcase: getting any younger, and yer not getting
1:30, 4:20, 7:10, 9:50, 12:10 (Fri. & any prettier. At Quality 16: 12, 2:10,
Sat.). A+ 4:20, 7, 9:15, 11:15 (Fri. & Sat.) At
Showcase: 12:25, 2:50, 5:10, 7:40, 10,
for you, not them. Wait ... At Showcase 12:05 (Fri. & Sat.). B+
12, 7. Snatch I'm tired of coming up with double
entendre's for this movie, you do it. At
Emperor's New Groove Disney should do a Quality 16: 12:05, 2:15, 4:40, 7:20,
cartoon version of "A Clockwork Orange" 9:40, 11:40 (Fri. & Sat.). At Showcase:
with music and make a sidekick out of 1:10, 3:25, 5:35, 7:50, 10:05, 12:25
that lethal porcelain male organ. At (Fri. & Sat.). B+
Showcase: 12:10, 3:05.
Sugar and Spice Somebody tell Suvari to
Escanaba in da Moonlight The moon get in contact with Kevin Spacy before he
reflects light, so it is incorrect to suggest quits returning her phonecalls. At Quality
.th'at light actually comes from it. Smug 16: 1:25, 3:20, 5:10, 6:55, 9, 11 (Fri. &
and self-satisfied wins the race! At Sat.). At Showcase: 5:05, 11:25 (Fri. &
Quality 16: 11:05, 1, 3, 5, 7:10, 9:10, Sat.). C
11:05 (Fri. & Sat.). At Showcase: 12:55,
3:15, 5:20, 7:20, 9:20, 11:15 (Fri. & Thirteen Days When a gilled mutant and a
Sat.). B- Catholic are runnin the greatest country
on Earth, it's time for me to move to
Finding Forrester How come you never Djibouti. At Showcase: 12:40, 3:45, 6:35,
see movies about old men who take 9:25, 11:55 (Fri. & Sat.). B+
young men under their wings and then
destroy their lives for the pure joy of it? Traffic Driving along in my automobile, I
Am I sick? At Quality 16: 12:10, 3:30, spot Chuck Berry and Benicio selling poi-
9:45. At Showcase: 10:20. A- soned ice cream to Willem Defoe.
Hmm...? At Quality 16: 12:30, 6:30,
The Gift For Valentine's day, I got my 9:30. At Showcase: 12:50, 3:40, 6:40,
sweetie some red paint so she can paint 9:35, 12:15 (Fri. & Sat.). A
my garage. Red. At Showcase: 12:30,
2:55, 5:25, 7:55, 10:25, 12:35 (Fri. & Valentine Kind of like if Charlie Brown
Sat). B+ decided to exact sweet revenge on the
little red headed ingrate. At Quality 16:
Head Over Heels Isn't your head always 11:20, 1:25, 3:40, 5:45, 7:50, 10:05,
over your heels unless you are hanging 11:55 (Fri. & Sat.). At Showcase: 1:20,
.side-down? At Quality 16: 11:10, 1:05, 3:35, 5:40, 8, 10:30, 12:20 (Fri. & Sat.).
3:05, 5:10, 7:25, 9:25, 11:10 (Fri. & B
Sat.). At Showcase: 12:35, 2:40, 4:40,
6:30, 8:30. D- The Wedding Planner Calling Sir Mix-a-lot,
Puffy's ot a present for you. At Quality
Left Behind So I've heard. At Showcase: 16: 11:25, 1:30, 3:35, 5:40, 7:45, 9:55,
1, 6:15. F 11:55 (Fri. & Sat.). At Showcase: 12:30,
2:45, 5, 7:15, 9:40, 11:50 (Fri. & Sat). C-
Miss Congeniality If I dressed in drag and
entered a beauty contest, even if I won What Women Want Apparently not red
the talent competition, I would probably pint, that ungrateful wench. At
not even place in a swimsuit. At Quality Showcase: 12:25, 4:45, 7:35, 10:10,
16: 2:45, 5:05, 7:25, 12:10 (Fri. & Sat.) 12:35 (Fri. & Sat.). B+
Phone Numbers: Briarwood: 480-4555; Fox Village; 994-8080; Michigan Theater: 668
8397; Quality 16: 827-2837; Showcase: 973-8380; State: 761-8667.
Showtimes are effective Friday through Thursday. Matinee times at State Theater are
effective for Saturday and Sunday only.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
They're learning to fly, but they ain't got
wings, in this film tie-in to the Tom Petty
song. Michigan Theater. 7 p.m.
Shadow of the Vampire (2000) Hey,
there's nothing wrong with a creepy bald
guy that just wants to get his hands on
the leading lady. You people are so judg-
mental. Michigan Theater. 9:30 p.m.
State and Main (2000) Hey, I'm looking
for a new place, where the kids are hip.
'Cause really, I'm getting bummed riding
up and down the same old strip. State. 7
& 9:15 p.m.
Traffic (2000) There's a back up on 1-96,
where a tall lanky man has apparently
piled up his "Best Supporting Actor"
awards. State. 6:45 & 9:30 p.m.
Clovis Minor C'mon its gonna be sweet.
Check it out. T.C.'s Speakeasy, Ypsilanti.
10:30 p.m. $3. 483-4470.
Native American Flute Chief Henry and
Running Zack won't be there, Lenore
Want will be. University Hospital Lobby.
Floor 1. 12:10 p.m. Free.
Maggie Rose Performance Network per-
forms a satire on trailer park life.
Performance Network, 120 E. Huron. 8
p.m. $17. 663-0681.
The Heiress University Theater
Department presents this play suggested
by Henry James' novel "Washington
Square," about a young woman searching
for love. Mendelssohn Theatre. 8 p.m. $7-
20. 764-0450.
Inmedia 2001 The Ann Arbor digital
artists coalition, Entity, presents a
juried exhibition of digital and electronic
art from all over the globe,
with a theme tying in the Industrial
Revolution with the Digital Revolution,
Media Union. Free. 936-2082.
Booker Prize Winner at Borders Come to
Borders to hear Booker Prize-winning
author Peter Carey read from his latest
novel, "True History of the Kelly Gang."
Book signing will follow. 7 p.m. FREE.
Plant Life Exhibit that explores the use of
plant imagery throughout time, from
Mesopotamian vases to Van Gogh's sun-
flower paintings. Museum of Art, Works
on Paper Gallery, Free. 764-0395.
Mark Rothko and the Lure of the Figure:
Paintings 193346 Canvases of figures
showcase contrasting human emotions.
Museum of Art, Apse Gallery, Free. 764-
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon See
Thursday. Michigan Theater. 7 & 9:45
Shadow of the Vampire See Thursday.
State Theater. 9:15 p.m.
State & Main See Thursday. State
Theater. 7 p.m.


about Valentine's

By Jenni Glenn
Weekend, Etc Editor

February 14 is approaching, and.
that can only mean one thing: The
annual fake orgasm contest on WOLV
TV's program "Turned On." Much like
MTV's "Loveline," the program,
which airs Mondays at midnight,
allows viewers to call in with love and
relationship queries. The job of
answering those questions falls on
hosts Andrew "Drew" Short and Kelly
Brickner. The Michigan Daily recently
chatted with Brickner about the show
and her views on the upcoming holi-
TMD: What are some of the
strangest calls you've ever gotten?
KB: Just in that (Jan. 29) episode, a
boyfriend girlfriend called up, and she
wanted to do the "American Pie" thing
- having sex on the Internet with her
friends watching -- and he wasn't sure
about it.
TMD: What was the funniest
moment on the show, on or off the air?
KB: Last year we did a show about
food and sex. and basically we just
brought a lot of whipped cream and
frosting in to the show. Right before no
one had bought any food and we had
to run to the store for sprinkles and
stuff ... They covered Seth - Seth
was the guy host ---in whioped cream.
They covered him with everything and
he was in his boxers. A Seth sundae,
that's what we called it. He had
whipped cream, a cherry, everything.
TMD: I noticed the Jan. 29 show
used cantaloupes. Do you guys always
use props?
KB: We like to bring things in. The
show on fellatio, we had two girl hosts
sucking on lollipops the whole time.
Some guys called in and said we were
driving them crazy.
TM D: flow many dates do you get
out of this?
KB: The last show someone did,
someone asked for my number, but I
have a serious boyfriend ... If they're
long time viewers, they know I have a
boyfriend because I talk about him all
the time. Andrew, the guy host, wish-
es he would get dates out of the show.
Ile says "Why don't girls call me up?"
'e might do an episode on that later,
trying to get Andrew a date. But I
think we have more guy viewers than

TID: How does your boyfriend
feel about being discussed on the
show ?
KB: To be honest, he doesn't go to
school here, so he's never seen the
show. At first he wasn't very happy
about it, but now he doesn't care. ... I
try to stay away from personal stories
about him and I and stick to stories
about friends of mine.
TID: Since the holiday is coming
up, what is your Valentine's advice?
KB: I would say chocolate straw-
berries, because that's what I really
want for Valentine's Day. And watch
our Valentine's Day episode because
you could win prizes from the Safe
Sex Store and that would make your
Valentine's Day a lot more interesting.
TMD: Who's the sexiest celebrity,
fiom your expert perspective'
KB: Definitely Brad Pitt. Even my
boyfriend thinks he's sexy.
TMD: What are some of the
strangest things your co-hosts do?
KB: Last year Andrew actually had
a show where he just begged for dates
the whole show ... We weren't sup-
posed to have a show that week, so he
just locked the cameras in front of him
and begged for dates. Maybe two girls
TID: What did the girls say?
KB: I think he maybe went out with
one of them and he said it wasn't an
experience he'd like to repeat. But I
don't think that will stop him for beg-
ging for dates again.
Oh, and Andrew also showed his
bare ass on the show last year. ... I
think he will definitely do that again
sometime this season. He likes to do
that. He's not embarassed.
TMD: So what do you think of
cable shows like "Loveline?"
KB: The reason I think our show is
so appealing, more than "Loveline," I
think it's the fact that it's local. We talk
about local issues, like how everyone
wants to have sex in the Grad Library
stacks. I think it's more of a spectacle
because you're hearing true stories
about people right around you, rather
than "Loveline" which is very nation-
al. Also, we can get away with doing
certain things on the air that you real-
ly wouldn't expect.
TMD: I must say, I've never seen
anyone flashing anyone on
KB: No, that's definitely one
advantage of our program.

Students show off their romantic side by making Valentine's Day cards ir

courtesy of MGM Pictures
Anthony Hopkins reprises his "Silence of the Lambs" role, Dr. Hannibal Lecter,
in the sequel "Hannibal."

Traffic See Thursday. State Theater. 6:45
& 9:30 p.m.
Cloud Nine Hip-hop and soul collide at the
Pig. Gryphon Shepard opens. A variety of
grooves will erupt. They will capture you.
Blind Pig, 208 S. 1st St. 10 p.m. $7. 996-
Heavy Weather Bears no relation to Cloud
Nine. Even though both their names are
weather related. T.C.'s Speakeasy,
Ypsilanti. 10:30 p.m. $3. 483-4470.
Thomett Davis Detroit ensemble lead by
soul and blues singer. Cavern Club, 210 S
1st St. 10 p.m. $8. 332-9900.
Rubberband Racecar Go, Annie Dubrinsky,
Preciousness RRG is a creative endeavor
that hypes neo-pop into new dimensions
with hip-hop twists. Annie D. brings along
her voice and keyboard. Preciousness is a
quirky surprise. Michigan League
Underground. 8:30 p.m. Free. 997-9302.
The Heiress See Thursday. Mendelssohn
Theatre. 8 p.m. $7-20.
Mae Rose See Thursday. Performance
N k, 10 EHuron. 8p.m. $20. 6t
Hubbard Dance Street Chicago World-

famous dance troupe combines jazz, mod-
ern, and classical ballet styles in gravity-
defying pieces. Power Center. 8 p.m. $18-
38. 764-2538.
Immedia 2001 See Thursday. Media
Union. Free. 936-2082.
Second Friday Swing Night It is a lot like
the first Friday Swing Night. But its hap-
pening a again. Pierpont Commons. 9
p.m. Free.
Plant Life See Thursday. Museum of Art,
Works on Paper Gallery, Free. 764-0395.
Mark Rothko and the Lure of the Figure:
Paintings 193346 See Thursday.
Museum of Art, Apse Gallery, Free. 764-
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon See
Thursday. Michigan Theater. 4:15, 7 &
9:45 p.m.
Shadow of the Vampire See Thursday.
State Theater. 4:30 & 9:15 p.m.
State & Main See Thursday. State
Theater. 2 & 7 p.m.
Traffic See Thursday. State Theater. 1:30,
4:10, 6:45 & 9:30 p.m.
Funktelligence Home grown weavers of

By Jamie Schey
For the Daily
Sex, Nowadays, especially for college students, sex is
everywhere. From frat parties to Fox's rather orgy-esque
"Temptation Island" series, the issue of sex has become
nearly impossible to avoid. A number of teens, however,
are pledging to do just that.
According to a recent article in Time Magazine ( The
good [and bad?] News about Virginity Pledges,"
1/ l 7/01). a new trend is emerging among teens between
the ages of 14-18: Publicly promising to postpone sexual
intercourse until after marriage. Sounds impossible?
Perhaps not, refutes a study by the National Institute of
Child Health and Human Development. According to
their study, teens who make these "virginity pledges"
refrain from sexual intercourse for approximately a year
and a half longer than those who do not.
Although the majority of University students are older
than those teens included in the study, the issue of pre-
marital sex continues to raise strong opinions throughout
the student population.
"Most kids don't look at the world from a long-term
point of view," LSA sophomore Sandro Faber-Bermudez
said. "They want pleasure now, so they have sex - with-
out thinking about the consequences."
According to LSA sophomore Gary Axelrod, "Once
you lose your virginity, you cannot get it back ... I
strongly believe that virginity should only be lost by indi-
viduals once they are married, and their relationship has
Even in today's sexually charged society, many teens
continue to reject the idea of pre-marital sex. From rea-
sons ranging from family upbringing to religious values,
a number of teens openly admit to preferring the "big M"
to the "big O." Among both virgins and sexually active
teens, however, several students contest the validity of
virginity pledges.

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