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November 07, 2000 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-11-07

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Tuesday, November 7, 2000

r.e i igrn B
420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Edited and managed by
students at the
University of Michigan
Unless otherwise noted, unsigned editorials reflect the opi
the Daily's editorial board. All other articles, letters a
necessarily reflect the opinion of The Michig
Dad ynset, aV
Daily endorsements at-a-

Theres no place to hide: Planningfor the next four years
W ell, it's Election Day. I was going to skin cancer aren't nearly as worrisome as tism into the White House. I disagree, becau
write an impassioned column, lauding which tax bracket you'll fall into? Is it because if Nader wasn't on the ticket, I probably
the glories of Democracy and the power of the the environmentalists have been so verbose wouldn't vote at all, so I'm not taking votes
MIKE SPAHN people and all that jazz. It was going to be very about ecological degradation that rhetoric like away from Gore. I'm just supplying a vote that
Editor in Chief optimistic, very patriotic. "America is good" "an acre of rainforest a minute" has become otherwise wouldn't have been there. If Nader
and other bits of propaganda. It was going to be roughly as important as the hole in your sock? hadn't been on the ticket, I would be writing an
EMILY ACHENBAUM moving, motivating, Is it because the poverty problem, both here impassioned column. Not about the glories of
Editorial Page Editor incredibly upbeat and and abroad, is conveniently hidden on page 18 the electoral process, but about the horrors of
from the heart. behind the daily stock quotes and the comics? our brand of democracy - and it would, with-
But it was the "from I don't get it, but there are a lot of things I out a doubt, be from the heart. But what do I
nd cartoons anot the heart" issue that don't get. I don't get why the measuring stick know? I'm just a college kid, too big for hi
an Daily. tripped me up. As I of success in this nation involves the size of britches and thinking he knows more than h
write this entirely for- one's bank account and/or phallus. Preferably, does.
gettable column, a both are large, right? I don't get why one of the I am sincerely terrified, and I definitely
drunk driving lunatic wealthiest nations in the world is incapable of know that much. Perhaps this is the real "from
incapable of dictation providing education and health care for its citi- the heart" part of this column, and it's too bad it
above the fifth-grade zens, when those evil, evil Communist Cubans comes so late. I'm terrified because it appears
level is leading in the are doing quite well in the "providing for the to me that our beautiful Democracy favors an
a te !mpolls against a two- people" department. I don't get why people illiterate Texan. Or a pathologically-lying Vice
faced politician who is Manish complain about "The Man," and then walk into President, who does appear to have a large
trapped in an agonizing Raiji the booths time and time again and vote for bank balance. And a large phallus, if the cover
-glance struggle between his :, ,. "The Man." Ijust don't get it. of Rolling Stone is any indication of what's
conscience and his It may seem futile for me to vote for some- going on under the hatch. I'm terrified knowin
e, this seven-year Ann stock portfolio. These > ? h one I believe in, because there's no real doubt that good men, with honor and integrity, a
ncil member is undeni- are our choices, ladies that I'll be voting for someone who won't win. pushed to the wayside by a system that focuses
zed. and gentlemen. An inebriated death-penalty I've never explicitly stated (in my column, at on the duration of a French kiss or the stutter-
advocate versus a not-so-inebriated death- least) who will be receiving an arrow next to ings of"W is for Warrant."
trict State House penalty advocate. It's time for realism, not opti- his name on my ballot. So here goes my I'm terrified. And maybe I really am
us): Vote John Hansen mism. I can stand on my idealistic soap box moment in the confession booth. I am voting Chicken Little, maybe it was just the shingle
tin priority in the state and demand that attention be given to the other for Ralph Nader. It's not earth-shattering news, from the barn roof that hit me on the head and
een the improvement of four candidates on the ballot, but it's all in vain. I'm sure. I'm fairly convinced that you haven't maybe everything will be alright. But I'll live
His background in this Screw optimism, it's time to get down to the been sitting on the edge of your seat, gnawing with my terror, at least until Inauguration Day.
itendent - gives him a facts: One of two men is going to be elected to your fingernails to the cuticles in restless 'And then I guess I'll go to our friendly neigh-
ion in this area. Hansen the most powerful position in the world, and curiosity regarding my voting preferences. If bors to the North, and share a beer or tma
oncerned with environ- I'm scared to death of both of them. you were, then congratulations, you can sit with those lovable hosiers, Bob and Doug
uman rights and mental I feel like Chicken Little. But it's not the back and breathe a sigh of relief, because now McKenzie. But it's looking like Stockwell
as that have suffered dur- shingle off a barn that hit me on the head, it is you know. I am voting for Ralph Nader. Day, who threatens Bush's spot as the world's
dministration. The expe- genuinely the sky, and it is falling. And what But, like I said, it's time for realism, not scariest man, might have a chance at winning
as ained in his two years irritates me most is knowing that more than 90 optimism. Nader won't win. And, if the saga- the elections in the great white North. Maybe
ve him a definite advan- percent of the population either doesn't care or cious political pundits are correct, my minis- Zack de la Rocha was right. There'll be no
mpsign. He has a real isn't aware of the fact that the sky is falling, cule decision to follow my mother's advice and shelter here. Or anywhere.
of the skills needed to Why is that? Is it because the sky is conve- "never go against your ideals" will play a part - Manish Rai i can be reached via e-mail
ly in the state legislature, niently falling over the Antarctic, so threats of in electing everyone's favorite product of nepo- at mraii@tumich.edu.

A11 the campaigning comes down to
today. By now your choices might
be clear, but in case they're not, here's
the Daily's guide to the elections:
President: Vote Al Gore
There are several reasons to vote
for Gore. Hate crimes legislation must
be addressed and a federal attempt to
end racial profiling must be pursued.
Gore supports both of these initiatives.
Gore has also been the only major
party candidate to specifically endorse
affirmative action, pledging to do
everything he can to ensure the policy
continues to diversify the workplace
and the classroom. Gore also has an
excellent record on environmental
The next president will probably be
in the position to appoint two to four
Supreme Court justices. Nominating
justices for life is one of the most
important powers held by the presi-
dent. Gore will find justices who pro-
tect the Constitution and support
personal freedom at every turn. New
justices on the Court could also have
the power to overturn Roe v. Wade,
thus ending a woman's right to choose.
Government does not have the right to
intrude upon or govern a woman's
body, and by electing Gore, that value
surely will be maintained.
Gore will maintain our economic
prosperity. He will protect and expand
civi rights, support meaningful cam-
paign-finance reform and promote
high standards for education and the
environment. He is the best choice for
our next president.
Senate: Vote Debbie Stabenow
Of immediate interest to students are
Congresswoman Stabenow's proposed
tax credits for families struggling to pay
for an undergraduate or graduate educa-
tion or job training. Stabenow has pro-
posed an addition to the Lifetime
Learning Tax Credit. That tax credit cur-
rently grants families a 20 percent tax
credit up to $5,000 for college tuition;
starting in 2003, the threshold will be
increased to $10,000. Stabenow has
advocated increasing that tax credit to a
significant 28 percent.
Stabenow's commitment to gun con-
trol, increasing accessibility to education
and job training by promoting tax credits
for Americans seeking to learn new
skills, lowering prescription drug prices
and letting patients and doctors make
health care decisions together make her
the best person to represent students and
the state of Michigan.
Congress: Vote Lynn Rivers
U.S. Rep. Lynn Rivers (D-Ann
Arbor), seeking a fourth term in Con-
gress, has proven herself an exceptional
asset to the House of Representatives.
Foremost in the minds of students
should be her avid support for
increased funding for education and
devoting more money to federal stu-
dent aid and articularly grants. As a
beneficiary ofthis kind of aid, she real-
izes the importance of allowing people
with limited resources to have equal
opportunities for quality education. She
also stresses the importance of grants,
which would free students from the
burden of paying off loans over the first
few years of their post-academic
She is a strong supporter of a
woman's right to choose. She is also
involved with environmental issues and
she is a strong believer in the right to
privacy, online and otherwise - she
even co-sponsored a bill that would
declare MP3 usage legal. She is an
excellent choice for Congress.
53rd District State House
(Central Campus): Vote Chris Kolb
Not only do the issues Kolb advo-
cates concern all of Ann Arbor, but
these also relate to students as well. Stu-

dent housing, safety on Campus, educa-
tion - including tuition and civil rights,
should be on every student's mind when
examining candidates. Urban sprawl is
one particular problem that has affected
Ann Arbor in the last few years. Kolb is
a candidate that represents students, fac-
ulty and general residents of Ann Arbor.
From his outstanding general plan,
down to the details applying to students

and adults alik
Arbor city coun
ably well organi
52nd Dist
(North Camp:
Hansen's ma
legislature has b
public education
field - he is a
Schools Superin
strong qualificat
is particularly c
mental issues, h
health - all area
ing the present a
hience Hansen ha
in the House gh
tage in this cat
operate effective

particulariy as a member of the minority
Mayor of Ann Arbor:
Vote John Hieftje
Hieftje has a solid, workable ideas
and a vision for the future. He talks of
long-term plans and appears confident
that he can fulfill his promises. His pro-
posal to construct apartments over busi-
nesses should be pursued, as well as the
construction of a new residence hall to
ease the demand (and thus lower the
costs) for student housing.
Hieftje has proven himself to be con-
cerned with safety and civil rights. He
supports the cataloguing of arrests to
investigate racial profiling and wishes to
ease up on police enforcement of more
minor statutes which often target stu-
dents. He supports better lighting
around campus and more programs to
ensure women's safety. He is truly con-
cerned about people.
Most of a he knows the city. He
jokes about knowing where nearly every
street is, but he is well connected
through his community involvement and
knows what people want. He knows on
which streets he'd like to see bike lanes
placed and what intersections are con-
tinually a danger.
University Board of Regents:
Vote Larry Deitch, Rebecca McGowan
Of great significance are incumbent
candidates Deitch and McGowan's role
on the board during the affirmative action
lawsuits challenging University. Both are
staunch supporters of the existing policy
and are willin to defend the case all the
way to the U.S Supreme Court if needed.
Affirmative action is at the cornerstone of
the University's attitude on diversity, and
the most important issue facing the board
today. Republican candidates Wendy
Anderson (R-Commerce Twp.) and Suzy
Avery (R-Grand Rapids) have expressed
their interest in changing the board's
stance on affirmative action and possibly
settling in a lower court.
Deitch and McGowan also recognize
that it is not the role of the board to inter-
fere with University curriculum, an issue
that was wrongly dragged into the politi-
cal spotlight after English 317 "How to
be Gay," garnered attention. If the regents
have control over class topics, they may
decide to censure classes, thus threaten-
ing academic freedom. Both Republican
regent candidates have expressed interest
in limiting the University's academic
freedom on this matter.
Proposal 1:
Vote NO
The future of Michigan's public
schools could take a drastic turn for the
worse if Proposal 1 is passed.
The claim that vouchers would bene-
fit disadvantaged children in poor neigh-
borhoods is blindly idealistic. Even if
such children were provided with
vouchers that paid their tuition at better
schools, it would still be nearly impossi-
ble for many of them to attend. The best
private schools are not located in the
inner-cities and most inner-city families
do not have the means to transport their
children back and forth every day.
While it is true that Michigan's pub-
lic education is crumbling in some
areas, school vouchers are not the
answer. Instead of calling for the aban-
donment of troubled public schools, the
state legislature should consider allocat-
ing more money to the schools that need
it most. Vote NO on Proposal 1.

'They took an x-ray, gave me an ace bandage
and sent me home.'
- LSA sophomore Rvan Mason on his visit to UHS after injuring his wrist. A
fracture went unnoticed and required surgeryfour weeks later.

A vote for Nader is a
vote for Bush
The argument heard from supporters of
Ralph Nader and the Green Party is essen-
tially that Bush and Gore are exactly alike,
or at least that not enough separates them
to make a significant difference. Nothing
could besfurther from the truth.
On some issues (most notably the death
penalty and trade issues the two major
candidates would pursue similar courses.
but on almost every other substantive issue
(fiscal issues, foreignidefense policy, abor-
tion, environmental policy, judicial
appointments etc. ad nauseam) there are
wide gaps between the two candidates'
Furthermore, in terms of the qualifica-
tions and characters of the two men, there
are also large differences. Only one of
those men will have any sort of sympathy
for the Green position on anything. In a
swing state like Michigan. voting for Nader
could realistically cost Gore the White
Nader has claimed costing Gore the
White House swould be a "cold shower" for
the Democratic Party. The cost of that
shower is a Bush presidency. And the bill
will be paid not by the young affluent stu-
dents and graduates of the University of
Michigan, but by the poor and the working
On Wednesday, either Bush or Gore
will be our President-elect. Before casual-
ly dismissing them as "exactly alike,"
please consider their stances on the issues,
and decide if four years of a Bush presi-
dency is worth the protest value of a Nader
Vote Stabenow in
the Senate election
The Senate race in Michigan is one of
the most important races in the country. It
is about affirming the record of an incum--
bent Senator. Spence Abraham, who has
repeatedly voted to ease the regulations
and corporate polluters. It is about a man
who has tme and again voted for massive
tax cuts to the rich. It is about a man who
says he is against vouchers in an election
where they are unpopular in order to get
reelected and tries to hide the fact that he
has voted for vouchers his whole first
This man has not represented Michigan
in the Senate. He has represented big busi-
ness his whole career. He is beholden to
them now more than ever because they are
trying to buy his reelection. Debbie
Stabenow said it the best when she said,
"My opponent calls himself the work-
horse, the question is who is he working
for?" Michigan families know who he is
wdrking for and that is why they support
Debbie wholeheartedly. She'll make us
proud again. Don't let Spence buy back his
Senate seat, so he can go to the Senate and
work for the people who got him elected.
Vote for a change in the campaigning laws.
Vote to make our schools the best that they
can be, vote to give tax cuts to the families
who desperately need it and vote to pre-
serve the Great Lakes. All you need to do
to do this is vote Debbie Stabenow in as
the first ever woman senator from the state

of Michigan. She's on our side, that's why
big businesses are so scared of her.
Vouchers will hurt
kids, schools: Vote
'no' on Proposal 1
I cannot understand why people think
Proposal 1 is a good idea. Why give par-
ents money to send thei*kids to private
schools instead of investing the money in
making the public schools better? Also,
private schools, being privately run can
choose to not admit students based on race
or ethnicity, disabilities, etc. Private
schools do not have to have mandatory stu-
dent testing, like the MEAP test, since they
are not state funded. In addition. I think
mandatory teacher testing is infringing on
teachers' rights. Do doctors or lawyers
have to take regular tests to make sure they
are up to snuff?
I do agree that poorly performing public
schools should be held accountable, but
instead of creating a larger problem by
passing the voucher proposal, why not face
the problem and help Michigan's kids.
Don't make a
mistake: Vote Gore
for President
The first election in which I was eligible to
vote was the 1968 presidential election. Our
country was torn apart by the Vietnam War.
Reeling from the nightly count of American
"casualties," the assassinations of Martin
Luther King and Bobby Kennedy and the bru-
tality of the Chicago police at the Democratic
Convention, many people just opted out.
Because we could not forgive Hubert
Humphrey for being Johnson's vice president,
people like me either refused to vote at all or
wrote in the name of Gene McCarthy - a fine

man who hadn't a prayer of winning.
What we got for that show of principle wn
one of the most unprincipled men in American
history. A man who cynically prolonged the
peace process - and the carnage - until he
was re-elected. A man whose name became
synonymous with dirty tricks, whose legacy
was the debacle of Watergate. Richard Nixon
beat Hubert Humphrey in 1968 by less than
one percent of the vote.
Please, please, hear the entreaty of an old
radical. Al Gore may not be your ideal, but he
is a decent man, as Huibert Humphrey was
decent man. Gore won't stack the Supre
Court with right-wing justices who will shape
this nation for a generation. He is already
immeasurably more amenable to Green Party
concerns than the Texas oilman could ever be.
University students and faculty can make
the difference as to which candidate gets
Michigan's electoral votes. I beg you not to
repeat the mistake we made 32 years ago.
Supporting Bush
doesn't make sense
I was absolutely astonished that in the latest
polls, 47 percent of the people in this country
said they would vote for George W. Bush. I no
have no faith in the judgement of 47 percent o
the people I live among.
I believe one of the main qualifications for
being president of the greatest country in the
world is being smarter than me, the average Joe.
However, it has recently come to light that Bush
received a citation for driving under the influ-
ence in 1976 at the age of 30. Is this a sick
joke? Someone that was caught driving under
the influence would actually believe the peop
of the United States would elect him presider
when a much worthier candidate is also run-
ning? Stupid is as stupid does said Forrest
Gump. It's safe to say Bush is stupid.
In response to this 'gotcha' politics, Bush's
communications director said, "I think the
Democrats owe the American people an expla-
nation." I think you owe us an explanation, Mr.
But the reality is, facts are facts. An expla-
nationjust isn't going to cut it.

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