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November 06, 2000 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-11-06

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6B - The Michigan Daily -SportsMooday -November 6, 2000
Purdue, I n,

By Adam Kaplan
hrxflie Daily
The Michigian volleyball teani turned
its season around this weekend at ionic
-against Purdue and Illinois. Thle
-Wolverines (5-9 Din Ten, 15-Il0 overall)
sttapped afsiur-niatcb losing streak by
defcating both the [Boilermtakers antd the
Fighting Illitti, 3 -0.
- Michigan stepped up its play switlhout
the presettce of' seitior mtiddle blocker
Joanna Fielder and Junior outside hitter
-Nicole Kacot. Botht plavei-s oere sus-
pelnded over a sweek ago for si olativo
tandisclosed teamt rules.
' In Saturday tight's miatch against
Illinois, the Wolverities' resiliettce and
-inspired play led temni ictors.
Michigan won thte match ini three Batties
(15-l1t, 16-14, 15-6), hut it wsi not in
easy feat. The Wolverinecs strueg0led in
the first two gamtes, comtmitting some
utiforced errors which fortutnatelys
did not spoil their chianes ofwointne0
Aftet' fallinig behind 11-3 ini lie see-
61t gamte, the tide turnted in Michlian'
favor. Michigant coiach Mark Rosen
called a tiiaeout, whIichi seitied toi mike
a' differencei li te Wolserines Wie
down 14-6, bitt scoired 10i-eotisent'i e
potnts to v in the gamte 16-14.
I didt reaills sais anyititig to tuon-
vate thtem --tuothintg out of the ordi-

- r
KatrIna Lehman 11) led the Wolverines with eight hlonks, matchi'ng her seasonnhest.

Sunshine spurs Blue to salvage spli'
By Kristen Fidh oif 1.39.61 ini lie 21111ficestsvIc. Ketchtutt's feat was espci
laiSrt risStirIsvinotible becaiise lie is comning offofa hout with bronchi
the wteek piior.
'Tie Michintitmen's ssxiniting anid div ing viam lid "'tinik these dual meets are mtoxre cottipetitix eithanti
sunini xweathter to look forward to this xweekend- teimipera- itiets like IBigTin's tic N('AAs because there is more 1
ltes in Athents. Ga. and inin ttesv ile, tla. swere ini lie h0's oneitte u from sour teamitin each heat,', Ketchutmiisaid. ''Ifsn 0s e iteei oe fa nlec o h hl e
Btasking ini the balmiy cotiditions, Michigatiiroceceded to tither thain lust for yourself."
defeat No. 14 (ieiirgia on I riday lint lost to No. 7 1Florida ott OiIFridais the Wolxveritnes put fothl a total team efot a
Saturdiy. wxriiathe to pull through fur a v ictoiry oxer (Georgia,. tro~
T'he VWolverinies battled fiercely agatist poxwerhoiuse iii lie Butlldoxgs 131-112.q
Florida bitt fell shiot by eight pointsIlositig 125.5-11 7.5. NMichigain xxas led by double-xwiners Thomtpsoni
"Floriida was definitely reads ito compilete againtius:' Werineri ThieVWotlveritics alsox got strotigtierforimanesx fit
Miehigain assistanit coach EIc Naitesitik said. "Raeiin real- GarretitMn iri in the 1(11 freestyle aiiilMutt Raities in t
Iv well against Florida, probably better tan we did againtst 5(0 freestyle.
(icorgia, xwe really Couldn't haxe extiecied miuch miore" In hitsflrst compiletitiiin sittce winnting lie 1,5001-mc~
Michitn doitinated both the I1000-vard freestsyIc and the freestsyIe bronzte ini Syidiey, Thitoiipsoiitoiok first place
201f breiststireke. Olymtpian flis Thiomipsont xxtinxthe boith lie f01anditih le 101(011fieestvle races.
freestsyIc in a ttie if8,5i9.35, xwhile Scott Weriner cri useid ts Ixxvis iiritty broketi doixwniafter the Olymipics, bittraI i
first plice ini the bittierflin i2-(f.W97. xxwith the teamti helpeud a liiotilhtt i,"lTompisonid e. "It's
Freshmtian [tan Ketchuimi alsti earniei a xvictioryxxithi a timte job to gii out there to will those twxtiexentis for the teatis"
71W - so ccer to *1" 4'W M
host Miamim
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seemiedttolieIfighting froxmtiits mxii cnd.
The iiit'v its ofth le gamie xxa-shlay'ein i 8
Micehigan terrsitry.atnd pressure fisiti
the 'enni Stile fotrxards seceed relet- .
less. ...',

tary, 'Roiseni saidl "Vie stioipedh making
erros stfat vax e tiemiteasypitntis.Vie
sptayei steadily, keepinig the bill ini tlts."
Micht~i'.s rally xxias keyed by It id-
Iittitte treshmtantmidulle blotekert'''ut
Moutire:.Iitix ithle stetelt, Mittre's hustle
anid aegiessixe play prttxd cil itltOilc
hrtitmtit tc. hutteWvea'ies'
ix tieli ck xxas tnot achtiexveel sintgle-
settutrs 5ltft Pittettytand Sairah iBehnke
)Cvie eIieni vettti4ibetter at pste
xeitui.. r etet s 'itlanidrxti io i titiuponsuir
lay, B.Iehntke satif.
Viutl tes carrieil their tiitxtiientutu tIntu
te thu tirtae andtLyonx1 ti I
OnitItt1 usnigihlt. Miclititi's ima tch
Zteatist hurut if otiedi e to lie reidempttioni

ftor lie Vi lser ties . A er tsitg htutir
eetiseeuitte 1fi ,)entichueles. Miehtigitin
ut sit enttioitits' ltttt-etttte skief bi
handitilslieatinthle hiilci -makers I 5-5,
1>- l1-')9 Mooure tatilfellowixfreshttiani
('lititel Rceeduis cete as lie X-fae-
tttts ini lie imatch,(Bahhhlayers posted
dilii kl s -ft;taed13, respee-
''Ifotthplts C~s tie great. I lieyxwere
let ecis'' Roisentide. '' Tlesyhave lbeent
"tliettee eactilty stsslies x e uxtteit
moreti otpottittites tsphyt.''
The eItttit slatie etities this xweek is
'110ste tce cm'atces xWilfbe ciii-
eitil ilicuidi ng-, tel itt'ns chtantis ifi
atni t otr thle N N luiti iaitteut.
Vie tie takit~,i''i t tic livy gaite.nt
looukitt U tutief lihe tturnamiet"

Ai lie endtel ticiefirst half, Mich]t<'iii
still huh ittrecitrudeed its first shttilt
gotal. ITiec\Volvernes caineiout with a
sense Ofufirgenicy in the seotidhftllbitt
thitrtinitial offetisixe surge waix quickly
quelled by the Penn State defense.
Penti State continued to domninate itie
gamteihirough the first itwo overtimne pen-
ies, pining the Wuolv'er'ttesxxithin lien*
own cnd. But, with the exception of an
excellent scoring chatice Iatie in the see-
otid overtimte period fiut the Nittainv
i otis, the Michigati defense seemiid to
countriul Petnn State's offensive surges.
With its uoifense held in check, the
Michigan defense, led by goalie C'arissat
Stewxt, proved to be impthenetrable utitil
the final momtents of the game.
"(Carissa camie out to playv today:'
Bfetel saud. "She was unstoppable for
1211 miniutes, anid she did a great job"
Vitfi the win, Penni State received an
automiatic bid toi the NC'AA tourinamoent.
Micfhigani's fate xxas piacediftothe
iands of the NCAA Selectiuon
Commttititee, andu yesterday evettnig the
Woulver ites gut stotte giooxifnexsts-(icy
wxere ivetinitn at-liege bid to tlie N(.'AA
tiutriamiet. Michigan xxill host Miamii
fOhixof in a first-rouunii gamte at the
Varsity Soccer Field oti Wcdutesxfv.

nrxSSu nut
Kacy Beitel could have only game left this season, this Wednesday against Miami.
WOEN SOCTtNA, FT 2. misconsin 2
1. Penn State 1 We i ' i tt~ t.ttN ~ is ssxoeaiO'i
1. Penn State 2 2. misconsin 2
8. Minnesota 0 1. Penu htate 1 7. Purdue 2
Penn State wins
Big Ten Tournament
4. Ilinus s33.Mhia0(3T 3. Michigan 2
4. Ilinom 13.Michigan
5. Micrigan State 1 6. Inwa 1



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